God's Word is our Survival Guide.

Paul writes, God's Word can make us into

 what He wants us to be and give us everything

we could possibly need.

Acts 20:32

Jesus said, the words that I have spoken to you… 

are life. 

John 6:63

The Bible describes... and exemplifies the

 path of life from its inception to its conclusion.

 The entire Will of God is made known to 

mankind in the Scriptures. The repercussions

 of our wicked decisions are disclosed to us in 

God's Word. 

God's Word reveals our carelessness, folly, and 

faults. The Bible offers heavenly direction for 

the whole spectrum of human experiences.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God

 and it is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, 

for correction, for instruction in righteousness - 

and must never be subjected to multiple


God's Word is firmly rooted in eternal realities. 

The Word of God is living, active, and uniquely Divine. 

The words of the Bible have the ability to speak to,

 shape, transform, sustain, and benefit our lives for 


One way that God, the magnificent Giver of Life,

 speaks to us clearly, strongly, and authoritatively

 is through the Scriptures.

The Bible is unique because it tells us how God 

wants us to live, why we are here, and how we 

are supposed to live. It is the foundational tool

 that equips us to be all God created us to be.

God's Word speaks to us every time we open it. We 

are able to gain greater clarity, deeper meanings, new 

insights, and it shows us how similar our situations 

and/or personal experiences are.

All of the Scriptural words were inspired by God

 and are profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, 

and training in righteousness. God's Word should never 

be subjected to multiple interpretations.

The Scriptures stand apart from all other literature 

because they were penned by 

the Author of Truth.

God's Word is like a seed; 

it is full of promise.

The more we feast on God's Word, the more 

God's Word will permeate us, providing us with 

greater insights into God's Will for us in all aspects 

of life.

For all eternity, the words of the Bible have the

 power to speak to, shape, transform, maintain, and

 enrich our lives!

We should treasure, study, honor, and fully trust the

Scriptures because they are, in fact, 

God's Word.

The Bible is the final authority on all matters of faith,

 conduct, and morality. It is, in fact, God's 

inspired word.

We should feast on the Scriptures humbly,

 expectantly, dutifully, cheerfully, studiously 

listening, and doing what it instructs, once we 

can align our thoughts with what God says. 

When we encounter God's Word in this way, 

we will sense more of its power in our lives.

God's Word contains God's mind and will for 

every one of our lives. Although the Bible was

 transcribed by human penmen, God, not men, 

was the original Author. Rejecting the Bible is

akin to rejecting God.

History impacted God's people, and God's people 

impacted history. We may observe how the 

historical progression of humanity, civilization, 

and kingdoms is reflected in the pages of 

God's Word as we read.

The Bible is both rich in history and the result 

of history. It enlightens us about the historical and 

cultural environment in which the stories were


This linking of historical and biblical events is 

referred to as historical context. It is a necessary

 piece of the puzzle for every student of God's Word. 

So, why is historical context important in 

understanding the Bible?

We must consider the historical setting of

 every verse, book, and passage we read 

while studying it. Each passage in the Bible

was written at a specific point in history and 

under distinct conditions.

This external knowledge can sometimes provide

 us with a plethora of information about the

 author's intentions. The why, when, and where

 information in the text will be tied to the

historical situation.

If we allow the historical backdrop to establish 

the scene, the words on the page will seem 

much more vivid and relevant to us because 

we will understand why they were significant to

 their original followers/hearers.


We can gain new insights and a greater 

understanding by comprehending the 

historical backdrop. This would undoubtedly 

necessitate looking at additional materials 

such as commentaries, histories, and cross-

referenced biblical texts that could clarify

 the context in which the precise lines were 


As we study, consider the following questions:

What is known about the passage's author? 

What is his name?

Who is the primary demographic, and what 

situations did they face?

What time era were these people living in?

What was going on in politics, economics, 

society, and religion at the time?

The Bible is a fantastic book of history and facts 

that may be used to teach, rebuke, correct, and train

 us in righteousness. It also judges the heart's 

thoughts and attitudes.

Hebrews 4:12

God's Word is more than a chronicle 

of events and people:

"For the Word of God is Alive 

and Full of Power!"

The Bible is alive because God is a living God.

Hebrews 3:12

According to Jesus, the words I have spoken to 

you are spirit and life.

John 6:63

In the parable of the sower, Jesus compared 

God's Word to seed.

Matthew 13:1-23

Seed, like the Word, is a living substance that, 

when disseminated and planted in fertile soil, 

produces an abundance of life. According to the 

Bible, God's Word is not only alive, but also 

active—it produces.

When we study the Scriptures, amazing things 

happen. Our intellect lights up, our hearts sing, 

and the truth comes to life within us.

The Bible will judge our

interpretations through its 

unequivocal core doctrines.

The Bible is more than a doctrinal guidebook.

We receive God's grace... God's unmerited favor

 when we read the Bible.

The Bible is overflowing with Biblical truths and 

answers that teach us about God. The Bible 

affects our feelings toward God and leads our 

behavior in His service.

