Life on Earth is a brief sojourn. It is only 

temporary, a test of our faith, a transitory

 screening, a journey to the ultimate destination 

of eternity. It is critical that we live our lives 

with a focus on the afterlife.

We are ambassadors on this earth. We are only 

here for a short period of time. Our true home 

is in heaven. The Scriptures contain numerous 

teachings on the brevity of life. Everything 

comes to an end, including the good, bad, and

 difficult times.

To make the most of our lives, we must 

understand and accept that our lives are 

ebbing away in comparison to eternity.

While thinking about death (our own 

and others') is uncomfortable, it is also 

comforting to remember that the 

forthcoming realm, the new Jerusalem, 

will be a permanent dwelling with no 

more tears, heartbreak, anger, or pain. 

We are told that if we are true believers,

we will never die. Yes, our physical 

bodies will die, but our souls will live 

forever in a world free of death, pain, 

and sorrow.

Understanding that both the best and 

worst of times will pass... allows us to

 critically evaluate our lives and learn to 

appreciate how blessed we are on so many 

levels... as well as not take our journey for 


 Our past is in the rearview... it's gone... it's over. It 

has served its purpose. Knowing the consequences 

of our past hiccups helps us better recognize and 

avoid potential problems in the future. Our past has 

way of better preparing us for our future.

This is a new day! 

Let us look back on our past and see how far we

 have come along, and accept that life is but a 

series of phases... it is all fleeting. 

Even when our troubles seem bigger than they are

and our lives feel like a spiral into the abyss... life is 

constantly changing.

Life is an amazing journey that is constantly changing.

Time flies! 

Time seems to accelerate as we get older. 

Many of us, especially as we age, gauge 

the passage of time expectedly, thoughtfully, 

retrospectively and gratefully. In other words, 

we look at time, right now, and assess how 

quickly time is passing by at this moment, and

 we also look back and assess how fast yesterday 

or last week went by. 

Many think of life in terms of where did all the 

time go? Looking back at history brings mixed 

emotions and humble thankfulness. When we 

think how fast time goes by and how precious and 

impermanent each moment is... the temporariness 

has the ability to simplify, clarify, and shift our

 perceptions and approach to life. 

People of all ages usually have this gut-reaction 

and wonderment as well.

Every thought, feeling, emotion and situation in life 

are all temporary. There is nothing that we have in 

this life guaranteed, with the exception of change.

Whatever our perception of time might be... 

it's temporary. 

NOW is the time to seek God, 

be grateful, walk in our calling, 

savor new experiences, 

and use our lives wisely! 

Right now is temporary. Once this moment is gone, 

we cannot bring it back.

Many people strive for...

Living the good life.

When it comes to our achievements, some feel they 

hold some sort of clout in the Kingdom of God that 

trumps Jesus, Who should be the ultimate desire

 of their hearts. 

Our culture’s egotistical reality and their unhealthy 

preoccupation with status and success can corrupt 

God-honoring aspirations through systems that 

reward self-aggrandizement over charity, and 

egocentricity over humility.

Worldly possessions can bring us a measure of 

worldly stability and security; however, things of 

the world have only fleeting value. Understand that

 this is also a phase that will end.

Some have compromised their integrity for a perceived

 greater good. What can be seen and touched... 

will not last.

We must set our trajectory upon God rather 

than our own self-aggrandizement.

Every thought, feeling, emotion and situation 

in life is temporary. 

By thinking a new thought, we can often feel 

a new feeling, it's all temporary. Feelings change

 as dynamically as our needs change, it's all 


Emotions are also temporary. That's why they are 

called emotional states, it's all temporary.

Every situation in life... they are all temporary.

Far too often, we trade the pursuit of lasting 

fulfillment for instant gratification... 

a temporary thrill. 

More money = greater happiness?

It is easy to allow temporary things to consume all 

of our energy and efforts and become more of 

harsh taskmaster... than a luxury. 

 Self-centered desires can rob us

 of true joy and happiness. 

The temporary can cause one's emotions to teeter

 fiercely at times. Sadly, many people have 

remained unfulfilled and wondered why their 

lives, regardless of their lot in life,


still comes up empty.

He who loves money will not be satisfied with 

money, nor he who loves abundance with its gain.

 This too is vanity (emptiness). When good things 

increase, those who consume them increase. So 

what advantage is there to their owners except to

 see them with their eyes? The sleep of a working

 man is sweet, whether he eats little or much;but 

the full stomach (greed) of the rich [who hungers 

for even more] will not let him sleep.

Ecclesiastes 5:10-12

“If you make a habit of buying things 

you do not need,

 you will soon be selling things you do.” 

 Filipino Proverb

Many who are rich in temporals are poor in 

spirituals. Some who are poor outwardly are 

inwardly rich!

There are valuable pursuits available to us:

God, love, justice, faith, 

compassion, contribution, 


just to name a few. These should be pursued 

with great fervor. 

One can do many things without God such as:

acquire wealth, start a business, get an education,

buy cars, homes, etc., but we truly believe that...

true peace, joy, and fulfillment in our lives can 

only be realized... when God is at the helm of our 


God does not want our things. God wants our heart. 

Our things, however noble, cannot justify deformation

 of the soul.

Many who are rich in temporals are poor in 

spirituals. Some who are poor outwardly are 

inwardly rich!

What is contentment? 

Money can’t buy it, and poverty doesn’t give it.

Contentment comes from being satisfied and 

thankful for who you are and where you find 

yourself in life. 

When the good life is 

separated from the God life...

it is futile and meaningless.

Many are 

Spiritually hungry, 

in this land of plenty... and will 

remain unfulfilled without God. 

He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor 

he who loves abundance with its gain. This too is vanity 

(emptiness). When good things increase, those who 

consume them increase. So what advantage is there to 

their owners except to see them with their eyes? The sleep 

of a working man is sweet, whether he eats little or much; 

but the full stomach (greed) of the rich [who hungers for 

even more] will not let him sleep.

There is a grievous evil which I have seen under the sun: 

riches being kept and hoarded by their owner to his own 

misery. For when those riches are lost in bad investments 

and he becomes the father of a son, then there is nothing 

in his hand [for the support of the child]. As he came 

naked from his mother’s womb, so he will return as he 

came; and he will take away nothing from all his labor 

that he can carry in his hand.

Ecclesiastes 5:10-15

 God has no ending, but the 

universe does.

 We all come to the end of our lives as naked and empty 

handed as on the day we were born. 

We can't take our riches with us.

Ecclesiastes 5:15

What we leave behind us at death:

1. Our worldly goods.

2. Our reputation. The reputation for wisdom or folly, for

 integrity or dishonesty, for kindness or severity, which our

 life has been building up, death cannot destroy, through

 whatever experiences we may then pass. We must be

 content to leave that behind to be associated with our

 name in the memories of all men.

3. The influence for good or evil we exerted on human 


4. Wise counsel: Wise counsel that should save our loved 

ones from grave mistakes, and guide them to living an 

upright, God-fearing life.

What do we take with us?

1. Our faith in God.

May we always remember and never forget:

Possessions are not permanent...

We can appreciate our money, fame, success, and 

possessions more by not allowing them to define us 

or become a horrible taskmaster who owns our soul.