In Matthew 10:16-22 God said that He was sending 

the Kingdom people forth as sheep

in the midst of wolves.

The "World," is 

by nature apart from, 

and in opposition to,



Those who are in the world and of the world

 stand in opposition to the Kingdom of God.

Their actions, thoughts, and values 

are focused on pleasing self for people 

and they are usually focusing on earthly, fleshly, 

and temporal life activities, values, and/or plans 

as opposed to heavenly, spiritual, and eternal activities, 

values, and/or plans. 

We must remain awake and alert... 

being in the world and not of the world

because Satan utilizes willing subjects 

to oppose God's Kingdom.

Those who are in the world and of the world

have a basic part and a great portion 

of the kingdom of Satan... Lucifer... the devil.

We cannot allow the world's sewage to shape our mind 

or contaminate our thoughts. 

We know that our relationship with God

is of much greater value than any cravings for power,

spotlights, partying, playing,

or superficial-worldly allurements.

We are reminded to avoid the snares,

allurements, and pretensions of this world.

Material possessions, money, fame, fortune, prominence,

drugs, sex, neediness of acceptance, 

approval, validation, or applause from people 

may gain ground with people, 

for a while,

but Jesus taught that our focus should be

away from this world...

and placed upon the things of God’s kingdom...

which have real value and will have no end.

The word world refers to 

a world system ruled by Satan.

As believers, we should be

 set apart from the world.

 We should be living a more righteous life... 

walking in God's Will

and not engaging ourselves in 

the dark activities the world promotes, 

nor should we desire to retain the tasteless, 

corrupt mindset that the world creates.

Being “in” the world also means 

we can enjoy God's amazing creation

and not get caught up 

in the mindset of what the world values.

Being in the world, but not of it

 is necessary if...

we are to be a light to those

in spiritual darkness. 

May we live in such a way that others, 

no matter where they are,

will see... 

something “different” about us 

and desire to know...

the Source of our joy.

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