There is indisputable evidence casting 

very real and harsh light on police 

brutality. For many people of color 

there is a very thin dehumanizing 

line between life and death.

With the enormous attention given to street crimes, one 

would think that street crimes are the costliest and 

deadliest type of criminal activity... which is not true. 

White collar crimes of the elite, i.e., wage theft, strings of 

fraud charges, insider trading, labor racketeering, 

embezzlement, cybercrime, copyright infringement, 

money laundering, identity theft, forgery, conspiracy, 

unauthorized banking transactions, ponzi schemes, 

bribery, and committing other heinous crimes and 

pinning those crimes on fictitious black people has been 

going on for eons! That still doesn't make it right.

White collar criminal lying, cheating and stealing are far 

more costly and harmful to society than blue collar or 

street crimes. As quiet as the media has kept it, the FBI 

estimates that the white collar crimes costs the US 

economy more than $300 billion a year and can have 

serious impact on people's lives.

How is this justifiable? 

According to the FBI, the annual cost of street crime is 

$15 billion compared to nearly $1 trillion for white collar 

crime; yet, the white collar criminal is treated with more 

respect and leniency. If they are sentenced... the time they 

serve is disturbingly short. Juxtaposed with the harsh 

sentences black men receive, 19.1% longer sentences than 

white men for similar crimes, this is a walk in the park... 

slap on the wrist. 

The broken legal system has been guilty of unfairly 

treating the politically elite crimes committed in office 

buildings, with mostly middle-aged caucasian white

 collar offenders who are gainfully employed with middle 

class backgrounds, respectfully and humanely. The legal 

system seems to have a tendency to always find a way for 

well off white people to receive preferential treatment.

Is it truly justice when race and class 

determines how a defendant is treated?

Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, 

"Justice isn't blind, it's 


The majority of people in the system are 

disproportionately poor, black and Latino. They are rarely

if ever treated with kindness, leniency or compassion. 

Many, in our multi-racial and 

multi-ethnic society are deeply

 concerned over the unequal police

enforcement, the unnecessary and

 often excessive use of force, racial

 profiling and militarization, 

especially... against people of color. 

It has been reported that during training, police recruits 

spend 58 hours... almost two and a half days on firearms 

training. This is seven times longer than they dedicate to 

de-escalation training.

Do the police use one set of strategies 

with white people and another with 

people of color?

Does one's socio-economic status have 

anything to do with who is targeted by 


Black people are disproportionately targeted, over-policed 

and more often than not... searched after a stop and 

arrested for simply asking why

Who wouldn't ask "why" especially 

when there has not been a stoppable 


Black people are often approached by police officers who 

are yelling, cursing, threatening with gun drawn and will 

possibly get body slammed face down into the ground, 

on general principle. 

In many cases, the aggressiveness is totally uncalled for. It 

is almost like they have been trained to aggravate and 

agitate. It is a stark reminder of a new day "Buck 


Who trains police officers?  

What are they training

 these people to do?

To purposely create trouble, when no offense has been 

committed is not the brightest or most effective route.

 Perhaps better people skills could de-escalate many of 

the encounters and people can calmly yield to the officer's 

demands. Apparently it works because people skills

 are used when they have encounters with caucasians.  

When the live police shows were broadcast, before  

George Floyd's murder, it was very noticeable how 

officers courteously and politely approached white drivers 

or white homes versus black drivers and black homes, etc.

 Bottom line, to aggressively storm black people, without 

cause, is an absurd and half-witted strategy... especially 

when there has been so many unnecessary police killings 

of unarmed black people.

Could it be that socio-economic status 

is used to maintain systemic racism?

Police agencies are operating more 

like adrenaline fueled occupying

 soldiers than community protectors.

Institutionalized racism, also referred 

to as systemic racism, is inequality 

based on race within an organization. 

Systemic racism has been defined as

 those established laws, customs an

practices which systematically reflect 

and produce racial inequalities. It 

negatively affects the bulk of people 

belonging to a racial group.

