As humans, we get anxious when things don't go as 

planned, and our natural tendency is to control every 

circumstance in our lives, rather than giving control

 over to God. 

No matter what, God is always in control. We cannot, 

simultaneously, have our hands on the wheel while 

giving God control. God is perfectly capable of  leading

 us exactly where we are supposed to go.

Life will sometimes force us to come to the 

realization of our powerlessness to save ourselves.

God already knows what we desire, God knows

  what's best for us, and God knows what is most 

appropriate for our souls. 

When we ignore God’s Way, Will, and Timing

so that we can pursue our own way, will, and timing…

the consequences can be unpleasant and sometimes


We not only have an obligation to God, but 

also to ourselves to discern and fulfill 

God's Way, Will, and Timing 

for our lives. It is only by making this a top

 priority that we will find true joy, the growth 

we truly desire, and the satisfaction of an 

ultimately worthwhile existence on this earth.

God will by-far surpass our fondest dreams.

Our part is to surrender the self-will, way, timing,

and the outcome we desire, and allow God's Will, 

God's Divine process to unfold. 

No matter how much we try to control our lives, 

God’s Will is what we should strive for. 

May we let go of our self-forcing way, will, and

timing, and allow God to manifest His Divine Way, 

Will, and Timing in our lives. 

Letting go means... letting go of the ego with its 

self-will, its limited understanding, its preconceived

 ideas, illusions, and mindsets. 

We all have been in situations where we really felt 

weak, loaded down, and burdened... unable to do 

anything to change our circumstances.

Self-sufficiency ultimately leads to destruction. 

In Job 8:12-15 Bildad speaks of the result of those 

whoforget God, "What he trusts in is fragile; what he 

relies on is a spider web. He leans on the web, but it 

gives way; heclings to it, but it does not hold." 

Thus, we see from Scripture that depending on our 

own strength rather than God' as foolish as 

leaning on a spider web for support. The truth is 

that we are not equipped  to govern our lives on 

our own.

We need the help of the One Who 

created us, knows us, loves us, 

cares for us, and gives the very 

best to those who surrender the

 helm to Him. 

We need the help of the One 

who has power over life and death, 

the One who hears our prayers, 

sees our tears, restores our health, 

and blesses us with strength...

that we may have life to the fullest.

“Give all your worries and cares

to God, for God cares about you.”

There is nothing too hard for God.

God is able to produce immeasurably more

 than we could ask or imagine.

 God's Way, Will, and Timing far surpasses 

anything that we could ever ask or imagine.

One of the most important 

realities of life is knowing 

to Whom we belong.

The truth is, we have little control 

over our own lives.

Control is an illusion. 

We never had it and we never will.

We have to understand that the things we are to do, 

we do by the power of God 

and not on our own puny abilities and achievements.

In other words... it is a major tragedy 

when our pursuit for power and wisdom

 stops short of God.

Think about it...

God is a treasure of power 

and a treasure of wisdom

 infinitely greater

 than any of the things 

that stir and excite us in this world!

Contentment in today will prevent our eyes from 

wandering back to our past or off to tomorrow.

As we ask God for help, let us be willing to let go, 

follow God’s counsel... harkening our inner ear, 

seeing with our inner eye, feeling with our 

innermost being, and letting the unbelieving 

mind rest.

God desires for us to engage and go and do. 

But we must be humble and conscious 

of our dependency... always on God.

There is no promise too hard 

for God to keep. 

In order to live purposeful, passion-filled lives, we

must surrender all control to God. God has the perfect

 plan laid out for our lives. 

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