"Loose Lips Sink Ships"

The risks of disclosing too much information 

are high. A thoughtless word might cause a 

needless sinking.


A gossiper is someone who knows personal, 

private... privileged knowledge about people 

and then proceed to disclose such information

to people who do not have our best interest or 

welfare at heart.

Gossip often masquerades as concern for

 someone else.

Rumors become more acceptable when 

they are disguised/masked as noble reasons. 

A gossiper frequently tries to seem helpful. 

Anyone who is genuinely concerned about 

another person will not desire to “Stir the pot”,

 incite conflict, or put another on blast!

"He who wanders about like a gossip betrays 

secrets; therefore, do not associate with one 

who flatters with his words," 

says Proverbs 20:19.

Idle chatter, 
malicious gossip, 
and/or rumors can be 
extremely harmful and 

Unfortunately, people with loose lips don't spend 

much time collecting facts. They usually spread 

harmful, one-sided disinformation which is toxic 

second or third hand chatter.

When words are many, transgression is not lacking,
but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.
Proverbs 10:19

Gossip is distinguished from sharing information 

in two ways:

1. Intent: Gossipers commonly struggle with their 

own issues and use gossip to divert attention away 

from what is going on within themselves.

They want to boost themselves up by focusing on 

and spreading harmful or scandalous, false information

 about someone else's flaws, embarrassments, and/or

 tragedies; yet, they cannot back up their assertions

 with facts.

They like making others appear terrible and elevating

 themselves as some type of information repository.

2. The nature of the information shared:

Gossipers gossip about the faults and inadequacies 

of others, or divulge potentially humiliating or 

unpleasant facts about others' life without their 

knowledge or permission.

Some claim they are not being malicious and 

they mean no harm; but, it is still gossip.

Gossip can destroy 

one's reputation. 



A gossip cannot be a gossip unless there is 

someone willing to listen.

Avoid people who gossip.

If you can't avoid them, find a means to divert 

the issue or make the gossiper aware of the 

dangers of what they're saying.

Don't give a habitual gossiper the satisfaction

of trying to inform you.

When they try to gossip change the subject 

or get away from them.

"The words of a gossip are like tasty trifles,
and they go down into the most inmost body."
Proverbs 18:8 

Proverbs 11:13 gives us some straight talk about, loose lips.

"A gossip reveals secrets, but he who is of a faithful spirit

conceals a matter."

Let us move away from 

all of the negativity found in gossiping

and focus on something more edifying.
Proverbs 26:20, "Where there is no wood, the fire goes out;
and where there is no gossip, strife ceases."

Don't let your careless talk help the enemy.

It is best to flip the script and change the topic of the 


Otherwise... it's best to walk away

or explain that you are not interested

in hearing that type of talk.

More strife is brought about in peoples lives from 
"Loose lips".


In order to reach the root of our

we will have to deal with our hearts.

Our hearts can harbor sinful attitudes,
causing our lips to speak unprofitable, provoking,
and perverse words.


Think, speak, think.

Simple and minor infractions in the right channels

can create, when blabbed,

major incidents.

Nobody likes leaks.

You have to ask yourself about the repercussions

of being loose lipped.

  Be on guard...

"We fight an enemy that never sleeps."

"Loose lips sink ships"

is an English idiom of American origin

meaning "beware of unguarded talk".

The phrase originated on

propaganda posters during World War II.

"Loose lips sink ships" 

phrase was coined as a slogan during WWII

as part of the US Office of War Informations attempt 

to limit the possibility

of people inadvertently giving useful information 

to enemy spies.

The slogan was actually 'Loose Lips Might Sink Ships.

This was one of several similar slogans 

which all came under the campaigns basic message -

'Careless Talk Costs Lives'.

It is an admonition to avoid careless talk in general.

Don't talk carelessly

because you don't know who is listening.

We must avoid careless talk.

You never know who is going to hear what you say

and how they will use and twist what they hear.

Let us always remember and never forget:

"Loose lips sink ships."

The British equivalent used variations on the phrase

"Keep mum". "Keep mum" means to remain silent,

especially so as not to reveal a secret.


Zip it!

"Be Quiet",

as in

"zip your mouth shut".

We must protect our conversations...

they can be disastrous;

loose talk is direct delivery to the enemy.

The sharp ears of the enemy are always listening

for scraps of information.

If we listen carefully and hold our tongues,

we don't make problems worse

or speak words we regret.

Take note of this reminder: 

Let us stop gossiping!


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