Institutional and cultural practices 

can perpetuate race inequality.

Systemic racism has brutalized  

multiple generations of black people! 

Systemic racism is much like a new 

spin on "Jim Crow". It can be enacted 

individually or institutionally.

The term "Institutional racism" describes societal patterns 

and structures that imposes oppressive, prejudiced-

ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping or 

otherwise disadvantaged conditions on certain groups of 

people on the basis of race or ethnicity. 

Institutionalized racism is the underbelly of the subtle

 jabber or double-talk of 


There is indisputable evidence of the indignations, the 

dehumanization and police brutality black people are 

subjected to, on a regular basis, in the United States of 

America, 2020!


African Americans still face significant discrimination in 

the labor market. Blacks are statistically less likely to get 

employed or call backs... less likely to get housing... less

likely to get justice... and more likely to be racially

 profiled, pulled over, falsely accused, unfairly targeted

 for suspicion, physically abused (with deadly force),

 verbally harassed without cause... arrested, shot or killed 

by police.

has been committed.

Struggles between African American 

communities and the police have 

existed for centuries. The roots of 

racism run deep.

Cases against police officers with these deeply embedded

 biases have been extremely difficult for the victims to 

win. Cases have been, in some instances, sabotaged

because witnesses were usually fellow officers who 

remained silent or were actively involved in the 

"No snitch" buddy system.

Unfortunately, some do not speak out when their fellow 

officer(s) either use excessive force or unnecessary force.

 Some have been known to fabricate police reports either

 by commission, omission or assent.



The psychological impact of bad encounters with police 

can have lifelong consequences. One can leave a bad 

experience with an officer and associate policing with 

potential hurt, harm or danger.

There is a stark difference in the way blacks are treated

 when pulled over by a biased officer as opposed to the 

way most whites are treated.

 In many cases, once a black person exits their vehicle,

 they may be tried, sentenced and executed without real 

justice being served in a courtroom. 

Even when a person is clearly not a threat... they can be 

racially profiled and violently restrained.

A disproportionate number of Blacks

have been stopped, agitated and 

arrested for trivial reasons by the

police who are abusing their power.

Many individuals who have been 

pulled over have yet to see justice


There are still some officers who will go out of their way 

to disadvantage entire groups of people on the basis of

 race; however, with technology being so advanced, many 

longstanding inequalities and racism are now being

 captured on video. 

Cellphone video has made it possible to expose the bad

behavior, racism, discrimination, and other unsettling and

 upsetting incidents which could have been reported with 

different spins.

Citizens are now better equipped to inform the proper

 authorities and get justice with their eyewitness reports

 and real-time video footage... which we would hope is 

sufficient evidence to back up their claims. Citizens have

become the sidewalk journalists. They are now able to 

capture bad behavior as it unfolds.

Blacks are disproportionately targeted and subjected

 to biased and corrupt police bullying.

Statistics indicate that some officers are using excessive 

force against African American people seven times more 

frequently than against whites. 

Some would rather believe that blacks excessively

contribute to the high crime rate. They never consider

 the fact that their statistics are influenced by the 

disproportionate rate of biased arrests and 

convictions of blacks. 

The over-focus on demonizing blacks may very well be 

camouflaging the critically high crime rate that could very 

well be within the white populace.


If a black person and a white person each commit the 

same crime, more often than not, the black person is

likely to be arrested

Black people, for the most part, live in urban areas that are 

more heavily policed. In more heavily policed areas, th

discrepancy could be driven by overt racism which could 

lead to a greater number of accusations, illegal searches, 

higher suspicion and rougher treatment of black people.

In the suburbs and rural areas, the approach is much more 

humane. The person may be as guilty as sin, but may only 

get a slap on the wrist and/or a warning.


Could it be that police are more inclined to act as if they 

have a license to kill because they have impunity?

Impunity exempts an officer from punishment or harm.

This, unfortunately, means one can carry out their evil and 

sometimes deadly schemes with impunity. This means an

exemption or immunity from punishment or any kind of 

unpleasant consequences.

