Creativity stimulates both artistic

 and analytical responses. 

Creative thinkers see, create, interpret, and consider

 things in new and interesting ways... often in new 

and unexpected ways in order to produce innovative


God is the Source of creativity 

for God is the Creator.

In the beginning... 

God created.

To create significance in our lives...

we must turn within.

Our creativity is naturally a part of our life

 experiences and what we allow ourselves to 


Whatever our passion may be, we have been called 

to emerge out of the shadows of ourselves 

and work at it... with all our hearts. 

Whatever it is that we do...we should do it

 in such a way... that it brings glory to God.

It is our privilege to uncover and utilize, to the 

best of our ability, the sensitive and intensely 

human world of creativity and authentic 

power buried within us.

We have always been able to

 unleash and express our emotions

 and feelings through the arts.  

Creativity is a unique talent that not only creates

 but also innovates. It is the skill to produce 

something that mixes and synthesizes existing 

ideas, employs novel approaches, learns from 

real-world experts, studies when it is convenient, 

and research or generate something completely 


Sometimes it's best to be spontaneous,

uninhibited, passionate, and unplanned.

Imagination and creativity have the power to

create something previously unimaginable, yet it 

becomes significant and useful.

Creativity and the profound impact that it can 

have on our lives cannot be so easily taught, 

limited, or contained to a box.

Many innovators may take a concept and turn it 

into a fully realized creation. They are the result of

serendipity, a sudden rush of inspiration and creativity 

that could have been mastered in a garage. They 

simply do what they do.

Art is only one aspect of creative talent. 

Creative individuals may look at things from

 several perspectives and explore with various

 thoughts and concepts. They are explorers. 

They are willing to expand their imagination

 since they do not fear making mistakes. Failure 

simply provides them with an opportunity to 

improve a sad song. It encourages people to think

 critically beyond the apparent.

The more ideas that failed to

succeed, the better the ones that


Creativity is a critical aspect of human growth.

It is the awareness, wisdom, and ability to shape 

and sculpt creative energy into what we want to


Creativity reflects our Creator,

and it is an essential tool 

for shaping the soul.

The unhindered ability to develop mental images 

of things that are either not physically existent or 

have never been conceived or made by others and 

then give birth to something new or considerably 

different is referred to as imagination and creative 


Working imaginatively and creatively with the 

true and authentic power that exists within us... 

increases our capacity for insight and allows the

flow of conscious creativity.

That on its own opens the floodgates to our

intuitive guidance. 

We will be able to create, live, love, grow, and 

leave this world better than we found it if we 

allow the Divine power of God within us to lead 

and guide us.

Creativity is allowing oneself 

to make mistakes. Mistakes are 

an outward manifestation of 


There are no mistakes. 

There are only learning 


about what works and what does not work for us.

Allow ourselves to experiment with the inner creative

power that every one of us possesses.

Let us play with these creative abilities in ways that

reflect our uniqueness as creative beings. By doing so,

 we have access to the true range and depth of what we 

are capable of delivering.






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