The Disconnect Pt. 3 Listen carefully our oppressors don't want to unit with one another because together we're a powerful force

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White supremacy or white supremacism is the belief

 that white people are superior to other races and should 

dominate them. The belief favors the preservation and

devilish stronghold of white power and privilege. 

White supremacy has roots in the now-discredited 

doctrine of scientific racism, and was a key justification 

for European colonialism. It supports a sweep of

modern-day movements including neo-Confederates,

 neo-Nazism and the declared Christian Identity


God is the Upholder of all creation. 

All things in Heaven and on earth 

are under God's authority.

Any in-depth biblical study of race or ethnicity 

should start in Genesis 1. The Scriptures do not start 

off with the creation of a special or privileged race 

of people to have dominance over people of other

races and backgrounds in our society. To assume

 that one’s own race or ethnicity is superior to someone 

else’s is a denial of the fact that all people are created

 in the image of God.

The idea of race is a social construct designed 

to divide people into groups classified as superior 

and inferior. Whiteness was made up. It was and is 

constructed in opposition to blackness.

God made one race, 

the human race. 

People create, 

but God is the


God created mankind and

everything that existsincluding

the raw materials used by creators,


We are all one image... originated 

from the same blueprint! 

God created the world and everything in it, 

and God made every nation of men from 

“One blood."

God is All... 

and in all.

Colossians 3:11

“All” means “all”…

no exclusions.

God teaches us in the Scriptures that...

the human race is one. 

We are indisputably different, but the same. 

God has created for us... a rich and blessed 

multicultural diversity! 

God created us all; every

 nation of the human race.

In God's infinite and unfathomable

wisdom... He created and fashioned 

each of us.

Both the Old and New Testaments reminds us that 

God shows no partiality, but judges with complete

 justice. Likewise, Jesus showed no partiality. 

By example, we are also told to show no 

partiality, but treat all people fairly.

Scripture is crystal clear that a person’s dignity and

worth is not based on their ethnicity, nationality, 

gender, background, wealth, position, abilities or 


Acts 10:34-35, Leviticus 19:33-34, Galatians

 3:28, Romans 3:10-24, James 2:5-9, Ephesians 6:9,

 Leviticus 19:14, 1 Corinthians 12:4-26

Every person has equal inherent worth because we

 were all created by God and in His own image. 

Genesis 1:27 

God loves justice. 

Psalm 33:5

All His ways are just and true.

Revelation 15:3

Psalm 89:14 tells us that righteousness and 

justice are the very foundation of God's throne. 

When God lists the actions of a just man in

Ezekiel 18:5-9, He tells us that such a person

 does not oppress anyone or seek to take advantage 

of them to make a profit. A just man judges fairly, 

obeys God’s laws, and provides food and 

clothing for those in need.

Micah 6:8 makes it clear that justice is key to 

obeying and worshipping God.

“All human beings are born free

 and equal in dignity and rights…” 

(Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948) 

Some people have difficulty accepting the idea 

that although we are all different... we all should 

be able to experience the best of humanity's 

diversity and be treated the same.

Whether one is rich or poor, in God's eyes, even 

with centuries of racial injustice, we all stand as 

equals. We are God's creation... enmeshed by our 

beautiful differences and design. 

God loves us all and is under no illusion about 

who we are, where we have been, what we have 

done, what we have acquired or our race. Even 

with racism built right into every level of our 

society, God views us all as His highly valued

 treasure! If we exist, we have value and worth

and are beautiful in the eyes of God. 

Systemic racism is real, widespread

 and undeniable. Systemic racism

 persists in our schools, corporate

 America, in our court system, 

police departments and elsewhere.

Racism infects the very structure

 of our society. Racism is the 

blatant rejection of the value of 

people made in the image of God.

Nowadays, racists are not just the

 folks with the hoods,

but the folks dressed in suits.

Our experience as racialized beings isn’t defined 

by our biology, but by our society. The concept

 of race is rooted in society, not biology. It is a 

social construct.

Whites gained privilege only when those in 

power expanded the definition of Whiteness. 


Race-based beliefs and feelings within individuals.

E.g., Consistently believing that your way of doing 

things is better than that of your colleagues of color.


Bigotry and biases shown between individuals 

through word and action.

E.g., Leaders exclude people of color from a team

 because they “just aren’t a good fit with the team


Institutional =

Discriminatory policies and practices within 

organizations and institutions. E.g., Resumes that 

have Black-sounding names are 50% less likely 

to get called for an interview compared to people 

with White-sounding names.

Systemic =

Ongoing racial inequalities maintained by society.

Human beings, for the most part, are intrinsically

concerned first with their own welfare. One

 can get what is best for themselves and avoid

 what is harmful when they take into account the 

interests of others.

It is in one's enlightened best interest to take 

into account contributing to the interests and

 welfare of others. Contributing  rather than

 trying to control the development and survival

 of the society in which we live will mean a

 better environment in which to pursue one's 


The principle of enlightened self-interest

 takes into account both parts. May we, at least, 

take into account the consequences, sooner or 

later, to be faced and proceed in a spirit of 

enlightened self-interest.

We live in a fallen and hurting world. A world 

where the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy

 in ways we can and can’t see. But with God, there’s

 hope of redemption. God continues to call humanity 

back to Himself, working to restore the right

 relationships God intended in creation.

Picturing God as a white Is linked to many 

Racial Stereotypes about leaders. Manipulating 

individuals’ conceptions of the deity has been

 an effective way to reinforce beliefs about who

 belongs at the top of the social hierarchy. 

On the surface, it seems unlikely that people’s

 image of God has anything to do with the ongoing 

struggle to the advancement of  Black people, 

across the board, but research provides a strong 

argument that our assumptions about who should

 rule in heaven strongly affect our preconceptions

about who should do so on earth. 

Dismantling the religious, fictitious imagery

that depicts God as white would be a start. 

The lies... someone is going to have to answer.

Gothe ultimate

 Judge, the

Righteous Potter,

 our Creator and

Maker... is Love

and all that matters.

God can do no 

wrongGod trumps 

puny, arrogant, self-

righteous, greedy,

mud-made human

beings... period!

Racism is unjustifiable, inexcusable,

baseless and illogical on both moral

and biological grounds.

Racism is the unjust hate for any people who


are simply different for a various array of 


Racism is an attitude of devaluation directed 

towards one of God’s representatives simply 

because of their ethnic or racial identity. 

Racism says to God and God’s creation,

 “You don’t have value.” 

Racism makes an enemy of our brother or 

sister on the basis of the shade of skin he or 

she wears on this side of eternity. 

Racism is an evil, idiotic system of advantage 

based on race. It is a hierarchy.

Nothing more guarantees the erosion of character 

than hatred, racism, and a carefully cultivated,

 poisonous entitlement mentality.

Teach your children gratefulness. Do all you can

 to deliver them from our culture's poisonous

 entitlement mentality. 

Randy Alcorn

It seems ‘natural’ to ascribe negative meanings to 

differences, to associate difference with the supposedly 

inferior or superior or the dangerous. It is not, 

however, natural. It is something we learn and is 

therefore something we can unlearn.

God teaches us in Scripture that the 

human race is one.

 Acts 29

From one person and one blood God created

every human nation to live on the whole earth.

Acts 17:26

God is Master and Ruler

of all creation. 

In God we live, move and exist

as a diverse global family. 

God made us all different. That’s great, because

 together, all of us make up the kingdom. 

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul compares the body of 

Christ to a human body: Each of us is unique, 

but together we make the body complete.

God's sovereignty is not limited to a single nation or 

certain people. God's love extends far beyond imaginary 

man-made barriers and worldly designations, i.e., race, 

tribe, creed, color, gender, language, age, culture,

disability, political beliefs, educational background, 

or socio-economic differences, experiences, or realities.

God is the Lord of all the world, 

and God is the Creator of all.

Impartiality is an attribute of God. 

Though diverse in many ways, we 

are one in God. 

God created us all, and God sees 

each of us as precious, valuable 

and of equal worth. 

Diversity reflects the Kingdom 

of God!

The Kingdom of God reflects an inherent and

God-given diversity. As we look around, we 

see the beauty and awesome creativity of God. 

This beauty is revealed all throughout creation. 

God loves diversity and pours 

out His Spirit on all people!

Creation is a multitude of colorful and diverse

 cultural expressions. We are a people from every

 tribe and tongue and nation, colorful and diverse. 

May we embrace the common thread that weaves the 

complex tapestry of all life together.

