The media can be used for or against us. 

A few companies own everything. We have 

the illusion of inclusion and the illusion

 of choice.

Media consolidation has been on a fast 

march over the last 30 years. In 1983, 

50 companies owned 90% 

of American media.

Six corporations own 90% 

of news media companies

 in America. 

News Corp, Disney, Viacom, 

Time Warner, CBS and Comcast 

owns 90% of the TV stations, radio stations, 

movies, magazines and newspapers that 

277 million Americans 

rely on for news and entertainment.

Comcast has replaced General Electric as one 

of the six corporations that control 90% of 

the media.

Over the last 30 years, Congress and the FCC 

have largely deregulated the media industry. The

 number of television stations that one company 

can own jumped from seven to 12 in 1985. The 

FCC also stopped enforcing the Fairness 

Doctrine, it dropped requirements for a minimum 

amount of non-entertainment programming, and it

 lifted limits on the amount of advertising that 

could be broadcast in one hour. Those changes 

made it easier and more profitable for corporations 

to own more media properties.

“Whoever controls the 

media, controls the mind.”

― Jim Morrison

Mind control and Satanism is also known as 

manipulation, brainwashing, coercive persuasion

 and control, changing people's beliefs and behaviors,

malignant use of group dynamics, and many others. 

 The broadcast media can easily access billions 

of people and quickly get their messages out to 

the masses. 

*To broadcast is to scatter, sow, cast or send 

out, to cause something to be known over a 

considerable area or by many people.

The media is not only a source of knowledge and 

information about what is happening in the world... 

it can be a manipulative system of influence that 

can distort perception, modify, disrupt, compromise 

a person's beliefs, decisions, behaviors, relationships, 

preferences, etc.  


has its advantages and, unfortunately...

it also has its destructive disadvantages.

With the advancement of technology, many 

aspects in the news, arts, social networking and

communication between people  have improved 

our quality of life. However, the media can 

influence one to do things that are not moral and

 upright. The media affects people in varied ways, 

some of which are good while others are not.

We humans can be manipulatable species where 

the media feeds off this ever-growing trait that 

lies within us all. 

“Whoever controls the 

media, controls the mind.”

The global reach of television has the potential 

to make a positive or negative impact on people's 


Media can be used as a tool 

to manipulate, brainwash, and

 indoctrinate the vulnerable.

Program/programme means 

to set, schedule or regulate.

Television is programming unsuspecting individuals

 with all kinds of lies. The rulers of this world, Satan 

and his henchmen, are telling-a-vision, through 

television, radio, newspapers, magazines etc. Satan 

is using mind controlling programming to manipulate 

peopleMedia is blatantly and subliminally 

programming our minds as we watch, read, and 


Some people are way too comfortable being 

told what is real and what is not. They don't even 

question what is being programmed/instilled into 

the mind, or how it has negatively influenced the 

behavior of vast numbers of people

A critical thinker rarely takes things at face value. 

They like to analyze and evaluate all sources of 

information before coming to a decision.

Critical thinking is an essential skill, especially 

in an age of fake news and misinformation. We

 need to question sources and make sure the 

information we take in is valid. 

Let us not allow the media to brainwash us, so 

much so that we have no autonomy over ourselves 

and cannot think critically or independently.
Media has many effects on the consumer and, as 

a whole, is dumbing down society by manipulating

 and/or limiting the thoroughness of information 

Mindless Dumbing down

According to Wikipedia, dumbing down is 

the deliberate over-simplification of intellectual 

content in education, literature, and cinema, news,

 video games, and culture. 

Originated in 1933, the term "dumbing down"

 was movie-business slang, used by screenplay

 writers, meaning: "(to) revise so as to appeal

 to those of little education or intelligence". 

(1) Dumbing-down varies according to subject 

matter, and usually involves the diminishment 

of critical thought by undermining standard

 language and learning standards; thus trivializing 

academic standards, culture, and meaningful

 information, as in the case of popular culture.

Television has long been criticized for its potential 

impact on children. Media exposure can positively

 or negatively influence a child's cognitive 

development and academic achievement.

We must exercise the influence and discipline

 that God intended for us as parents. We 

should monitor how much time our children

spend watching TV and be aware of what

 programs they are watching. 

We need to seek out beneficial programs that 

provide teaching opportunities that we want our 

children to see, learn from, and imitate.

We need to research reputable broadcast 

outlets making sure that the quality and 

content of television programs are well-

designed, age-appropriate, and are programs 

designed around an educational curriculum.

We owe this to our youth.

Broadcasters have often demonstrated their power to

influence viewers, either consciously through slanted

 political commentary, or subtly, by portraying

 controversial issues, i.e., the treatment of certain people,

 civil liberties, the unflattering, contradictory, shallow  

light cast upon certain people and situations as 

socially acceptable.

 The symbiotic nature of television and culture is 

exemplified in every broadcast, from family sitcoms 

to serious news reports.

Research shows that exposure to lies and negative

programming increases the risk of aggressive behavior

and desensitizes people to lies and violence.

Very little seems to be censored in television. 

The anonymity of the internet and the easy access 

to all sorts of despicable pornography is devilish. 

One can easily find excessive violence

 and savagery in some of the video games.

The crassness of some of the present-day music

 extols self gratification and sexual promiscuity. 

With cell phones... anything goes.

All of these devices may go to any extreme 

to capture the attention of viewers, listeners, and 

readers. Sadly, they all play a role in our moral 


Far too many people are acting as if they

can no longer tell the difference between good

 and evil.

Some have purposely waged 

an all-out assault on morals, values,

and common sense.

“Whoever controls the 

media, controls the mind.”

As we strive to become more

enlightened human beings, we 

must intentionally 

seek God first 

and eliminate everything that 

tends to make the human mind 

a dependent weakling.

The dumbing down is usually applied as a derogatory term that refers to the simplifying of a subject towards the lowest common denominator. Americans consume large amounts of media. The average American spends half or their day watching hours of television, or listening to some sort of mass media.