Do we listen attentively and take the phrases 

of the pledge seriously, or is it just a ritual we 

are required to perform?

With liberty and justice for all, the pledge's final 

phrase, is among the most ineffective phrases of 

devotion we can use.

Our forefathers dreamed of a land where everyone

 would experience fairness, liberty, and prosperity.

But for some, "freedom" has evolved into a 

permission for greed, and "justice" has become 

little more than retaliatory or cruel and unusual 


Yes, one would think that democracy belongs to all 

people, not just one individual or a small group

of people. 

Democratic societies emphasize the principle that all people are equal. Equality means that all individuals are valued equally, have equal opportunities, and may not be discriminated against because of their race, religion, ethnic group, gender or sexual orientation. In a democracy, individuals and groups still maintain their right to have different cultures, personalities, languages and beliefs. 

You'll remember – and if you don't, I'll remind you –

 Unresolved systemic racism has been one of the most

urgent concerns in the United States since its inception.

Slavery was America's "Original sin." The

horrendous American Civil War and the people

who wrote the United States Constitution were

unable to terminate it. It only perpetuated in a new

and wicked manner the generational enslavement

of a whole class in American society.

In general response, the Civil Rights Movement 

handed racism in America a crushing blow, and our

 spirits were lifted when Dr. King stated that he

 had a dream. But we were and are still outside of

the "Promised land."

Is America honestly providing

unadulterated justice and 

freedom for all?

Is Liberty a massive lie?... 

a deception?

African Americans have always aspired to the

 same levels of social freedoms, political, and 

economic freedoms (rights to freedom) that 

Caucasians experience simply by virtue of their 

ethnic background.

Lies, radicalism, and a primal 

need for dominance can only

 result in suffering and loss.

The non-Caucasian population is still being held captive,

 enslaved, and trapped by a myriad of invisible strings

 and ties that operate to deceive, breed unthinkable 

levels of corruption, control, oppress and destroy 


Non-White people are kept trapped, ensnared, 

oppressed, and enslaved by numerous invisible 

strongholds and entanglements, purposely built

 into the system.

 The sysytem was designed to 

provide a small percentage of 

Caucasians control and wealth

America has never granted 

equal rights to ALL mankind

 or accorded them all the same



Jim Crow, the Slave Codes, the Black Codes, the 

Indian Wars, the Exclusion Acts, the Ku Klux 

Klan, the evil acts done to the Native Americans 

leaving a Trail of Tears, the horrendous lynchings

 of African Americans who were lied on and

were lynched as a result, the long bloody and 

murderous summer of 1967, church bombings,

church murders, devastating terror campaigns 

that destroyed entire towns and communities, 

cross burnings, the burning of human beings, 

police brutality, countless unsolved murders 

that dominated the Reconstruction era and the 

years that followed should be recognized as 

domestic terrorism. 

Redlining, gerrymandering, the repeal of open

 carry laws preventing blacks from protecting 

themselves, and racist gun control laws that 

favored White carriers and actions would not 

have existed if liberty and justice were for all.

African Americans are still losing 

their lives to these blatant evils.

All American citizens are included 

in the phrase "We the People."

If we are going to be honest, America's words 

and deeds toward individuals of color, especially 

African Americans, have consistently run counter 

to one another. 

African Americans in America have never had 

the same freedoms as White Americans, and White 

Supremacy has never stopped feeling like non-

Whites deserved justice or equality.

We must be vigilant at all times to ensure that our

 constitutional rights are upheld!

Our country is hailed as the land of the free. 

A land where  everyone is treated with equality 

and freedom, and no one is given preferential




Profiling based on race or religion continues to

 violate our fundamental rights. 

We vehemently back those who uphold the 

Constitution and condemn those who do not. 

Because the Constitution was the basis for this 

nation's founding, and our current political climate 

should follow it!

We must not let ego, power-seeking, corrupt, 

 abusive political goals, or greed... trump or take

precedence over common sense, or walk all 

over..."We the people."

 Corruption, mismanagement, and abuse of power 

at the highest levels of government aggressively

undermines the fundamental ideals that undergird 

our true democracy. Far too many "would-be" 

politicians are influenced and will sell their 

souls for money, position, and power.

It is repulsive and troubling that those who have been

sworn to protect our democracy... are contaminating 

it. Their greedy ambitions, thirst for power, immoral 

and unjust behavior, and white supremacy has 

clouded their consciences and at the expense of

taxpayers... this is leading our country to its 


Satan and his allies, many of whom are sworn

 law makers, are shamelessly, unlawfully, and 

blatantly attacking and undermining the basic 

foundations of our constitutional government. 

With its blind allegiance to a single, erratic, unfit, 

and unstable individual or group, many have

 chosen an evil, self-aggrandizing dictator over 

the political system that once made the United States, 

and its distinguished democratic governance, the

 most powerful nation in the world.

Satan has a stronghold on far too many, which is

  posing serious threats to democracy itself. 

Jesus says, 

"The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy."

One of America's two major political parties has, 

without empathy, effectively abandoned its scruples

 and belief in democracy due to the influence of 

Satan; this abandonment is exceedingly crucial for 

the future of our great nation.

Many have rolled the red carpet out for Satan to

undermine the political viability of office holders 

who tell the truth about the Capitol insurrection he

 inspired while also seeking personal vengeance.

Satan has the amazing ability to dictate what his

"sheeple" will believe... and want to believe.

The enemy wins when we renounce our civil rights 

in exchange for trumped-up lies of equal rights, 

protection, and justice for all. 

Members of Congress repeat the oath of office while

 raising their right hands during the public 

swearing-in ceremony.

In 1884, the current oath was established. It states:

"I do hereby solemnly swear (or affirm) that to the

 best of my ability, and with God's help, I will uphold

 and defend the Constitution of the United States 

against all enemies, both foreign and domestic; that 

I will do so with sincere faith and loyalty; that I take

 this obligation freely; and that I will do so without 

any mental reservation or deliberate attempt to 

evade it.

Satan uses cunning control strategies, such as

 letting us think we are in control of our own lives. 

Satan will try to exert control over every aspect of 

our lives and direct our thoughts.

 If we are not vigilant and aware, Satan will be in 

charge of our lives and will be driving us to hell 

in a hot tub while deceiving us into thinking we

 are driving.
Pervasive separations.

Satan's system sets us up against one another, 

impassioning spitefulness, malice, hatred, 

grudges, bad blood, and animosity. 

Satan loves nothing more than to lead us to 

self-destroy, and have us living in fear and 

anger.  His goal is to make us rip each other's 

hearts apart, hate ourselves and our neighbors. 

Satan is notorious for keeping people in the dark, 

stirring up infighting, creating disunities, 

bickering, quarrellings, and division.

Venomous conflicts and clashes permits Satan to 

penetrate our lives causing us to kill one another, 

bathing in our own blood. 

Satan tries to prolong and bolster our bitterness 

and division through ideology, faith, and 

unquestioning beliefs. 

