“Our nation was born in genocide when it 

embraced the doctrine that the original 

American, the Indian, was an inferior race. 

Even before there were large numbers of 

African Americans on our shore, the scar of 

racial hatred had already disfigured colonial 


From the sixteenth century forward, blood 

flowed in battles over racial supremacy. We are 

perhaps the only nation which tried as a matter 

of national policy to wipe out its indigenous 

population. Moreover, we elevated that tragic 

experience into a noble crusade.

Indeed, even today we have not permitted 

ourselves to reject or feel remorse for this 

shameful episode. Our literature, our films, our 

drama, our folklore all exalt it. Our children are 

still taught to respect the violence which 

reduced a red-skinned people of an earlier

 culture into a few fragmented groups herded 

into impoverished reservations.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

While their brothers and sisters are squabbling, 

Satan and his henchmen may easily attack and rob 

their poor mother. The same could be true for any 

of us.

A united people, living in love

 with one another, may be far 

more formidable!

We must unify as a nation... stand shoulder to 

shoulder, peacefully working together... so that 

the contemptuous, evil-intentioned, unscrupulous, 

and deceitful brutes never rob, kill, devastate, or 

split us... as they so cruelly did to our ancestors.

Satan's art of war is to confuse, suffocate, weaken, 

tear us down, condemn, accuse, crush our spirits, 

lay heavy burdens and strongholds on us, plant 

seeds of negativity, steal our joy, harm our witness 

and or ministry, and murder the consciousness of

 God's people.

Satan uses all methods possible to destroy, undermine,

 pulverize, wreck, shatter, sabotage, blot out, and/or inhibit

 any type of Black advancement, as well as to damage any

 evidence that glorifies and honors God.

One thing is certain: Satan opposes God's people coming

together to move in power, emancipation, and victory.

Satan's goal is to kill, steal, enslave, bind, confuse, harden

hearts, propagate lies, slander, discourage people, and

create and instill fear, doubt, unbelief, and anxiety. He

enjoys crazy-making, dividing people, distracting, and 

destroying them.

“Though many non-Native Americans have

 learned very little about us, over time we have 

had to learn everything about them. We watch 

their films, read their literature, worship in their

 churches, and attend their schools. 

Every third-grade student in the United States 

is presented with the concept of Europeans 

discovering America as a "New World" with 

fertile soil, abundant gifts of nature, and glorious

mountains and rivers. 

Only the most enlightened teachers will explain

 that this world certainly wasn't new to the millions 

of indigenous people who already lived here when 

Columbus arrived.”

― Wilma Mankiller

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You can trace these things back to Africa, Mathematics, Science, etc

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People, of African ancestry,

were not slaves or savages

when they were kidnapped 

and dispossessed from 


Too often, students’ first exposure to 

African History occurs through the study 

of slavery. Africans are portrayed in 

schools as savage, barbaric people. Some

 have attempted to create the illusion that those 

who came to the Americas were “fortunate” 

because they were saved from savage, unstable,

 poverty-stricken Africa. But if we are going to 

be honest, thousands of years of African history 

existed before contact with Europe.

It was not at all in the best interest of Africans 

to be vigorously raided, stripped of their clothing, 

have their heads shaved, be placed in shackles and

 chains, taken from their homes, marched hundreds

of miles to the coast and thrust into the holds of 

ships. They were not only separated from their 

families, loved ones, and homeland... they were

weakened from illness, exposure, and malnutrition

as a result of the horrendous march forced upon


The enslaved were loaded onto boats and transported 

across the Atlantic, in this stew of human misery and


Millions of Africans were forcibly shipped 

in chains, shackled in ranks, fed communally 

in fetid holds tightly-packed with people who had

high levels of nausea, and sickness. 

It is gut-wrenching trying to imagine being in a 

floating prison, being carried to an unknown land,

 thousands of miles from your homeland and loved 

ones, on an overcrowded, unsanitary ship that 

would ordinarily be used to transport animals. 

Our ancestors were put through hell. Their journey

 was truly brutal and dehumanizing. 

The enslaved were seen as little more than

cargo by the owners of the slave ships, so, quite 

simply, the more they carried, the more money 

they stood to earn. This meant that most slave 

ships were not only packed to capacity, they 

were packed way beyond capacity. 

Over-crowding was commonplace and, for

 many years during the high point of the 

transatlantic slave trade, there was simply 

nothing stopping the owners of the ships from

 setting sail with as many slaves as they could

 carry, both above and below deck.

The majority of slaves were kept below deck

 in cramped, inhumane conditions. The enslaved 

were often chained lying down, side-by-side on

 the floor. This meant hundreds could be lain 

side-by-side and head-to-toe. 

Many had no more than a few inches to move. 

Some may have been permitted to sit up, but 

most were forced to lie down for almost the

 entirety of the two-month journey. 

Women and children were often permitted

 a degree of mobility, compared to the bonded 

men. But the African women and children were 

without defense against crew men who regularly 

abused and raped them during the voyage 

to the Americas. The captives had no protection. 

The captors did anything they wanted to do to 

the men, women and children.

Moreover, the fetid and filthy conditions

on the ship created the environment for 

contagious sicknesses, notably the 

“bloody flux” (dysentery), which infected 

the captives, killing many and reducing

 others to a wretched state. 

The condition on the ship was beyond 

appalling. The captives were forced to 

relieve themselves where they sat. The 

atmosphere was hellish, on the filthy ship. 

The captives were treated like beasts... 

completely dehumanized. The filthy 

condition of the vessel caused many

 to die of disease.

Out of over 12.5 million captives, almost 2 

million didn't survive the awful, inhumane 

journey, that sometimes took several months

 to transport. Some of the captives died of

 disease, some committed suicide to avoid 

further suffering. Some became ill due to 

scurvy, dysentery, influenza, etc. 

The captain of the ship ordered his crew to

 throw them overboard for being sick, 

or as a disciplinary measure... they would 

hang the captives overboard and the 

sharks would eat them. 

Some of the captives were sexually abused, 

brutally beaten, fondled and whipped, by many 

of the unscrupulous slave traders and crew 

members. Some of the women arrived in the 

new land bearing the children of their abusers. 

The captives were confronted with a different 

language and culture. The kidnapping reshaped 

the entire structure of their way of life.

These captives were human beings, not God's

after-thought. Trust, God is the Savior of all 

mankind. Africans and African Americans 

were created by God, the Creator of the 

Universe and all sentient beings, for a noble 

and eternally divine purpose. 

God did not cast down, condemn, reduce or 

assign Africans or African Americans to an 

inferior rank or position... that is delusional.

 This is man's evil doing. 


the real savage brutes... 

were the captors and


The Atlantic slave-trade was an extremely 

cruel business which impacted not only 

the lives of the captives and their descendants, 

but also the economies and histories of large 

parts of the world.

*The captives were sold into slavery 

through public auctions. 

There has been documentation that during slaver

y and into the 20th century, black babies were 

used as alligator bait. It has been reported that 

profit-seeking white hunters used black 

“slave babies” to lure alligators out of the swamps 

to be killed for their skin.

According to an article published in the 

Miami New Times in 2014, there are many

 documents that support the theories of Black

 babies being used as bait for alligators during

 the slavery period.

*Slaveholders imposed newly arrived 

Africans into forced labor, harsh punishment, 

torture, abuse and threats of family separation.

The crops that made America thrive were worked

 and watered by the blood, sweat, and tears of our


*The enslaved were prohibited from 

learning to read and write. 

Due to, unjustifiable, racial prejudices 

or just out right ignorance, many people 

use defensive projection, when referring

 to African Americans. They project

their own negative energy and struggles

onto other people. 

The abusers goal was... and is... to turn the 

whole world against their victims. Their joy 

is to destroy. They refuse to believe and 

would rather embrace... 

