We are immensely delighted and

honored that you have taken the

time to virtually visit...

The following observations and commentaries

originated from the depths of some of our most 

sorrowful times.

Suffering is a natural component

of our existence. It is a universal and

integral part of the soul's growth.

Adverse experiences and circumstances are an

unavoidable element of life. Everyone

experiences pain from time to time; however,

allowing ourselves to experience this universal

emotion helps us to better understand and

share the feelings of others.

Humans always learn best by doing. 

Performing a task has distinct 

advantages over watching others 

perform a task. 

We can truly understand and respond to other 

people's emotions when we have experienced our 

own agony... and joyful excitement. These encounters

enable us to step into the shoes of others and see 

the world through their lenses.

We've taken the uncertain path of incorporating

our grief into our writing. It is our hope this gives

 others the opportunity to know they are not alone.

They may be grappling with different issues that aren't

necessarily similar to ours, but reading about other

people's challenges may remind others that pain is

something we all go through and can overcome.

It is our prayer that those who read these commentaries

will receive the encouragement and strength they seek.

Truth-seeking, with a humble and unbiased mind has

brought clarity, and has given rise to a broader and a 

fresher point of view. Truthfulness is important to 

society as a whole because it allows us to develop 

and learn from our life experiences.

Truth-seeking provides us with optimism.

And as quiet as it's kept, truth always emerges victorious. 

It is of the utmost importance that we seek, hear, express,

 learn and affectionately embrace truth.

Having a critical thinking approach is allowing us to be

objective, clear, fair, and innovative in our problem-solving.

We are able to make more informed conclusions as a

 result of our research and writing... because we have

observed, gathered pertinent data, questioned, reasoned,

and reflected.

Writing about some of our experiences has enabled us to

retain authorship over our lives. It has transformed us

from victims to more powerful narrators.

Writing to express ourselves has enabled us to better

 organize our thoughts, become active learners, and 

reclaim much of our autonomy.

Writing is helping us connect with our inner 

understanding and voice, resulting in a sense of 

relief and heightened awareness. 

We are learning that writing is a beneficial and 

contemplative activity that gives us an element 

of release. For us, writing has therapeutic qualities, 

which has somewhat inspired and stimulated our 

healing process.

As we were going through some of our most painful 

and difficult circumstances, writing served as a vessel 

for feelings, objectives, and visions. Writing allowed 

us to express our deepest thoughts and sentiments and

 gave us a chance to reflect on our experiences and

 make sense of our circumstances, while moving on 

with our lives; and it is still helping us cope with past 

and present issues.

We have benefited cognitively and emotionally by

writing about the process of our most challenging

moments. Our feelings are being released, the 

suppressed sentiments are being expressed, and

our self-awareness is being increased.

Writing is a journey, and many people use it to heal

past scars... we are some of them. Writing has been a 

catalyst for change. We're discovering the benefits of 

writing through our pain rather than wallowing in 


Researching and writing has enabled us to see 

ourselves and the individuals in our lives in 

whole different light. Now, we are better equipped 

to process our pain with greater efficiency.

Yes, we needed to review those painful experiences;

 however, we discovered that expressing our thoughts

and feelings provided us with clarity, honesty, and 

much needed healing. It also changed our perspectives

 on our hardships. 

We've gained a deeper understanding

 of what we're being taught as well as how we're 

evolving as a result of our difficulties, thanks to our 

research, discoveries, and writing.

Researching and writing has been helpful in

clarifying our journey... allowing us to make

 sense of what we have experiencedIt has helped

shift and balance the quality of our thoughts, released

pent-up emotions, and lifted quite a bit of weight off

our shouldersAs a result, it has provided  us with

comfort and relief by allowing us to own our

experiences. The process has benefited us in

comprehending the significance of our own

profound human experiences.

As a result of seeking the truth in the silence, 

being inspired by God's Word, and writing...

the reflections, observations, and sentiments

developed into commentaries, and the writing

and research have evolved into instructors, 

advisors, and confidantes for us.

It is our desire that these commentaries

will contribute to, reaffirm values, broaden 

our understanding, edify, and inspire others 

and ourselves to move upward and onward

 and strengthen our quality of life.

Our aim is to cultivate, appreciate, and pass 

on compassion and truth with care, love, and grace... 

to the best of our abilities... no arm-twisting 

and no statements of...

"You just have to believe."

God is the highest priority in our lives, 

and the desire to please God is the 

most important goal of our lives.