Together, we must work to expose and prevent 

misconduct, promote government accountability, 

and amplify truth to protect our fragile 


So unrestrained is systemic racism, in fact, 

many are either ignorant of it, or choose to 

dismiss it from their recollection or at least 

from any discussion.

We are all blessed with

inalienable rights.

The Bill of Rights is a safeguard 

to protect our God-given rights.

Human rights are the rights that people have simply 

by virtue of their humanity. They are inalienable, 

indivisible, and interdependent, which means

 they cannot be taken away, no one right is more 

important than another, and enjoyment of one 

right is linked to enjoyment of all others.

Responsibilities are duties to protect and promote 

human rights by establishing the social, economic, 

and political conditions, as well as the legal 

safeguards, required to ensure that all persons 

subject to a state's jurisdiction can enjoy those 

rights and freedoms.

God gave us freedom to choose Him as the Lord

and love of our lives. May we reap the goodness 

God made us for... through our devotion to Him.

God's Will was for us to have joyful lives without 

misery, evil, confusion, and suffering, but in 

rebelliousness, opposition, and open resistance to

His authority... we allowed sin to enter the world. 

This waywardness is what brought death, pain, 

struggling, and all things that come simultaneously 

with sin.

God also gave us freedom (a power in and of itself 

to do what we ought to do), which means we have 

the power to choose our actions. We are not bound 

by some predetermined plan for our lives. God 

graced us with the freedom to choose and be 

responsible for our own actions; however, this 

did not mean we could do what we wanted to 

do with this freedom... as long as it didn't hurt 


With great power, such as this, comes great 

responsibility. Many self-absorbed, defiant

individuals have abused their own power. 

The government does not give 

us our freedom. Our freedom 

comes from God,

 and the government was established to 

protect that God-given freedom.

Our nation's unity and freedom

 depends upon being one nation

 under God. 

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all 

men are created equal; that they are endowed 

by their Creator with certain unalienable rights;

 that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit

 of happiness; that to secure these rights, 

governments are instituted among men, deriving

 their just powers from the consent of the governed; 

that whenever any form of government becomes

destructive of these ends, it is the right of the 

people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute 

new government laying its foundation on such


No king or emperor, no president or congress,

 no court or crowd gives us our rights. They

 come from God Himself and are unalienable. 

God is above all nations and all kingdoms. So, 

every nation and every kingdom is under God. 

Every nation and kingdom were formed by God, 

uplifted by God, and will be judged by God.

In the beginning, God created out of one... all 

nations of men from one blood to dwell upon the 

whole earth. God, the Creator of all, determined 

our appointed times and bounds of our habitation.

Man's government and the long arm of the law 

decided to remove God and any discussion of 

God from public forums. 

How can one lead our country 

without seeking God's direction?

Though the government denies Him, and the state 

claims to be increasingly all-knowing and 


God is still God.

It is a crucial time for our nation

to collectively seek God's divine 


When you look at where we are as a country it

 is apparent that democracy is in peril, an we the 

people are headed for some darker days in 


God, the most powerful being in the universe, 

created everything! No one is greater than God. 

God didn’t create the world to maliciously lord 

over us; God created the world to share with us,

 out of an abundance of love... so that we might 

share in the delight of life and creation. 

In April 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote 

a letter from the Birmingham Jail. He argued that 

“There are two types of laws: just and unjust.” 

Dr. King stated: “A just law is a code that 

squares with the moral law or the law of God. 

An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony

 with that moral law.”

Dr. King stated, “Any law that uplifts the 

human being is just. Any law that degrades 

human beings is unjust. All segregation is unjust 

because segregation distorts the soul and 

damages the human being.

Scripture is history. When we speak of Scripture’s

historical events, we refer to the truthfulness of its

factual claims. Scripture is also textual, consisting 

of words that inscribe sacred experience.

Scripture seeks to bear testimony while it 

seeks to preserve events.

Pontius Pilate freed Barabbas

at the Passover Feast in 

Jerusalem while keeping Jesus

a prisoner.

Are we choosing

Jesus or Barabbas?

“What happens when you are faced with

doing something you believe is right; but

may cause many to be upset with you, or 

even turn against you? 

When have you said or done things aimed 

at satisfying the crowd? 

When have you remained silent when you 

should have spoken out?”

The governor's custom each year during 

the Passover celebration was to release

 one prisoner... whomever the people 

requested. Which would they free, Jesus, 

the Messiah  or Barabbas, the murderer?

Barabbas was a well known, hardened

 criminal. He was a blood-thirsty 

revolutionary, who committed murder 

during an uprising. Barabbas was 

condemned because of his own sin. 

Barabbas was facing the penalty of 

death because of his insurrection 

against the Roman government and 

the murders he had committed.

The crowd pushed forward and asked Pilate 

to release someone, as he regularly did.

Pilate answered them, "Do you want me to 

release to you the King of the Jews?"

The chief priests stirred up the crowd to have 

Pilate release Barabbas to them instead. He knew 

that the chief priests had handed him over because

 of jealousy. Pilate replied, “Then what do you want 

me to do with the one you call King of the Jews?”

They shouted back, “Crucify Him!”

Pilate said to them, “Why? What wrong

 has He done?” They shouted even louder, 

“Crucify Him!”

Pilate wanted to satisfy the crowd, so he 

released Barabbas to them. He had Jesus 

whipped, then handed Him over to be


Mark 15:6-15

Mind you, the city was filled with people 

Jesus had healed. The eyes of the blind had

 been opened, the deaf made to hear, and the

 lame to walk. He had awakened within the 

people the hope, the flaming desire, that this 

was indeed the Messiah, come to deliver them 

from the yoke of Rome. All their ideas of 

messiahship centered around the thought that 

He would be the one who would set them free 

from the hated bondage of Rome. Now, when

 they saw Him standing helpless before the 

Roman governor, saw His apparent 

unwillingness or inability to make any defense,

 or to do anything against the Romans, all their 

loyalty to Him collapsed. In anger and 

disappointment, they turned and chose Barabbas, 

who lived by force. Barabbas, the known

murderer was set free at the trial of Jesus. 

The crowd voted for the killer to be released, 

not the man who said, 

“Love your enemies.” 

Pilate, was morally weak. He chose to satisfy 

the crowd, by killing Jesus Christ, 

an innocent man.

Jesus suffered unjustly.


Father God, help us not to 

look away from times when 

injustices happen, but to pit 

ourselves against

injustice with all our minds,

 hearts and strength. 


The Scriptures are overwhelmingly historical, 

presenting factual accounts of things that happened

in time. The meaning of history is: Creation, Fall,

 and Redemption.

The lessons of Scripture are those of history. 

In Solomon’s time, many advances took place 

in society, but, from the larger perspective of 

life, human nature has remained and always 

will remain the same.

For whatever was written in former days 

was written for our instruction, that through

 endurance and through the encouragement

 of the Scriptures we might have hope. 