"a dressed up lie" than the "naked truth." 

Many are unaware that

 Black people built 

one of the most

 advanced civilizations 

on Earth. 

The demand for Black slave labor 

created an incentive to justify the inhumane

 treatment of Black people, by creating 

the lie that Black people were inferior 

and less than human.

Some toxic people love dusting others with 

their poison. Sometimes, it is more like drowning

people in their bigotry. Some have made it their 

life's mission to go down into the most devilish 

parts of themselves in order to create and sow 

seeds of hurt, hatred, pain, hostility, and hardships 

for others, based solely on race. This is the behavior 

of insecure people trying to seem important.

Some will often feel a need to assert their

 importance. They puff themselves up to create 

the impression that they have arrived. These 

things are done in an attempt to alleviate

 their own sense of weakness.

African Americans were considered as 

property. European colonizers worked very 

hard to erase, corrupt, and steal African and 

African American history. 

They purposely paved over many significant

 contributions made by African Americans. 

Many of the contributions were grossly

 ignored and purposely silenced, mainly by 

those Europeans who had a fragile sense of 


To avoid confronting truth the Europeans 

whitewashed the truth and the artifacts 

and blatantly belittled Blacks.

The colonial educational system purposely 

omitted African and African American history. 

They would have us all think that even in 2021

African history doesn't exist.

The massive slave-trade has

 immensely impacted the world 

we live in, even today. It has also 

contributed to the development 

of racism and police brutality.

People create, but 

God is the Creator. 

In God's infinite and unfathomable

wisdom... He created and fashioned 

each of us.

God made one race... 

the human race. 

Some people have difficulty accepting the 

idea that although we are all different... 

we all should be able to experience the best

 of humanity's diversity and be treated the 

same. We are indisputably different, but the 

same.We are all one image... originated 

from the same blueprint! 

God created the world and everything in

 it, and God made every nation of men 


“One blood.”

God is All... and in all.

Colossians 3:11

“All” means “all”… 

no exclusions.

God is the Upholder 

of all creation. 

God shows no partiality, but judges with

 complete justice. Likewise, Jesus showed

 no partiality. By example, we are also told 

to show no partiality, but treat all people 


Scripture is crystal clear that a person’s 

dignity and worth is not based on their

ethnicity, nationality, gender,

 background, wealth, or position.

Acts 10:34-35, Leviticus 19:33-34, Galatians

 3:28, Romans 3:10-24, James 2:5-9, 

Ephesians 6:9, Leviticus 19:14,

 1 Corinthians 12:4-26

Every person has equally 

inherent worth because we 

were all created by God and 

in His own image. 

Genesis 1:27 

“All human beings are born free

 and equal in dignity and rights…” 

(Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948) 

God has created for us... a rich and 

blessed multicultural diversity! 

Whether one is rich or poor, in God's 

eyes, even with centuries of racial 

injustice, we all stand as equals. We 

are God's creation... enmeshed by 

our beautiful differences and 


God loves us all and is under no illusion 

about who we are, where we have been, 

what we have done, what we have acquired 

or ourrace. Even with racism built right

 into every level of our society, God views 

us all as His highly valued treasure! If we 

exist, we have value and worth and are 

beautiful in the eyes of God. 

The idea of difference, worldly isms, and class 

privilege are interlocking systems of oppression. 

They appear to be natural; however, they are, in

 fact, socially constructed and are used to 

rationalize inequality and all kinds of isms.

To say that humans are in the image of God is to

 recognize the special qualities of human nature 

which allows God to be made manifest in humans. 

African Americans have endured many 

trials, tribulations, racial injustices, and blatant 

racism... based on known fabricated reports

that all-white juries returned guilty verdicts on 

This has led to wrongful convictions of countless 

innocent African Americans, over the 


African Americans have suffered from war, 

which called on them to defeat foreign enemies 

while simultaneously fighting against segregation

 and discrimination at home. They have been 

subjected to violence, and racially discriminatory

policies, discriminatory housing practices, 

segregated schools, lunch counters, waiting 

rooms, water fountains, restrooms, and

transportation. They endured harassment

 and threats of violenceThey were beaten 

and tortured, in many cases by police into 

confessing to lies. 

Our ancestors have been brutally murdered,

 subjected to lynching deaths, and racial bias

 and unequal treatment in the criminal justice 

system which has, in turn, led to countless

 sentences of death and untold anguish... 

simply because our ancestors were 

considered, by some, as less than human.

African American history has been blatantly 

omitted from textbooks; although free Black 

labor has been foundational to the growth of 

America and America's economy. 

Enslaved people constructed the 

infrastructure and generated significant

 money-making materials and goods such 

as: cotton, sugar and tobacco. 

African American labor was necessary

 and very important in industry, 

agriculture, and service. Black workers

 have endured a long history of 

discrimination; but, have earned the right 

to the soil, many times over. 

Surprisingly, there is one important institution 

that fails to provide an inclusive environment

 to educate, inspire and cultivate conversations 

about the contributions and various struggles 

African Americans had... and continue to face,

in the United States of America

It is in the American public school systems 

enlightened best interest to allow teachers to

 teach truth, not tell pure fiction that is driven by

 white supremacy. It appears that something is 

fundamentally wrong when a teacher is 

allowed to teach a student how to put a 

condom on a banana... and not allowed

 to explain and teach students true, African 

and all inclusive American history. 

African Americans should be made visible 

in American history. Their journey was an 

American journey. African American history 

is American history. African Americans have 

a rightful place as equal actors in American 

history, and teaching the history of African 

civilization increases everyone's accurate

 understanding of world history.

The system has grossly failed to properly 

awaken the joy in creative expression and

knowledge, to educate students to think 

intensively, become discoverers, be lifelong

 learners, be problem solvers, think critically, 

be creative, have integrity and respect, care 

and want to give back to the community, be

 able to see the world differently, and ask the

 question... why? 

The public educational system of a nation is 

the true indicator of that nations strength and

the quality of life and well being of its citizens. 

Education has the potential to develop students

 personally, socially, and academically. Education 

is the art of assisting discovery and developing 

one's values and abilities to become a productive

 member of society

In order to take a nation to new and higher 

heights, there has to be an excellent educational

 system, which consists of true education 

and personal development. Students must be 

taught how to think, not be limited to thinking 

only what the powers that be have decided 

to program students to think.

According to Marian Wright Edelman, 

"Education is improving the lives of others

 and leaving your community and world better

 than you found it."

The educational system continues to 

neglect, restrict, silence and dismiss the slave 

narratives as propaganda. They do not mention 

the history of Africa before slavery and ignore

the works of African and African American

scholars, doctors, inventors, etc. 

The hard truths of African enslavement 

falls by the wayside because truth makes

 some people uncomfortable. As a result, 

generations of Americans have been 

purposely miseducated because of this 

unwise disregard for the truth.

A sentence or two about the history of slavery 

is a complete disservice to all learners. 

Why would the educational system fail to 

provide the educational resources to better

 educate learners? 

Teaching students the true American history,

which includes the difficult story of slavery, 

white supremacy, their legacies, true origins 

of the culture, and historical heritage of 

African Americans is needed and necessary

Are teachers willing to teach true history?

Do teachers know enough about African 

civilization to teach students adequately?

Will there be repercussions for truth 

seeking teachers? 

Are teachers afraid to teach truth?

Does the institutionalized approval process 

determine which textbooks will be used?

Photo by Mary E. Yacovone

Historian Donald Yacovone, an associate at the 

Hutchins Center for African & African American 

Research-Harvard University, and a 2013 winner

 of the W.E.B. Du Bois medal, and co-author of 

"The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross"

 with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and now writing, 

"Teaching White Supremacy: 

The Textbook Battle Over Race 

in American History" states:

 "This is essential work that has to be done. If 

America is to be a nation that fulfills its 

democratic promise, the history of slavery and 

white supremacy have to be taught in schools

 across the country. 

