Beware of blatant liars in human society!

The blatant lie is told with no sense of shame. Blatant liars are the ones who do not comply the norms of human dignity and decency or ignore the moral values or ethical teachings of religions. The statement of the blatant liars always deviates from or perverts the truth. The blatant liars are in the habit of breaking their promises, pledge and commitment and hiding their malpractice. Their intent is to take opportunities for their personal gains dishonestly, selfishly and unjustly. They usually tell lies blatantly in response to the questions about the truth asked by the general public. In other words, blatant liars respond with falsehood to the query concerning political situation in the society. Some administrators or authorities concerned tell lies blatantly in order to hide the truth and deceive the public in some society. This means that they do not frankly or cordially tell what is bad or weak in handling or performing public services. Telling lies is used as their defensive shield or tool whenever they are accused of political abuse or power abuse. Moreover, they try to conceal their mismanagement and inefficiency as well. If the certain government or politicians or authorities concerned tell a pack of lies, the majority of people will be disappointed. As a result, people will not trust them whatever they say or promise in future. The blatant liars are extremely dangerous for the honest people who love integrity and truth. As for the blatant liars, they do not want to see or hear or face the truth. Normally, that sort of behavior or practice is exercised by dictators or despots in the world. Usually, the totalitarian regimes do not allow their lackeys or followers or minions to tell the true situations or true news about the country such as politics, social welfare, military services, economy, the expenditure of public funds and public wish. They never ever tell the truth pertaining to people’s wish while they are in power. Most importantly, they know that they need to hide their misdeeds, malpractice, biases and misconducts. The totalitarian regimes do not dare to have some interviews with foreign journalists as they are scared of potential questions about human rights, civil rights, and freedom of speech, freedom of press and political rights. In fact, they hate to hear these topics in interview as they are intoxicating with the state power that they have seized without the assent of the vast majority of people concerned. So, they protect their power by making unjust restrictions or constraints on all that stuff. Since they are being blatant liars, there is no mutual trust between the regime and the people concerned. It is normal that all the brutal and corrupt regimes in the world always tell lies to the alien observers or UN agencies or journalists or diplomats pertaining to the domestic issues and the outcome of socio-economic development of the society concerned. Due to their blatant lies, the trust of international community is lessening and these communities hesitate to contribute aids to the dictatorial regimes and their people concerned. Only the humanitarian aid has been provided to aforesaid countries by international community. This situation directly affects the people concerned who are in misery. The illegitimate regimes in the world normally ignore good reputation, fame, glory and human dignity. However, in world history, most of the brutal and corrupt regimes eventually encountered great downfall in tragedy.
The self-seeking politicians are also regarded as blatant liars because they usually play dirty tricks not for the sake of people but for their interests and benefits only. They are known as mealy-mouthed politicians. This means that they are not willing or honest enough to speak in a direct or open way. The general public must be aware of their blatant lies so that they might not select the wrong candidates for the parliaments. That type of politicians just pay lip service to the supporters concerned deceitfully.
These days, some of the shopkeepers or vendors or bazaar-sellers either at the daily bazaars or at the markets use blatant lies about hike in commodity prices. They usually say the illogical reasons for why they have hiked up the prices of commodity. Such illogical reasons are considered as an obvious-lie indeed. Actually, those vendors are blatant liars as they greedily want to take a huge amount of profit from what they sell. Especially, during times of emergency, they deceive their regular customers or buyers, telling that the goods are in shortage or in scarcity and the transport links are cut off due to flooding or bad weather or natural calamity in some areas in the country. In reality, the sufficient storage of commodities is available in the country and the transport links are not severely damaged. The sellers spread fabricated news in order to take advantage over the regular buyers or customers by increasing the prices of daily commodities exorbitantly and incredibly. In this case, ordinary people must be aware of the vendors’ usual words and illogical reasons for increasing the selling prices. Their inordinate or undue greed leads to economic chaos in the society. This is also an act of profiteering indeed. i.e the act of making a lot of money in an unfair way. They show neither compassion nor sympathy on the customers as they are overwhelmed by extreme greed. The customers should know or notice that the deceitful vendors or bazaar-seller or shopkeepers use blatant lies to take a large amount of unfair profit from the essential commodity items they sell every day. The customers should not believe their reasons for increasing prices of the essential commodity items. The authorities concerned are to be held ultimately accountable for the instability of essential commodity prices. In human society, the sensible and considerate people regard the act of blatant-lie as a disgusting or detestable behavior. Blatant liars can be found in business circle in every community. Among the businessmen they use to tell lie each other for gaining much more profit and winning over business competition. In this field, the blatant liars intentionally give false statement to other businessmen so that the blatant liars can take advantage the business opportunity. This is a sort of technique that they use it to deceive other businessmen who do the same business. They ignore the moral values and ethical norms for humans. Being selfish and materialistic, they cannot abstain from telling-lie while earning.  Some people use blatant-lie in social arena too. When they exchange conversation about their social status or background or earning, they exaggerate all that stuff and tell blatant-lies about personal affairs or educational qualification in order to hide their true nature or characters. The relation between them is just a superficial social dealing indeed. The hypocrites can be called blatant liars. The hypocrites pretend as if they have moral standards or opinions, but they are of complete blatant liars indeed. They normally use pretence and blatant-lie for their personal gain and benefit. A hypocrite is a rotten apple i.e. a bad person who has a bad effect on others in a group or a society. However much the hypocrites pretend or tell blatant-lie, they cannot veil their inner rotten characters or true nature for long. This happens because truth and justice naturally stand on the innocent people concerned. The vast majority of people bitterly discredits hypocrites and regards their acts as disgusting behaviors.
In conclusion, we, the ordinary people must make our own judgment about the discreditable or shameful acts practised by those mentioned above. All innocent, simple, honest and gullible people are warned to beware of those blatant liars in their society!!!!

