No matter how much experience we have... 

there is always something new to learn. 

Lifelong learning has repeatedly shown its 

worth. It has continually proven itself to 

be a tremendously beneficial aspect of life 

itself. This is why, with great intentionality, 

we try to remain teachable and open to 

lessons in everything we do and experience.

Some of the hard, disappointing, painful, and 

difficult personal experiences we have gone 

through... have become incredibly liberating, 

transformative, valuable life and character 

building lessons we would not have learned

any other way than going through the quiet 

crucible of testing and suffering.

Life can be a herculean journey comprised of joys,

hardships, hellos, goodbyes, and lessons that can

ultimately lead us to a greater awareness and

understanding of God, ourselves, and the world in 

which we live.

All life lessons are not created equal.

Be careful when we blindly follow the 

masses. Those who follow the crowd will 

usually get no further than the crowd. The 

one who walks alone, knows that he is 

never alone, and will likely find himself 

in places no one has ever been. 

“Life lessons” are called “Life lessons”

because we encounter and observe a wide variety of 

occurrences in life, daily, that we can heed, study, 

run from, or learn from. 

One of the greatest lessons we can learn in life is that as 

long as we live... we still have so much we can learn.

Some of our life lessons provide us with wellsprings of 

understanding so that we can further our knowledge and 

develop mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Life lessons are those times in our lives that are

 the most challenging; yet, they hold great 

opportunities for learning and for realizing our 

fullest potentials. The lessons can be uncomfortable 

and sometimes painful. Some lessons are learned 

the hard way. They can have us stretching 

our limits... which in the long run... is a really

good thing. 

So, let us pay attention to the

 lessons that life teaches us.

The importance of learning life lessons can not be 

understated. If we do not learn from the lessons that

 life is trying to teach us, then, they will be taught to 

us again and again until we do. 

Much of the suffering and unhappiness in people’s 

lives is caused by an unwillingness to learn 

from mistakes.

Many of our life 

lessons learned 

have been from

our up close and 

personal knowledge, observation, and experiences. The 

educational and experiential knowledge we have gained... 

has better equipped us to understand ourselves and make

more informed decisions.

We have come to realize that many of the extremely 

difficult predicaments, we find ourselves in, can push

 us to gain focus and clarity. This focus and clarity can 

play a key role in our overall productivity and 

experience of life.

Life lessons are ready to be taught whether we are

 ready for the lessons or not. We can sometimes 

overlook the importance of being a life-long pupil. 

We believe one needs to always remain teachable... 

keeping defenses down and pride in check. 

By viewing our lives from the perspective of being 

lifelong students, we gain a higher consciousness

 for what it really means to live a meaningful life. 

As we live to learn... we truly learn to live.

The Word of God teaches us about life. It is a 

complete guide for life. Reading the Scriptures 

and attentively observing life makes us wiser. In the 

Scriptures is where all wisdom begins. A teachable 

person will listen and feast on God's Word and 

change direction... accordingly.

The wisdom we have acquired, by the grace of 

God, has helped us seek the truth coupled with the 

appropriate decisions as to what course of action 

should be applied to our given circumstances. This 

wisdom has given us the ability to live in a more 

godly way.

Because we think and act using knowledge,

 experience, understanding, insight, truth, 

patience, and common sense... we are better 

equipped to see, examine, and decipher 

practices, people, situations, and the 

perspectives of others in ways that we did 

not see before.

Many inspiring life lessons have been learned

 from our mentors who had their own rich life 

experiences. Our mentors generously passed-on 

to us... wonderful pearls of wisdom... treasure

 troves of truth, beauty, and pragmatic advice that

 has stood the test of time. Observing our mentors

 as they passed through their ebbs and flows of 

life has been invaluable.

On the flip side of our chosen mentors, some 

of our most tremendous teachers have been 

those who have opposed us, criticized us, 

rejected, betrayed, and hurt us the most... 

and oh my goodness... what painful; yet, great 

teachers they have been!!!
Some of the darkest times we 

go through can hold life's most

important lessons.
Our life lessons have played a vital role in shaping

 how we think about ourselves, our values, and our 


Our most effective life lessons were painfully

 gained, but they provided us with experience 

and a heartfelt willingness to seriously examine

 our sufferings, overcome them, learn the lessons, 

improve ourselveand our outlook on life.

 Throughout our journey of life we will be 

challenged and tested. Along this journey our 

 courage, strength, integrity, and faith will be

 challenged. Life does not ask what we want

 of it. Each day life presents us with a new page 

 with many opportunities and undertakings to 

experience, and kindliness to replicate.

In many ways, our life’s purpose is our lesson, 

and vice-versa. As we transition into a more 

knowledgeable, experienced person... we start 

looking at what is really important in our lives.

As we grow in awareness, we seek to know 

truth, that deeper meaning to life, and what 

it is all about. We seek our truth, to fulfill our 

purpose, to somehow have our lives make 

sense in the context of everything that is 

going on in the world. We ask ourselves 

all-important questions, such as: 

What is my mastery and purpose in life?

We never know where life will take us or 

what life will teach us. But more likely than 

not… each day of our lives will, in some way, 

present us with difficulties, challenges, tests, 

and life lessons to be learned.

Everything in life happens for a valid reason. 

Sometimes, people and situations come to 

teach us painful lessons that we would not 

have learned any other way. They can usher

in extraordinary teachable moments, though 

the full impact of those moments may not be 

realized until many years later. They can, 

knowingly or unknowingly, motivate us so

we will not become immobilized and stuck 

where we do not belong. 