We need to acknowledge that white supremacy 

remains an integral part of American society

 and we need to understand how we got to where 

we are. The consequences of not doing so are


White supremacy is a toxin. The older history 

textbooks were like syringes that injected the

 toxin of white supremacy into the mind of 

many generations of Americans. What has 

to be done is teach the truth about slavery as a 

central institution in America’s origins, as the 

cause of the Civil War, and about its legacy that

 still lives on. The consequences of not doing so,

 we’re seeing every day."

There is no more powerful force than a 

people roused with strong minds unbound, 

gripped and inspired in and by their history. 

There is a golden Chinese saying:

If you want to plan for a year, plant crops.

If you want to plan for 10 years, plant trees.

If you want to plan for generations, plant the 

seeds of education.

We must seek truth and


cast out all reckless

disregard for the truth.

Only the devil would want to kill the mind 

and steal one's history, culture, and future.

It was the ingenuity, blood, sweat, and strength 

of the enslaved who, for over two centuries,  

developed and played an important part in

developing America's economy and wealth.

Slavery was instituted mostly for economic 

reasons. Unpaid slave labor was a fundamental

 part of the economy when the republic was built.

During the Revolutionary War, both the enslaved 

and free Blacks fought for the Colonies, but after 

the fact... the 1787 Constitution included three 

clauses reinforcing slavery. Blacks were

 designated as property and counted as

 ‘three-fifths of a person’. 

The fallen human heart assumes the worst 

about people. It is fueled by recycled prejudices,


subliminal and sometimes blatant false and


negative stereotypes, white supremacy, misguided 

convictions, antagonism directed against people

 of a different race, and plain old animosity. 

Antagonism toward people of another color, 

language, or ethnic background is antagonism

toward God Himself. 

Are we acting in ways 

contrary to God's values?

Racism is blatant ignorance that continues to 

dehumanize, violate and ignore human and civil 

rights. It is harmful to a country and its culture. 

Racism is a hardened and unfair generalization

that causes intense moral, cultural, and economic 

hardships. It is a treacherous, appalling, harmful, 

evil, socially constructed human tragedy which 

denies entire groups of people human dignity 

and respect. 

For one race to loftily, boastfully, egotistically, 

snobbishly and self-importantly claim superiority


over another offends and bemoans the heart of 


There is no hierarchy of human beings verified

anywhere in Scripture. There is no Scripture

that backs up such absurd claims. The Bible 

makes it clear that racism is wrong and

 entirely contradictory to God's command to

"Love our neighbors". 

Racism is a sin against God.

Racism denigrates the beauty

and majesty of God’s diverse 


Humanity’s failure to honor the differences

 of others, care for one another in their particular 

struggles, and empathize with their experiences 

stems from our fallen and unrighteous nature

 and an attempt to live in defiance of God.

Sadly, too many feet have strayed

 from God. Too many hearts are

 inebriated with ego, greed,

and power.

Knowing the horrors about hell should

motivate us all to be reconciled to God.

It should also humble us and give us all 

greater love, respect and appreciation 

for both God and all people.

Jesus teaches us that those who

 have brutally oppressed others 

will be called to account for their 


In Christ, the things that would ordinarily segregate

 us are interwoven into a single exquisite tapestry. 

Things like race, gender, and class are no longer 

encumbrances to solidarity. They are what makes 

our oneness so beautiful.

Jesus embraced others with a radical 

disregard for race, tribe, creed, color, class,

 religion, language, age, culture, disability, 

political beliefs, educational backgrounds, 

or socioeconomic differences, experiences, 

or realities. 

"Jesus ransomed people for God

 from every tribe and language


and people and nation."

Revelations 5:9

Jesus did not allow social status or cultural 

barriers to dictate His relationships with 

people. Jesus was criticized for His actions, 

but what prophet ever lived without 


"The body is a unit, though it is made up of 

many parts . . . so it is with Christ". 

1 Corinthians 12:12

Throughout Scripture, we see God working to redeem

and make a way for people from every tribe and 

tongue and nation.

On the authority of Jesus, we are responsible for 

loving everyone... even people we have been 

brought up to loathe.

All human beings deserve respect. As far as the 

Scriptures are concerned, there are many 

nationalities, but there is only one race...

the human race.

If we treat a person with contempt, we are 

mistreating a person created in God’s image; 

we are hurting somebody whom God loves and 

for whom Jesus died.

No race is better or worse 

than the other.

African and African American history holds 

a long, rich and deep spiritual heritage. Jesus is 

central to that heritage. 

The struggle for civil rights and human 

rights should matter to everyone, especially 

to those who know God. It increases 

our understanding about world history.

Those who were brutally enslaved and 

dehumanized, built the infrastructure of 

this great country... which in and of itself, 

is a crucial part of our world and our

nations’ true story.

History and context matters

History is an important and interesting field of the study 

of past events which can honor and provide perspective

 of our past and ground us in our roots of who we are and 

where we come from. Our true history can reveal

 fascinating nuggets of truth and moments in time that 

gives us deeper and more meaningful insights of our

 ancestral past and our true identity.

 Historical narratives are not a synonym for historical 

truth. History is made up of a diverse montage of 

triumphs, missteps and tragedies. 

African Americans should know who they are, 

where they came from, and the beauty, power and 

complexity of African civilizations. Knowing 

our history helps advance our future. We can learn 

from past successes and mistakes. Our history can 

serve as a great torchbearer to our future...giving

 us a "heads up" on those things we can accentuate, as 

well as the wrongs we should have no part in. 

May we press on... moving onward and upward

 capitalizing on those historical strengths without 

reliving those past blunders.

History is a timeline full of fascinating, 

under-appreciated heroes, momentous 

milestones of the past and contributions

 African Americans made and continue to 

make that we did not and are not learning 

about in our educational system. 

Even pictured in the Bible are countless unsung

 heroes who have been portrayed quite differently

Unfortunately, history is overflowing with

 inaccuracies and omissions.

History helps us to dig deeper to see the 

importance of slavery to the American narrative.

 It helps us better understand the cause and effects 

of slavery and see how and why people of color

 are still being racially marginalized.

When students are miseducated and can only 

glean from unfavorable stories and stereotypes 

reported on the news read in newspapers, 

heard on radio, seen in movies and on 

television... they end up having little to no 

respect or appreciation for African Americans 

because of negative slants, etc. 

In far too many cases, African Americans 

are grossly overlooked or never described 

in a positive light to any of usThe children 

and our world needs to be taught the truth 

about African Americans both historically 

and currently. 

There are some who have tried endlessly to

perpetuate generational lies regarding their 

delusion of white supremacy. Some have lied on, 

murdered and tried to keep African Americans

ideologically and economically downtrodden. 

They have been and are notorious for omitting 

and/or downplaying those critical narratives

which have shaped the character of our nation.

True history helps us to understand ourselves and

 the world around us. It gives us a clearer picture 

of how the various aspects of society works and 

how people have behaved, generation after 

generation, in an effort to impose their 

delusional idea that a superior race exists. 

How can anyone justify

 unequal treatment based 

on melanin

How can we promote liberty, freedom and 

democracy, on one hand, and a system of 

subjugation and exploitation of people who 

are of a different hue... on the other?

We are all God's offspring. 

For in God we live, move, and have our being. 

God is under no illusion about who we are. God

 is ever-present and dwells within every one of 

us.  According to Scripture, God, our Creator, is 

interested in all of humanity.

Jesus, Who gave up 

everything for us, did

 not die for man to assign 

meaning to the differences 

between human beings. 

Neither did Jesus write 

any non-white people 

out of the human family. 