Romans 15:4

According to an article, written by 

Beth Schwartzapfel, in the Marshall Project, 

nonprofit journalism about criminal justice,

she writes, 

"After years of focusing efforts on private prisons,

mandatory sentences and money bail, people trying 

to change the criminal justice system have identified

 another target: prosecutors."

In an influential book last year, Fordham University

Professor John Pfaff argued prosecutors were the 

main driver behind the soaring U.S. incarceration 

rate — 

almost always unwatched

and unopposed. 

Criminal justice should be the 

delivery of justice to those who

have committed crimes.

Sadly, this kind of warped mentality constructs and 

plays a role in our moral decline. Far too many

people can't tell the difference between good and

 evil. Satan, the gatekeeper and ruler of this world

 has purposely waged an all-out assault on morals,

values, and common sense.

Lynchings, for some, were considered as fun for

the whole family. Murder was celebrated in postcards.

Some wanted others to know they were there... and 

Satan is having a field day being the grand 

puppeteer of the sheeple.

Could this be a new low?

Murderous racism is celebrated?

How pro-life is this? 

Should this devilish sense of 

reality and morals shock or 

surprise us?

Barabbas, the known murderer

 was set free at the trial of Jesus. 

The crowd voted for the killer 

to be released, not the man who


“Love your enemies.” 

The U.S. criminal justice system plays a big part

 in our society. Keeping communities safe should 

be the number one priority. Their goals should

include the rehabilitation of offenders, preventing

other crimes, and moral support for victims.

A truly great government with antiquated, and 

undesirable outcomes can and should 

acknowledge its failures. 

Lady Justice is depicted as blindfolded 

and holding balanced scales. 

Is justice blind? 

Are the scales balanced?

The criminal justice 

system is morally 

bankrupt. It was built 


The Criminal Justice System 

has historically treated Black

defendants more harshly. Blacks 

are more likely to be physically 

harmed and arrested by police... 

and be both convicted of crimes

 and sentenced to longer jail terms

 than whites... 

The Declaration of Independence couldn’t be

 more clear on the source of our rights and the

action to be taken when governments infringe 

upon them:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that

 all men are created equal, that they are endowed

 by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, 

that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit 

of happiness. 

 To secure these rights, governments are instituted

 among men, deriving their just powers from the

 consent of the governed. Whenever any form of

government becomes destructive of these ends, it 

is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it,

and to institute new government, laying its 

foundation on such principles and organizing its

 powers in such form, as to them shall seem most

 likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

Notice who gives us our rights: God, our Creator. 

They are “unalienable.” Governments cannot and 

should not try to take them away. What is the 

purpose of government? To protect these rights, 

among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of 

happiness. What right do the people have when a 

form of government becomes destructive of its 

God-given duty to protect God-given rights? To 

alter or abolish it and form a new government to 

effect our safety and happiness.

Unfortunately, the American Justice System has

many subtle and very blatant biases and prejudices 

that threaten America's judicial system. There are

many legal professionals and judges who are not 

fit to serve and should not preside over certain 


It is time for the people to question the two-tiered

  laws and lawmakers. People, regardless of position, 

are human and are prone to not treat some 

individuals in a fair and impartial manner... 

especially when there is bias, racism, and 

discrimination coming from the bench. If we 

are to be honest, we all know there are many 

cognitive failures and intrinsic flaws that 

undermine the search for truth, in our 

Criminal Justice System. Countless Black

 men, in many cases, have become victims

of America's Criminal Enterprise.

We've all heard stories of people who served 

decades in prison for crimes they didn't commit. 

We like to think such miscarriages of justice

 are rare, but many routine procedures in the 

criminal justice system are bound to lead to 

mistakes and unfair outcomes because they 

rest on false assumption and common police 

practices which has encouraged falsely 

identified suspects.

Constructing an effective and reliable court and

 judicial system for the amicable settlement of legal 

issues requires a number of essential conditions, 

including integrity and impartiality. A fundamental

 principle shared by people all over the world is the

 creation of an efficient judicial system that upholds 

human rights, makes justice accessible to all, and 

offers transparent and impartial solutions.

Integrity and impartiality are only a couple of the

 crucial requirements needed to build an efficient 

and trustworthy court system and judicial system 

for the peaceful resolution of legal disputes. The

 establishment of an effective legal system that 

promotes human rights, ensures that justice is 

available to everyone, and provides transparent 

and impartial solutions is a fundamental ideal that 

people all over the world share.

These rules apply to all participants in the 

legal system, including prosecutors, judges, 

and other members of the judiciary. The efficacy

 of the State's anti-corruption initiatives is 

undermined by ineffective criminal prosecution, 

which is characterized by a lack of competence

 to successfully investigate and prosecute cases 

of corruption.

A judicial system that acts outside of the 

bounds of professional ethics won't be able to

 gain and keep the public's confidence in the 

fairness and objectivity of its judgments and 

outcomes. A system of this kind is nonetheless 

susceptible to improper manipulation from other 

entities or people.

Criminal justice (as a system) is made up 

of law enforcement, courts, and corrections...each 

with their own ideas and agendas of “justice.” 

The criminal justice system is comprised of 

three major institutions which processes a case 

from inception, through trial, to punishment. 

A case begins with law enforcement officials,

who investigate a crime, gather evidence to 

identify and use against the presumed 

perpetrator, and make arrests

The case continues with the court system, which

weighs the evidence to determine if the defendant

is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If so, the 

corrections system will use the means at their

 disposal, namely incarceration and probation, to

punish and correct the behavior of the offender.

On paper, the criminal justice system is designed 

to deliver 

“Justice for all.”

 which should mean protecting the innocent, 

convicting criminals, and providing a fair justice

 process to help keep order across the country.

 In other words, on paper, it is designed to keep

citizens safe.

The Bible calls us to take up the cause of the

 defenseless and to care deeply about the 

brokenness of the world. Social justice is one 

of the ways we join God in the work of 

redeeming creation and restoring it to what 

He intended in Eden. 

"We the people"

should make sure that we are 

approaching social justice from a 

Biblical perspective.

God spoke through the prophet Hosea, 

"My people are destroyed 

for lack of knowledge." 

Whenever God's Word is hidden or disregarded, 

there will be certain destruction.

God's Word is our moral Guidance. 

God's Word can bring harmony 

and peace to our sin-sick world. 

Feasting on God's Word, daily, 

is the difference between spiritual

 life and death, faith and fear, 

strength and weakness, 

fulfillment and discontentment.

  • The Bible has been burned, belittled 

and ignored. It has survived many 

vicious attacks, but it remains 

unchanged and applies explicitly to us 


  • Despite its many enemies and 

criticisms, the Bible is living, active

 and it guides us through the vital 

issues of life.

  • The Bible gives illumination, revelation

 and inspiration. 

.God's Word is not an elementary collection of 

interesting writings from antiquity, but it is 

God-breathed. In other words, it is the Word of 

God... God’s very own words to us. 

