Moderation is a principle of life.

Moderation: the avoidance of excess or extremes.

 Moderation is considered a key part

of ones personal development.

Moderation is a specific kind of balance.

It means recognizing that too much of any good thing

is bad.

When we practice moderation...

we seek to find the balance

between insufficiency and excess.


Moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes.

Moderation is being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme.

Moderation is of medium or average quantity or extent.

Opposed to radical or extreme views or measures,

especially in politics or religion. 

To lessen the violence, severity, or extremeness of.

There is nothing that cannot be moderated including ones actions,

ones desires and even thoughts.

It is believed that by doing so...

one achieves a more natural state, faces less resistance in life

and recognizes their limits.

Never go to excess,

but let moderation be your guide.

~ Marcus Tillius Cicero,%20pie,%20sundae.gif

Even a virtue when pursued to excess

crowds out other virtues and causes harm.


Whatever we do,

we should do it in moderation.

Doing something "in moderation" means

not doing it excessively.


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