His teachings are that 

of elevating humanity 

to a higher level of 

spirituality and 


not supremacy of one

 skin color over another.

Race was and is an offensively coarse concept,

 constructed by society to determine who belongs 

and who does not. The "Race" idea evolved over 

time. This societal construct was formulated to

 justify its new economic system of capitalism

 and an intense need for labor which depended

 on the institution of forced labor, especially the

 enslavement of African people.

History helps us to better understand many 

of our present day issues and why things are

 the way they are.

"There is nothing new under the sun".

Ecclesiastes 1:9

Our collective past, from the first civilizations, 

the middle ages and into the modern era are 

overflowing with astounding discoveries of 

strong, faithful and fearless people who, may 

not be mentioned in our classroom books, but

 they have contributed greatly and provided 

strong and sound shoulders for us all to 

stand on.

African American history gives us a 

wellspring of great examples of 

virtues we can pursue. 

History, as we have been taught, is a one-sided 

narrative at odds with actual events. It has 

been grossly distorted and misrepresented. So 

much of what has been passed on as "history" 

are blatant lies. 

Some of the most powerful forces that shaped

 history were dressed-up lies people made up 

about events that never happened with the

 intention to deceive and lead others to accept

 those lies as truth. These disingenuous accounts

 have threatened democracy and undermined 


This is a phenomenon called the illusion 

of truth effect. It basically proves that any

statement some people read, see or speak 

regularly... is seen as more valid than one 

they are exposed to only occasionally. For 

some, it makes no difference whether the 

information is true or false... the only thing 

that matters is how often they are exposed

 to it. 

Research shows that an unsound message 

rehashed continually becomes more convincing 

than a strong and truthful statement, only heard 

once. Whatever one can plant, in the mind,

and nourish, with repetition, can become

 one's reality.

The law of repetition can be a strong 

reinforcement and change one's perception 

of reality. Repetition and/or programming

has the power to rewire the brain, change

 one's mind, and consequently govern one's 

thoughts, belief system, and behavior

A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth, 

for some. The same goes for visuals, which are 

just thoughts and ideas concentrated into an 


Repetition can rewire the brain. It can increase

 one's mental validation of anything they are

 exposed to, repeatedly, which is why it works

 so well in newspapers, magazines, radio,

 television advertisements, and political 


According to Wikipedia, history is a social 

resource that contributes to shaping national 

identity, culture, and public memory. Through the 

study of history, people are able to make inroads

 with a particular cultural identity. 

By negatively revising history, one can craft a 

specific ideological identity contrary to reality.

There are ongoing cases of deceptions, revisions

 and consciously falsified reinterpretations of 

history shamelessly taken out of context by some 

who would blindly accept a lie to avoid 

uncomfortable truths. 

Some have chosen to deny reality, come up with

 irrational distractions, deflections, confusion or 

outright lies as a way to avoid and/or deny the

 existence and validity of uncomfortable truths. 

Much of history that was taught in school was 

riddled with blatant lies... exaggerated and filled

 with obvious false statements written and 

published by others who knew they were 

telling lies and twisting the truth.

History is fraught with forgeries, perjuries 

and outright lies. Many lies are told by 

commission, which is making things up that

 are not true. Some of it is made by omission, 

which is leaving out information or details, 

not telling the full story. And some of it by 

assent, which is... remaining silent when not

 in agreement. 


Many are so stuck on historical lies... they

 cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that

 which is inaccurate or true. That, in and of 

itself, is alarming and cultish. These distorted 

interpretations, perceptions and ideological 

influences presents insidious historical lies and 

sensational claims about America's past.

 Adding insult to injury, these lies and

distortions about our racist legacy have laid the

 deceptive groundwork for imminent catastrophes, 

i.e., racial indifferences, injustice, systemic 

oppression, redlining neighborhoods, inequalities, 

police profiling, police brutality, mass incarceration

 and many other expressions of hostility and/or 

discriminatory practices.


These historical distortions and/or ideologies 

were created by those who came before us and 

they passed these distortions and/or ideological 

influences on to generations following them. 

Disgracefully, some have latched on to these 

delusional beliefs and claims which devalued 

the humanness in others, based totally on skin

 color, as if these belittling, unjust, repressive 

assertions were the gospel truth.  

Many historians are credited as people who, 

without compromise, pursue truth, by way of 

facts. On the other hand, revisionist historians 

capitalize on the historian's professional 

credibility, and present their pseudo history 

as true scholarship. By adding a measure of 

credibility to the work of revised history, the 

ideas of the revisionist historians are more

 readily accepted in the public mind and tends

 to fit their political, social, and ideological 


These devious lies have revealed an arrogance

 and entitlement which has affected every 

generation of humanity, and sadly, this

 disinformation is still being condoned, 

promoted and actively embraced by those 

who would rather live generational lies... 

than face the truth. This is a disturbingly 

relevant narrative of oppressors versus the 

oppressed and resistance to systemic

 exploitation of African Americans.

Some have chosen to continue demonizing, 

denigrating and dismissing African Americans,

 brutally mistreating, denying and ridiculing

 the truth, dismissing and even killing 

African Americans. 

There are facts about the oppressed that are

 still being overlooked by historians. We can 

no longer, in good and righteous conscience

 be buried by satanically inspired philosophies, 

twisted human reasoning, or warped, evil and 

distorted belief systems. We must unlock the

 vault of historical lies, and tell the whole truth 

and nothing but the truth, so help us God.

 Truth is likened to a two edged sword, it 

will either cut one down or cut one free. 

We all need the truth!

Many people with low self-esteem and look

for ways to feel better. One way some of them

 try to do that is by putting others down using 

belittling, condescending and patronizing speech.

This kind of speech is a passive-aggressive 

approach to giving someone a verbal put-down 

while maintaining a facade of reasonableness 

or friendliness.

People can sometimes have opinions about facts. 

Some people are not content unless they are in 

an accusing, invalidating, degrading, dismissive, 

unhinged attack mode. Some would rather be 

bamboozled by lies and trust bogus assertions

 than accept or tell uncomfortable truths. 

Satan is very comfortable taking up residence in 

people who are liars and intentionally mislead 

others to accept false, fraudulent, and invalid 

statements as true and valid.

When people get desperate or feel threatened 

they create illusions of victory... where no 

evidence exists. They turn blind eyes and bend

 reality to selfishly suit their desires and personal

 preferences. They will go to extreme measures 

to cover up their misdeeds. 

Ignorant, uncultivated, and crude people seem

 to find pleasure and mock the shortcomings and

 faults with others... or their ideas. They vilify

 and/or discredit what they do not understand

They make accusations often with offensive and 

dishonest intentions. 

Satan's lies become their truths.

Lies and betrayal gives 

tremendous insights into one’s 

character. Idle minds and a willing 

tongue can be used as the devil's 


We can tell a lot about a person by what they 

choose to see in others. People who lie and 

belittle others do it for the purpose of raising 

themselves up. 

Some people belittle others as a way of 

expressing their own bitterness, anger and 

ignorance when they purposely make 

unproven assertions in order to cast a bad 

light on what is thought to be 

shortcoming of another.

It's been said, 

"To belittle... is to 

be little".

Misrepresenting the truth creates confusion 

and doubt. These dangerous distortions can

 corrupt and cause eventual destruction. 

Historical narratives and the assumption

that the subjective interpretation of history 

is automatically rendered into a historical

 truth on account of its historical impact is

 clearly wrong. 

It is evil to misrepresent someone with 

delusional opinions and false assumptions

 based on incorrect interpretation of 

another's reality and cultural norms

Some deliberately devilish people have 

allowed Satan to profoundly influence their 

human sphere. They are greedy, troubled 

people who are filled with an insatiable 

hunger for power.