The Bible reminds us that there will be "A great 

multitude, which no one could count" in heaven, and that 

these people will be "From every nation and all tribes and 

peoples and tongues."

God is absolutely and totally impartial. 

Since God doesn’t show partiality, 

we should refrain from partiality ourselves. 

Spirit makes us relevant to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

 The Scriptures affirm the fundamental equality of all 

people before God. God's Word is very clear in telling 

us that no one is insignificant. Every single person is 

important, vital, and valuable to God. 

God designed us: to love, to care, to build up, to share, to 

be gracious, and grateful. This is a great benefit to all 

mankind. To do the opposite is a disservice to all.

Mercy triumphs over judgment. If we are merciful, 

we will lovingly seek the highest good of all people.

Does God favor one person or group over another?


Should we?

None of us were made apart from the creational 

blessedness and wonderful design of Almighty God, 

Who knitted us together and formed our innermost 

parts in our mother's womb. 


Jesus commands us to love one another as He loves us 

(John 13:34). If God is impartial and loves us with 

impartiality, then we need to love others with that same 

high standard. Jesus teaches in Matthew 25 that whatever 

we do to the least of His brothers, we do to Him. If we 

treat a person with contempt, we are mistreating a person 

created in God’s image; we are hurting somebody whom 

God loves and for whom Jesus died.

No race is better or worse than 

the other.

All human beings deserve respect. As far as the 

Scriptures are concerned, there are many 

nationalities, but there is only one race...

the human race.

 The inalienability of diversity professes the validity

 of a multitude of cultural expressions.

Humanity’s failure to honor the differences of others, 

care for one another in their particular struggles, and 

empathize with their experiences stems from our 

fallen and unrighteous nature and an attempt to 

live in defiance of God.

Race relations, especially between blacks, browns, 

and whites have long been a serious problem in the 

United States. 

"Poor minorities live in a new age of Jim Crow,

 one in which the ravages of segregation, racism,

 poverty and dashed hopes are amplified by the

 forces of privatization, financialization, 

militarization and criminalization, fashioning 

a new architecture of punishment, massive

human suffering and authoritarianism.'' 

Henry Giroux 

Racism is a sin against God.

Racism denigrates the beauty

and majesty of God’s diverse 


The fallen human heart assumes the worst about 

people. It is fueled by recycled prejudices, 

subliminal and sometimes blatant false and 

negative stereotypes, white supremacy, misguided 

convictions, antagonism directed against people

 of a different race, and plain old animosity. 

Antagonism toward people of another color, 

language, or ethnic background is antagonism

toward God Himself. 

Are we acting in ways contrary 

to God's values?

Racism is blatant ignorance that continues to 

dehumanize, violate and ignore human and civil 

rights. It is harmful to a country and its culture. 

Racism is a hardened and unfair generalization

that causes intense moral, cultural, and economic 

hardships. It is a treacherous, appalling, harmful, 

evil, socially constructed human tragedy which 

denies entire groups of people human dignity 

and respect. 

 For one race to loftily, boastfully, egotistically, 

snobbishly and self-importantly claim superiority 

over another offends and bemoans the heart of 


God does not show partiality

 or favoritism and neither 

should we. 

(Deuteronomy 10:17; Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11; Ephesians 6:9)

There is no hierarchy of human beings verified

anywhere in Scripture. There is no Scripture

that backs up such absurd claims. The Bible 

makes it clear that racism is wrong and

 entirely contradictory to God's command to

"Love our neighbors". 

As God gives grace in our cultural and 

contextualized expressions, so should we.

“But a man must examine himself”

1 Corinthians 11:28

Turn within, identify and shut down that vile 

inner voice that is giving you malicious notions. 

If you are listening to anything but God, then it 

is not right. The moment you realize the voice 

you're hearing is not God... it's Satan. 

Satan, the deceiver and father of lies, will do 

anything to destroy your soul and have you 

join him in the dreadful, unending punishment

 of hell.

God needs to be your motivating

 factor, at every turn in life.

Hate and racism is spiritual suicide. The flesh impairs

 our ability to see ourselves and other people correctly. 

Mistreating and belittling another makes one 

neither tough or impressive.

To hate and belittle others is... to be little,

 unproductive, very petty and primitive. 

Knowing the horrors about hell should 

motivate us all to be reconciled to God. 

It should also humble us and give us all greater 

love, respect and appreciation for both God and

 all people.

Racism today isn’t the racism that our ancestors or 

even the older generations experienced, but it is still 

very much so a problem... it's just warmed over 


Some toxic people love dusting others with 

their poison. Sometimes, it is more like drowning

people in their bigotry. Some have made it their 

life's mission to go down into the most devilish 

parts of themselves in order to create and sow 

seeds of hurt, hatred, pain, hostility,and hardships 

for others, based solely on race. 

There are those who make disparaging remarks. 

They sow egregious, deep-seated, mean-spirited

 ill-will towards certain individuals and groups. 

Some claim to have certain moral beliefs, but 

their behavior doesn't match those beliefs.

Toxic people use political beliefs or passions of 

any kind as a platform to express their intense 

hostility, false claims (meant to create doubt and 

confusion), and intolerance towards others. They 

are notorious for sowing doubt, twisting the 

story, changing the way things happened

 and retelling lies so convincingly that they’ll

 believe their own nonsense.

Their dogmatism and practice of arousing hatred, 

inciting prejudice or hostility against people or

 groups, and mistreating others because of their 

race... is beyond any reasonable credulity and

 completely contradictory with the message 

of Scripture. 

Genesis 1:26 says that human beings are created

 in the image of God. The image of God describes 

the calling or spiritual traits of human beings as 

God’s agents and representatives in creation.

Favoritism and partiality are not from God.

Partiality and favoritism are both inconsistent 

with the character of God.

The Greek word for partiality means 

“to make unjust distinctions between people by

 treating one person better than another.” 

A person's physical appearance, gender, possessions, 

skills, intelligence level, or even religious affiliation 

do not determine his or her value. Treating people 

differently based on things like their ethnicity, 

social status, or wealth is wrong. 

The idea of difference, worldly isms, and class 

privilege are interlocking systems of oppression. 

They appear to be natural; however, they are, in

 fact, socially constructed and are used to 

rationalize inequality and all kinds of isms.

To say that humans are in the image of God is to

 recognize the special qualities of human nature 

which allows God to be made manifest in humans

Wonderful are God's works! 

God made every nation of the human race, that they

should inhabit the whole earth". 

Acts 17:26

 God didn’t discriminate in His design. He didn’t 

create one human being greater than the other. We 

are all image bearers, and regardless of race, tribe, 

creed, color, class, religion, language, age, culture,

 disability, political beliefs, educational backgrounds, 

or socioeconomic differences, experiences, or 

realities... we are all in need of God's saving grace.

Throughout Scripture, we see God working to redeem

and make a way for people from every tribe and 

tongue and nation.

On the authority of Jesus, we are responsible for 

loving everyone... even people we have been 

brought up to loathe.

In Christ, the things that would ordinarily segregate

 us are interwoven into a single exquisite tapestry. 

Things like race, gender, and class are no longer 

encumbrances to solidarity. They are what makes 

our oneness so beautiful.

Jesus embraced others with a radical disregard for 

race, tribe, creed, color, class, religion, language, 

age, culture, disability, political beliefs, educational

backgrounds, or socioeconomic differences, experiences, 

or realities. 

"Jesus ransomed people for God

 from every tribe and language


and people and nation."

Revelations 5:9

Jesus did not allow social status or cultural 

barriers to dictate His relationships with 


Jesus was criticized for His actions, 

but what prophet ever lived without 


"The body is a unit, though it is made up of 

many parts . . . so it is with Christ" 

(1 Corinthians 12:12).

In Revelations, John describes the vision he 

received of a glorified church:

"After this I looked, and there before me was 

a great multitude that no one could count, from

 every nation, tribe, people and language, standing 

before the throne and before the Lamb."

It’s paramount to notice that this 

multitude of worshipers did not 

blend, exclusively, into one 

particular race. 

"Any concept of one person being superior to

another can lead to racism." 

Walter Lang 

God showed Peter that... 

"No race is better than any



Let us grasp that profound



For anyone to think, believe or act in 

any way smug and superior to another, 

based on the color of one's skin or 

birthplace... is not only shallow, but  

they commit the sin of racism. 

God knows our frame; He is

mindful that we are but dust.

Psalm 103:14

Racism begins by regarding people of another

 race as insignificant, i.e., lacking any individual 

identity worthy of consideration. When racists 

strip others of their individual identity, that 

means they have dehumanized them.