Policing is playing a key 

role in sustaining 


According to recent studies, there is clear evidence which 

shows black Americans are at a higher risk of being killed

 based on biased judgments made by some police officers. 

Equally distressing are the responses and reports written 

by some officers who know they can avoid responsibilities 

and accountability, for their conduct, by deflecting blame

 on others for causing disturbances, etc. Rather than 

acknowledging the fact that they are the ones who 

dispense corporal punishment at the scene and/or  

play a key role in fanning the flames... they, instead, flip 

the script on the African American who is just trying to 

"Be" in America. 

In many cases... over-zealous officers responding to non-

violent offenses are sometimes responsible for situations, 

unnecessarily, spiraling out of control. These controllers, 

manipulators and/or abusers seem to lack insight into how

 they should engage others. They tend to create certain

 scenarios and write reports that make themselves out to 

be the victims...while condemning their victim. 

Some officers are relentless in pursuing what they want 

and have little regard for who gets hurt along the way

 and/or how an encounter with them can destroy the life 

of another.

When the constitution was written, the time between 

sentencing and execution could be measured in days or 

weeks. Some trigger happy vigilantes, hiding behind the 

uniform, have drastically cut that time frame down to

minutes. They become self-appointed judge, jury and 


Many of these unconscionable contemporary police 

killings and/or misconduct are reminiscent of lynchings, 

mob killings, black shaming and/or buck breaking. 

One might wonder, just how many times has one dressed

 in police uniform... hidden behind the badge and

committed heinous crimes, i.e., maiming or taking the 

lives of unarmed black Americans... then destroying  

evidence and evading justice?

The question becomes, could the problem be over-zealous, 

trigger happy officers with hidden agendas and little or 

no regard for human life?


Buck Breaking Hidden, 

Untold, History

Among us, live courageous protectors of the public. They 

believe the oath “To Serve and Protect” means more than 

slogan on a shield or the side of a patrol car. These brave 

souls are representatives of law enforcement who stand 

for more than just that slogan. 

Some refuse to accept the status quo.

The concept of “Internal Affairs” stands for more than 

protection of those in power. Policies and Procedures 

Manuals demand accountability. 

What a major discredit and disappointment to the upright 

and dedicated police officers who serve, protect and build 

trust. They would never betray or dishonor their 

profession. It would be beneath their dignity to betray

 their badge or public trust. 

There are, indeed, police officers who hold themselves

accountable for their actions. They would not even 

 consider stooping to the level of brutes. 

Upright officers protect with courage, serve with 

compassion and are respectful to all. Their words and

 actions are guided by an internal sense of honesty, 

decency and morality. They are sincerely committed 

to serve, protect and improve the quality of life for all 

citizens and the agency they serve.

There are many good, honest, hardworking, personable, 

intelligent, courageous, reasonable, trustworthy police 

officers who go above and beyond the call of duty. They 

are good decision makers, who tend to handle pressure 

well. They are knowledgeable and tend to deal well with 

uncertainties. They are objective, determined, dependable, 

resilient, flexible and they have integrity. They perform 

many random acts of kindness... we never hear about! 

These fine men and women put their lives at risk to 

protect citizens, enforce the laws, patrol assigned areas, 

observe suspicious activities, respond to disturbances, 

monitor and maintain good traffic conditions, prevent 

crimes, have good communication and people skills and 

are able to mediate disputes.

They are not cowardice, self appointed "wannabe

 terrorists" who hide behind uniforms and badges to wreak 

havoc by performing egregious... evil deeds!

Is this policing, or is this 

personal and criminal?

Today, the thought of honor and accountability appears to 

be the most lacking measures in the system. Citizens must 

demand accountability. The system just doesn’t seem to 

understand the concept.

"Protect and Serve" are the words we see on the side of 

many police cars and it is the catch-phrase of many police 


To "Protect and Serve" defines the mission of the police. 

This means to "Protect" citizens and "Serve" the public. 

