There are positive and negative influences of mass media, 

which we, as responsible members of our society, must 


The Power of the Media

The pros:

The media can educate, inform and enlighten society. It 

can bridge understandings between cultures, create 

meaningful discussions, resolve personal and societal 

issues, promote positivity and encourage peace.

On the flip side:

It can generate negative stereotypes, foster ignorance and 

dumb people down, misrepresent and mislead, spread a 

lies, stir racial violence, accuse people of crimes and 

present corrupted stories to the world with slants, slurs 

and bias.

Media can make us smarter or dumber. We are all being 

affected either directly or indirectly by the messages being 

delivered through all media platforms.

Withholding information, secrecy, keeping the populace 

dumbed down and ignorant are weapons of oppression,  

for some, but...thank God, truth and long-suffering are on 

the side of the oppressed.

In the United States, massive

 corporations dominate the 

landscape... these corporations control   
90% of the media!

Media and communications, i.e., newspapers, magazines, 

television, radio, the arts, etc., are 90% owned, produced 

and controlled by 6 media giants. America's News Media 

Companies are owned by 15 billionaires!

In a free and democratic society, with billlionaires owning 

and controlling 90% of the media, could this undermine 

our democracy?

Privately educated white men dominate the media. This 

creates an elitist worldview in much of the media. 

Is it possible for the privileged and predominantly 

white, male, privately educated, who don't understand 

nor can they accurately represent in the media, the 

situations and choices faced by most people as they are 

outside of their own life experiences.

Mass media with its intense stream of 

data and conservative points of view 

shapes our values and influences our 

perception of the world. 

Media conglomerates have 

concentrated their control over what 

we see, hear and read. Almost all 

media comes from and is controlled 

by 6 media giants.

Media controllers and owners shape what stories are 

covered, they influence what is and isn't written and how 

stories are written. 

Few people would disagree that a free press (information) 

is pivotal for a free and democratic society. In a free and 

democratic society, one of the fundamental principles is 

that people should be treated in a manner that is fair and 


Is the power of the press being 

concentrated in too few hands?

When referring to the mass media as a "group," it is to say 

that newspapers, movie studios, television networks, radio 

stations and "media conglomerates" are all a part of this 

group of people and companies related to the collective 

we call "the media." The media not only create messages, 

but they create messages with embedded values. This, in 

and of itself, can have pervasive consequences.

The media constructs a message, disseminates it into 

society and targets specific people in order to achieve an 

end result. The end result is ultimately meant to sell 

viewers something; either a product, service or an 


We live in a society which often programs the masses, via 

radio, television, newspapers, magazines, etc., regarding 

what is good, bad, ugly and perfect. 

Satan uses broadcast media to dictate what people should 

think and how people should think... when in reality...

 society’s definition of good, bad, ugly and perfect is 

no more than a grand illusion filled with secrecy and 

ignorance that enslaves the mind, body and spirit.

Media can purposely prime, distort, and/or whitewash 

stories and present to viewers, readers and listeners as 

fact; although, stories can contain covert and overt 

politically slanted material, provided under the pretense 

that it is neutral

Media's Responsibility to Our Society

Freedom of speech and the freedom of expression

should be safely and humanely encouraged; although,

every freedom comes with an equal responsibility. 

Mocking and criticizing others usually occurs when the

irresponsible and insecure projects their own flaws onto 

others. They go for the cheap shots. They're never 

comfortable with secure people. For those who have low 

self-esteem... mocking eases some of their emotional 

turbulence and feelings of uselessness.

Media can set norms for readers, listeners and viewers by 

choosing what is covered or discussed. In the end, the 

consensus among observers is that media have some 

effect, even if the effect is subtle. This raises the question 

of how the media, even general newscasts, can affect 


One of the ways is through framing: the creation of a 

narrative, or context, for a news story. The news often 

uses frames to place a story in a context so the reader 

understands its importance or relevance. Yet, at the same 

time, framing, sensationalizing and focusing on conflict 

affects the way the reader, listener or viewer processes the 


Framing can lead to political bias and influence voters. 

Ican also affect the way we see race, socioeconomic 

status, or other generalizations. 

The mass media has the ability to reach a large audience. 

They are able to transmit information throughout many 

different regions of the world simultaneously and can

 present stories with all kinds of slants, i.e., through the 

editing process, who they interview and what shots the 

videographer takes. Writers and producers can present a 

totally different story to the world, if they wish. It mainly 

depends on the consciousness of the producer and the 

moral principles of the station owners.

“Although not explicitly stated by the founding fathers, 

but clearly explicated here, is that ultimately what the 

media has today (and perhaps has always had) is power; 

specifically, the power to inform, the power to persuade, 

and the power to help steer the opinions of the masses on 

topics ranging from perceptions of war, race and 

perceptions of politicians. 

Beyond question, modern-day society is greatly 

influenced by mass media every day, and in many 

distinctive ways. 

Many stations are owned and/or monitored by white men 

who are decidedly, naturally or even resentfully unable to 

empathize. Many are not diverse, curious, critical thinkers,

justice-concerned, fair-minded or dedicated to telling the 

truth. Public service and freedom of expression are not 

necessarily their priorities. As a result, viewers end 

up uninformed and/or misinformed.

Some media outlets are notorious for wielding their power 

and influence! Many mainstream media outlets have 

become amplification channels for evil with hidden bias' 

that mislead and divide us. 

We are often advised to avoid treating media outlets as

 the 'gospel truth'... or all there is.

Basically, media can make one more astute, better-

informed, savvier or... target, dumb-down and enslave the 

mind. It can help one to become more enthusiastic about 

life, or, on the other hand, one can become frustrated, 

super cynical, dejected, troubled and discouraged.


The practice of having ‘experts’, anchormen, and 

celebrities providing us with easily digestible content that 

doesn’t require us to think critically and independently, 

gets us into the disempowering, brain-numbing habit of 

accepting and conforming to the directives of external 

‘higher’ authorities. This is one aspect of how social 

brainwashing and ‘dumbing down’ is achieved. There is 

also evidence that not only is the carefully devised content 

being used to manipulate and control the minds of the 

populace, but the technology is implicated as well.

“Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. 

This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must 

electrically control the brain."

Media has the ability to encourage positive actions, 

positive demeanor, positive speech and practices or it can 

flood our minds with pools of negativity and a cynical and 

humdrum approach to life. 

Media has the power to enrich society for future

 generations or demolish, strip down and/or bankrupt 

social progress. 

We are all being affected either directly or indirectly by 

the messages being delivered through all media platforms, 

at any given time.

“Most people gaze neither into the past nor the future; they explore neither truth nor lies. They gaze at the television.”

~ Radiohead

While many people would like to think that television is 

just a cheap form of harmless news and entertainment, 

social scientists have long been aware of the fact that the 

media, and in particular television, are used as tools not 

just to subtly influence mass consciousness, but to 

manufacture individual mindsets that are malleable and 

compliant with the mainstream paradigm. 

The content shared on television is carefully designed by 

some of the best scientists in the world, using cutting edge 

knowledge of our psychological make-up, to ensure that 

the values and agendas of the elite are normalized and 

accepted as natural by the wider population.

“It’s becoming obvious to most that the media is nothing

 but a megaphone for the global elite to present biased

 news that’s designed to align the masses with their 


~ James Morcan











The American news media owes itself and its consumers a 

difficult look inward. Then, they must expeditiously... do 

all that they can to eradicate white supremacy from 

media practices, norms, and culture.