Dehumanization has fueled innumerable acts of 

violence, human rights violations, war crimes, 

and genocides like slavery. It involves taking 

away all human qualities of the victim and 

reducing the victim to sub-human, in the eyes

 of the perpetrator. 

Making others seem less than human and 

less civilized makes it easy to commit acts 

of violence towards other people. It is the 

dehumanization aspect of racism that leads

 racists to do demoralizing things to others.

Two ways people commit violence is through

moral disengagement and dehumanization. 

Both are associated with hate crimes and war.

Some people will go against their own moral 

compass because of peer pressure and lack of 

self-control. People who disengage their morals 

don't take personal responsibility for the harm 

they cause others. 

Dehumanization and moral 

disengagement are learned 


Every act or thought that treats a person as 

"less than" human is an act of dehumanization, 

and it clearly and painfully explains man's 

inhumanity to man.

We had history long before slavery. 

We came from Kings and Queens.

Racism implies the denial of a person’s 

humanity. Throughout history, racism has 

given the thumbs up for all sorts of inhumane 


Racist crimes against humanity can be as trivial 

as snubs that indicate “You mean nothing to me” 

and as profound as the crime of genocide, 

a deliberate and coordinated plan with

 thintent to systematically destroy, in 

whole or in part, the existence of national, 

racial, religious and/or social groups

The driving force of racism is self-justification. 

Justification has to do with a person proving that 

they have significance in this world. 

The biggest transformations take place when 

we are free from the need to justify ourselves. 

To turn inwardly and self-reflect could open one 

to the possibility of being wrong and righting it.

Most people understand that 

racism is wrong. We are more 

alike than different. 

So, why continue to carry the heavy and 

burdensome baggage of racism, injustice

and prejudice? 

Regardless of whether we are conscious of it or not, 

we are all interconnected, living the human

 experience, breathing the same air, and eating food 

grown out of mother earth... and no matter how far

 away we live... every one of us are literally sharing 


Our deep-seated aversions to different races, tribes, 

colors, genders, languages, cultures, etc., may 

actually be our response to fear that those qualities 

we see in others... also have existence in us.

The continuance of racism is a

 brutal threat for America. 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had an audacious, 

transformative vision that would end racism in 

America. His vision came from very deep

 convictions that everyone, regardless of race 

creed or color would realize freedom ringing 

in and through their hearts, minds, nation 

and world. 

We are quickly approaching 6 decades since the 

1963 March on Washington; yet, many still lack 

the understanding about how to treat one 

another fairly and with kindness. 

Instead of judging... why not consider uplifting 

one another. Let us be swift to carefully listen... 

allowing the person to complete their story. Jesus was 

quick to pay attention so that He could really 


Let us listen with our hearts so that we may also 

hear what is not being said. When we are slow to 

speak, we are able to walk through the experience 

of another's life. The Scriptures encourage us to be 

quick to hear and slow to speak. As we speak... 

let us speak with honesty, and act with 

integrity. A good listener gets to know things.

One of the purposes of the United States 

Constitution, as stated in its preamble is to 

"establish justice. To provide every individual 

in this country with equal rights before the law, 

without penalty or favoritism. 

For many African Americans, our great 

country has failed to achieve that goal. On paper, 

the Constitution, says that it protects justice for all 

citizens in the United States. 

There are obvious, shameless instances of 

inequity, for people with money, power, and/or

 position. They are acquiring more advantaged 

treatment, under the law, than the indigent, 

the outcast, or the obscure.



"One nation under God, indivisible, with 

liberty and justice for all"... this pledge of 

allegiance asserts that our nation is where 

every human being, regardless of race, 

color, creed, sex, or social standing receives 

fair and equal treatment. For many African 

Americans, equal justice for all is a law and 

an ideal our country has, unfortunately, 

failed to live up to.

African Americans are being bombarded by 

continued brutal incidents which are 

painful, appalling, disgusting, and 

heartbreaking reminders that racism, 

hatred, animosity and injustice remains 

a very serious challenge, for the land 

of the free, where on paper, there is 

justice for all. 

How shameful to see America still 

deprived of justice and equality for all. 

It would behoove us all to recognize, identify, learn

 from, and educate ourselves regarding inequality, 

basic human rights, morality, justice, racism, 

ignorance, hypocrisy,prejudice and our shared 


We cannot stand by and be 

complicit to... or complacent 

about racism. 

2 Chronicles 7:14 reminds us:

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble 

themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their 

wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will 

forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Research supports the idea that many are turning 

a blind eye and are refusing to challenge this brutal, 

inhumane status quo which deprives African Americans

of justice and equality.

Most would agree, we can no longer deny the 

realities of implicit bias and systemic racism

 anywhere in this world! 

Systemic racism, as quiet as it is 

kept, affects those who reap the

 benefits and those who suffer

 the atrocities.

So much has to change. Mistreating people of 

a particular race is racism. Using tactics like

 intimidation and threats when blacks are seeking 

to exercise their rights is devilish.

Most perpetrators consider themselves to be 

racially superior and others... inferior. 

How can one say that they love God and

 treat people, who were made in God's image, 

with such disdain?

God makes it clear, in His Word, that no man

 is superior to another. The Scriptures do not 

condone, but actually condemns this kind of 


"Ignorance, arrogance, and racism have bloomed

 as Superior Knowledge in all too many 


Alice Walker 

"Education in this country is about how to maintain 

the status quo and to perpetuate racism." 

Jane Elliot 

Humans fall short when we take the view of the narrow 

minded and give in to stereotyping. 

Many black people and white people have profoundly 

different views on race and inequality. Many African 

Americans have experienced being treated like they 

were suspicious or not smart and have experienced 

discrimination at a much higher rate than whites. 

Whites are less likely than blacks 

to perceive unequal treatment.

Many blacks have experienced unfair treatment with 

police, the criminal justice system, when applying for 

loans and/or mortgages, as well as in stores and 

restaurants. They know all too well what it is like to be

 discriminated against.

Now is the time to rise above all destructive and 

violent rhetoric. 

It doesn’t take rocket science to 

sense that the soul of America

 is critically wounded.

We are now witnessing the painful wounds of 

COVID-19, systemic racism and other systemic 

failures. We are hearing of natural and 

man-made disasters, injustices, inequalities, 

police brutality, hatred, senseless incarcerations, 

endless malicious, ruthless, cunning, cruel, controlling 

and deceitful lies and divisiveness trickling from

 the top rungs of democracy, from disingenuous,

 self-aggrandizing elected officials who are out of 

touch with their moral compass and displaying

 very immature shameless, cult-like alternative

 realities... all of which is a threat to American


Some are putting political ambition and chaos 

above democracy. These wicked and deeply

 hurtful ills have been and are very damaging 

to the soul of our great country. 

Satan, the antagonist, loves to see others in 

shambles, distracted, uncertain, and at the edge 

of the cliff. He has had a field day performing 

just about every ugly deed he could in order

 to traumatize our land and perplex our souls...

 thus, leaving America in a very fragile state 

of disorder.

Mankind exists in many shades of color, but we 

all came from one man, Adam. From one man, 

God made every nation of men that we should 

inhabit the whole earth. God determined, 

beforehand, our appointed seasons and 

boundaries of our dwelling. 

Genetically, we are all brothers and sisters. 
When the seeds of racism, hatred, intolerance, fear, 

bigotry, Jim Crowism, bias, prejudice, narrowness,

 injustice, and discrimination, to name a few, are 

planted and fostered in society, it extends beyond  

the individual and negatively, overtly or subtly,

affects us all, in every area of life.

"Telling me that I'm obsessed with talking about 

racism in America is like telling me I'm obsessed

 with swimming when I'm drowning." 

Hari Kondabolu 

"Mass incarceration is a policy that's kind of built 

up over the last four decades and it's destroyed 

families and communities, and something we

 need to change. And it's fallen disproportionally 

on black and brown communities, especially 

black communities, and it's kind of a 

manifestation of structural racism." 

John Legend 

"I see racism as a cancer. It is a cancer growing

 in us. Unless we stop it, it vegetates and grows 

bigger which hurts every one of us." 

Pearl Tan 

The issues of racism cannot be healed by denying 

that blacks and browns are not systematically 

disadvantaged or painting racism with a broad 

racist brush and then saying racism doesn't exist. 

Racism is real, and it is a major problem we can 

no longer ignore. 

To ignore the pink elephant in the room is much

 like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound.

