Media has many effects on the consumer and, as a whole, 

is dumbing down society by manipulating and/or limiting 

the thoroughness of information presented.

Very little seems to be censored in television. 

The anonymity of the internet and the easy access 

to all sorts of despicable pornography is devilish. 

One can easily find excessive violence

 and savagery in some of the video games.

The crassness of some of the present-day 

music extols self gratification and sexual promiscuity. 

With cell phones... anything goes.

All of these devices may go to any extreme 

to capture the attention of viewers, listeners, and readers. 

Sadly, they play a role in our moral decline. 

Far too many people are acting as if they

can no longer tell the difference between good and evil.

Some have purposely waged 

an all-out assault on morals, values,

and common sense.

The dumbing down is usually applied as a derogatory term that refers to the simplifying of a subject towards the lowest common denominator. Americans consume large amounts of media. The average American spends half or their day watching hours of television, or listening to some sort of mass media.