However, it has become increasingly clear that with some

biased officers... those words are beyond the bounds of

recognition and realization, particularly for many 


For many black communities, "To protect and serve" 

means, to protect officers who use excessive force and 

intentionally violate policies and procedures which in 

many cases has resulted in targeting citizens and 

senselessly bullying, demeaning (non-verbally and

verbally), falsely accusing, antagonizing, 

incarcerating and/or causing severe injury and/or death. 

This should be a crime!

There is no real accountability because... a "No Snitch" 

buddy system defends the "Dirty little secrets" and 

corruption of racist criminal officers and allows 

them to pursue goals that serve their own dark and 

sometimes criminal agendas.

This is a gross miscarriage of justice!

Most perpetrators consider themselves

 to be racially superior and others...


This is a 15 year 

old teen!

Far too many bad police officers routinely hurt and maim 

black people. 

How would you feel if the police and the justice system 

treated you or your family member as they treat blacks?



Is this law and order or disorder? The blue lights, police 

cruisers and uniforms gives us the illusion of protection... 

security. This scene is more like... mob style justice!

Hate crimes and/or death sentences, initiated by 

people with hidden agendas, should not be the fate of 

blacks just trying to live in America. 

Black mothers, fathers, sisters and/or brothers should 

not have to be troubled of what appalling development 

the morning may bring.

Black people are being subjected to cruel, cowardly, 

torturous, gruesome, racist and angry people disguised as 

police officers... hiding behind the badge. 

Contrary to what some may believe... 

Black people are also a part of God's 

amazing creation. 

Could it be that some unchecked lawbreakers are 

actually... aggressively scared officers who intentionally

escalate incidents so they may create an opportunity for

wild justice and fear mongering? 

Could it be a convenience for one to incite and/or 

escalate crimes, in a classic bait-and-switch, which would 

allow them to scream, 


to someone who is not resisting?

Could it be that some are creating non-existent scenarios, 

even if someone is sleeping in a drive-through or stopped 

for a tail light outage, to blow things out of proportion, 

draw guns and have power over people which they would 

not have the courage to do in civilian attire?

The murder of black people seems to be dominating the 

headlines and many of those murders have yet to see 




In far too many cases, a traffic stop, by the wrong officer, 

could turn into a prelude to wrongful incarceration or a 

death sentence, very quickly.

We can no longer sit idly by and allow a few bad officers 

to create double standards and systemic racial profiling 

in our system of justice. 

We cannot allow fear-mongrels to put on uniform, with 

hidden agendas to terrorize the lives of innocent people. 

This is a disgrace before God!

What should "Serve and Protect" mean to the black 


How can our black communities be assured that when they

interact with officers... the interaction will not take on new


One might wonder, just how many times has an officer 

put on their uniform and the clothes affected how they 

acted. The crisp uniform of the police officer conveys 

power and authority. When a police officer puts on his or 

her uniform the officer is perceived in a very different 

way by the public.

Some have misused and abused the uniform and

committed heinous crimes, in plain sight. Some become 

inebriated with power and maim and/or take the 

lives of unarmed black Americans. Many have learned 

how to tamper with or destroy evidence, thus, evade


Research supports the idea that many are turning a blind 

eye and are refusing to challenge this brutal, inhumane 

status quo which deprives black people of justice and 


Most would agree, we can no longer

 deny the realities of implicit bias and

systemic racism anywhere in this


So much has to change. Mistreating 

people of a particular race is 

racism. Using tactics like intimidation

and threats when blacks are seeking to 

exercise their rights is devilish.

Black lives are at risk. Blacks are twice as likely to be 

hurt, arrested or killed by an officer. It is said that there 

are more black Americans in the United States justice 

system than there were slaves in 1850. 

Let us be honest, many whites have unearned advantages 

over blacks, and when it is brought to the light... some 

tend to deflect, dismiss, misunderstand and read into it... a 

whole different meaning. That is cruel and selfish. It 

is time that we all look through a more righteous lens 

and stop deflecting the real issues minorities have to face 

when they interact with bad officers.