It is irresponsible to deny that systemic racism exists. 

Many have sought to deny or view racism as irrelevant; 

although, these deeply embedded, inhumane acts and 

conditions still persists in our societies.

The first step towards getting a handle on structural 

racism is acknowledging its existence.

There are inborn, ingrained inequities in American 

society, including inequalities in housing, education, 

healthcare and the issues of mass incarceration and over-

representation of African Americans in the prison system.

There are many deeply rooted and unaddressed 

inequalities within American institutions, which the

Coronavirus pandemic further exposed.

Some people have no idea what African Americans

have experienced in America. 
The act of having honest, thoughtful, heart-felt and 

much needed discussions addressing structural racism, 

racially driven assumptions, prejudice, discrimination, 

diversity, divisive behaviors that destroy communities, 

or just pointing out that these societal ills exists 

makes some people uncomfortable.  But discomfort 

pales in comparison to the lingering economic 

disparities, psychological and many other 

structured ills of racial inequities African Americans 

are faced with, in some form... on a regular basis.

Let’s face it, prejudices and systemic racism are built 

into our nation's history and they run deeply. 

We cannot silence truth.

The truth brings great 

benefits.The truth will 

get us unstuck and

set us free!

There has been a long legacy of dehumanizing 

hatred that we need to acknowledge and carefully 

consider. Being open and honest requires great 

risk, but also reaps great reward. 

 Historical truths allow us to progressively 

become more improved, legitimate, sincere and

 higher versions of ourselves.

Truth will create a pathway to finding out what 

all of us, as God's offspring, need from God, others, 

and ourselves.

"Colorblind racism is the new racial music most 

people dance to, the 'new racism' is subtle, 

institutionalized and seemingly nonracial." 

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva 

"The horror of class stratification, racism, and 

prejudice is that some people begin to believe

 that the security of their families and 

communities depends on the oppression of 

others, that for some to have good lives there 

must be others whose lives are truncated and 


Dorothy Allison 

The journey of humanity is far more 

diverse and beneficial than many ever 

imagined. The further back we venture,

the more clarity and appreciation we 

have regarding righteous human 

relations and resolutions for the

problems with which we are now


Throughout history, racism has been a very blatant 

and pertinent issue. Racism's roots are deep. Some of 

the most powerful forces that shaped history were 

lies people made up about events that never happened 

with the intention to deceive and lead others to accept

 those lies as truth. These disingenuous accounts have

 undermined democracy and threatened reality.

African  history can provide us with many insights 

and astounding discoveries of strong, faithful and 

fearless people who contributed greatly to our world 

and have provided strong and sound shoulders for us 

all to stand on.  

When we know our true history and can focus on 

the good and valuable contributions to society that 

Africans made, historically, and continue to make... 

we can draw from those cultural differences and 

gain much needed insight and clarify many hidden 


History helps us to better 

understand many of our 

present day issues and why 

things are the way they are.

Africa, the Motherland, is where 

human life started. Africa is the 

cradle of the human race. 

Africans were the most industrious and advanced

 race on earth. Egypt was the first of many great 

African civilizations. It lasted thousands of years 

and attained many noble and astonishing successes

in the fields of science, mathematics, medicine, 

technology and the arts.

Egyptian civilization was already over 2000

 years old when the city of Rome was built. 

Did you know that in the 14th century, the city of 

Timbuktu, in West Africa, was five times larger 

than the city of London and was the richest city in

 the world? 

Today, Timbuktu is 236 times smaller than 


Our historical texts are based on deliberate 

stereotypical tales where facts are distorted to make

 the narrative more compelling and make some 

more admired. All are liable of grave inaccuracies. 

These deliberate lies caused much suffering and 

thousands of deaths. There are countless distorted 

narratives where the invasion of Africa and the

 presence of Africans are covertly twisted, distorted, 

overlooked and/or omitted. 

Those who turn a blind eye and bend reality to 

selfishly suit their desires and personal preferences 

go to extreme measures to cover up the misdeeds 

and the uncomfortable truths about the pains of the 

past. Many are very well aware of how some of the 

myths have purposely made one racial group appear 

to be more progressive than others. Many of the

distorted accounts have destroyed the lives of 

thousands of Africans and African American 


For over 400 years, white supremacy has exploited 

humanity and plundered the planet.

Why are we not honestly and openly speaking out

 about the enduring power of white racism?

Are some people fearful that the atrocities, 

tragedies and many pitfalls they created in the 

lives of others... will be their fate?

Blacks are equal to whites. 

"All are created equal".

*African Americans built this country for free... 

and are depicted as lazy. 

*Slaves did all of the field work, building, 

nursing, cleaning, cooking, etc., yet, they are

 depicted as lethargic, sleeping the day away, 

and/or lazy... really?

There are sizable holes in the 

narratives of history. 

Some believe if they tell a lie loud enough and 

often enough, people will accept it as truth. 

Some have purposely endeavored to destroy 

historic relics preserved from humankind's

 earliest era just to support their creatively 

constructed narratives.

Erasing history is a dangerous path because it 

means that the truth becomes something 

malleable. History has been constructed 

instead of recorded.

Why can't we consider coming to terms 

with reality, past and present, as opposed to 

trusting the multitude of lies we have all been, 

systematically, encouraged to believe?

Satan and his troops are out to mislead; and to 

persuade the willing soul to believe in something 

that is not true. Satan would like to keep strong 

minds weak and docile... while pretending to do 

the opposite.

There are two ways to be fooled: 

*to accept what isn’t true 


*refuse to accept what is true.

Black history is the history

 of enslavement, African history

 is the history of humanity.

Rather than feeling robbed or seeking truth, some

 people form and cling to false beliefs about 

Africans and African Americans despite 

overwhelming evidence that confirms what they 

already know or would rather not hear.

The worst thing about being lied

 to is knowing you’re not worth 

the truth.”

According to wikipedia.org., Ian Douglas Smith was a Rhodesian politician, farmer, and fighter pilot who served as Prime Minister of Rhodesia (known as Southern Rhodesia until October 1964 and today known as Zimbabwe) from 1964 to 1979.
He remained Prime Minister for almost all of the 14 years of international isolation that followed, and oversaw Rhodesia's security forces during most
of the Bush War, which pitted the unrecognized administration against communist-backed black nationalist guerrilla groups. 
Smith, who has been described as personifying white Rhodesia, was a highly controversial figure—his supporters portrayed him as a man of integrity and vision "who understood the uncomfortable truths of Africa," while his opponents consider him 

"an unrepentant racist." 


is false or inaccurate information 

that is taken seriously by the 

gullible and spread as if it were true. 

Did you know

African History 

before the Transatlantic Slave 

Trade? 🤔

There is a rich history of culture in this continent. 

Africa is the home to a number 

of great civilizations.

These discoveries have been proven through 

many archeological items. 

Some of the most impressive buildings and cities ever

 made by humans can be found in Africa: the ruined city

 of Great ZimbabweMapungubwe in South Africa,

 Kenya’s Gedi Ruins and Meroe in Sudan. Perhaps the

 most awe-inspiring of these are the last remaining of

 the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great

 Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt.

Africa has an extensive archaeological record, extending

 as far back as 3.3 million years ago when the first-ever

 stone tool was made in what is today Kenya. The

 continent’s cultural complexity and diversity is well

 established; it is home to the world’s oldest-known pieces

 of art. And, of course, it is the birth place of modern

 humans’ ancient ancestors, Homo sapiens. 

Despite all this evidence, some people still refuse to

 believe that anyone from Africa (or anywhere in what 

is today considered the developing world) could possibly

 have created and constructed the Giza pyramids or other

 ancient masterpieces. Instead, they credit ancient

 astronauts, extraterrestrials or time travellers as the real


Some refuse truth and would rather believe that 

the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. Some

 people have tried to prove their theories by 

traveling the world and desecrating ancient 

artifacts and perpetuating the racist notion that

only Europeans – white people – ever were and 

ever will be capable of such architectural feats.

 The Spanish occupation by the Moors began in

 711 AD when an African army, under their 

leader Tariq ibn-Ziyad, crossed the Strait of 

Gibraltar from northern Africa and invaded the 

Iberian peninsula. 

A European scholar sympathetic to the Spaniards 

remembered the conquest in this way:

The reins of the Moors horses were as fire, their

faces black as pitch, their eyes shone like burning 

candles, their horses were swift as leopards and the

 riders fiercer than a wolf in a sheepfold at night.