Life is full of inexplicable, incomprehensible,

unexplainable situations and random events. 

When we are in the middle of the most chaotic, 

challenging times of our lives… we are actually 

in the midst of some of the most valuable 

learning opportunities of our lives.

If we can start looking at those trying times 

in our lives as opportunities to grow, we will 

find that these life lessons can provide us with

 a wellspring of understanding that can be 

eye-opening and helpful to us.

Understanding this can help us see past 

any anger or frustration that we may have 

with people in our lives. It can bring us to 

place where we can objectively observe

the issue at hand. Once we can do this, we 

are well on our way to learning a life lesson.

Learning from our life lessons and staying 

open to learning can heighten our 

comprehension, and equip us with greater

opportunities, while cultivating and 

improving our quality of life.

Through the process of observation, 

research, investigation, and experience...

 we are able to acquire wisdom, and insight.

Whether we are striving to further the level 

of our spiritual development or we are just 

starting to discover our spirituality, there are 

important life lessons that can be learned. 

Our spiritual growth clearly involves human 

exertion. These life lessons can ultimately lead 

us to a greater awareness and relationship with 


On our journey through life, we can learn

lessons that will help us develop as individuals 

as well as prepare us for future endeavors. As 

we become spiritually, mentally, physically, 

and intellectually wiser… our portion expands. 

What was previously beyond our 

comprehension… has now become much 

clearer. We have become better equipped to 

work out what God has richly deposited and

worked in us.

Our purpose in life is to make the most of our 

time here on earth, to complete our life plan, 

and to learn the lessons included in our life plan. 

When we see life as a journey of learning and

 embrace the concept of being lifelong students… 

we open ourselves up to a more enlightened

and productive life.

Our hands-on collection of life experiences
have allowed us to have a deeper appreciation
and clearer perception of God and life.

Through each life lesson... we have consistently

experienced... God's amazing grace.
When we look back and examine our life 

experiences... we can see God's grace all over it.

"We were blind, and now we can see!"

John 9:25

When we are constantly on the go,

immersed in mundane activities, 

life can get away from us very 


The older I get the more I enjoy the many benefits 

that comes from spending time alone. Freedom is 

considered to be one of the benefits of solitude;

freedom from the distractions of the world has the 

potential to spark creativity.

I appreciate and find solace in solitude and take 

advantage of all that solitude has to offer. I 

find it wholesome to be quiet and free of outside 

opinions, constraints, influences, and distractions. 

Quiet time affords us time to connect with God. 

It is a time for reflection. It is a time to meditate on 

our innermost thoughts and feelings, which can 

generate greater self-awareness. It is always 

spiritually enlightening, when we take the time

 to quietly ponder the meaning and purpose of 

our existence and our calling in life. 

There is a time for silence. Being alone is

 not a death sentence. Alone time, with 

ourselves, gives us the chance to develop 

the self, focus, recharge, clear out the mind-

clutter and think clearly. Quiet time gives us 

an opportunity to become clearer and more 

advanced in our thinking. It allows our minds

 to escape distractions. 

It is difficult to hear, to research, read, reflect,

 or unleash creativity and produce with ongoing 

distractions and busyness. Solitude has the 

power to decrease negativity in life while

renewing and replenishing us. 

Solitude can be thought of, by some, as 

undesirable because it is often linked with 

loneliness, but there is a significant difference... 

a world of difference between the two. 

For me, solitude does not entail feelings of 

loneliness. It is essential. It is a chosen state 

of being alone... without being lonely. It is a 

beautiful, pleasurable... very enjoyable, positive

and constructive way to regain perspective,

 maintain some semblance of balance, explore, 

know and grow ourselves. Solitude can lead 

to peace of mind and personal growth. 

welcome it.

Solitude provides an exhilarating experience

 for the mind, body and soul. And as quiet as it is kept, 

we all need periods of solitude, once in a while.

Life lessons learned can bring us to a place 

of humbling and grounding where we come to 

realize there is something greater than the 

material world we inhabit. 

We sense, at some point in our lives, that 

there is something important for us to do, 

or learn, or experience. We understand that 

there has to be something more than just

living day to day.

Every day is a gift, a fresh start, and an 

opportunity to learn, to live, and to grow!
Some of the important life lessons we have learned,
through perspectives, mistakes, and experiences,
are being passed on to the next generation,
and anyone else, so they may avoid costly mistakes
and have a deeper and better understanding of life.

All of us are heirs blessed by many determined

 people, nations, and cultures of past generations.  

We are the inheritors of all the rich deposits our 

ancestors left behind for our edification. 

We believe, just as our ancestors, we are blessed 

by God in order that we might be...a blessing to 


We believe when blessings and life lessons are 

passed on... the wealth of experience, guidance, 

and inspiration can possibly help future 

generations to improve themselves and the

 world in which they live.

We, sincerely, believe blessings and life lessons learned

should NOT be placed under a basket,

but passed on...
from one to the other.

We believe other people can benefit from our life 

experiences and the lessons we have learned. We 

believe when blessings and life lessons are passed 

on... the wealth of experience, guidance, and 

inspirationcan possibly help future generations to 

improve themselves and the world in which they 


Life is very brief and unpredictable and can blindside

 us in a heartbeat. It is our prayer that our readers will 

indulge in these Proverbs, perspectives, illustrations, 

quotes, and posters and glean all the insight they can... 

so they will be better equipped to effectively navigate

through life... and experience a greater future.

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