Life can be a herculean journey comprised of joys,

hardships, hellos, goodbyes, and lessons that can

ultimately lead us to a greater awareness and

understanding of God, ourselves, and the world in which

we live.
“Life lessons” are called “Life lessons”

because we encounter and observe a wide variety of 

occurrences in life, daily, that we can heed, study, 

run from, or learn from. 

Some of our life lessons provide us with a wellspring of 

understanding so that we can further our knowledge and 

develop mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Life lessons are those times in our life that are the most 

challenging. They can be uncomfortable and sometimes 

painful. They have us stretching our limits... which in the 

long run... is a really good thing. 

The importance of learning life lessons can not be 

understated. If we do not learn from the lessons that life is 

trying to teach us, then they will be taught to us again and 

again until we do. Much of the suffering and unhappiness 

in people’s lives is caused by an unwillingness to learn 

from mistakes.

Many of our

life lessons

learned have

been from

our up close

and personal

knowledge, observation, and experience. The

educational and experiential knowledge we have gained...

has better equipped us to understand ourselves and make

more informed decisions.

Some of the darkest times we go through can take us to

some of the most amazing places. We have come to realize

that most of the extremely difficult predicaments, we

found ourselves in, 
pushed us to gain focus and clarity.

This focus and clarity has played a key role in our overall

productivity and experience of life.


Life lessons are ready to be taught whether we are ready

for the lessons or not. We can sometimes overlook the

importance of being a lifelong pupil. W
e believe one

needs to always remain teachable... keeping defenses down

and pride in check. 

By viewing our lives from the perspective of being lifelong

students, we gain a higher consciousness for what it really

means to live a meaningful life. As we live to learn... we

truly learn to live.

The Bible teaches us about life. It is a complete guide for

life. Reading the Scriptures and attentively observing

 makes us wiser. The Bible is where all wisdom

begins. A teachable person will listen and feast on God's

Word and change direction... accordingly.

The wisdom we have acquired, by the grace of God, has

helped us seek the truth coupled with the appropriate

decisions as to what course of action should be applied to

the given circumstance. This wisdom has given us the

ability to live in a more godly way.

Because we think and act using knowledge, experience,

understanding, insight, truth, patience, and common

sense... we are better equipped 
to see, examine, and

decipher practices, people, situations, and the 

of others in ways that we did not see before.

Many inspiring life lessons have been learned by

surrounding ourselves with mentors who had their own

rich life experiences. Our mentors generously passed-on to

us... wonderful pearls of wisdom... a treasure trove of

truth, beauty, and pragmatic advice that has stood the test

of time. Observing our mentors as they passed through

their ebbs and flows of life has been invaluable.

Some of our most tremendous teachers
 have been those

who have opposed, criticized, rejected, betrayed, and hurt

us the most... 
and what great teachers they have been!!!
Our life lessons have played a vital role in shaping how we

think about ourselves, our values, and our behaviors.

Our most effective life lessons were painfully gained, but

they provided us with experience and a heartfelt

willingness to seriously examine our sufferings, 

overcome them, learn the lessons, improve ourselves

and our outlook on life.

 Throughout our journey of life we will be challenged and 

tested. Along this journey our courage, strength, integrity,

and faith will be challenged. Life does not ask what we

want of it. Each day life presents us with a new page with

many opportunities and undertakings to experience, and

kindliness to replicate.

In many ways, our life’s purpose is our lesson, and

vice-versa. As we transition into a more knowledgeable,

experienced person... we start looking at what is really

important in our lives.

As we grow in awareness, we seek to know truth, that

deeper meaning to life, and what it is all about. We seek

our truth, to fulfill our purpose, to somehow have our lives

make sense in the context of everything that is going on in

the world. We ask ourselves all-important questions, such

as: What is my mastery and purpose in life?

We never know where life will take us or what life will

teach us. But more likely than not… each day of our lives

will, in some way, present us with difficulties, challenges,

tests, and life lessons to be learned.

Everything in life happens for a valid reason. Sometimes,

people and situations come to teach us painful lessons that

we would not have learned any other way. They can usher

in extraordinary teachable moments, though the full impact

of those moments may not be realized until many years

later. They can, knowingly or unknowingly, motivate us so

we will not become immobilized and stuck where we do

not belong. 

Life is full of inexplicable, incomprehensible,

unexplainable situations and random events. When we are

in the middle of the most chaotic, challenging times of our

life… we are actually in the midst of some of the most

valuable learning opportunities of our lives.

If we can start looking at those trying times in our life as

opportunities to grow, we will find that these life lessons

can provide us with a wellspring of understanding that can

be eye-opening and helpful to us.

Understanding this can help us see past any anger or

frustration that we may have with people in our lives. It

can bring us to a place where we can objectively observe

the issue at hand. Once we can do this, we are well on our

way to learning a life lesson.

Learning from our life lessons and staying open to learning

can heighten our comprehension, and equip us with greater

opportunities, while cultivating and improving our quality

of life.

Through the process of observation, research,

 investigation, and experience...

 we are able to acquire wisdom, and insight.

Whether we are striving to further the level of our spiritual

development or we are just starting to discover our

spirituality, there are important life lessons that can be

learned. Our spiritual growth clearly involves human

exertion. These life lessons can ultimately lead us to a

greater awareness and relationship with God.

On our journey through life, we can learn lessons that will

help us develop as individuals as well as prepare us for

future endeavors. As we become spiritually, mentally,

physically, and intellectually wiser… our portion expands. 

What was previously beyond our comprehension… has

now become much clearer. We have become better

equipped to work out what God has richly deposited and

worked in us.

Our purpose in life is to make the most of our time here on

earth, to complete our life plan, and to learn the lessons

included in our life plan. When we see life as a journey of

learning and embrace the concept of being lifelong

students… we open ourselves up to a more enlightened

and productive life.

Our hands-on collection of life experiences
have allowed us to have a deeper appreciation
and clearer perception of God and life.

Through each life lesson... we have consistently

When we look back and examine our life experiences...
 we can see God's grace all over it.
"We were blind, and now we can see!"
John 9:25

Life lessons learned can bring us to a place of humbling

and grounding where we come to realize there is

something greater than the material world we inhabit. We

sense, at some point in our lives, that there is something

important for us to do, or learn, or experience. We

understand that there has to be something more than just

living day to day.

Every day is a gift, a fresh start, and an opportunity
to learn, to live,
 and to grow!

Some of the important life lessons we have learned,
through perspectives, mistakes, and experiences,
are being passed on to the next generation,
and anyone else, 
so they may avoid costly mistakes
and have a deeper and better understanding of life.
We, sincerely, believe blessings and life lessons learned

should NOT be placed under a basket,
but passed on...
from one to the other.

All of us are heirs

blessed by many determined people,  

nations, and cultures of 

past generations.  

We are the inheritors of all the rich deposits 

our ancestors left behind for our edification. 

We believe,  just as our ancestors, 

we are blessed by God

in order that we might be

a blessing to others.

We believe other people can benefit
from our life experiences
and the lessons we have learned.
We believe when blessings and life lessons are passed on...

  the wealth of experience, guidance, and inspiration

can possibly help future generations to improve themselves

and the world in which they live.

Life is very brief and unpredictable
and can blindside us in a heartbeat.
It is our prayer that our readers will indulge
in these Proverbs, perspectives, illustrations,
quotes, and posters and glean all the insight they can...
so they will be better equipped to effectively
navigate through life...
and experience a greater future.

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