The Moors, ruled Spain for 800 years, introduced 

new scientific techniques to Europe, such as an 

astrolabe, a device for measuring the position of 

the stars and planets. Scientific progress in 

Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, 

Geography and Philosophy flourished in Moorish


The Moorish rulers lived in sumptuous palaces,

 while the monarchs of Germany, France, and

 England dwelt in big barns, with no windows

 and no chimneys, and with only a hole in the 

roof for the exit of smoke. One such Moorish

palace ‘Alhambra’ (literally “the red one”) in 

Granada is one of Spain’s architectural 


There were no lands at that time (the eighth 

century) “more admired by its neighbours, 

or more comfortable to live in, than a rich 

African civilization which took shape in 


The Moors introduced paper to Europe 

and Arabic numerals, which replaced the 

clumsy Roman system.

It was through Africa that the new knowledge

 of China, India, and Arabia reached Europe.

 The Moors brought the Compass from China 

into Europe.

The Moors introduced earliest versions of

 several instruments, including the Lute or 

el oud, the guitar or kithara and the Lyre. 

 In the tenth and eleventh centuries, public

 libraries in Europe were non-existent, while 

Moorish Spain could boast of more than seventy,

 of which the one in Cordova housed six hundred

 thousand manuscripts.

Education was universal in Moorish Spain, 

available to all, while in Christian Europe

 ninety-nine percent of the population were 

illiterate, and even kings could neither read nor 

write. At that time, Europe had only two 

universities, the Moors had seventeen great 


The Great Mosque of Córdoba (La Mezquita) 

is still one of the architectural wonders of the 

world in spite of later Spanish disfigurements.

At its height, Córdova, the heart of Moorish 

territory in Spain, was the most modern city in

 Europe. The streets were well-paved, with 

raised sidewalks for pedestrians. During the 

night, ten miles of streets were well illuminated 

by lamps. (This was hundreds of years before 

there was a paved street in Paris or a street 

lamp in London.) Cordova had 900 public baths – 

we are told that a poor Moor would go without 

bread rather than soap!

The Moors introduced many new crops 

including the orange, lemon, peach, apricot, fig,

 sugar cane, dates, ginger and pomegranate as 

well as saffron, sugar cane, cotton, silk and rice 

which remain some of Spain’s main products 


The Moors ruled and occupied Lisbon (named

 “Lashbuna” by the Moors) and the rest of the 

country until well into the twelfth century. They 

were finally defeated and driven out by the forces 

of King Alfonso Henriques.

King Sunni Ali, is one of the greatest kings 

from Africa to ever grace the world. His 

extraordinary achievements and stories have

 made him impressively powerful.

American slavery, one of the most deplorable 

institutions created, and the evils of racism have

 been two of the greatest destroyers of humanity.

Slavery and even the discussion of slavery is much 

like a painful open wound that has yet to healed. 

 It is the painful injury that many Americans live 

with and the rest of the country attempts to ignore.


Those who live with its enduring impact cry it aloud 

in hopes that America will finally have the 

conversation about it. 

Slavery’s long legal existence created the American 

caste system that endures today, one that maintains a

 false white superiority and black inferiority built on

 an unfair education system, unequal employment 

system and social institutions that support this idea. 

The institution of slavery left a profound legacy 

for the descendants of enslaved Africans, who even 

after emancipation were subject to almost a century 

of violence, disenfranchisement, and pervasive 

oppression, with social, economic, and cultural 

effects that persist to the present.

Historical injustice and past moral wrongs committed 

are still impacting the well-being of many African 


The very nature of white supremacy requires righteous 

teaching about slavery, the genocide of indigenous people 

and the many atrocities, struggles and ugly realities that 

were and still are being deliberately obscured. 

Slavery is perhaps the most dismissed and 

falsely reconstructed exploit in American history.

The Transatlantic Slave Trade 

Between 10 million and 12 million kidnapped 

and enslaved Africans were to be used as 

involuntary laborers. They were chained and 

transported across the Atlantic Ocean, in the 

filthy bowels of ships, to the Americas from the 

16th to the 19th century.

Africans were 

stolen into slavery

From the seventeenth century onward, increasingly

 accurate records, such as ship manifests, are available.

 The people who suffered the most from the 

Transatlantic Slave Trade were civilized, organized

 and technologically advanced people, long before

 the arrival of European slavers, trying to suggest 

they were backward people.

Africans were demeaned and dishonored of their

 very humanity. Africans had to endure being

 kidnapped, displaced and transported, from the

 continent of Africa, to a strange land. They were 

robbed of their language, culture and family ties. 

 Slave traders had no regard for their humanity or 

their safety. Africans were thrust onto crowded slave 

ships, stripped of their belongings, branded and 

shackled together. They were piled in filthy ships 

that were so tightly packed... many suffocated. There 

was scarcely room to turn oneself. Many died at sea 

from the filthy conditions on the vessel. They were 

forced to relieve themselves where they were 

piled. Those who became grossly ill or injured 

were thrown overboard, by the slave captains.

Africans were forced into slavery and caste with

 the status of slave. They were exploited to work as

a cheaper more plentiful labor source than indentured 

servants. They labored in the production of 

tobacco and cotton crops.

White people were allowed to lynch and murder 

African Americans and hang them from trees, like

 "strange fruit". They raped men and women. They

 would buck break the men. They publicly 

humiliated men women and children. There are 

reports of numerous sexual assaults, violence,

 whippings, and child abuse. 

African Americans were denied the opportunity, 

in America, to read, write or learn. They were 

enslaved and forced to pick cotton. The abolition

of slaves resulted in African Americans becoming

 the indentured servants to white people. They were 

disrespected by "Jim Crow" laws.  

African Americans are still being threatened with 

indignities and injustices. It's the same old song... 

second verse. 

African Americans are dealing with intentional 

microaggressions, hostilities, invalidating slights, 

slurs and insults, systematically. They are assaulted, 

handcuffed and brutally abused, mass incarcerated, 

subjected to police brutality, and could

 be killed at any point, while breathing black.

African Americans represent sustained intentional

 cultural disruption and community destruction. 

They have been purposely disregarded, denied 

equal rights, subjected to separation in public places.

 They were disrespected and ethically abused 

in the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, conducted 

between 1932 and 1972 by the United States 

Public Health Service and the Centers for Disease 

Control and Prevention (CDC). It has been reported 

that African Americans have historically faced 

discrimination and even painful abuse by numerous

 medical professionals.

African Americans were forced to sit in the back

 of the bus and made to give up their seats to white

 people. They were sent to a different compartment 

in trains. They were constantly violated and their 

human dignity and civil rights ignored. Sadly, our 

great country is still overflowing with bigots and 


White supremacy in America extends over centuries, 

and even the abolition of slavery could not end 

racism. Instead, it permeated throughout society 

in other ways in a racial caste system known as 

Jim Crow which attempted to send a message that 

white people were superior to African Americans. 

I, personally, remember how businesses displayed 

"Whites Only" signs.  

Jim Crow laws were a collection of state and local 

statues that legalized racial segregation and set the tone 

for white supremacy in America. It blocked African

 Americans from exercising their rights as full 

citizens. Those who attempted to defy Jim Crow 

(segregation rules and laws) often faced arrest, fines, 

jail sentences, violence and death.

Sadly, generational loyalty can cause people to 

hate and do all manner of evil. It can cause some 

people to see wrong, but turn a blind eye. 

Some are willing to cross ethical boundaries 

for what is perceived as beneficial for their groups

The loyalty they exhibit causes people to make bad 

moral and ethical decisions. They confuse loyalty

 with blind obedience. 

Blind loyalty does not arouse noble impulses or 

prompt them to become a better person. Many 

will go along to get along... acting as cheerleaders for 

things that never serve them well. They allow blind

 loyalty to make a fool of them.

Let us ask ourselves, does prejudice,

racism, white supremacy,

 antagonism, and ill-will reflect 

God of Justice?

"When you look at the Justice Department's report

 talking about the Ferguson Police Department's

 rampant pattern of discrimination and its excessive

 use of force against African-American citizens, it's 

hard to try to rationalize how this cesspool of racism

doesn't spill over onto the individual officers." 

Benjamin Crump 

Racism and white supremacy are


ungodly, ignorant, unrefined,

tasteless, uncivilizedand clownish

ideas and forms of collectivism. 

Race is an interesting concept fabricated by society and

 it contributes to some of the deepest problems we face. 

Regrettably, for hundreds of years the idea of race can

 be credited for breeding inequality and discrimination.