We remain vigilant on purpose.

  • We refuse to allow the noises and opinions of
  • the world to take precedence or overshadow
  • our intimate relationship with God.

God is, without question, at the very core of 

our lives and at the forefront of all of our affairs.

We make the conscious choice to keep God 

in the forefront of everything we do.

God is the Source of our existence, understanding, 

awareness, abilities, well-being, resources, and 

our motivation for developing this website. 

God is, 

beyond all doubt, 

the Absolute Source 

of all that we have and are!

With God at the helm of our lives, we are

 confident we can face any situation... 

and bloom wherever God has

planted us.

Sometimes, it can be all too easy to doubt

our ability  to assist or contribute anything

 to others; however, we believe we are hard-

wired to serve. 

God has given each of us a gift from His great 

variety of spiritual gifts. We are to use them 

well to serve one another.

Every day, unfortunately, we read, see, and/or

hear about the nonsensical times we live in.

Regardless of where we look, we are met with

unprecedented levels of terror, misery, financial

devastation, government overreach, political

turmoil, violence, illnesses, and grief.

For the most part, humanity has opted to go its

own way. Everything appears to be gradually

falling apart, and as a result, the world we live in

 is left hurting... it is in pain.

One news broadcast on television can reveal 

our culture's wickedness.

Romans 8:20-22

Corruption penetrates society by means of 

thoughts, words, actions, and distorted 


Titus 1:15

The entire creation weeps as a result of

 dereliction, pervasive enslavement and 


Romans 8:21-22

Consider this:

Nations are still engaged in armed conflicts

 and wars.

Gun violence and mass shootings are becoming

 increasingly commonplace.

On an ongoing basis, selfish ambition, corruption,

profiteering by exploiting others, hate crimes,

police brutality, discrimination, racial profiling,

family division, alcohol and/or drug abuse, poverty,

hunger, and homelessness affect an enormous

percentage of people in our society.

Serious violations of international humanitarian law,

violations of human rights, crimes and abuses against

humanity are all too prevalent and occur on a regular


Every day, unacceptable and untold acts of racism

 emerges across America. The issues of systemic

racism and injustice are matters of presidential 

priorities which have yet to be truthfully addressed.

The economy is in shambles.

Climate change concerns such as more

frequent wildfires, longer drought

spells in some areas, harsh weather,

flooding, tsunamis, storms, infrastructure

threats, and invasive pests are becoming

progressively worse.

Natural catastrophes continue to pose a

threat to cities, taking the lives and/or

property of a large number of people.

Infectious illnesses, both ancient and

contemporary, continue to cause widespread


Healthcare providers, as well as social and

economic organizations are having a tough

time keeping up with rising demand.

Our society's practices and political decisions

are severely divided along ideological, regional,

economic lines... with greed serving as the

ultimate addictionTo add insult to injury, the

United States Congress is behaving like a gang

of unscrupulous, self-absorbed, power-hungry,

unworthy narcissists.

Given that many of them entering politics have

already amassed or inherited wealth, what drives

them is their unquenchable lust for power,

prestige, status and authority.

Many corrupt individuals think they are entitled 

to twist and manipulate the system. For them, it's

 a game or gamble at the expense of...

"We the people."

Internal squabbles and an overbearing sense 

of entitlement brings out the worst in Congress, 

making the entire body seem weak, deceitful, and 

useless... a hideous and unacceptable waste of 

public dollars.

Some members/plunderers in Congress enforce

 a deliberate practice of self-deception... 

disregarding the exploitation of others and 

their own involvement in it.

These blatant lies they tell themselves and continue

 to repeat are a strategy for them to avoid/ignore 

claims that African American problems are real. This 

kind of willful ignorance is a method of 

marginalizing alternative information, particularly 

knowledge relevant to social justice, injustice, 

systematic bigotry, oppression, privilege-preserving 

epistemic pushback, and epistemic violence.

Willful ignorance is a term that the vast majority 

of us associate with not knowing about racism 

and/or white supremacy... and not wanting to know. 

The games they play feeds their oversized egos and 

their sense of superiority, which is possibly their most

coveted need of all.

Many appear to be blinded by greed, selfishness, a 

need to be known, ambition, an obsessive drive 

for power, and a desire to increase their financial

 resources through unfair advantages, i.e., 

"insider trading and/or investments"... all of 

which violates and negatively impacts 

"We the people."

