Some people can only be comfortable and confident 

around others whom they can identify with. They 

despise, dismiss, condemn, loathe, criticize, mock, 

and disrespect others because they have been trained

 to fear those who are different from them or who 

are perceived to be a threat because of the color of 

their skin. 

Usually the things that others fear within themselves 

is what they hate about others. As a result, people will

project their unlovable and morally reprehensible ill 

will and negativity outward. 

The idea is, "I'm not unacceptable; you are."

Far too many have been groomed and conditioned 

to see reality through a very narrow and shallow

perspective. As a result, perceived outsiders can

cause one to feel insecure.

Hatred is evil, delusory, foolish, 

and insane. It causes confusion 

and paralysis in life; it is 

spiritual suicide!

Hatred blurs perception and prevents people

 from becoming their best and highest selves.

Hatred or hate is an extreme emotional dislike 

aimed at individuals, groups, entities, items,

behaviors, or concepts.

Hatred is agitation and insanity caused by 

misconceptions, false assumptions, prejudices, 

insecurities, suspicions, and fear. It is frequently

 accompanied with feelings of hatred and a

 tendency toward aggression.

Hatred often infects and destroys 

the lifeboat that carries it.

Hatred often corrupts and consumes

the vehicle that carries it.

How is it possible that one could 

hate "Others" without knowing 

them at all?

Hatred is a poison that pollutes and destroys from within.

It produces bitterness that eats away at the hater's heart 

and mind.

Hatred typically taints and poisons

 the vessel that hosts it.

Hatred is disillusionment and insanity caused

by incorrect assumptions, prejudices, and

insecurities. The hater's animosity is a deadly 

fire in their heart, far more deadly to themselves 

than to their target.

People can "Justify" acts of brutality and degradation,

when they have dismissed "Those people's" humanity.

Most definitions of hate focus on the ways in 

which some see entire groups of people as... 

"Those people." 

When people shift their fears 

and hatred to "Those people," 

they are declaring that 

"Those people" 

are unacceptable things...

 they have no value; no worth. 

According to some...

"Those people"

do not matter to them or God because... 

"Those people" are less than human.

Some are so blinded with hatred... 

that they use their inventive faculties, 

not for the good, but for the sole 

purpose of disregarding the

personhood of others and going 

down into the most devilish parts 

of themselves in order to exclude

and mortify their victims. 

They do this as a means of 

elevating themselves...

not a good look.😔

Hatred is a useless and misplaced emotion that 

takes over the mind, pollutes the heart and robs 

individuals of their peace and joy.

Hatred often reflects more upon the hater than

the hated. More often than not, hatred corrupts 

and consumes the vessel that harbors it.   

A perverted heart constantly sows discord and plots

wicked, spiteful, vindictive, and evil schemes.

A dirty heart intentionally analyzes how to bring 

injury to others. A corrupted heart is full of malice,

viciousness, and vindictiveness.

According to the Bible, such people are an

 abomination in God's eyes!

Those who plot against others in their hearts 

will reap a harvest of woe!

Hatred is unrest and insanity caused by misconceptions,

 suspicions, and fear. When nurtured, hatred is the most

 useless, uncivil, divisive, vengeful, unproductive, and

 destructive emotion of all... and reveals far more about

 the hater than the despised.

Hatred is agitation and ignorance caused by 

assumptions, misperceptions, and confusion.

When the seeds of hatred and one's judgments

 of other cultures are planted and nurtured in 

society based on stereotypes originating in 

one's own culture's ideals and practices, it has a 

negative impact on all aspects of life.

No child is born with the ability 

to hate; it is not in their nature. 

Hatred is instilled. 

Children pay attention 

and learn.

Hatred is Poison.

More often than not, hatred corrupts and 

consumes the vessel that harbors it.

Life is indeed very brief. 

Creating hatred is a pointless

waste of precious time.

God is equally concerned with each individual

 He made. As we explore the Scriptures and learn

about our equality before God and the origins of 

creation, it should be enough to put a stop to the 


According to Scripture...

We are all created in the 

image of God.

Some people in the world are 

spiritually dis-eased, and the only 

cure, remedy, and solution is God. 

God is Love, and Love is the 


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