Unfortunately, for generations, race has impacted 

how many regard and identify with other human 


Racism is an ugly, evil, divisive, deeply rooted and 

unfortunate reality, in our society. It creates shameless 

beliefs and actions regarding freedom and equality. It 

is a biased reasoning that hurts many people on a daily 

Racism and discrimination have been deliberately 

used as venomous defenses which has fostered fear 

and/or hatred of African Americans, in particular. 

Generalizations and stereotypes of African Americans 

and their culture has and is still evolving within 

American society. African-Americans are still 

being depicted in some of the worst ways imaginable 

with negative stereotypes in news reports, in print 

media, in music, in films and television shows.

 These stereotypes are broad and of long-standing.

Sad to say, racism has been stitched into the fabric of 

our society leaving a deep racial divide that exists in

 the United States of America. 

There has been many historical injustices and past 

moral wrongs committed that are still grossly 

impacting the well being of many African Americans 

and people of color, even as we speak. 

America's ongoing struggle with racism and issues 

concerning unjust policing in black communities is 

not so much about black and white... it is more about 

wrong and right. 

When hatred, violence and prejudice are put forward 

and exhibited towards others, based on this system 

controlled by a group, it becomes racism.

An arrogant person is often rude and very fond of 

offending others. They cannot take abuse, but can be

 abusive and very condescending to others.

According to our research, this kind of arrogance is 

sometimes used as a coping mechanism for people who 

are secretly insecure. Their insecurity is disguised as 

confidence, self-worth, or self-importance.

Who is mere mortal... fallible man 

to believe he is innately superior to 

another and worthy to master and 

judge one's worth?

Let us humble ourselves... 

or life will do it for us.

No group, regardless of nationality, lineage

 or race is superior to any other. 

God does not support the authority of 

any ethnic group above another.

The diversity of race, color, language, and sect helps 

us realize the dignity of each individual. This typically 

means being less self-serving, overcoming ego,

 overcoming self-righteous indignation, elevating our 

consciousness and emulating the characteristics of our 


Blind loyalty often fosters corruption. While blind loyalty 

to one's group can encourage unethical behavior. Many 

are still shackled by blind loyalty to generational 

delusions of grandeur and entitlement. 

It is completely ludicrous to believe that racial differences 

produces an inherent superiority of a particular race, and

 it is delusional to hold on to the idea that there is some

supreme race that has the right to dominate others. This 

inflated sense of self-importance is a belief and/or 

impression that is unreasonable, incorrect, and

contradicted by reality. 

There is something terribly warped in human psychology 

that makes one think of whole groups of people as

subhuman creatures. There is no limit to the violence and 

hatred that can result with evil beings, such as these.

Racialism is the idea that humanity can be easily divided 

into well-defined categories ("races"). 

Some tend to think of race as a scientific construct that 

has existed as long as people have, but that is not so. Race 

was first developed in the 1700s. It remained essentially 

unhampered until the 1930s-1960s, when genetics 

showed it to be inaccurate. 

In layman's terms, modern racialism has been 

intentionally designed to strike one as scientific, but 

it is pseudo-science... a sham.

Humans fall short when we take a narrow view of 

the world and give in to stereotyping. 

Now is the time to rise above all destructive and 

violent rhetoric. The idea of difference, worldly isms, 

and class privilege are interlocking systems of 

oppression. They appear to be natural; however, they

 are, in fact, socially constructed and are used to

 rationalize inequality.

The Bible tells us that we are all born with distinct 

talents and gifts that set us apart from each other. 

When we discover the talents that God has given us 

and we use them to glorify Him, we will experience 

a full life! God wants us to feel whole and complete, 

and it is through talents that we can find our unique 

calling in life!

Racism inherently limits the ability of a society 

to make the best use of smart and gifted people. 

Racism deprives and/or limits the contributions 

from individuals who may very well be highly

 competent geniuses who have the God-given 

talents and abilities to make a valuable 

difference, i.e., inventions, cures, and 

discoveries that could benefit the entire world

Racism limits vision and a society's economic

opportunities. Racism does not allow for a

 collective contribution of its citizens... which 

is a critical component of a country's innovations

 and prosperity

If a class of people are deprived of opportunities 

and forced into a lower level of work, because of 

insidious limitations imposed upon them by short 

sighted leaders, employers, etc. If people are 

purposely overlooked, stagnated and are not allowed 

to be educated or extended an opportunity to be 

humanized... they cannot make those critical

contributions to society. 

Rejecting people of a quality education, 

purposely erecting barriers to hinder the genius

 and discouraging people from tapping into their

 God-given talents and abilities only serves to 

obstruct the progress of a nation.

The lasting power and sins of those who came before 

us... have created generational animosity and 

tremendous pain and suffering. 

The toxic campaign of white supremacy and the 

profound influence of blatant lies have been 

manipulated through a multitude of platforms and 

has plagued our world, even in our supposed 

enlightened society. These fraudulent claims and 

denials leaves the next generations damaged, 

confused, and entangled in a bogus society 

created by those who came before us. 

For several hundred years, some whites have argued

and have deeply entrenched themselves under the

 veil of being superior to others in every respect. 

The underlying intention of some... has been to 

dominate the masses, lay heavy strongholds on 

black and brown people, crush the spirit, falsely 

accuse, block education, condemn, tear down, 

weaken, suppress, confuse, oppress, eradicate,

 dismantle, shatter, steal joy and thus... become 

masters of others. 

Their deliberate lies, hatred, lust, greed, 

deceptions, and delusional superiority has

 resulted in enormous pain, suffering, and deaths

 throughout the world.

Some are puffed up with conceit and are well 

known for hiding and/or fabricating the truth, 

over and over again. Many of these malicious 

and misguided, master deceivers make a 

conscious choice to provide misleading 

information. They falsely accuse and slander 

certain groups, in an effort to divide. They blind, 

destroy, and brainwash minds in an effort to

 become the top dog, overseer, and taskmaster.  

Deceptions, hatred, weaknesses, bitter fears, 

resentments, stoutheartedness, repulsively 

stubborn, lying, selfish, prideful evil acts and

 self-preservation instincts have allowed some 

groups major benefits and undue advantages, 

while others have grossly suffered.


Interestingly, injustices and undue advantages 

have been generationally perpetuated... 

multiplying... and repeating themselves. 

Nevertheless, the lies, sins and guilt, maintained 

over several generations have snowballed into 

treacherous and diabolical atrocities perpetuated 

upon humanity. These toxic generational 

strongholds have made truth, for many, hard to 

face and accept.  

Far too many people have been taught to see 

reality through a very narrow and shallow lens. 

This leaves one feeling threatened by perceived

 outsiders and trapped in an "us versus them" 


Some people can be unkind, harsh, ruthless and 

hateful towards others because they have been

 generationally taught to fear people who are 

different from them or been deemed as a threat, 

based on the color of their skin. 

Adding insult to injury, these toxic clouds of

 lies and distortions about our racist legacy laid 

the deceptive groundwork for imminent 

catastrophes, i.e., racial indifferences, injustice, 

systemic oppression, redlining neighborhoods, 

inequalities, police profiling, police brutality, 

mass incarceration and many other expressions 

of hostility and/or discriminatory practices.

These historical distortions and/or ideologies 

were created by those who came before us. 

These historical lies serve to repeat and amplify 

in ways that have become truth to those who see 

it as being in their best interest to allow these 

destructive myths to be ongoing. They passed 

these distortions and/or ideological influences

 down to generations that followed them. 

We're not born with racial prejudices; it is not a 

part of our DNA. 

We learn racism. 

Home and society teaches us, and the brain, which

 is like a file cabinet, processes the negative words 

and images that are paired... and can form negative

 views, based on its gatherings, which can lead to

 prejudice and stereotyping. 

American educators generally believe that children are 

mostly unaware of racial categories or racism, until they 

are taught to think and act deliberately in ways that 

diminishes and echos race. 

The integration of human rights learning and teaching into 

education can ensure that racial prejudice and intolerance 

are successfully combated in children when they are in 

school and out of school.

No one can honestly think that picking, choosing 

and twisting wayward lies is going to edify future 

generations. To continue these "Big lies" and 

coverups, which has taken our great country to

a new low... without rejection and correction 

means those left behind are perpetuating the

 hatred and pain of racism and imprinting, 

forcing, and normalizing generational 

toxicity on their innocent children. 

Living and maintaining generational lies can 

seed resentment and distance all of us from 

our true selvesOne of the best things we can do 

for our children is to be 100% open and honest

 about the harsh historical realities. This keeps

 our children from having to live a generationally 

imposed lie. 

