Doreen Ketchens is widely considered one of 

the cultural ambassadors of New Orleans and

of the city's traditional music.

Nicknamed "Lady Louis" because of her ability 

to hit and hold powerful high notes, and her 

love of Armstrong's performance style.

Doreen Ketchens' sings the 

clarinet. Her sheer emotion 

and passion allows her to 

channel her soul through 

the clarinet. 

This outstanding extension 

of Doreen Ketchens' soul, 

cannot be taught by man... 

no amount of music theory 

or degrees can teach what

Doreen Ketchens has. 

This pure connection with 

music is truly a gift from 


Doreen Ketchens was born 

to do this, and this is what

music is all about.

Doreen Ketchens (born October 3, 1966 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is a jazz clarinetist who performs Dixieland and Trad Jazz. She is one of the first and few female bandleaders in New Orleans, and a musical educator. She has performed at concert halls, music festivals, and U.S. embassies, as well as in decades of weekly performances in Dixieland's tradition in the Royal Street Performing Arts Zone in the French Quarter of New Orleans with her band, Doreen's Jazz New Orleans. 

Some students have made claims that 

listening to certain types of music such as:

Mozart's Sonata for Two Piano's in D Major, 

before taking a test,

helped improve their test scores.

According to some experts...

music, such as Mozart's Sonata,

has been known for releasing neurons in the brain...

which helps the body to relax.

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