Some politicians are ill-informed, immature,

ineffective, stuck in the legacy of colonialism, 

and are in total denial of how their actions affect 

others. Many of them, it appears, never got the 

memo that denial has... and is never a solution.

Many have little to no empathy for other people's 

suffering, show no remorse when they cause 

hardships, are experts at avoiding inconvenient/hard 

realities regarding racial injustice, and never appear 

to have the best interests or any regard for the 

welfare of "We the People" at heart.

Their bickering and vying for power adversely 

impacts others and is an international embarrassment. 

As a result, truth is abandoned or compromised in 

exchange for personal advantage and gain. 

"A house that is divided against itself cannot stand."

Far too many egocentric, self-serving, personal 

agenda-driven politicians are always at war in the 

halls of Congress, posing a continuing threat 

to our democracy and the fabric of our country. 

Meanwhile, the poorest people throughout the 

world continue to struggle and carry the brunt 

of the world's burdens.

In this rapidly changing world, our lives are 

being enveloped in turmoil and uncertainty 

as we wander from one emergency to the next. 

We shudder at the prospect of mankind

devolving more into depravity, inhumanity,

wickedness, and chaos: nonetheless, the world

continues to uncover new lows into which it

relentlessly descends.

How can we profess to love our children

while ruining the environment for future

generations to experience and enjoy?

We are to utilize our gifts well in service to 

one another. We have all been given the 

potential to bless others. God urges us to be 

compassionate and to help those in need.

Sharing not only benefits others with whom

we share, but it also benefits us, as stewards,

emotionally, spiritually, and physically!

We are pouring all of our understanding into

meaningful deeds, especially when the list of

evils and injustices becomes broader by the day. 

We are currently seeking ways to create a more

 compassionate, more respectful, and more

promising future, for our young people.

We believe it is vital that we offer some

 amount of safeguarding and comfort to those

around us, particularly the younger generations.

It is not necessary to be the most outstanding. 

We don't have to be the most widely recognized. 

We simply have to do what we can with what we 

have... where we are.

Goodwill means investing in, caring for, and

nurturing future generations; these bonds are

profoundly important for everyone involved.

This allows us to be more effective than just

standing on the sidelines of life, wringing our

hands and selfishly shouting,

"We should save ourselves.

Those who replenish others will be

replenished as well.

Proverbs 11:25

Helping others should come naturally.

Being a good steward in the world around us is one

way that we can express our love and thankfulness

to God. Being a good steward entails effectively

utilizing all of the blessings of God for His glory

and the well-being of His creation.

"Do unto others as you would have

them do to you."

Luke 6:31

This verse should cause us to think about

how we treat people in our daily lives.

Is the way we treat others reflective

of how we would like to be treated?

It is our responsibility to look after our loved

ones and surroundings, as well as the environment.

Stewardship encourages diversity, accepts

accountability and responsibility, without

seeking power or control.

Therefore encourage one another

and build each other up.

1Thessalonians 5:11

None of us should sit on the sidelines of major

societal shifts or treat human and planetary

crises as "someone else's problem."

For the good of humanity, we must take an active

part in addressing and/or tackling our most pressing

collective concerns and/or challenges.

Giving implies having an impact...

making a difference. 

While we may have sincere intentions, specific

 expressions can occasionally cause further

 harm than benefit.

Some individuals just need someone to actively 

listen to them, without replying or passing judgment,

with a more focused intent on what is expressed. 

We may help others by being respectful of ther 

personal/emotional space. Many times, we are

able to help by not putting pressure on people to

talk about their experience or incident that occurred.

People don't always know what they need. We have 

the ability to assist them by being patient with them. 

Being supportive may go beyond simply talking. 

We might help by assisting with normal duties such 

as food preparation, grocery buying, and cleaning up. 

We may help others by just being there without any 


We don't have to be "BFFs" with someone to be there

for them. It's simply a matter of being human and

caring about the health and well-being of others. It

could possibly save someone's life!

Being courageously and mindfully awake and

losing ourselves in the service of others is the

best way to find ourselves.

The art of life is selfless giving.

The world's problems are immense, and our

website cannot solve the problems of this

world, it is not our calling to fix the world,

but we believe... our modest effort can

absolutely make a positively good difference.

We believe, if we abandon or dismiss sharing

the Good News to the fullest extent

possible...we do ourselves and this critically

wounded world, in urgent need, a grave


Giving, we believe, is an act of strength that 

feeds itself. It allows our humanity to take root

and develop to its utmost extent. 