 They stick to and live what they know to 

be lies. It is an evil which causes widespread 

harm, i.e., vicious cycles of animosity, ugliness, 

warped justice and racism. Generational lies 

have caused and continues to cause unspeakable

 suffering, untold destruction, and millions of 


No one wants to be deliberately lied to, told 

half-truths or given exaggerated accounts of 

people or experiencesThe simplest lie, which

 some may take lightly... has the power to hurt,

 discourage and hinder. Words are persuasive 

messengers that could have one unleashing 

anger and hatred on people who are 

undeserving of it. Hurtful, one-sided 

misinformation can devastate one's life.

One lie causes others to question 

everything one has ever said.

 It is important that we tell the truth. Truth 

telling is essential for authentic communication 

to occur, and it makes genuine interactions 

between people possible. 

The truth is the mortal enemy of the lie. 

If one is sincerely trying to do the right thing 

and emulate the character of God, they 

understand and value honesty and integrity.  

The longer people avoid the discomfort of

discussing enslavement and colonization in the US. 

the longer non-whites suffer structural racism.

The more we seek truth and 

embrace truth about ourselves, 

others, and life, in general...

the more we will be able to see 

past Satan's smokescreens.

Truth trumps a lie... 

every time.

The aim of many historical narratives is not 

necessarily to ascertain what actually happened

in the past, but to justify what happens in the 

present and future. One of the many game plans

 racism tries to obtain is the eradication of all 

of the historical contributions made by 

African Americans

When are we, as a nation, 

going to confront our 

history... honestly?

Racism is a system. Race and

 the resulting racism were

 initiated by White Europeans 

and Americans so as to justify

 the practice of slavery on 

people for profit. 

There were enormous economic interests 

in justifying Black enslavement and colonization. 

Race was constructed as a means to justify the

oppression and economic exploitation of 

African Americans.

There is no true biological race. 

Race is intrinsically a social construct rather 

than biologically based. It is an evolving social 

idea created to justify racial inequality and

 ultimately justify ideological beliefs of 

superiority and white advantage. Recognizing

 race as a social construct does not make race


Thomas Jefferson claimed there were natural 

racial differences and asked scientists to find them. 

Instead of asking "if" Blacks were inferior, Jefferson

instructed scientists to find out "how" blacks were


Why have scholars excluded Africa's 

extraordinarily rich history and/or brushed 

over ancient civilizations? 

Why would one go to such great lengths to 

make others believe that Africans have no past

 and have not contributed anything to the world? 

Why have historians not dispelled the 

stereotypical view of Africans being primitive 

without any appreciation for planning or design?

Why would anyone deliberately eliminate 

the greatest period of African achievements 

and destroy many of the historical buildings 

and monuments and never mention the beauty 

of the continent before its destruction?

Why would anyone purposely start and spread 

smallpox and influenza which would kill 


Why are there so many misrepresentations 

and stereotypes of Africa and 

African Americans

Why would anyone think that people from

 some of the largest civilizations in human 

history be better off with slavery and 


So, why is the truth of African history 

being withheld and/or distorted?

Now is the time to 

focus on the real truth.

African Americans have been deliberately

 miseducated about their history and 


Telling historical truths is a way to share injustices

 and begin to righteously work towards rectifying


 Telling the truth is a way to begin to correct

 the misrepresentations and stereotypes of 

Africans and righteously work towards 

rectifying the injustices and idea of whiteness 

and the lie at the heart of white supremacy 

that devalues Africa and African Americans. 

The journey of humanity is far 

more diverse and beneficial than 

many ever imagined. The further 

back we venture,the more clarity

 and appreciation we have regarding 

righteous human relations and

resolutions for the problems with

which we are now facing.

"History tells a people who 

they are and what they have


Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Africans were the most industrious and 

advanced race on earth. Africans are the 

founding fathers of most ancient civilizations. 

This has and still makes white people afraid.

 For eons some have done everything to 

segregate blacks into poor schools and districts. 

Some have purposely hidden the truth in the 

faces of African Americans in hopes they, with 

truth being so close, will not be able to focus 

on it until it's too late.

Digging deeper into African history helps

 to clarify many of these hidden truths.

From approximately 6000 BCE (when the Nile Valley

was first inhabited) to 525 BCE is when the traditions 

of several civilizations were established. The Stones 

were used for constructing images, tombs and even

the great pyramids of Nubia and Kemet.

According to Smithsonian 

magazine, a fossil discovery in 

1924 revolutionized the search

for human ancestors, leading 

scientist to Africa.

Africa is a very relevant and indispensable country. 

It is also the most centrally located place on earth. 

It covers 6% of Earth's total surface area and 20% 

of its land area.

Africa is a continent of thousands of languages 

and cultures, exceptional eco-diversity, and over 

a billion dynamic and ingenious Africans. Africa 

is the world's second largest and second most 

populous continent, after Asia. 

 According to many experts, 

Africa made the largest regional 

contribution to the gene pool of 

modern humans.

Studying African history and current events 

gives us a deeper understanding of world 

history and even modern American history. 

 African Studies help us to better understand

 ourselves. We become better-informed global 

citizens when we study Africa. 

Let those who do, stop looking


at black people as property. If the 

truth be told, genetically speaking, 

we were all black once.

🌍African History Matters.

African American history provides insights. 

It helps us to extrapolate from the subject 

matter of thought, discourse, study, etc., 

although it is not explicitly stated.

It is in our DNA, as African Americans to 

desire to know our roots... our ancestors

Knowing our history... gives us a greater 

appreciation for our present situation. 

When we know our true history and can

focus on the good and valuable contributions 

to society that Africans made historically 

and African Americans continue to make, 

we can draw from those cultural differences 

and gain much needed insight

There were thousands of homes around the 

huge square, all in the shape of beehives.

Cattle breeding, milking cows and hunting big

game were all considered as being honorable

 activities, and for this reason they were usually 

carried out by men.

More importantly, in terms of livelihood, social

 status and also as the subject of economic 

transactions, was cattle. 

For their protection against wild beasts 

kraals were constructed. These circular corrals 

were located in the center of each homestead. 

At night the herd was enclosed there. Cattle 

were extremely highly valued, because the 

size of the herd represented a benchmark of 

social success for every man.

Did you know that in the 

14th century, the city of 

Timbuktu, in West Africa,

 was five times larger than 

the city of London and was 

the richest city in the 


Today, Timbuktu 

is 236 times 

smaller than 



The kingdoms of Benin and Ife were led by 

the Yoruba people and sprang up between the 

11th and 12th centuries.

 The Ife civilization goes back as far as 500 BC 

and its people made objects from bronze, brass, 

copper, wood, and ivory. Studies of the Benin

 show that they were highly skilled in ivory 

carving, pottery, rope and gum production.

In the west of Africa, the kingdom of Ghana

 was a vast Empire that spread across an area 

the size of Western Europe. Between the 

ninth and thirteenth centuries 

Ghana traded in gold, salt and 

copper. Ghana was highly 

advanced and prosperous. 

It is said that the Ghanaian ruler had 

an army of 200,000 men.

Our historical texts are based on warmed-over,

 whitewashed tales where details are distorted to 

make blatant historical lies more compelling and 

make some seem righteous and more admired

Some are celebrating and romanticizing their 

slaveholding ancestors and conveniently omitting

 millions of enslaved people. All are culpable of 

serious lapses... especially the biased narratives

 where the invasion of Africa and the presence of 

African Americans are mysteriously twisted, 

distorted, overlooked and/or purposely omitted. 

History books have been manipulated, 

reproduced, and crafted for the purpose of 

filling a need, for the greedy 

to deceive. 

Those who turn a blind eye and bend reality 

to selfishly suit their desires and personal 

preferences go to extreme measures to cover 

up the misdeeds and the uncomfortable

 truths about the pains of the past. This 

misrepresents and misleadpeople about 

what happened centuries ago.