God's sovereignty is not limited to a single nation or 

certain people. God's love extends far beyond imaginary 

man-made barriers and worldly designations, i.e., race, 

tribe, creed, color, gender, language, age, culture,

disability, political beliefs, educational background, 

or socio-economic differences, experiences, or realities.

God is the Lord of all the world, 

and God is the Creator of all.

It is absolutely absurd and delusional to hold on to the

 idea that there is some supreme race that has the right 

to dominate others. This is a belief or impression that 

is contradicted by reality and/or rational argument. 

The philosophy which holds one race superior and 

another inferior is completely incorrect and 

unrighteous both morally and scientifically. 

Scripture makes it clear that caring for the

 defenseless is central to true faith. 

We, as Believers, are commanded to take up 

the cause of the defenseless by fighting injustice 

and keep ourselves unstained from the world.

If we are to live as Jesus modeled and called us

 to live, we need to be concerned about the needs

 and welfare of the least of these. 
Jesus wants us to serve others for Him, as if 

we are serving Him directly. To do that, we 

need to see the image of God in each and every

 person we serve. 

God dwells within each of us. No matter who

 we are or what we have gone through, despite 

our corruption, God still remains in us. 

Within each of us is a fountain of good. 

Regardless of where we have been, what we

 have done, how many failures and frustrations

we may be surrounded by... how wealthy, 

influential, fruitless or futile we are or 

have been... no matter how profoundly deep

 the hurts and struggles have been, regardless

 of how astute, shattered, worldly-wise and 

polished, or religious one may be... no matter 

what we have done in the past... God loves us

 and is under no illusion about who we are, 

where we have been, what we have done or


We are all flawed, frail, and sinful. We all have

 sinned and cannot undo what we have done. We 

have all done, thought, or said unrighteous things, 

which the Bible calls sin. The fallen man is a 

sinner by birth and by choice. 

God knows we are not perfect. 

Some may think their works, perfection and 

performance driven, people pleasing lifestyle 

makes them right with God, but...

they need to think again. 

A truly democratic, community-controlled justice

 system would be accountable to marginalized 

and working-class communities, and it would be

life-affirming rather than punitive and criminalizing.

 There can be no economic justice and worker power

 without true democratic community control of the 

public institutions entrusted to uphold justice.

"Our expectation is that the judicial system

 and our judges, although human, would 

preserve this impartial gatekeeper function 

so that everyone receives a fair trial — the 

defendant and the people — and that we can 

all agree on a conclusion that is legal."

This is not a good look

for American justice.

Rittenhouse was acquitted of fatally shooting

 two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during the

 Black Lives Matter racial justice protests last year. 

There's no fair justice if one belongs to a 

certain"social society". The question becomes, 

if Rittenhouse had been a Black male, would we

 have seen so much effort by the judge to help

the defendant?

Rittenhouse, a vigilant teenager, was living in 

Illinois, needlessly and intentionally inserted 

himself into the rallies that were unfolding, and 

came armed with a semiautomatic rifle that he, 

then 17, was not legally permitted to possess. 

Rittenhouse opened fire on three people, killing 

two of them.  He pleaded not guilty… he said he 

shot them in self-defense.

The questions now becomes... why was he there?

Why was this trigger-happy teen armed?

Rittenhouse said in a video that surfaced from about 

two weeks prior to the shootings that he wished he

 had a gun so he could shoot people he thought were

robbing a pharmacy.

Rittenhouse shot three men, killing two of them, 

with an AR-15-style rifle during a chaotic protest

 against police brutality in Kenosha last year. A 

jury deliberated about 3 1/2 days before finding

 Rittenhouse not guilty on Friday of five felony 

charges, including a murder charge that could have 

carried a life in prison sentence.

The judge's actions have revealed the significance 

of how the court system is seen, particularly in a

 high-profile case when the conclusion might 

heighten societal tensions over themes like

 as race, firearms, demonstrations, vigilantism,

 and law and order.

Pictured above is not the judge 

and a person who appears to 

be his nephew. 

The person leanoing over the judge's shoulder 

is a murderer. Rittenhouse, the murder defendant,

 stood behind the seated, black-robed judge and 

peered over him to review evidence.

Rittenhouse intentionally crossed over state lines 

armed with weapons and the intention to take

 matters into his own hands. As a result he 

murdered two people and injured another. 

A series of resolutions, decisions, and other measures 

that stresses the significance of establishing, and

strengthening appropriate and efficient judicial 

systems must be implemented by the system. This

 calls for them to take steps to improve integrity

 and prevent opportunities for corruption among 

members of the judiciary.  

Institutions in the judicial system that are corrupt 

are a significant obstacle to the success of any anti-

corruption measures. Institutions in the judicial 

system that lack moral integrity make it 

impossible to combat corruption to be effective 

or honest.

Additionally, corruption's larger consequences on 

the rule of law and sustainable development are 

not only detrimental but even destructive, especially

 when they affect the judicial system, which ought

 to uphold the ideals of impartiality, honesty, and 


A corrupt conduct at any point in the criminal justice

 system can seriously damage the entire system, if 

not completely destroy it, and undermine public

confidence in true law and order.

This is really disturbing. What has our country

 and government become where an armed 

murderer with his private agenda can freely 

perch over the shoulder of the judge. Had he

been of another hue, do you honestly feel

 he could have gotten this close to the trial judge?

Rittenhouse is the Illinois teen who traveled to 

Kenosha, Wisconsin, as protests broke out 

following a police officer’s decision to shoot

 29-year-old Black man Jacob Blake in the 

back seven times. There, having taken it upon

 himself to “protect” a local business, carrying 

an AR-15, Rittenhouse shot and killed two men 

and wounded another. 

Were the local police too incompetent to handle

 the affairs in their jurisdiction without this 

17 year old AR-15 carrying boy? 


During the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial, that 

ended in an acquittal, Judge Bruce Schroeder 

prevented Kenosha County prosecutor Thomas

Binger from using the pinch-to-zoom feature on

 an iPad while showing drone footage, from the 

night of the fatal shootings in Wisconsin. The 

trial judge also threw out gun charge. That jury 

never got to consider the gun possession charge. 

Rittenhouse was 17 at the time, 

and was armed, the night of the

shootings, with a Smith and 

Wesson AR-style semi-automatic

 rifle strapped to his chest. 

Hours before closing arguments began on 

Monday, Judge Bruce Schroeder granted a defense

 motion to toss out the weapons charge. Rittenhouse

attorneys pointed to an exception in the law that 

they said allows minors to possess shotguns and

 rifles as long as they’re not short-barreled.  They

 acknowledged that Rittenhouse’s rifle’s barrel was

 longer than 16 inches, the minimum barrel length

 allowed under state law, Schroeder dismissed the 


If Schroeder could be this biased and unfair in court, 

knowing that the case was nationally televised, just

 concerned that many people of a different hue may

 have been sentenced, under his watch, and are

 serving time; although they committed NO crime.