It is a privilege and blessing to be able to

use our abilities, skills, and concern for

the world in a way that encourages others.

There's something extraordinarily rich and

 rewarding in knowing we were a blessing... 

and made a positive difference in someone's 


As we serve with love and heartfelt intention...

genuinely carrying out acts that benefits another

person, we believe the ripple effect benefits the giver

 more than the receiver. In essence, we are convinced

 that as we serve and encourage others, we begin to 

grow and blossom into the people God intended

 us to be.

Every life story has important lessons

for future generations.

The older someone becomes the more wisdom they should

have to impart. It is critical to remember that these life lessons

do not have to be extreme in order to have an impact on

future generations. Generally, practical learning has the

greatest influence.

We believe, God has called all of us to lend a hand to

leave a less hostile, more optimistic world for our

children. What we do now has the potential to affect

and/or safeguard future generations. Our good examples

may be passed on and help future generations live on a

more kinder and healthier planet.

We are willing to do everything we can right now

with what we have to assist future generations 

comprehend their worth to God, their ancestors,

and us; and no man can assign or define our worth;

God does!

Our children and grandchildren must understand

that they are God's creation and that they are

fearfully and wonderfully formed. They are equal

in the sight of God and were created to live freely.

Our objective is to stimulate hearts and empower minds...

to help future generations construct a better and more

beautiful tomorrow.

We believe by serving where we are 

needed, without regard to personal interests, 

vain conceit, or futile pretense... we will have 

lived a meaningful life.

The commentaries on our website

were not created to position or promote

ourselves as experts or flawless people.

We don't hesitate in declaring, and will

continue to state, that no one here is flawless

or has everything all figured out... we don't.

We are flawed and finite, and we openly

admit that we are incapable of reaching

unrealistic expectations, standards, and/or

demands; but, we serve perfect God Who

can utilize... even our flaws to benefit others.

While we are not perfect, we believe, God 

delights in transforming ordinary, flawed, 

and inexperienced individuals... flaws, 

pimples and all, into amazing souls.

The Scriptures are replete with accounts

of individuals who despite their

inadequacies, failings, and weaknesses

were used to advance God's kingdom.

As long as we are willing to

put in the effort, each of us can

make positive difference right

where we are, utilizing what we

currently have.

We additionally acknowledge that we have a great deal to

learn... which is why we shall humbly continue to be

 ever-teachable spirits, willing, and usable vessels for 

greater works. 

We pray the following virtual chapters will engage

 both the intellect and the heart, sparking the power

 within us all to stay positive, genuine, and

 constructive... while disregarding, steam-rolling

over, and letting go of all doubt and fear.

We may be unable to open someone's

heart to God's Truth, but God can.

Unquestionably, and in all important respects,

"God is able to do exceedingly

abundantly above all that we

ask or think."


God's grace and existence are not for hiding

the Good News beneath a bushel basket

and claiming it secretly, but for proclaiming

it from the rooftops! These are the messages

we would like to send out into the world

throughout the duration of our lifetime. 

"We cannot help speaking about

what we have seen and heard."

Acts 4:20

We believe others will desire to know

the Source of our inner joy... as we allow

God's Light to shine through us.

At its core, we believe that a full life consists

of seeing and serving God in one another. This

means that we should always do no damage and

leave everyone we meet in a better state than they

were before we arrived.

We owe it to each other, our children,

grandchildren, and generations yet to be born...

to undertake this endeavor thoughtfully, honestly,

and intentionally, in order to leave them not the same,

not worse off, but awakened, attentive, alert, aware,

and in a considerably higher and whole state of being.

We are trusting God to release these messages,

truths, and well wishes out into the universe

and deliver them to their proper destination.

So, regardless of who you are or where you are,

we invite you to read the pages of this

website with an open heart and great optimism.

May the following virtual chapters be enlightening,

inspirational, and abundantly beneficial for us all.