Many still view the inaccurate alternative 

facts and, in some cases, outright fraudulent

 claims as truth. This has compromised the

 integrity of our documented history.

 Jeopardizing historical events has... 

and can have drastic consequences, today.

The faux history of America has been shoved 

into schools and into the public eye. Many

 are very well aware of how some of the myths 

have purposely made one racial group

 appear to be more progressive than others. 

As we are all now seeing, the erasures and 

omissions of historical evils are beginning 

to backfire. This misinformation has led to 

generational lies, which have led to bigger 

lies people must tell to cover up these false 

versions of reality which are increasingly

 distancing one from the real self. This has 

created a deficiency in the education of 

Americans and destroyed the lives of 

thousands of African American families. 

When the refusal to remember becomes 

routinely a part of our political culture... 

the ability to have faith in our system and 

its leaders fades. 

Who is served?

Who benefits when historical deceptions 


What are our children learning when they

 are exposed to liars on a world class scale?

Telling the truth empowers our children and 

generations to come to change, grow, foster 

cultural appreciation, fight against xenophobia, 

gives a full and honest view of African Americans, 

and helps end racism. It is not about 

erasing history, but confronting it honestly.

There's no question, talking about the 

generational lies and white privilege that 

was not earned, but ill-gotten can be a huge

 undertaking, but an incredibly important 

conversation about uncomfortable truths 

that should not be avoided. 

To not have these difficult conversations 

regarding uncomfortable truths could set 

your children up for failure. This could cause 

your children to fill in racial gaps by coming

to harmful, problematic and inaccurate 

conclusions that could prove to be harmful 

and painful for them, once their eyes are 

opened to truth

Real love for our children goes beyond 

generational hidden truths and lies that

 were used to control others

Your children may become freedom fighters. 

Their consciousness may be higher and broader, 

and they may just want to do what is right and

 they want to be that kind of person. It could be 

their assignment from God. 

Can you say the same about the secrets?

Telling the truth earns respect and helps 

them to not see their loved one being a part

of generational lies that have hurt and killed 


Reconciliation occurs when we are able to sincerely 

speak truth, even when it is uncomfortable. The truth

 about the good, bad and ugly of history will help our 

children navigate their natural curiosity. 

With the information super-highway at their fingertips, 

children are learning and hearing about historical truths 

and lies, whether it comes from the parents or not. 

Children usually look to their parents to explain.

Telling our children the truth about their history is the 

responsible thing to do. It will enlighten the parent 

and it will be beneficial... a light for our children. 

Let us not be surprised if we find ourselves teaching, 

growing and learning historical truths together.

There are conversations that need to happen around 

the world, ASAP! 

It is our prayer that people are open-

minded enough to learn the truth.

There are two ways to be fooled: to accept what 

isn’t true or to refuse to accept what is true.

Misinformation is false or inaccurate information 

that is taken seriously by the gullible and spread 

as if it were true. 

Why are we telling children stories 

that we know to be false? 

For approximately 500 years, white 

supremacy has exploited humanity 

and plundered the planet. If we 

know better, why aren't we teaching 

our children the truth rather than 

whitewashed version of U.S. 


Why are we, as Believers in God, 

not telling the truth and not trying to 

bring this selfish and horrible deed to 

all humanity to a halt? 

How can anyone continue to 

live with such horrible lies?


The prehistory of the United States


started with the arrival of Native 

Americans before 15,000 BC. The

 arrival of Christopher Columbus was

 in 1492.

Why are we not telling the truth about

how Native Americans were stripped


of their culture and pushed off their


In Martin Luther King Jr.'s book on civil rights "Why We 

Can't Wait", he explains "Our nation was born in genocide 

when it embraced the doctrine that the original American, 

the Indian, was an inferior race."

According to Wikipedia, Mi'kmaq elder and human 

rights activist Daniel N. Paul has researched written

 extensively of historic accounts of atrocious acts of 

violence against First Nations peoples in North 


His work states European colonialism in Canada

 and America was a subjugation of the indigenous

 peoples and is an unequivocal violent series of

 crimes against humanity which has been 

unparalleled historically. 

Tens of millions First Nations died at the hands

 of European invaders in an attempt to appropriate

 the entirety of the land. Those hundreds of

 diverse civilizations and communities who thrived

across North America thousands of years before

 the exploits of Christopher Columbus were

 ultimately destroyed. 

Dehumanization occurred in the form of 

barbaric genocidal processes of murder, rape, 

starvation, enslavement, allocation, and germ 

warfare. Of the myriad of ways, the colonists

 performed ethnic cleansing, one of the most 

frequent was the practice of bounty hunting

 and scalping—where colonial conquerors 

would raid communities and remove the scalps 

of children and adults.

This war crime of scalping was most prevalent 

when maritime colonialists repeatedly

 attempted to eradicate Daniel N. Paul's 

ancestors, the Mi'kmaq. Scalping was common

 practice in many United States areas all the 

way until the 1860s in an attempt to completely 

wipe out the remaining First Nations.

Why are we not honestly and openly 

speaking out about the enduring power 

of white racism?

Are white people fearful that the 

atrocities, tragedies and many pitfalls 

they created in the lives of millions 

will be their fate?

Why aren't white people telling the 

truth about what they already know 

too well...




Why are we still bending and 

censoring the truth to make others out 

to be the villains... when we know that 

has not always been the case?

How will future generations ever have 

honest discussions about real issues in 

our society?

Eventually, in the face of new 

historical evidence, the baseless

 misinformation and false memories 

that America's forefathers perpetuated 

can dangerously undermine and put 

future generations in harm's way. 

The effects refers to the tendency for 

the post misinformation to feel more 

like betrayal... shattering their faith, 

causing horrible feelings of distrust...

which can create major pitfalls.

How will future generations view their


ancestors who perpetuated white


supremacy ideologies and historical


lies that had such enormously tragic


impact on millions? 

To downplay the historical pitfalls and 

overly emphasize the successes. 

How will those generational 

historical distortions be 


The truth will get us unstuck. White

 people need to come to terms with

 reality, past and present, as opposed

to trusting the multitude of lies we

 have all been, systematically, 

encouraged to believe.

In the United States of America, we all have the freedom 

of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to 

assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of 


We have the right to have an opinion; although, no

opinion is absolute.

We love America and realize, from an acutely conscious 

and comparative perspective, that our country is a 

blessed and exceptional nation. To live in the United 

States is a great privilege. America is 


The United States of America is a beautiful country. The 

land of opportunity. One can be dazzled by the amazing 

wonders that are conveniently located right here on U.S. 

soil. One can venture out and about and see some of the 

most impressive and breath-taking places, in America.


Right now, our patriotism must be rooted in our

commitment to... and responsibilities for one another. 

When we pledge allegiance to the flag and to the republic 

for which it stands, we are pledging to stay united in spite 

of our differences. We are pledging to fight for justice, 

especially when it means we must take to the streets in the 

face of injustice. And we are pledging to fight for liberty, 

knowing that no one is free until we are all free.

In the end, those who claim to love this nation need also 

to love the ideals to which America aspires. Here in the 

United States, according to our Constitution, 

"All are created equal". 

We all deserve justice, and we all deserve liberation.

Telling the authentic story is a way to shine a light on very 

important issues and experiences that many may not be 

aware of. It gives everyone an opportunity to have a 

glimpse of another perspective.

Being truthful brings great benefits. Historical truths allow 

us to progressively become more improved, legitimate, 

sincere and higher versions of ourselves, as a “higher 

self”. This is at the heart of all of the “Spiritual” 



Cartoons have stereotyped and demonized 

African Americans and other non-whites

which helped to perpetuate negative stereotypes. 

