Creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes.

To create meaning in our lives...

we must turn within.

As we work imaginatively

and creatively with the 

authentic power which comes

 from within us...

it quickens our capacity for insight

 and allows the flow of conscious


This, in and of itself,

 opens the gate 

to our intuitive guidance.


As we allow the Divine power 

within us to lead and guide us...

we will be able to create,

live, love, grow, and

leave this world better 

than we found it. 

  In the beginning... 

God created.

Creativity reflects our Creator,

and it is an essential tool 

for shaping the soul.

 Imagination and creative spirit is the uninhibited

ability one has to form mental images of things 

that either are not physically present 

or have never been conceived or created by others 

and then, give birth to something new or

significantly different.

Creativity is the ability to produce work that is authentic, ofttimes impetuous, useful, and relevant. 

Creative ability is so much more than art making.

It is the knowledge, understanding, 

and ability to discern creative energy

 into what we desire to manifest.

Whatever our passion may be, we have been called 

to emerge out of the shadows of ourselves 

and work at it... with all our hearts. 

Every man, woman, and child is creative!

One may be an olympian, a dancer, singer, seamstress, 

firefighter, craftsman, shoemaker, teacher, computer 

technician, nurse, mechanic, housekeeper, painter, 

carpenter, plumber, landscaper, manager... 

whatever it is that we do...

we should do it in such a way... 

that it brings glory to God.

It is our privilege to uncover and utilize, 

to the best of our ability, 

the creativity and authentic power buried within us.

Our creativity is naturally a part of our life experiences 

and what we allow ourselves to experience.

Let us allow ourselves to experiment 

with the inner creative power 

that is accessible to each of us. 

Let us experiment with these creative powers

 in a way that fits our uniqueness as a creative being.


In doing so we are able to access 

the true depth and breadth


of what we can create. 

There are no mistakes. 

There are only learning experiences 

as to what works for us and what does not work.


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