Blatant liars are the ones who do not comply the norms of human dignity and decency or ignore the moral values or ethical teachings of religions. The statement of the blatant liars always deviates from or perverts the truth. The blatant liars are in the habit of breaking their promises, pledge and commitment and hiding their malpractice.

Blatant liars are the ones who do not comply the norms of human dignity and decency or ignore the moral values or ethical teachings of religions. The statement of the blatant liars always deviates from or perverts the truth. The blatant liars are in the habit of breaking their promises, pledge and commitment and hiding their malpractice.

When gaslighters/narcissists are caught on video saying something that they swore they didn’t say, instead of a mea culpa, they go on the attack.  They will tell you that you heard them incorrectly.   Or they'll employ the latest excuse — that the audio was digitally manipulated.  A gaslighter/narcissist may also tell you that, yes, he said it, but it was taken “out of context.” He may also choose to continue lying without compunction.  One thing he will not do is apologize.  To a gaslighter/narcissist, an apology is a sign of weakness.

One of the most striking features of the early Trump administration has been its political uses of lying.

This raises the question of why a leader might find it advantageous to promote such lies from his subordinates.

First and most obviously, the leader wishes to mislead the public, and wants to have subordinates doing so, in part because many citizens won’t pursue fact-checking. But that’s the obvious explanation, and the truth runs much deeper.

By requiring subordinates to speak untruths, a leader can undercut their independent standing, including their standing with the public, with the media and with other members of the administration. That makes those individuals grow more dependent on the leader and less likely to mount independent rebellions against the structure of command. Promoting such chains of lies is a classic tactic when a leader distrusts his subordinates and expects to continue to distrust them in the future.

Another reason for promoting lying is what economists sometimes call loyalty filters. If you want to ascertain if someone is truly loyal to you, ask them to do something outrageous or stupid. If they balk, then you know right away they aren’t fully with you. That too is a sign of incipient mistrust within the ruling clique, and it is part of the same worldview that leads Trump to rely so heavily on family members.

he may simply be replicating tactics that he found useful in his earlier business and media careers.

Trump’s supporters are indeed correct to point out that previous administrations also told many lies, albeit of a different sort. Imagine, for instance, that mistruths come in different forms: higher-status mistruths and lower-status mistruths. The high-status mistruths are like those we associate with ambassadors and diplomats. The ambassador is reluctant to tell a refutable, flat-out lie of the sort that could cause embarrassment, but if all you ever heard were the proclamations of the ambassador, you wouldn’t have a good grasp of the realities of the situation. Ambassadors typically are speaking to more than one audience at once, a lot of context is required to glean the actual meaning, and if they are interpreted in a strictly literal manner (a mistake) it is easy enough to find lots of misdirection in their words. Most of all, ambassadors just won’t voice a lot of sensitive truths.

Arguably those diplomatic proclamations are not lies, but they do bear quite an indirect relationship to the blunt, bare truth. Ambassadors and diplomats behave this way because they seek maximum flexibility in maintaining delicate coalitions of support over the longer run. And indeed it is correct to think of every incoming (and ongoing) administration of doing lots of “lying” -- if that is the right word -- of this sort.

Trump specializes in lower-status lies, typically more of the bald-faced sort, namely stating “x” when obviously “not x” is the case. They are proclamations of power, and signals that the opinions of mainstream media and political opponents will be disregarded. The lie needs to be understood as more than just the lie. For one thing, a lot of Americans, especially many Trump supporters, are more comfortable with that style than with the “fancier” lies they believe they are hearing from the establishment. For another, joining the Trump coalition has been made costlier for marginal outsiders and ignoring the Trump coalition is now less likely for committed opponents. In other words, the Trump administration is itself sending loyalty signals to its supporters by burning its bridges with other groups.

These lower-status lies are also a short-run strategy. They represent a belief that a lot can be pushed through fairly quickly, bundled with some obfuscation of the truth, and that long-term credibility does not need to be maintained. Once we get past blaming Trump for various misdeeds, it’s worth taking a moment to admit we should be scared he might be right about that.

So the overall picture is this: The Trump administration trusts neither its own appointees nor its own supporters, and is creating a situation where that lack of trust is reciprocal. That is of all things a strategy for getting things done, and these first one hundred days are going to be a doozy.