"14 Words"

"14 Words" is a reference to a white supremacist slogan:

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future

for white children." The slogan was coined by David 

Lane, a member of the white supremacist terrorist 

group known as The Order (Lane died in prison in 

2007). They feel the white race is doomed to extinction 

by an alleged "rising tide of color".

Analysis on “okay” hand gesture

[Transcript] The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a

Jewish-based group that tracks and fights against anti-

Semitism and hate groups, added the “okay” hand gesture

 to their “Hate on Display ™ Hate Symbols Database.”

The hand gesture has been used by hateful people to

display a “white power” symbol.

Naturally there was a reaction from some in the Deaf

community who felt like this was something that

threatened our ASL signs that have either the “F” or 

the “9” handshapes.

I will admit I had that initial reaction as well, I thought the ADL was inconsiderate of deaf people and ASL users, that it felt like an infringement on our language.

But after reading the ADL’s explanation on the gesture, it’s clear that they acknowledge that the gesture is an important part of ASL, as well as Hindu and Buddhist worlds, and yoga.

The ADL said the okay symbol in “most contexts is entirely innocuous and harmless.”

The ADL explained that in 2017, members of the website 4chan tried to start a hoax by promoting the “okay” hand gesture as a representation of “wp,” short for “white power.” They were successful because actual white supremacists or far-right individuals would flash the “okay” gesture, possibly to troll people or to actually express their views.

The symbol gained worldwide attention after the New Zealand terrorism suspect flashed the “okay” gesture in a court appearance in March. There were enough instances of people using the “okay” gesture in a hateful way that prompted the ADL to add it to their database.

The ADL said the overwhelming usage of the ‘okay’ hand gesture today is still its traditional purpose as a gesture of approval, so if there’s someone using the symbol, they cannot be assumed as trying to troll or showing support for white supremacy. The ADL encouraged people to not jump to conclusions.

I reached out to Dr. Julie A. Hochgesang, who is an Associate Professor at Gallaudet’s Department of Linguistics, to give some perspectives. She said context is key and explained that forms themselves — the written shape, the sound, or the part of a sign — have no meaning. The symbolic meaning comes from the people and their intentions. She said the Deaf community should feel confident with using the “okay” gesture because we have never viewed it as something hateful. Of course, if a Deaf person purposefully used the “okay” gesture in a hateful way, then the meaning of the gesture changes.

Thank you, Dr. Hochgesang for the analysis. So we see that the usage of the “okay” handshape is fine as long as the intent is within its normal use and not hateful.

Now, in related news, an actor at Universal Orlando who was dressed as a character from “Despicable Me” was fired on Wednesday because he made the “okay” gesture and placed it on the shoulder of a biracial girl during a photo opportunity. A video shows the actor asking the girl to stand near him, then purposefully placing the “okay” gesture on her shoulder.

[Video clip]

A Universal spokesman said what the actor did is unacceptable. The photo was taken in March but the family did not realize it until recently.


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Convo []

Gallaudet University: []

The entire trial was a mockery to the criminal

 justice system. Evidence was mishandled. 

The judge seemed biased. The temperament

 and behavior of Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder, 

who presided over the trial, drew scrutiny, mainly 

because some said he appeared to have a soft and 

lenient stance toward Rittenhouse. The judge had

a series of questionable decisions and comments

showing preferential treatment toward Rittenhouse. 

The two shooting victims, who the judge ruled 

could not be referred to as victims, were referred

 to as looters and arsonists - when they were 


The judge became puzzled and defensive, at times. 

Outside of the presence of the jury the judge drilled

 down on the law. He told the prosecutors “I have

 been wrestling with this statute, I’d hate to count

 the hours I’ve put into it, I’m still trying to figure

 out what it says, what’s prohibited. I have a legal

 education.” He added that he failed to understand

 how an “ordinary citizen” could understand what 

is illegal. 

When you know someone committed a

 crime, but can cleverly remove the smoking gun… 

really Judge? It should be about the truth, but

 for many imposters, it’s always about finding 

the loopholes.

The judge eliminated the

 "smoking gun". 

Is it possible the judge sensed Rittenhouse's 

guilt from the start? 

This was a surreal moment for most. Even 

though most thought Rittenhouse was guilty...

 the handling of this case was atrocious. The 

judge may have sensed he was doing his 

“job”, but“morally”Justice wasn’t served. 

There was no moral (or real) justice served. 

One has to be a bit off centered to defend a 

psychopath when they know he’s guilty. 

The judge defended a monster. The murderer,

 Rittenhouse, gets away without incurring any

 punishment. A guilty man walks free because

 the bench was occupied by a bumbling, biased

judge that knew the truth from the gate… yet, the

 jury may have been influenced , from the bench, by 

a judge who turned a blind eye to righteousness. 

This case embarrassed the US Court System.  It 

was a total disgrace. This is why lawyers are 

generally viewed with extreme suspicion and


We are a Nation of Laws.  Laws can, have and will 

always be manipulated. Clever Judge indeed???

No no one should, with a semblance of consciousness,

 separate moral justice and legal justice when we 

look at the crime scene videos. Throw in a Black 

Lives Matter protest and a murderer walks free. 

I’m sorry but the judge has created a legacy that

will always be that he helped a cold blooded killer

 walk free. What a despicable legacy!!!

After this debacle... makes one wonder how many 

injustices and wrongful convictions, i.e., 

constitutional rights violations, victims' rights or 

ethical rule violations, could take place in  

courtrooms where no one is watching. It is painful

 to think that If a high-profile case could play out 

this way, then what are judges and those with the

 most power in the courtrooms doing when no 

one is watching?

No one can escape God. GOD'S Justice will 

eventually prevail. The judge, gets the murderer 

off knowing full well the defendant is guilty, and

 Rittenhouse, someday you will have to answer 

for all your crimes. Including your lawyers. 

Rittenhouse was and

 is guilty! 

The judge and Rittenhouse will have to live

 their own Hell and reap what they have sown.

Could this justice system be a huge 

departmentalized and hierarchical 

 illusion so vast that it escapes 

one's perception of being white 

supremacy warmed over differently

The criminal justice system, as it stands 

continues to operate by subtly complicating, 

deceiving, oppressing, disadvantaging,

 trying to control and destroy

African Americans. 

The structure of the criminal justice

system often expresses that the 

system is broken. It is obvious that the

 system is working as intended and as

 originally designed. What is written and

 what is actually executed are totally 


Just because the processes 

performed as they were built 

does not mean they operate well. 

The system is the only constant, 

and system disasters are


To make worthwhile change, we must

seek out and speak to system debacles, i.e., 

over-criminalization of African Americans

and sentencing rules.

We must stand! We all must do our part to denounce these 

heinous crimes for what they are... 

acts of deeply rooted

systemic racism.

As Americans, we must 

speak out against injustice! 

