We may become apprehensive and/or 

concerned when things do not go as planned.

 Rather than surrendering all to God, our natural 

impulse is to want to control every element of 

our lives.

Whatever happens, God is always in control.

We can't have our hands on the wheel while also

 giving God control. If we would just let go, God

 is willing and able to take us exactly where we

 need to go.

Life will sometimes force us to admit our 

powerlessness to save ourselves. God knows

 exactly what we need and, what is best for us,

 and what is best for our souls.

When we forsake God's Way, Will, and Time 

in order to follow our own way, will, and 

timing... the consequences can be unpleasant 

and, in some cases, devastating.

We have a responsibility to find and accomplish

 God's Way, Will, and Timing for our lives, not

 just to God, but also to ourselves. Only by 

making this our top priority will we find true joy, 

the advancement we seek, and the fulfillment

 of an ultimately worthwhile existence on Earth.

God will far exceed our highest expectations. Our 

duty is to let God's Will, God's Divine process 

emerge by sacrificing our will, path, time, and 

anticipated outcomes.

No matter how hard we try to manage our lives, 

we should strive towards God's Will.

May God manifest His Divine Way, Will, and

 Timing in our lives when we let go of our 

self-imposed way, will, and timing.

Letting go requires letting go of the ego, with

 its desire for power, limited comprehension, 

preconceived ideas, illusions, and mindsets.

We've all been in situations where we felt powerless,

 burdened, and unable to depend on others, unable to fix,

 improve or change our circumstances. We've all been

there when there was nowhere else to look, but up.

Self-sufficiency eventually leads to ruin.

"What he believes in is flimsy; what he clings

 to is a spider web," Bildad says in Job 8:12-15

 of the consequences of people who reject God.

He leans on the web, but it gives way; 

he screams at it, but it doesn't hold." " "

As a result, Scripture shows that relying on our 

own power rather than God's is as foolish as 

relying on a spider web for support. The truth

 is that we lack the ability to steer our own lives.

We require the help of the One Who created, knows, 

loves, cares for, and blesses us. We require the

involvement of the One who has authority over life 

and death, the One who hears our prayers, sees our

 tears, leads us through the valley of the shadow of

 death, blesses us with strength and restores our souls... 

so that we might live our lives to the fullest.

Let us give all our of troubles 

and concerns to God, for God 

truly cares about us.

There is nothing too difficult 

for God.

May we give God all of our concerns and difficulties. 

God has the ability to create immeasurably more

 than we can imagine or desire. God's Way, Will,

 and Timing far transcends anything we could ever 

expect or fathom.

Knowing to Whom we belong

 is one of life's most significant 


The truth is, we have very little control over 

our lives. Control is merely an illusion.

We never had it... and we never will.

We must recognize that the duties we are to 

carry out are carried out by the power of God,

 not by our own meager abilities and attempts.

In other words, it is a senseless tragedy when

 our quest for power and understanding leads 

us away from God.

Consider this: God is our most profound Source

 of support, knowledge, comfort, and strength. 

God is far greater than anything that moves and 

drives us in this world!

Gratitude for the present moment protects

 us from looking back in time, agonizing about

 what has passed, or fretting about what is to come.

Let it go... allow God to take over.

Let us be willing to let go and follow God's

 guidance as we seek God's assistance... 

hearing with our inner ears, seeing with our 

inner eyes, understanding with our innermost 

being, and putting the weary mind to rest.

God desires us to interact, go, be and do, 

but we must remain humble and aware of

 our reliance on God at all times.

God never makes promises that He cannot keep. 

God will never make a promise He cannot honor.

God has meticulously designed our lives. 

To live meaningful lives, we must relinquish

 complete authority to God.

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