Some people, throughout the world, are 

spiritually ill. They are afraid and/or fear 

things and people who have been judged 

and/or declared to be different and labeled

 as dangerous. They tend to demonize and

 feel threatened by perceived outsiders, and

 even more often project/deflect their 

unwanted feelings of anxiety, guilt, shame,

 and other negative emotions onto the 

supposed outsiders.

Some people are so corrupted, perverted, 

blinded and enslaved by hatred that they 

employ their creative faculties solely for 

the purpose of ignorantly degrading and 

disrespecting the personhood of others. They

 will frequently descend into the most 

diabolical parts of themselves in order to 

dismiss, antagonize, eliminate, and or destroy 

those they see as a threat/danger. They do this 

to elevate their status... and it's not a good look.

The sinfully selfish emotion of hatred is 

dangerous. It sets man against God and 

his brethren. It allows people to see their 

fellow man as not also made in the image 

of God. 

Hatred can lead to people 

not seeing the object of their 

hatred as fully human. 

People can "Justify" acts of 

vicious savagery, mercilessness,

and indignity when they have

dismissed people's humanity.

Hatred is a contagious dis-ease that 

poisons the spirit. It is agitation coupled 

with ignorance. It is the fleshly drive 

which contaminates the soul. 

Hatred is unrest and insanity caused by 

misconceptions, suspicions, and fear. 

When nurtured, hatred is the most useless, 

uncivil, divisive, vengeful, unproductive, 

and destructive emotion of all... and it 

reveals far more about the hater than the 


Hatred is a useless and misplaced emotion 

that takes over the mind, pollutes the heart 

and robs individuals of their peace and joy.

Hate is a toxic, consuming, destructive 

emotion. This mental venom can 

contaminate the spirit, poison the soul,

 infiltrate and wreak havoc on all of our


When embraced, hatred can be devastating 

and mind consuming. Even the word has

 potency, especially when spoken

 from a friend, family member, or child.

Hatred directed against others

can be regarded as the worst of

 human behavior.

Unabated hatred can sap our spirit, 

tarnish our soul, and wash away our 


Defiance against God, His nature, and 

His will is the source of all evil. When 

people set themselves against God, they 

give in to their fleshly inclinations, 

whether unconsciously or deliberately.

God is love; God is the Source 

of love. God is love; God is

 the Source of love. Hate is the 

sinful opposition to God's love. 

It is completely contradictory 

to the character of God.

Hate is a heart issue. 

In the sermon on the Mount, Jesus clarified 

that sin was not just outward behavior, it 

began with the state of one's heart.

God is love; He is the Source

 of love, the Giver of real life. 

Hate is the sinful opposition to that

 love. It is the opposite emotion and behavior 

that Jesus Christ epitomized when He came 

to die on the cross... paying the price for all 


The Scriptures are not silent or passive on 

the subject of hatred. It is the polar opposite

 attitude and action that Jesus Christ 

exemplified when He came to suffer on 

the cross for humanity's sins.

A harshly vile, negative, and/or critical 

assessment/judgment of an individual 

or a group is referred to as hatred. 

Hatred rejects truth for lies, righteous 

enlightenment for man's stupidity, and 

God's mercy and justice for man's injustice. 

This, in their narrow and petty minds,

 excuses their awful behavior.

Hatred is evil, misguided, 

deceptive, senseless, and 


Hatred is agitation and insanity caused by 

misconceptions, false assumptions, prejudices, 

insecurities, suspicions, and fear.

Hatred blurs perception and prevents people

 from becoming their best and highest selves.

Hatred or hate is an extreme emotional dislike 

aimed at individuals, groups, entities, items,

behaviors, or concepts.

Hatred is a lethal fire in 

the heart of the hater!

Hatred consumes and destroys people 

from within. It is a contagious dis-ease

that poisons the spirit and the soul. 

Much of the world's violent extremism

 is fueled and driven by hatred. Hate

 is the dangerously sinful driving force 

behind the wicked choices, behaviors, 

thoughts and actions people take.