These cruel depictions of African Americans being 

considered backwards are subliminal messages sent to our 

subconscious mind. 

Subliminal messages can literally bypass our

 conscious mind without us even knowing about it.

 It is for this reason that one cannot hear the 

"suggestions" embedded in subliminal messages. For 

some, subliminal messages are synonymous with mind 

control. Many are not consciously aware of their impact 

on our behavior. These subliminal messages are a form of 

mental manipulation designed to alter our behavior in 

some way without our consent or knowledge.

Several people worked on these animations, frame by 

frame for hours... what a horrible waste of talentThese 

depictions were also tools used to teach people of color 

how to feel about themselves and influence how others 

should regard African Americans.

African Americans built this country 

for free... and are depicted as lazy. 

Slaves did all of the field work, 

building, nursing, cleaning, cooking, 

etc., yet, they are depicted as 

lethargic, sleeping the day away, 

and/or lazy... really?

Racism was condoned and intrinsic to the cartoon. It 

cannot be denied that the cartoons contained images that 

are completely unacceptable. The message is that only 

music can energize African Americans. 

There has to be a special place reserved in hell 

for those who could stoop so low.

Weak people are notorious for pointing out the flaws in 

others. This takes the attention off of their own

 shortcomings, so they think. They will sometimes go out 

of their way to bring people down to make themselves 

feel superior. They want a sense of control. They feed off 

of making people feel as low as they do. It makes them 

not feel as insignificant.

Some only feel worthy when they make others feel 

worse. Insecure people have been known to feel so small 

that they try much harder than needed to assume some sort 

of dominance. People will ofttimes refuse to acknowledge 

their self loathing and insecurities, and as a result they 

project their feelings of insignificance on others by 

making remarks that demean, hurt others and put others 

down. In their orbit, it makes them feel superior... it gives 

them greater importance.
After slavery, massive numbers of emancipated Black 

people in the South were unemployed. Racist Southerners 

and white supremacist were afraid of hard-working Black 

people competing for jobs in the paid labor force with 

white men.

In the Compromise of 1877, white people gave up all 

pretenses about integrating Black people into American 

society as full citizens. White democrats and white 

republicans agreed to abandon Reconstruction, let the kkk 

and other racists take control of governments without any 

federal intervention…and the rest is history.

Compromise of 1877 - U.S. Presidents - HISTORY.com

Emancipation benefited white men in control of the new 

industrial capitalist economy—-but Black people getting 

gainful employment did not.

So that brings us to the myth of Black people and 

“laziness”. What were Southern governments going to do 

with all of the unemployed, under-employed and 

disenfranchised Black men that had recently been 

regurgitated out of the beast of the chattel slave economy?

Make up lies as a legal pretense to put Black men back in 

shackles and exploit their labor again. As Douglas 

Blackmon writes in Slavery By Another Name:

(page 15).

Convict leasing was the practice of governments handing 

over state prisoners to work —-basically for free—for 

large companies. Conveniently, just as large corporations 

were taking advantage of economic opportunities that 

arose from continued westward expansion/

industrialization in the South, the continued enslavement 

of Black men through the convict lease system allowed 

for them to fulfill their labor demands through legal 

slavery without actually having to employ the large 

numbers of people that would otherwise be required to 

conduct massive operations like railroad construction and 


Convict lease - Wikipedia- Just like in slavery, white men 

claimed that Black people were lazy because they wanted 

to exploit Black people to work for free labor.

Some have vested interests in preserving the status quo.

Their ideas and habits are pretty stubborn. Their deeply 

rooted beliefs are not easily abandoned. 

Systems are notorious for resisting change; although, 

historical lies have caused unspeakable suffering, untold 

damage and in some cases, millions of deaths. Some will 

not face the truth, but stick to and live what they know to 

be lies. 

Historical lies have and can distort how we think about 

virtually everything. It's important that we do not forget 

these deliberately selfish and unacceptable acts 

of deception that continue a vicious cycle of animosity, 

ugliness, warped justice and racism. 

For all our sakes... let us be honest about our authentic, 

our true, our uncorrupted diverse historical events. 

Without the truth, future generations may be tempted to 

to add insult to injury by telling more lies to cover and

 color all of the other generational lies up. 

When the truth is told, we all are benefited. It is 

undeniable that telling the truth makes history remarkable. 

Truth is the foundation for determining the quality and 

condition of our lives. It is a good investment to make in 

our lives and the lives of future generations.

Why does the American history resonate so widely? 

The way we understand our history 

shapes who we are.

The degree to which we deviate from the truth, reality and 

existence, and more specifically the path and way of 

 truth, will determine the quality, condition and degree 

to which we experience confusion, suffering and chaos in

our lives.


Many Europeans assumed Africa's history was not 

relevant. They argued that Africans were inferior to 

Europeans and needed to be civilized and converted to 

Christanity. Europeans believed that colonizing was a way 

for them to do God's work. Not all Europeans believed 


According to our fact finding explorations, Africans 

were by no stretch of the imagination inferior to 

Europe. The Europeans used these notions to justify 

slavery. The reality, however, was quite different. 

As one Iraqi archaeologist put it: 

"No history, no culture, no past."

If we don’t remember where we came from, how can we 

aspire to continuously improve? 

When We Forget History,

We Forget Our Values.

Africa is the cradle of the human race. 

Millions of years ago, human life started in Africa, the 


According to Wikipedia encyclopedia, the 

paleoanthropological site self-proclaimed as the Cradle of 

Humankind is located about 50 km (31 mi) northwest of 

Johannesburg, South Africa, in the Gauteng province.

Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1999, the 

site currently occupies 47,000 hectares (180 sq mi) and 

contains a complex of limestone caves.

The registered name of the site in the list of World 

Heritage sites is Fossil Hominid Sites of South Africa.

According to existing archaeological and fossil evidence, 

however, the Cradle of Humankind is the Afar Triangle in 

East Africa, which is often referred to as the Cradle of 


The Sterkfontein Caves were the site of the discovery of a 

2.3-million-year-old fossil Australopithecus africanus 

(nicknamed "Mrs. Ples"), found in 1947 by Robert Broom 

and John T. Robinson. The find helped corroborate the 

1924 discovery of the juvenile Australopithecus africanus 

skull known as the "Taung Child", by Raymond Dart, at 

Taung in the North West Province of South Africa, where 

excavations still continue.

Nearby, but not in the site, the Rising Star Cave system 

contains the Dinaledi Chamber (chamber of stars), in 

which were discovered fifteen fossil skeletons of an 

extinct species of hominin, provisionally named Homo 


Sterkfontein alone has produced more than a third of early 

hominid fossils ever found prior to 2010. The Dinaledi 

Chamber contains over 1,500 H. naledi fossils, the most 

extensive discovery of a single hominid species ever 

found in Africa.

The thief comes only to steal

and kill and destroy!

Satan conceals truth, is


and targets the mind.

His weapon: Lies!

His purpose: To make people

ignorant of who they are and Whose

they are... where they came from and

what they came from.

Satan is very dangerous and divisive.

He prospers through division.

Throughout history he has been

known to pit people against each other

and make them maim and/or kill each

other. He uses subtle methods to stir

up hatred, animosity and insanity. He

may even flip the script and have

people believing his victim is crazy.

Let us not forget:

Jesus said in John 8:44, "Satan was a

 murderer from the beginning, not

holding the truth. When he lies, he

speaks his native language, for he is a

liar and the father of lies".

Satan and his troops are out to mislead; and to persuade

the willing soul to believe in something that is not true.

Satan would like to keep strong minds weak and docile

while pretending to do the opposite. He is the master of 

disguise. He deceives, controls, oppresses and destroys

humanity in subtle ways and can appear in many different

forms... even innocently.