Simply put, inaction is unacceptable, and we must 

speak out and take a stand to elevate the voices of 

those who have historically been marginalized,

 disadvantaged, disenfranchised, ostracized,

 disempowered, largely ignored, stigmatized, 

overlooked, excluded, denigrated, oppressed, 

shunned, treated unfairly, neglected, deprived,

 alienated, and even silenced in society. 

If our elected officials and leadership continue to 

ignore the issues and take no action, it is up to us to

 drive change from the bottom up while paying 

close attention to the ballot box.

It is a crucial time for our nation 

to collectively seek God's divine 


Psalm 33:12 reminds us,

God always wants the best for us.

The nation who acknowledges God

is a nation God can bountifully bless.

We must eminently determine 

that our nation is...

under God.

So in everything, do to others what you would have them 

do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."

(Matthew 7:12, NIV)

Jesus wasn’t simply giving us a rule to follow. He was 

unveiling the purity of God’s love and the depravity of the 

human heart.

 Jesus said: To“Do unto others,” as the Bible instructs, 

means to receive love from God and give it to others—

also known as The Royal Law 

(James 2:8).

The justice system has failed 

people of all races.

Countless elected officials serve as examples 

of how egotism, selfishness, bigotry, and greed 

can be used to meet their goals. Many political 

"wannabe kings"

 lack any real leadership skills, uprightness, dignity,

 or scruples; they only care about power, triggering 

people, and dictating; they will sell their souls to 

the devil in exchange for the power.

The majority of these politicians switch sides

 frequently in order to determine what will help

 them gain power. They will say what the devoted 

loyalists want to hear before setting off the riled

enraged resisters on the other side of that. Once

 elected, they alter their policies to suit the will

 of their puppet master.

The divide and conquer approach is as old as politics 

and war and has no relations to decency, uprightness

 or scruples.

It would be beneath a true leaders dignity to employ 

"divide and conquer" tactics which pit different races

 and ethnicities against each other. 

What could go 


"Divide and conquer tactics can instigate 

dissension and turmoil and further divide 


It would be beneath a true leaders 

dignity to employ "divide and 

conquer" tactics which pit different 

races and ethnicities against each 

other... it instigates dissension and 

turmoil and divides humanity.

Is America honoring God for 

Who God really is?

Are we as a nation demonstrating,

through our words and actions, God's 

glorious character or deeds?

As one nation under God, are we 

more concerned about fulfilling 

God's agenda... God's plan... or are 

we trying to fulfill our own agenda?

It doesn’t take rocket science to sense 

that the soul of America is wounded, 

and it is in a very unhealthy place.

We are now witnessing the painful 

wounds of COVID-19, systemic

racism, natural and man-made 

disasters, injustices, inequalities,

divisiveness trickling from the top 

rungs, police brutality, hatred,

senseless incarcerations, propaganda, 

endless malicious, cunning, cruel,

controlling and deceitful lies from

people who should be honestly and 

fairly governing. These wicked and 

deeply hurtful ills have been and are 

very damaging to the soul of our great


Satan, the antagonist, loves to see 

others in shambles, distracted, 

uncertain, and at the edge of the cliff. 

He has had a field day performing 

just about every ugly deed he could 

in order to traumatize our land and 

perplex our souls... thus, leaving

America in a very fragile state of 


In times of trouble... if our eyes are 

fixed toward the world, we will run 

in a worldly direction seeking help. 

Trust, comfort and safety does not 

come through the power of the flesh. 

May we, individually and collectively 

lift our eyes to the hills and remember 

where our help comes from. 

It is a crucial time for our nation 

to collectively seek God's divine 


From an acutely conscious and

comparative perspective... our country 

is a blessed and exceptional nation.

To leave God out of all that we do or

attempt to do... leaves us all with an

 impoverished existence.

God, in His great wisdom, has put 

hedge of protection all around 

the United States. America is still 

the land of opportunity, abundant 

natural beauty, freedom, unlimited

resources, and possibilities, but

sadly, it appears we have taken 

God's constant outpouring of blessings

and developed this "all about us" 

attitude and have selfishly refused to... 

bless God in return.

When God’s existence is removed 

from the equation...

there is no absolute basis for morals,


and that deficit takes a toll on the 


A country that takes God out of 

schools, government, and public 

places can easily stray from godly

 ways and plummet from righteous 

living,prosperity, and success to

brokenness,frustration and utter


 It is beyond a coincidence that every 

social barometer took a nose dive

once God was banished from our 

 government, and public places.

The single most important part of 

any building... is the foundation. 

Can the values and liberties of our 

nation be thought secure when we 

have removed the Highest Authority 

and Lawgiver...our only firm 


God's standard of truth has always 

helped us recognize right from wrong.

God will always lead and guide us

to our greatest good...yet, God is being 

kept out of our schools, government,

 and many other public places.

The foundation of our society and 

nation is under a relentless attack by 

the usurper, Satan, who hates and 

rejects God. 

Satan, the perverter of truth, is 

attempting to root out God and the


moral foundations upon which our

nation was founded.

Satan wants to turn people away from


what is good, true, and morally right.


Satan wants us to become distant from 

God. He wants to remove and silence 

any mention of God and totally 

disrespect God's moral laws.

Satan has been remorseless in his 

attempts to keep God out of 

every institution of our society.

A nation without a nation in


serious trouble! Without God...all we


are left with is despair.

There is no greater tragedy than 

abandoning God. When we abandon


God...our souls are left empty, twisted,

restless, and wandering.

Without God one begins to realize 

nothing short of sinking sand.

Without God...

our most basic beliefs and values

are lost in a downward spiral.

If God is not in the forefront of all of


our thoughts, work, will, words, and 

doings... nothing will last... everything


will crumble!

Can we leave the world better than we


found it... by leaving God out?

What some people may not realize is...

dozens of revelations are happening

right before our eyes!

These astonishing events and the


resulting consequences were foretold,

 by God, long ago.

In this world, with few exceptions... 

there is lack of respect and courtesy.

Some people feel like they should be 

able to do whatever they want, 

whenever they want... however they


want because they are unleashed, and 

unconstrained to do as they please.

Rampant narcissism, a sense of 

entitlement, and a lack of 

consideration for others is on the rise, 

and people are not being held 

accountable for their bad, crass, rude


and inhumane behavior.

Far too many people are acting as if


they can no longer tell the difference 

between good and evil.

Some have purposely waged an 

all-out assault on morals, values,

and common sense.

It is so unfortunate that in this great,


free country, where anything is 

possible, we as a society talk about 

crime and corruption, and don't realize


these societal ills are the consequences 

of poor behavior.

When the hub is not in place...

 the spokes run wild!

In other words...

When God is not in the forefront 

of all of our affairs...





and Public places...

will implode.

Expelling God from our schools, 

government, and public places

has been a dismal failure.

Without God... 

there is pure darkness.

Without God...

our society and nation could not be 

properly governed.

In a world without God, 

people would not have any real sense


of good and evil.

Without God there can be no objective 

right and wrong. 

When we leave God out of our lives...

we become our own rulers and 

losers... simultaneously.