Let us not miss the point, black people are being murdered 

and brutalized by police who in many cases get a slap on 

the wrist. These are real lives that are being taken. These 

are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, sons

 and daughters of people who are left in mourning. 

These are lives that have been ripped away from their 

loved ones either through wrongful incarceration or tragic 

acts of violence. How is this acceptable?

Black lives matters denounces systemic racism and police 

brutality that is, on a regular, excessively used against

 black people. 

When people say black lives matter, it does not mean blue 

lives, white lives, red lives, yellow lives and brown lives 

don’t matter. All lives matter is an accurate statement, but 

this is not a matter of devaluing or comparing lives. 

When black people have encounters with biased people 

within the judicial system and police officers, it becomes 

very apparent to black people that they can't or won't see 

the humanity in black lives. Black lives have been grossly 

undervalued and to try to rationalize the horrible injustices 

black people have experienced is just wrong and mean-


How would you feel if the police patrolled your 

community the way they patrol the black community?

How would you feel if the shoe were on the other foot and 

this was your experience in the United States of America?

How would you feel if every move you, your child, your 

brother, sister, mother or father made had to be made 

with severe consideration for their life being threatened or 

taken by those who are hired to preserve law and order?

Whether all humans accept it or not... black lives really 

do matter and should not be subjected to blatant injustice,

 treated with contempt and/or regarded as subhuman, that 

is the point.

How can one say that they love God

 and treat people who were made in

 God's image with such disdain?

God makes it clear, in His Word, that 

no man is superior to another. The

Scriptures do not condone, but 

actually condemns this kind of 


There has been growing attention to what many

 characterize as systemic racial disparities in how the


police in the United States of America do their jobs. Far 

too many are operating outside of the law. Far too many 

lack sufficient ethical and professional standards, and they


are like loose canons without boundaries!

Is it possible for law 

enforcement to start 

focusing on what is 


Today, the thought of humanity and accountability appears 

to be the most lacking measure in the system. Citizens 

must demand accountability. The system just doesn’t seem 

to understand the concept.

It would behoove our country to take 

major steps to overhaul a policing 

system that facilitates and even 

encourages human rights violations. 

Our system is dysfunctional, abusive and there are far too 

many loopholes to police accountability. Our system is in 

dangerous state of disrepair. These are perilous times. 

Our democracy, civility, truth within the system and the 

gross lack of accountability is broken. It's time that the old 

methods of abuse, threats and loopholes are deconstructed 

and reconstructed to hold police accountable for abuses 

and build a professional, rights-respecting police force. 

Police officers who commit human rights violations, 

regardless of rank, should face appropriate punishment.

It is relatively commonplace...

customary for police to get a lot of 

legal latitude to use force without fear 

of punishment.

These legal standards give 

law enforcement a license to 

kill innocent or unarmed 

people, based on a split 

second decision!

Dysfunction, Abuse and Impunity in the US Police...

documents a range of human rights violations committed 

by police, including arbitrary arrest and detention, torture, 

false reports and extrajudicial "Mob justice". 

These kinds of heinous, unreasonable acts, 


should be prosecuted and convicted... 

it's criminal.

Deconstruction starts with

 the realization that all of reality


is constructed by flawed human



Deconstruction entails the honest and responsible process 

of taking apart and reassembling something that is not 

working in an upright manner. It means rebuilding with 

God as our firm foundation.


Deconstructing means reassembling so that we all may 

truly realize a system that honors and is under God, 

indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!

Deconstructing means reviewing, revising, dismantling, 

wiping out and/or eradicating ungodly doctrines, dogmas 

and biased rules which may not be based on truth and 


Deconstruction is important because it helps us uncover, 

expose and better understand unrighteous hidden agendas, 

the underlying layers of oppression, the mind games and 

the abuse of power. 

Deconstruction is not 


Deconstruction is for the betterment of all mankind. This 

re-assembling will help us all to leave this world much 

better than we found it. 

Deconstructing and reconstructing 

will help future generations realize a brighter tomorrow. 

Ask any great builder.

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