The Bible assists us in growing in our understanding 

of Jesus Christ so that our soul's demands can be 


The Bible both illuminates and ministers to us. It 

equips, encourages, and empowers us to spiritually

 develop and mature, as well as overcome any

 difficulties that may arise in our lives. Our faith

 is energized and strengthened by the 

Holy Scriptures.


The Bible transforms us, motivates us, revives

 the soul, mends our wounds, builds character, and

 teaches us to distinguish between truth and wrong

 in our lives.

The Bible teaches us both wisdom and love. It heals 

us and prepares us to withstand adversity and resist


The Bible gives people hope, empowers them, 

cleanses their thoughts, and brings things into being.

The Bible assists us in making decisions that are in

 accordance with God's Will, allowing us to be 

richly blessed.

The Bible strengthens us in the face of the 

devil's schemes, and it guarantees our future. 

The infallible rule of faith

 and practice for this weary

and uncertain world is 

God's Word. 

Wneed God's Word. Without 

God's Word our souls become 

malnourished and dies of 

starvationGod's truths, in 

His Word, should never be 

abstained from. To brush-off or 

disrespect the place of Scripture

 in our lives deprives us of its 

wisdom. Without Scripture, 

life would become weary and 


God spoke through the prophet Hosea, 

"My people are destroyed for lack of 

knowledge." Whenever God's Word 

is hidden or disregarded, there will 

be certain destruction.

God's Word is our moral Guidance. 

God's Word can bring harmony 

and peace to our sin-sick world

Feasting on God's Word, daily, 

is the difference between spiritual

 life and death, faith and fear, 

strength and weakness, 

fulfillment and discontentment.

The Bible gives illumination, 

revelation and inspiration. 

God's Word is not an elementary collection of 

interesting writings from antiquity, but it is 

God-breathed. In other words, it is the Word of 


We have access to a Supernatural Book written 

by Almighty God. These are God’s very own words 

to us. 

Doubting God is the goal of the devil. If he can get

 his foot in the door by making us doubt, the rest

 of his plan quickly can follow. Without the

 foundation of God’s Word believers are adrift 

and fall prey to every wind of doctrine and get 

tossed to and fro.


When young people are first exposed to secular 

scientific theories (with God of Scripture left 

out), Satan always plants this seed of doubt in 

their minds: “Has God indeed said …?” 

Since listening to the voice of Jesus always 

involves the Bible, Satan tries to persuade us that 

God’s Word is just like any other book. “Oh,” 

he says, “the Bible is nice, perhaps helpful, but

 it is not absolute.”


Satan’s ultimate plan is to keep us from regular

 contact with the Lord by any one of a variety of

 tools he employs: questioning the authority of 

God’s Word, avoiding the teaching of God’s 

Word, or neglecting the reading of God’s Word.

We have a Supernatural Book written by Almighty God. 

God's Word communicates to us God's redemptive plans 

and purposes... and tells us all we need for life and 


God's Word is a light that shines in the darkness, which 

lightens our journey through this increasingly dark world.

The Word of God is essentially our 

Guide Book for life.

God's Word is relevant in 

any society or culture and 

never outdated. It is the 

same yesterday, today and 


God's Word has a profound impact on 

our spiritual life. It brings clarity, 

peace, and perspective to our busy, 

pressured and chaotic lives. 

The Bible speaks to every one of us

 giving us Divine insights and direction

 at every point of our journey to make 

us better. It tells us what God wants us 

to know.

Other books have come and gone, but 

not the Divinely Authoritative,  

infallible and inextinguishable Word 

of God. 

God's Word is eternal. It is rooted in 

righteousness and will never pass

 away. God's Word is always relative, 

applicable and appropriate to any


generation, situation or circumstance.

The Bible is our priceless handbook 

that will set us free, comfort us, heal 

us, feed our soul and unveil the 

Creator of the universe as a relational 

God. The Bible is God's 

communication to us.

God's Word embodies all the

 knowledge we need for life and 

godliness. It embodies all the

knowledge we need to solve all our

 problems and fill the longing of our



The Bible has been burned, belittled 

and ignored. It has survived many 

vicious attacks, but it remains 

unchanged and applies explicitly to us 


Despite its many enemies and 

criticisms, the Bible is living, active

 and it guides us through the vital 

issues of life. It, provides historical 

details, customs and geography (the 

stage on which the redemptive

 narrative and testing ground of faith

 takes place).

In accordance with Scripture, God does not seek to be 

worshipped in a physical temple or through rituals and 

rules, but in Spirit... because God is Spirit and God is 

absolutely Holy and desires exclusive worship. 

 God is Spirit, and God's worshipers must 

worship God in spirit and in truth. The teachings that 

“God is Spirit”

 are found in John 4:24. 

God is Spirit means that God the Father does not have a 

human body. Spirit is completely devoid of form and 

shape. God is Spirit and God does not have the physical 

reproductive parts of a man or a woman.

According to our research, the term "Man" is used to refer 

to the whole of humankind... both men and women. Men 

and women are only patterned after the image of God-not 

identical replicas. This fact does not require God to have a 

body like a man or a woman. Being made in the image of 

God has nothing to do with physical characteristics.