Our children deserve the honest truth about 

history and race. Staying silent to our children 

and not facilitating those extremely necessary 

conversations that can open their minds and 

future about the generational lies, cultures, 

and strongholds that influenced and molded 

them... is a type of complicity. Silence can

 dim the light and leave our children and their

 children's children stuck and subjected to a

 cesspool of burdensome, unproductive an

unrighteous generational lies. 

We must all work to be good stewards; otherwise, 

future generations will bear the profoundly bitter 

burden of the consequences of maintaining those 

diabolical generational lies. They will have to 

follow up with a multitude of lies to support the lies 

and the false versions of reality they were told. 

To overcome racism, let us turn 

inwardly and self reflect. This 

could open us to the possibility 

of a changed heart, which is the 

key to righting wrongs.

Our children can change the world. 

Although the subject of racism is unsettling and unnerving 

we must do the right thing for the generations to come and 

raise those very painful questions and stop downplaying 

and denying the lies they have been entrenched in. 

It has been said that an unexamined life is not worth 

living, and the truth will set us all free.

Parenting is an uncertain journey. If there is any lasting 

legacy that a parent should want to impart upon their 

children, it should be the message that they should 

walk humbly with a clear moral compass, be upright, 

just, truthful, and be ambassadors of Christ, 

in this world.  

Toxic, traumatic, unnecessary, life-changing 

generational lies can potentially destroy future 


Is this trauma and dysfunction...

the kind of family legacy any 

righteous person wants to leave


We should all want to leave this 

world better than we found it.

Race is a societal construct derived 

mainly from perceptions conditioned 

by man's recorded history. It has no 

basic biological reality.

We fall short when we take a narrow view of the world

 and give in to stereotyping. 

The concept of inner hatred, social repression, 

racism, unjustifiable prejudice and belittlement existed 

in our distant past, and still remains today,

leading many to maintain delusional beliefs that are 

strongly held to be true by condemning and

devaluing the humanity in others, based on a social 

construct. This kind of racially constructed lens is

 very prevalent, today. 

Racism and any kind of hate should not be 

tolerated... neither should those who know better 

casually dismiss the pain and sorrow all

 around them by turning a blind eye and deaf ear. 

Black people live and feel the pain 

of  injustice every day.

Many are so stuck on historical inaccuracies... 

they cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that 

which is inaccurate or true. That, in and of itself, is 

alarming and cultish.

Insecure people are usually those who feel super-entitled 

and wants everyone to know how big they are. They 

showcase and overcompensate by striving for superiority 

and belittling others. The insecure person tries to make 

others feel insecure about themselves.

The psychology or culprit behind this process stems from 

one's own inward feelings of uncertainty. Underneath the 

bravado these people are weak, inferior, unhappy, 

suffering from haughtiness and a constant need to boost 

their low self-esteem and self-efficacy. 

Selfishness, haughtiness, pride, vanity, superiority, 

self-concern and self-absorption can actually reach 

pathological levels. An individuals thoughts and 

actions speaks volumes about the individual they 

come from more so than the person they've targeted.

Some people would rather be held captive by tradition. 

They hold on to dismissive discourse and flip the idea 

of racial sensitivity training and truth telling to the

nonsense of making it appear that truth seekers hate

America and desire to make white people feel guilt and

 anguish. That is absurd and contrary to reason or 

common sense.

It is absurd to deflect the blame for the institution of 

slavery in America away from those who know the truth 

and all of the intricacies of the institution of slavery in 

America, past and present; yet some are insistent on 

perpetuating lies, at all cost. 

Some people are willing to excuse or minimize 

shameless messages taken out of context, 

riddled with blatant lies, exaggerated and filled

with obvious deceptions. 

White fragility is real. Some white people avoid 

unearthed truths/facts and those difficult conversations 

about race. When discussions arise and truths/facts 

about racial inequality and injustice begin to surface, 

some will see it as a major threat to furthering their 

white supremacy agenda and/or the generational 

lies. Many would rather hold on to their distorted 

history than address disturbing historical events 

and uncomfortable truths.

When people feel exposed to information and/or 

discussions about real history, some will become

 dismissive, defensive, uncomfortable or 


Some may see it equally as satisfying to use all their 

resources and associates to try to discount, discredit

 and destroy one's moral character, especially when 

one speaks up and challenges the status quo. 

Some may still harbor illusions about racism that 

prevents a deeper understanding of the problem.

Some will dismiss the truth by denying that racism 

does exist. They may attempt to ignore the messenger, 

act as if the problem does not exist, or speak about 

them or the messenger with patronizing and 

condescending attitudes. Many will attempt to 

distract, smear, tarnish, deflect and throw dirt on the 

agent(s) of change in an effort to quiet, humiliate 

and weaken the truth.

For those who reveal what they deem is

 threatening information, which may expose

 historical lies, they will do everything to make

 that person look small. 

Many who are in denial develop a habit of deflection. 

Deflecting is a psychological defense mechanism that 

people use to distract, mislead, divert, channel away, 

avert, sidetrack, stave away, ward off and hinder 

others. To deflect... takes the blame off of themselves 

and preserve their self-concept. 

Deflecting is an intense focus upon and antagonism

 toward the legitimacy of the actions, feelings, and 

beliefs of others. They deflect so they can clean the 

mud off of themselves and slather it onto others. It is 

used to condemn and place blame for their unwanted 

feelings onto others.

When people are deflecting, they are trying to make

 themselves feel less diabolical, wretched, and lousy 

for their misdeeds. It is designed to shift one's attention 

away from the main aggressor's actions. It is a form of 

projection when it is used to deflect accountability.

A great historian, W.E.B. DuBois tells us,

"Always Africa is giving us something new . . . On 

its black bosom arose one of the earliest, if not the 

earliest, of self-protecting civilizations, and grew so

 mightily that it still furnishes superlatives to thinking 

and speaking men. Out of its darker and more remote

 forest vastness came, if we may credit many recent

 scientists, the first welding of iron, and we know 

that agriculture and trade flourished there when 

Europe was a wilderness."

Dr. DuBois tells us further that,"Nearly every human 

empire that has arisen in the world, material and 

spiritual, has found some of its greatest crises on this 

continent of Africa. 

Egypt and the nations of the Nile Valley were, 

figuratively, the beating heart of Africa and the 

incubator for its greatness for more than a thousand 

years. Egypt gave birth to what later would become 

known as "Western Civilization," long before the 

greatness of Greece and Rome.

This is a part of the African story, and in the distance 

it is a part of the African-American story. It is difficult

 for depressed African-Americans to know that they

 are a part of the larger story of the history of the 

world. The history of the modern world was made, in

 the main, by what was taken from African people. 

Europeans emerged from what they call their 

"Middle-Ages," people-poor, land-poor and 

resources-poor. And to a great extent, culture-poor. 

They raided and raped the cultures of the world, 

mostly Africa, and filled their homes and museums 

with treasures, then they called the people primitive.

The Europeans did not understand the cultures of 

non-Western people then; they do not understand 

them now.

The most infuriating thing about

injustice is the absence of the

acknowledgment of wrong.

Let us be crystal clear, this narrative is not an attempt,

 by any means, to discredit or bash the United States 

of America... neither is this an attempt to whitewash 

America's bloody past as a slave-holding nation. 

This is a narrative about 


We realize from an acutely conscious and comparative 

perspective that the United States of America is a

 blessed and exceptional nation. God, in His great 

wisdom has put a hedge of protection all around the 

United States, but our nation cannot stay on its present 

course and expect to continue experiencing God's 


In these perilous times, with so many storms on 

the horizon, our nation needs to take ego down to 

zero and be a blessing to God, in return.


Lies, divisiveness, deceptions, and evil doings are 

not of God. The truths about the displacement and

mistreatment of Native Americans and the 

kidnapping, brutal enslavement and exploitation 

of Africans are truths that will set us free regarding 

founding crimes and the continuance of a cruel, 

racist legacy. 

There are many Bible critics who take passages out 

of context. They have said, “there is so much racism 

in the Bible. God condones it and He approves of 


These are lies brought on by Satan and his children. 

Scripture does not promote racism, discrimination, or 


Some living souls presume that the Bible justifies their 

racist mind-set. Still, when we study what the Bible 

says about the genesis of all mankind, we discover a 

very different narrative.

The Word of God settles this concern. In actuality,

there is only one race... the human race. 