In His Love,

Philippines Romania Norway Denmark Mauritius Thailand Cyprus Slovakia Czech Republic Tunisia Luxembourg Bermuda Belarus Afghanistan Uganda Seychelles Zambia Dominica Montserrat Sweden
United KingdomLao People's Democratic Republic Spain Ireland New Zealand Finland Portugal Bulgaria Croatia Panama Taiwan Kenya Dominican Republic Nigeria Jordan Bolivia Albania Belize Namibia Cambodia
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Haiti Monaco Madagascar Suriname Yemen India Russian FederationTurkey Singapore Poland Hong Kong Pakistan Iceland Indonesia Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Jamaica Algeria Paraguay
Barbados Virgin Islands, BritishMyanmar Saint Lucia Brunei Darussalam Ghana Bosnia And Herzegovina Australia Germany South Africa Argentina Colombia United Arab Emirates Uruguay Iran, Islamic Republic Of Saudi Arabia Egypt Qatar Morocco Honduras 
Ethiopia Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Moldova, Republic Of Andorra Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Cayman Islands Tanzania, United Republic Of Solomon IslandsSenegal Armenia France Japan Israel Hungary Korea, Republic Of Austria Ukraine Costa Rica Malta Sri Lanka Trinidad And Tobago 
Fiji LebanonGuam Grenada Virgin Islands, U.s. Northern Mariana Islands Uzbekistan American Samoa Faroe Islands Kyrgyzstan  Netherlands 


"All that we are... 

we owe."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The struggle of mankind changes people, while at the same time it helps strengthen souls.
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We must be critical thinkers regardless of where we go in life. Critical thinking does not imply dismissing all things; rather, it is attempting to make the distinction between statements supported by evidence and those that are not. It is a vital skill to have from our very first days of school, through formal education, through our professional life, and in terms of our social duties and community decisions.


The way we treat the little things will decide how we manage the larger things.

What started in 
a stable... is now a



 Jesus literally states that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed. 

By faith, even if it sounds impossible... 

all it takes is a seed... 

that mustard seed faith❣️

We grow our faith by

 trusting God, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. 

Life is filled with pressures and diversions that compete for our time, thoughts, attention, and commitment.

Validation comes from within.

The past has passed us by, and there is nothing we can do about it. 
Life does not allow us to go back in time and

repair our past mistakes, but it does allow us to live each day better than the previous one.

Starting right now, we are all free to accomplish

something good and important with our lives.

Only the current moment provides the option to choose an action.

Let us forgive ourselves first, and then look for

ways that will increase what is good in us.

The ultimate test a person faces is whether he has done the Will of God.
We desire to 
know and do 
God’s Will. 

The best One to show us God’s Will is... God! 

A sleeping conscience is equivalent to death. A sleeping soul can be naive, foolish, or driven like cattle/slaves. Let us be vigilant in our quest of a more enlightened existence.

We understand the courage and grace it 

takes to unpack truths and speak out. 

Satan's art of war is to confuse, silence, weaken, tear down, condemn, accuse, crush spirits, put heavy burdens and strongholds on us, plant seeds of negativity, take our joy, ruin our testimony and/or ministry, and murder the consciousness of God's people.

Satan's objective is to kill, steal, enslave, bind us, confuse, harden hearts, spread lies, slander, condemn, generate fear, confusion, and worry in minds and souls of people.  

He enjoys crazy-making, dividing, distracting, and destroying people.

 He is opposed to God's people banding together and moving in power. 

Satan employs every means, at his disposal, to ruin, undermine, wreck, shatter, sabotage, blot out, and/or obstruct any form of progress, as well as destroy any evidence

 that glorifies and honors God.

Satan and his henchmen are spiritually asleep. They are willfully ignorant of what the woke are talking about. They have a deep seated malice that takes pleasure in the intentional inflicting of harm on the innocent.  

The devil will do all in his power to completely destroy everything that is necessary for our rich existence. 

If he is successful in luring us into bondage, we will have no peace of mind, no enthusiasm for life, and maybe no desire to live. 

He wants us to be misinformed, pure evil... walking corpses. 

May we always 

remember and 

never forget:

The greatest trick

Satan could

ever pull is

convincing the 

world he doesn't 


The knowledge of truth empowers and guides us to live with greater clarity and purpose. 

We lose our sense of self-worth when we don't speak out for ourselves and/or those who cannot speak for themselves. We become caught up in a loop of justifying behavior that leads us further away from our beliefs and, eventually, away from the person we were born to be. 

The love of God

awakens the soul.


Such love never


God's Love 

Is Always 


Alert, and on


We must not fall asleep, as the rest do, but

 keep wide awake

and clearheaded.

We are followers of God, Who is Holy, Unchanging and our only True Authority, Constantly-Present, Who is Just, Righteous, Merciful, and Absolute Love.

Our goal is to please God. We deliberately strive to make all we do... pleasing to God.

Whatever we do, we are to work heartily, as for God and not 

for men.

Colossians, 3-23