 This toxic influence causes people to hate 

one another for a variety of superficial 

reasons, including class, skin color, gender, 

status, creed, ethnic differences, culture, 

ideology, customs/social norms, political

 viewpoints, physical or perceived attributes.

It causes confusion and paralysis 

in life. It is spiritual suicide! 

Disillusionment and insanity are 

generated by inaccurate or unreasonable 

conclusions, false assumptions, biases,

 and insecurities, which leads to hatred.

Haters are not all insecure people, but all 

weak, unhappy, insecure individuals are usually

haters. Their personal weaknesses/vulnerabilities 

are concealed under their hatred. In their shallow

 worldview, hatred elevates them (the hater) 

above the hated.

What people hate about others is what 

they fear and/or detest within themselves. 

They project the unwanted parts of

 themselves onto the targeted group or

 individual. The idea is, "I'm not terrible, 

wrong, or the issue; you are."

Haters nearly never hate on their own.

Individuals who would otherwise be weak

 feel empowered when they join organizations, 

which also provides them with a false sense of 

security and lowers their accountability. This 

emotional support tends to boost their 

self-esteem while keeping them from soul 

searching and maybe waking up to the truth

 of their underlying insecurities.

They despise, dismiss, condemn, loathe, criticize, mock, 

and disrespect others because they have been trained

 to fear those who are different from them or who 

are perceived to be a threat because of the color of 

their skin. 

Usually the things that others fear within themselves 

is what they hate about others. As a result, people will

project their unlovable and morally reprehensible ill 

will and negativity outward. 

The idea is, "I'm not unacceptable; you are."

Far too many have been groomed and conditioned 

to see reality through a very narrow and shallow

perspective. As a result, perceived outsiders can

cause one to feel insecure.

Hatred spreads and grows faster when 

directed against a group rather than an 

individual. When you hate a group, the

 intensity of your hatred can rise even when

 you are not presented with specific

 individuals or opposing information from

 the group—you are basing your hatred on

 assumptions and prejudices.

The hater's animosity is far more 

deadly to themselves than to their target.

Hatred often infects and destroys 

the lifeboat that carries it.

Hatred typically leads to 

corruption and consumes 

the vehicle that transports it.

Hatred is like to swallowing arsenic and 

awaiting the hated individual to die.

How is it possible that one could 

hate "Others" without knowing 

them at all?

Hatred is a poison that pollutes and destroys from within.

It produces bitterness that eats away at the hater's heart 

and mind.

Hatred often reflects more upon the 

hater than the hated.

A perverted heart constantly sows discord and plots

wicked, spiteful, vindictive, and evil schemes.

A dirty heart intentionally analyzes how to bring 

injury to others. A corrupted heart is full of malice,

viciousness, and vindictiveness.

According to the Bible, such people are an

 abomination in God's eyes!

Those who plot against others in their hearts 

will reap a harvest of woe!

When the seeds of hatred and one's judgments

 of other cultures are planted and nurtured in 

society based on stereotypes originating in 

one's own culture's ideals and practices, it has a 

negative impact on all aspects of life.

No child is born with the ability 

to hate; it is not in their nature. 

Hatred is instilled. 

Children pay attention 

and learn.

Hatred is Poison.

More often than not, hatred corrupts and 

consumes the vessel that harbors it.

Life is indeed very brief. 

Creating hatred is a pointless

waste of precious time.

God is equally concerned with each individual

 He made. As we explore the Scriptures and learn

about our equality before God and the origins of 

creation, it should be enough to put a stop to the 


According to Scripture...

We are all created in the 

image of God.

 The only cure, remedy, 

and solution is God. 

God is Love, 

and Love is the cure!

Jesus knew what hatred was 

because He was hated in His 

day. Because of this, He knew

 and prophesied that His

followers would be hated by

 all nations and suffer for 

His Name's sake. 

Despite being hated Himself, Jesus did not

 hate His enemies, and those who follow Him 

should do the same, "But to you who are 

listening I say: 

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate

you, bless those who curse you, pray for those

 who mistreat you."

Luke 6:27-28

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