It is believed that manipulators are 

very deceptive and are usually experts 

at playing mind games. It is said that 

they may use underhanded tactics 

to exploit others, and they will always 

have their own best interest in mind. In

 other words, they will go after 

whatever or whoever best serves their


Our latest research corroborates the 

point of view that many manipulators

 are driven by actively trying to twist

 the thoughts of others, or they are

competing with others who are not in 

competition with them.


In contrast, there is growing support 

for the belief that manipulators are 

usually empty, insensitive, miserable, 

insecure and fearful people who avoid, 

deny and sidestep their own personal 

and painful existence. 

They are consistently pointing out the

shortcomings in others and/or 

another's deficiencies while fancying

 themselves as superior and faultless.

What most fail to recognize is that

many accusers, finger pointers, 

deceptive and mean-spirited people

 have unaddressed clutter in their lives 

that they need to clear, and

unconsciously... their defense

 mechanism is... pointing out another's

 faults. This delusional and abusive 

power play takes the attention away

 from the threatening aspects of their

 own uncomfortable and contradictory


On the flip side, when manipulators 

realize that others are aware of their 

toxicity and can see straight through

 their facade... they become insecure 

and devious.  

Consequently, when manipulators 

can't destroy the truth or begin to 

feel inferior to those they desire to 

handle, they will go for the jugular by 

using the cheap tactics of sabotaging, 

scheming, power playing, lying, 

defaming, deceiving, rejecting,

distorting reality, criticizing,

deflecting, dismissing, creating drama,

vilifying, assassinating one's character 

and/or terrorizing individuals and/or 



Dr. Bill Cosby was interested in buying the television 

network, NBC from GE. According to many sources, 

Professor Cosby wanted to use NBC as a pedagogical

vehicle to achieve increased learning through 

programming and to wake up African Americans and

 Americans. We are not sure about what happened and/or 

what or who prevented it, although we have our  


Bill Cosby's interest in leaving this world better than he 

found it began long before his groundbreaking family 

sitcom, "The Cosby Show". We had all come to realize 

that if Bill Cosby was involved in a production, whether it 

was "A Different World", "Cos", The Bill Cosby Show",  

"Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids", "The Electric Company, 

and many other really wholesome variety/television 

shows, albums, books, movies, etc., the content would be 

humorous and edifying. When Bill Cosby was making

 people laugh... he was brilliant enough to also script it... 

so that he could wake people up. 

Could this be the real reason why such an accomplished

 actor, teacher, "America's dad" and role model was 

subjected to public disgrace and sent to prison? 

Could this have been a vicious plot to break him and 

destroy Bill Cosby's legacy? 

Could this have been an excuse to pull Dr. Cosby's

 programs, which were second to none and discredit all 

of the wonderful contributions that he made in

 television broadcasting?

Could this ordeal have been a new day "Buck-breaking" 

for Cosby?

Could this have been a way to put this black man "Back in 

his place?"

 There are forces who will accuse African American men, 

in particular, of crimes and present utterly heinous 

assertions to the world that can either destroy or stop 

progressive black man. 

Many manipulators are so delusional and hell bent on 

saving their face they will launch remorseless smear 

campaigns to brutally assassinate the character of their 

prey so that no one would deem that person or 

organization worthy of their ear or respect one's artistic 

contributions to humanity. 

Many of these forces are worldly and would rather dumb 

people down and leave people downtrodden as opposed 

to watering the spirit of the flock... that's cruel.


Is it not strange that Africa and African American history 

causes amnesia; yet, selective memory kicks in and 

allows a select few to go back 45 years, and dig up people

that Cosby knew (mainly white women), to accuse Cosby 

of sexual assault?


Could these women have been recruited to carry out a 

much deeper plan?