Without God there is moral chaos. 

Without God...

"People will be lovers of themselves,

lovers of money, boastful, proud, 

abusive, disobedient to their parents,


ungrateful, unholy, without

 self-control, brutal, not lovers of the

 good, treacherous, rash, conceited,

 lovers of pleasure rather than lovers


of God."

2 Timothy 3:2-4 

When God is left out of our lives...

the more we willingly allow the 

world’s thoughts, will, words, and 

doings to penetrate, pollute, and 

corrupt our hearts and minds.

Could it be that the attempt to remove 

God from the equation... has 

everything to do with our crumbling 


God is not confined, as we are, in our 

understanding. All that God is and all 

that God doesis beyond our finite 


God has all the answers. God is all 

wise. God's knowledge is limitless and 

can never be exhausted. 

God is the Solution to any problem

or concern we could ever have. The 

evidence is overwhelming and the 

solution is clear; God should be in the 

forefront of all that we think, will, say, 

feel, and do.

When God speaks... 

it shall be done.


⭐️ God is the Highest 

Authority of all of creation. 

⭐️God governs us all.

⭐️ God will always lead and 

guide us to our greatest good.

When an individual, a household, a 

neighborhood, a city, a state, and/or a 

country accepts ways of life that are 

forbidden in the Scriptures, its society 

will be seriously affected with 


Satan has a field day when people 

become willfully ignorant and drift 

outside of God's will.

Those who refuse or drift from God's 

light... are opening themselves up to 

total darkness.

The Spiritual fiber of our society is on

 the brink of imploding. Extremely 

wicked and blatant Spiritual 

corruption is on the rise... causing

 people to drift further and further

 away from anything resembling a

godly and conscious culture.

This moral breakdown is corroding the 

foundations of our society. As a 

society, we are contaminated, tainted, 

toxic and decomposing from the 

inside out. If we are honest with 

ourselves... we see the evidence of this 

moral decay all around us every day.

Clearly, the startling decline in the 

morals of this world are screaming for 

something to be done.


Why aren't those who claim to believe 

that Jesus Christ is the Savior of 

mankind more concerned about 

pleasing God... than the president?

Jesus always begins with the heart. When He pronounced 

blessing on those who hunger and thirst for 

righteousness, He touched on the inner state of our hearts.
Is it righteous to mock the disabled or call veterans losers 

and suckers, denigrate women, engage in juvenile name-


Is it righteous to hold the highest off and take no 

responsibility, deflect, be dismissive, instigate and incite 

chaos, verbally attack people, give awful advice to 

supporters (which may be a felony) on voting twice, 

attempt to issue executive an order to ban mail-in 

voting, give hate speech, hurl accusations, disparage our 

Hispanic and Muslim neighbors, encourage Russia to 

hack our emails or devote one's life to the greedy

accumulation of as much money as is possible to accrue?

Jesus taught that one cannot serve both God and Mammon,

that is, money and material wealth (Luke 16). 

Jesus blessed the meek (Matthew 5). Meekness is not 

weakness, it is a virtue that draws courage, strength, 

conviction, and good disposition from God, not self-

centered human resources. 

Jesus blessed the poor (Luke 6). Jesus is speaking about 

the condition of the spirit. Let us acknowledge that we are 

spiritually bankrupt. We do not have the ability to redeem 

ourselves. God's free generosity to us was the only thing 

that saved us... not our socio-economic advantages.

Jesus condemned the rich (Matthew 19). Jesus even goes 

further and says “Woe to you who are rich, for you have  

already received your comfort”  Luke 6:24. 

Those who trust in their riches and place their happiness 

in their riches... in their opinion, they stand in need of 

nothing. They place their confidence in their own 

righteousness. Their god is the dollar. According to 

Scripture,"ye have received your consolation."

Comforts can vanish away; wiped out supernaturally by 

God: for there is no true solid comfort but in Christ, and in 

God's righteousness. It is God and God alone, not worldly 

riches, Who lays a foundation for everlasting comfort.

Jesus often had “Nowhere to lay His head” 

(Matthew 8:20), but He and His disciples were not 

destitute and never begged for bread. Paul was beaten, 

imprisoned, shipwrecked, stoned, and often economically 

hard pressed; but neither did he ever beg for bread. It was, 

in fact, a badge of honor for him that he worked in order 

to pay his own expenses in the ministry (Acts 20:34; 1 

Corinthians 9:6–18). Jesus and the apostles were accused 

of being ignorant, troublemakers, irreligious, and even 

mad; but they were never charged with being indigent or 



Jesus taught that he who lives by the sword shall die by 

the sword (Matthew 26). The way of the world is always 

trumped by the truth of the Word. Jesus tells us in 

Matthew 5:21-22 that murderous anger can lead the angry 

man to judgment from God as quickly qw a physical blow. 

The violence he exhibits toward someone else can be 

brought upon himself by God.

When Jesus’s mother was expecting, she was denied a 

room at the Inn. It is recorded in Scripture for followers of 

Christ to "Welcome the stranger." How can a true follower 

of Christ have as their main campaign cornerstone, a wall 

which has topped $11 billion. This has become the most 

expensive wall of its kind anywhere in the world. All 

for the denial of millions, from war torn nations, room at 

the Inn? 

$11 billion and climbing, and there is 

no sign of construction slowing down, 

even in the middle of the Coronavirus 

pandemic, which needs our attention 

and resources. Many could have been

 housed and fed, here on the streets 

of America.    

How can we, in good conscience deny and shut out

 human beings from poverty-ridden societies?

How can we not welcome our neighbor to the most 

affluent country in the world?

How can one whose theology is not based on obeying 

God's Word, but based on culture, political beliefs and 

loyalty to the president... feel justified in imposing their 

beliefs on others? 

How is serving man... seeking God's Will?


Are we attempting to bring ourselves 

glory... rather than giving all the 

praise, honor, and glory to God?

Are we contributing to the decline of 

our society by refusing to take a good 

look at our standards and behaviors?

When we are about to make a choice, let us think of the 

consequences of that decision and ask ourselves, 

“How will this decision affect me and those around me?

Am I doing this for the approval of a secret society that's 

bent on restoring inequality and abuse?

Will the ripple effect of this decision glorify God or man? 

Am I asking for God’s will to be done or only my will, 

regardless of the consequences?”

Are we really putting our trust in God

as it relates to the Spiritual state of our 


Have we become so arrogant and

haughty that we think we are capable 

of disconnecting from God and fixing 


Have we become the highest authority?

Has our nation wandered from the

course God has set for us?

Is it possible that our nation has

 become rebellious to the point of

 deviating from God's will?

Have we become defiant toward

 Almighty God?

Are we walking with God according to


Are we attempting to bring ourselves 

glory...rather than giving all the praise, 

honor, and glory to God?

Are we contributing to the decline of 

our society by refusing to take a good 

look at our standards and behaviors?