Satan wants to alter, sicken and/or kill the mind, body and


Satan has been notorious for trying to

deceive and hide Divine truth from


Black history is the history

of enslavement, African

history is the history of


Why Africana History? 

by Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Africa and its people are the most written about and the least understood of all of the world's people. This condition started in the 15th and the 16th centuries with the beginning of the slave trade system. The Europeans not only colonialized most of the world, they began to colonialize information about the world and its people. In order to do this, they had to forget, or pretend to forget, all they had previously known abut the Africans. They were not meeting them for the first time; there had been another meeting during Greek and Roman times. At that time they complemented each other. The African, Clitus Niger, King of Bactria, was also a cavalry commander for Alexander the Great. Most of the Greeks' thinking was influenced by this contact with the Africans. The people and the cultures of what is known as Africa are older than the word "Africa." According to most records, old and new, Africans are the oldest people on the face of the earth. The people now called Africans not only influenced the Greeks and the Romans, they influenced the early world before there was a place called Europe.

When the early Europeans first met Africans, at the crossroads of history, it was a respectful meeting and the Africans were not slaves. Their nations were old before Europe was born. In this period of history, what was to be later known as "Africa" was an unknown place to the people who would someday be called, "Europeans." Only the people of some of the Mediterranean Islands and a few states of what would become the Greek and Roman areas knew of parts of North Africa, and that was a land of mystery. After the rise and decline of Greek civilization and the Roman destruction of the city of Carthage, they made the conquered territories into a province which they called Africa, a word derived from "afri" and the name of a group of people about whom little is known. At first the word applied only to the Roman colonies in North Africa. There was a time when all dark-skinned people were called Ethiopians, for the Greeks referred to Africa as, "The Land Of The Burnt-Face People."

If Africa, in general, is a man-made mystery, Egypt, in particular, is a bigger one. There has long been an attempt on the part of some European "scholars" to deny that Egypt was a part of Africa. To do this they had to ignore the great masterpieces on Egyptian history written by European writers such as, Ancient Egypt. Light of the World, Vols. I & II, and a whole school of European thought that placed Egypt in proper focus in relationship to the rest of Africa.

The distorters of African history also had to ignore the fact that the people of the ancient land which would later be called Egypt, never called their country by that name. It was called, Ta-Merry or Kampt and sometimes Kemet or Sais. The ancient Hebrews called it Mizrain. Later the Moslem Arabs used the same term but later discarded it. Both the Greeks and the Romans referred to the country as the "Pearl Of The Nile." The Greeks gave it the simple name, Aegyptcus. Thus the word we know as Egypt is of Greek Origin. Until recent times most Western scholars have been reluctant to call attention to the fact that the Nile River is 4,000 miles long. It starts in the south, in the heart of Africa, and flows to the north. It was the world's first cultural highway. Thus Egypt was a composite of many African cultures. In his article, "The Lost Pharaohs of Nubia," Professor Bruce Williams infers that the nations in the South could be older than Egypt. This information is not new. When rebel European scholars were saying this 100 years ago, and proving it, they were not taken seriously.

It is unfortunate that so much of the history of Africa has been written by conquerors, foreigners, missionaries and adventurers. The Egyptians left the best record of their history written by local writers. It was not until near the end of the 18th century when a few European scholars learned to decipher their writing that this was understood.

The Greek traveler, Herodotus, was in Africa about 450 B.C. His eyewitness account is still a revelation. He witnessed African civilization in decline and partly in ruins, after many invasions. However, he could still see the indications of the greatness that it had been. In this period in history, the Nile Valley civilization of Africa had already brought forth two "Golden Ages" of achievement and had left its mark for all the world to see.

Slavery and colonialism strained, but did not completely break, the cultural umbilical cord between the Africans in Africa and those who, by forced migration, now live in what is called the Western World. A small group of African-American and Caribbean writers, teachers and preachers, collectively developed the basis of what would be an African Consciousness movement over 100 years ago. Their concern was with African, in general, Egypt and Ethiopia, and what we now call the Nile Valley.

Satan's goal is to: steal, kill, destroy, confuse, deceive, 

control and lord over people, shorten lifespans, weaken 

minds (while pretending to do the opposite), poison what 

people eat, drink, breathe and wear. He uses fear as a 

weapon. He would have others toil while only he and his 

clan prospers. Satan pits people against each other and 

tries to control all aspects of our lives. 

Satan is an instigator, he stirs hatred and animosity 

(making people hate themselves and their neighbors).

 Satan's ideal is to keep people financially enslaved and in 

debt. He is an accuser, he accuses others of crimes while 

presenting a different story via the invisible realm of the  

air. Because Satan is the prince of the power of the air 

(Ephesians 2:2)... he can broadcast his lies and character 

assassinations to the masses... covering massive territory 

with one fatal swoop.

Satan is very divisive, he wants to lead people to the point 

of self-destruction (making people live in fear and anger). 

He wants to keep us from knowing who we are and 

Whose we are by way of secrecy and ignorance. He is 

notorious for recruiting people to carry out his plans. 

Satan does not want us to know what he has done to 

humanity or find out that we are one... we are equal in the 

sight of God. 

He endeavors to scrutinize, tear people down, 

tempt, confuse and discourage his target in an effort 

to cause misery, vexation, sorrow, doubt and faithlessness. 

Satan wants nothing more than to enter certain areas of 

our lives and render us ineffective for the Kingdom of 

God. Satan wants us to feel unworthy to lift our hands to 

praise God or even lift up God's Word! He works on the 

mind in such a way as to induce a state of mental passivity.

Satan is so envious and malicious that he will leave no 

stone unturned in his attempts to tear people down and rob 

them of their peace in God and place in history. 

Has our world become a place where a convincing or 

deceptive lie is more valued and welcome than the truth? 

Why are there so many profound and twisted

 contradictions in U.S. History textbooks?

Why do U.S. History text books deliberately distort and/or 

trade accuracy and then force feed these inaccurate 

narratives to the history curriculum?

Are U.S. History textbooks revised or manipulated 

to erase sinful acts and puff up people in a way they 

would want others to perceive them to be?

Why do U.S. History textbooks miseducate people with 

grossly inaccurate perceptions and serious lapses?


Why are some of the most shockingly appalling aspects of 

slavery, i.e., the brutality, inhumanity, aggressively racist 

mistreatment and unparalleled exploitation and 

enslavement of black peoplthroughout history been 



The life-blood of courageous black men and women is 

soaked in the soil they fought to save; yet, history has 

either erased, revised or forgotten to include African 

Americans from all significant events of the world... while 

making the white race appear more relevant? 



Why are there so many missing chapters of history? 

History is overflowing with inaccuracies and omissions. 

There are fabrications, perjuries, deception and outright 

lies that have reached epidemic proportions threatening 

the very foundations of our society, corrupting our civil 

discourse and distorting our politics. Many of these

 contradictions are so tremendously vast... they 

are virtually inconceivable. 

These false accounts of history have hidden the brutality 

slaves encountered. There was forced slave labor, forced 

sexual acts with enslaved women and men, whippings, 

beatings, shackling slaves, lynchings, mind games, public 

humiliations, buck breakings, sodomizing men and

 monopolizing information. 

Were these enormously false narratives carried out in 

order to paint a picture that is not indicative of who they 

really were? 

Were these lies told in order to advance certain people?

These despicable acts against humanity have adversely

 affected scores of people. 

Rather than feeling robbed or

seeking truth, some people form and 

cling to false beliefs about African 

Americans despite overwhelming 

evidence that confirms what they 

already know or would rather not hear.

Rather than search for information that will either 

confirm or give a different perspective about 

African Americans... some would rather ignore contrary 

information and seek out or develop elaborate 

rationalizations based on misinformation that supports 

what they want to believe; although, the information is 

faulty to the core.

The Black Man Came From