Within the human race is diversity in skin color 

and other physical characteristics.

God, obviously, desired humanity to be 

diverse in appearance.

There is a common bond of humanity 

found within each person!

In the beginning God created the first man, Adam. 

Adam is Hebrew for "Humankind". Then God 

created the first woman, Eve, from the man’s side. 

Adam and Eve were our original parents. 

Within the human race is diversity in skin color. 

In these two people were the genes to produce 

black, brown, and white offspring (and 

everything else in between). 

God made genetic changes to humanity to better 

enable people to survive in different ecologies, such 

as the darker skin of Africans being better equipped 

genetically to survive the excessive heat in Africa.

 When the different languages came into existence, 

at the tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9), groups that 

spoke one language moved away with others of the 

same language. In doing so, the gene pool for a 

specific group shrank dramatically as the group no

 longer had the entire human population to mix with.

As further inbreeding occurred through the 

generations, the gene pool grew smaller and 

smaller, to the point that people of one language 

family all had the same or similar features. 

Closer inbreeding took place, and in time certain 

features were emphasized in these different groups. 

Paul said, 

“God made from one man every nation of mankind” 

(Acts 17:26).

According to historical accounts 

found in Genesis, the first book of the Bible, we are 

all descendants of Adam and Eve, all the same race, 

all created by the same God, all created for the same 

purpose... to glorify God

Adam and Eve's ethnicity is not even mentioned in the 

Bible, neither does the Bible speak of the creation of 

a special or privileged race of people. Adam and Eve 

are representative of all people of all ethnicities. The 

Scriptures mentions that they are the mother and 

father of all people... of all ethnicities. 

Adam and Eve are ethnically 

generic, representing all


No matter what our status is in society or how powerful 

we feel we may be... in the eyes of God we are all equal. 

Our significance, virtue, worth, and equality as 

human beings is supported in Scripture and our 

creation. The Bible is very straight-forward in 

proclaiming, from the beginning, that all people 

of all races and ethnicities are offsprings of 

Adam and Eve and created in the image of God.

Misinterpretations of the Bible have led some 

to believe that God approves of racism and 

slavery. God is very clear in Scripture that

 all humans are made in His image, and 

God sees people as precious and valuable. 

This is the truth we should be living. 

For centuries, man has tried to cover the 

terrible sin of slavery and racism and as a 

result... gone totally contrary to Scripture. 

Racism goes contrary to Scripture

Jesus preached about discrimination and not 

judging others based on how they look or what 

they wear. 

Before leaving, Jesus told the apostles to make 

disciples from every nation, reaffirming the

 value of all people.

Racism, prejudice, discrimination, and/or

 antagonism directed against anyone of a

 different race is not reflecting God!

Racism is a sin and is 

morally wrong in the eyes 

of God.

God is not unjust, and God will judge us all. 

God shows no favoritism or 

partiality, and the Scriptures 

teach us that...

we should not either.


God makes it clear that no man


is superior to another! No matter 

what color one may be. There is 

no race any more worthy or 

deserving of dignity than another. 

We were all made from God!

  According to James 2:1, being partial to a group 

of people over another in itself is a sin.

James 2:9 says that 

"Respect to persons" or "Partiality" is sin.

God told Peter, 

"God is no respecter of persons"

(Acts 10:34)

There is no respect of persons with God. God does 

not support the authority of any ethnic group 

above another.

How can we claim that we have faith 

in Jesus Christ if we favor some people 

more than others? 

Discrimination shows that people are being 

guided by wrong motives.

In God's eyes, blacks are equal in value to white people.

We have all been equally created in the image of God.

Blacks are not sub-human or inferior to anyone. 

God does not support the authority 

of any ethnic group above another.

God designed us all with the ability to love, to care, to

build up, to share, to be gracious, and grateful. Diversity

benefits society. One of the many advantages of diversity

is the opportunity to learn from others with different

backgrounds and perspectives.

Without diversity, things can become very bland and

stagnant. Diversity prevents stagnation and allows for

richness and innovation... which leads to growth. This is

a great benefit to all mankind.

To do the opposite is a disservice to all.

Racism is a sin against God. Racism denigrates 

the beauty and majesty of God’s diverse creation. 

As God gives grace in our cultural, contextualized

 expressions, so should we. 

Although we are diverse in many ways, we are 

one in God... with God in our being. Those who are

 joined to God become one spirit with God. 

God is King over all 

the nations, and God's 

Message is always one 

of inclusion.

The love of God is not confined to boundaries of any 

kind, but extends to all nations, tribes, cultures, tongues, 

and people.

Jesus did not allow skin color, hair texture, social status or 

cultural barriers to dictate His relationships with people. 

Diversity did not stop Jesus. 

Jesus always included people, 

from all walks of life.

Jesus embraced others with a radical disregard for their

 race, tribe, creed, color, class, religion, language, age, 

culture, disability, political beliefs, educational

 background, or socioeconomic differences, experiences, 

or realities. 

"Jesus ransomed people for God from every tribe and 

language and people and nation."

Revelations 5:9

Every tribe, nation, and tongue emphasizes the concept of 

wholeness, entirety, or all-encompassing.

We are all the work of God's hand.

 Isaiah 64:8 

Considering the times and issues we are faced with 

in this fallen world, we would limit ourselves and be 

disservice to the Kingdom of God if we did not 

share or chose to share only from one culture, laced 

with isms and ego.

Let us rise above narrow and habitual ways of 

thinking about other beings and free ourselves 

from identification with the temporary state of 

our physical forms... as we remember our 

true nature.

We are not reflecting God when we treat people 

differently and build up space to create an 

“Us” vs. “Them” mentality.

Spirit makes us relevant to 

anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

The Scriptures affirm the fundamental equality of all 

people before God. God's Word is very clear in telling us

 that no one is insignificant. Every single person is 

important, vital, and valuable to God. 

Spirituality transcends the material aspects of life.

Spirituality extends far beyond the known and observable 

realm of worldly barriers and designations perceived 

between ourselves and others. It extends beyond the 

sanctuary and the practice of religion.

God's Truth is trans-cultural. God's Truth is true 

for all people, in all places, at all times. 

When our truth, attitudes and actions are consistent 

with the teachings of Jesus... we can share, act, and 

come together. Everything that is needed to build a 

culture of peace already exists within each one of us. 

Think about it: God is ever-present within us all, and


God’s rule, control, power, mastery, 

influence, and jurisdiction... is 


There is One God and 


We all share and depend on the same Divine Creator. 

All of creation are a part of God's divine plan, and 

there is nothing accidental, irregular, unplanned, 

erratic, haphazard or coincidental about God's plan.

God's plan included Pharaoh, plagues, miracles,

Judas and the gut-wrenching death of Jesus Christ, 

by crucifixion.

 God gives pure love, life, breath, and spirit to 

all beings. God transcends all as well as emanates 

in all. God's Plan is intricate to every detail. Every 

thread of creation is guided by the unspeakably 

tender hand of God. What God attempts... 

God accomplishes. God makes no mistakes. God's 

Plan is not without purpose. If God planned it... it 

will come to pass.

"But indeed for this purpose I have raised you up, that I 

may show My power in you, and that My Name may be 

declared in all the earth."

Exodus 9:16

We all have an important story in this huge, rich, 

beautiful, and diverse tapestry. Every individual 

is like a thread and each thread has a vital 

contribution to make. Each thread has possibility. 

Each thread can make a positively good difference.

Racism is one's assumption that traits, qualities and 

competence can be traceable to people merely on the 

basis of their race and that their racial group is 

exceptionally dominant to others.

God knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust. 

Psalm 103:14

The diversity of race, color, language, and sect, should 

help us realize the dignity of each individual.

There are those who turn justice into bitterness and cast 

righteousness to the ground. He who made the Pleiades 

and Orion, who turns midnight into dawn and darkens day 

into night, Who calls for the waters of the sea and pours 

them out over the face of the land- the LORD is His name. 

With a blinding flash He destroys the stronghold and 

brings the fortified city to ruin. There are those who 

hate the one who upholds justice in court and detest the 

one who tells the truth. You levy a straw tax on the poor 

and impose a tax on their grain. Therefore, though you 

have built stone mansions, you will not live in them; 

though you have planted lush vineyards, you will not drink 

their wine. For I know how many are your offenses and 

how great your sins. There are those who oppress the 

innocent and take bribes and deprive the poor of justice in 

the courts. Therefore the prudent keep quiet in such 

times, for the times are evil.

Amos 5:7-13,