Pharaoh’s resistance was a prediction by God Himself, 

when God spoke with Moses in the wilderness: “I know 

that the king of Egypt will not let you go unless a mighty 

hand compels him” (Exodus 3:19). Soon after that 

prediction, the Lord said to Moses, “I will harden his 

heart, so that he will not let the people go” (Exodus 4:21). 

From the burning bush, God spoke of two reasons for 

Pharaoh’s resistance to Moses: the king’s own 

stubbornness and a supernatural hardening of the king’s 

heart after Pharaoh exercised his own defiance toward 


In those ancient days, the Pharaoh was considered a god, 

and his every word was law. There was no one who could 

stand against Pharaoh, so the Lord used him to 

demonstrate His own superior power. 

The Lord’s plan to use plagues and miracles to free the 

nation of Israel was not conceived in reaction to Pharaoh’s 

rebellion. God is never reactive; He is always proactive. 

God had orchestrated the back-and-forth with Pharaoh and 

the exodus from the very beginning (Isaiah 46:10). 

God used Pharaoh’s hard-heartedness to showcase His 

own glory and to show the world His authority over all the 

kings of the earth (Psalm 2:10–11; Ezekiel 20:9; 36:22).

The Scriptures are very clear that a 

stout-hearted country and its 

inhabitants will fall.

We have tried it man's way... 

how's that working out for us?

Our help always comes from God. 

May we allow God's light of 

compassion, empathy and justice to 

abide. Let us thank God that His 

promises still apply today. 

By the grace of God, we can never fall 

so far that we cannot be revived and 


If our hearts are blinded by racism, 

God can fix it. When wicked people

plot, terrorize and try to destroy the 

lives of other people, based solely on 

the color of one's skin, God can fix it.

Where there is injustice, immorality, 

bigotry, and hatred, God can fix it. 

Where there is dishonesty and 

divisiveness, God can fix it, and 

nothing can stop or hinder 

God's work.

Regardless of our endeavors... we can 

do nothing of lasting value... unless 

God blesses our work.

To exclude God out of our thoughts,

will, words, and doings is the greatest 

wickedness that can be.

Our nation cannot stay on its present course and

expect to continue experiencing God's blessing.

In these perilous times, with so many storms on the 

horizon, it would befit us to wake up and realize that the 

enemy, Satan, is still busy at work, more than ever

and he wants to divide, confuse, and stir people up.

He does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in 

him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own 


Satan is the father of lies. He is a deceiver and master in 

sowing discord and hate.

Lies, deception, divisiveness, and evil doings are all 

consistent with Satan's character. Satan is darkness,

and the darkness hates light.

It's time for our nation to 


of its evil and spiritual rebellion

 against God.

There is nothing God 

cannot do. 

The time is now for our nation to 

recognize that we cannot fix ourselves.

We cannot overcome obstacles

through simple perseverance, and

human ingenuity.   

If we trust in God,

we cannot depend upon our own ability

to understand everything God is doing.

We cannot abandoned God...and think 

it is wise to look to the government

to heal our land.

It is imperative that we humble 

ourselves and acknowledge our need

and dependence on God.

Our nation desperately needs to




let us anchor ourselves in 



And let us include God in every facet

 of our lives. 

In order for us all to live the abundant life God has for us...

and clear a path for the next generations... we must, 

individually and collectively, make God and God alone...

our first priority, always.

Seeking God first and keeping God first is an 

experience that will revolutionize our hearts, minds, and 


Regardless of what your politics may be...

God has the capacity of speaking things into existence,

not just galaxies and life forms, but solutions to any 

problem we could ever have...individually and 


When God's hand is in it... when we let God abide...

and rest in God's sovereignty... we can be assured...

God will give us peace which surpasses all understanding.

We must eminently determine that our nation is...

under God.

Truly, the world is in trouble, our country is in trouble,

our neighborhoods, schools, and families are in trouble.

 Let us all, genuinely, pray for the revival of our families,

communities, cities, states, country, and the world.

As we surrender all to God, the Creator of all things,

Who is above all things, Who rules over all things,

and governs all things... then we will truly be blessed

with the security, freedom, and peace our country and this 

world consciously or unconsciously seeks.

May we, as a nation, pray and surrender all that we think, 

will, say, feel, and do to God.

God is able to change hearts and make not only our 

country, but our world a loving, peaceful, and healed land.

Inequality and injustice in our society must not be 

tolerated by anyone. We must continue to adopt 

clear-cut public stances that support the inclusion

 of vulnerable and marginalized groups. In this 

situation, our voice is very important.

It is time for all God fearing

 individuals to be agents of change,

reconciliation, and unity.

Now is the time to lead our country

toward behaviors that will honor 

Almighty God.

Let us pray for God's guidance and blessing on our nation. 

Let us pray not only for our nation, but for our leaders, for 

all who govern us, and for all who are in authority in any 

way. Let us pray that they realize and focus on God's 

infinite goodness within themselves and within all 

humanity. Let us pray that the kingdom of 

righteousness be manifested in their hearts as they receive 

the wisdom of God.

May we lift up the current president to God almighty.

As the movement for racial justice and equity gathers 

momentum around the globe, may we continue to pray 

and know that... 

God and God alone is the ultimate Master of life.

Through the wisdom of God may all those in authority of 

this land be unified in thought and purpose so they 

may properly and uprightly govern and guide our nation, 

and do what is good and acceptable in the sight of God.

With so much conflict and mental, physical and spiritual 

poverty in the world... let us pray for godly people to 

occupy and lead our nation under God, indivisible with 

liberty and justice for all. 

May those in leadership lead with God fearing discerning 

hearts and wise minds. May God touch the hearts and 

minds of our nation's leaders and remove wrong people 

that are corrupt and living in opposition to God from 

every influential position. 

 May we pray for God's guidance and blessing on our 

nation and our world as we face these uncertain times. 

Let us pray that the kingdom of righteousness be

 manifested in their hearts as they receive the wisdom of 

God and lead our nation uprightly.

May all who are in authority realize and focus on God's 

infinite goodness within themselves and within all


It is important that we keep not only the United States of 

America in our prayers, but the whole wide world in 

our prayers. 

And may we all be reminded:

 Jesus embraced others with a radical

 disregard for their race, tribe, creed,

 color, class, religion, language, age,

culture, disability, political beliefs, 

educational background, or 

socio-economic differences, 

experiences, or realities. 

"Jesus ransomed people for God 

from every tribe and language and 

people and nation."

Revelations 5:9

Let us pray that all who are in authority, world-wide will 

bear the marks of God's love, presence, and power, and 

not become susceptible to lies, chaos and evil 

undertakings, but advocate for peace, love and justice for


May God bless our nation and our world as we return and 

follow God with God-fearing, humble hearts. May we, as 

a nation and world, act in obedience to Almighty God.

From this day forward...

May Divine right action guard and guide us all as we turn 

our hearts towards God, and may America's greatest

desire be to open our hearts and allow the Spirit and 

power of God to flow in our lives...