The Bible contains around 170 instances where God is 

referred to as the Father. Fathers are traditionally the 

protectors of the family, and historically the bread-

winners. God is proclaiming Himself as our Protector 

and Supplier.

God is Spirit. However, it is clear in the Bible that God 

chose masculine pronouns and responsibilities to reveal 

Himself to us. By using the male titles, God made it 

easier for us to understand Him.

God is never described with sexual characteristics in the 

Scriptures, but He does consistently describe Himself 

in the masculine gender. This is in no way meant to 

minimize women. 


While God contains all the qualities of both male and 

female genders, He has chosen to present Himself with an 

emphasis on masculine qualities of fatherhood, protection, 

direction, strength, etc. Metaphors used to describe Him in 

the Bible include: King, Father, Judge, Husband, Master, 

and the God and Father of our Lord and Savior, 

Jesus Christ.

C. S. Lewis, has suggested that gender is far deeper than 

our human distinctions reveal. He suggests that God is so 

masculine that we all are feminine in relation to Him.

Even though the term "Him" is frequently used when 

speaking about or referring to God... God is Spirit. God 

is also a living, personal being Whom we can know 

personally and walk in personal fellowship with. 

We must have Spiritual eyes to "See" God, yet we 

as human beings have difficulty attempting to fit an 

infinite concept into our finite minds.

God, the invisible, was made known to mankind through  

Jesus. Although Jesus is fully man... He is eternal, 

omnipotent, and all-knowing. He is God robed in flesh 

and blood. He has the same essence as God and existed 

with God, the Father, from the very beginning. 

Jesus was exactly like God in nature. God's attitude is best 

reflected in the teaching and behavior of Jesus. Although 

God remained invisible entirely... God the Son came 

to earth in human form (John 1:1). Jesus, the Son, is 

the visible representation of the invisible Father. 

Jesus, Who took up the human condition from His 

conception is God Who took on human flesh. God came 

as man in the person of Jesus Christ. He was 100% 

humanity and 100% deity. 

Jesus is unique as Emmanuel, “God with us.” 

Matthew 1:23

All Books of the Bible point us to Jesus Christ

our Lord and Savior.

In Jesus' earthly walk we see Him weary and worn. We 

read of Him becoming tired and alone... wrongly accused 

and misunderstood. We see Him tempted and tried just as 

we are... yet without sin. We see the Lord Jesus suffering 

and condemned by evil men. We hear He was betrayed 

and deserted by His closest friends. Jesus knows the way 

we take and is our ever present help in time of trouble. He 

has promised never to leave us nor forsake us... as we 

journey through the ups and downs of this fallen world - 

for He knows, cares, and understands all the 

circumstances... each situational barb that wounds our 


Jesus walked this earth before us, He is well-able to 

sympathize and empathize with all our weaknesses and He 

understands all the problems and pain that we will face in 

our individual lives.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with 

God, and the Word was God.

Jesus, is the "Word made flesh" Who "dwelt among us" 

(John 1:14). The phrase "The Word" (a translation of the 

Greek word "Logos") is widely interpreted as referring to 

Jesus. Jesus is called the "Word" because He was the Son 

of God sent to earth to reveal His Father's mind to the 


The very word Spirit also means “breath,” and breath is 

thevidence of life. Throughout Scripture He is called the 

living God (e.g. Joshua 3:10; Psalm 84:2; 

1 Thessalonians 1:9).

God is spirit, and we are spiritual beings. We have spirit 

housed within our earthly tents. And when our spirits 

are made alive toward God through the new birth, we 

have the capacity to commune with God in our spirits, 

anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstances.

To the unbeliever, the things of the spirit appear 

foolish, and they cannot understand them. 

Corinthians 2:14. 

The things of God are spiritually discerned -- i.e., spoken

 by God Who is Spirit to the spirit within us.

 1 Corinthians 2:9-16. 

Only spirit... understands spirit.

God declares: “Let not the wise boast in their wisdom

or the strong boast in their strength or the rich boast 

of their riches, but let the one who boasts boast about 

this: that they have the understanding to know Me, 

that I am God, Who exercises kindness, justice, and 

righteousness on earth. For in these things I delight."

Jeremiah 9:23–24

God is God... the King of all ages, the only God, and 

there is none greater. 

God is not limited to the dimensional restrictions of 

created things. In Genesis, God reveals Himself as our 

great Creator. He unveils His perfect judgement and 

mighty works. His unlimited power and eternal 

knowledge are shown as God leads and blesses. 

We learn right away that God knows no limitations. 

God is absolutely unrestricted to time, and place. 

There is no place where God is not. God is always 

near everything and everyone. 

God is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving, 

self-existent, willful, boundless, Giver and 

Author of life, and breath. God is the cause of 

everything that exists, and all things necessary for the 

continuance of our existence. The almighty and ever-

present power of God created, sustains, and governs all 

of creation. God is our only Source of comfort, truth,  

power and the fulfillment of the longings of the heart.

Simply knowing and having an intellectual understanding 

about God is not adequate for life with God. Human 

beliefs often limit and misconstrue God's character. 

Allowing God's Word to reveal the true God to us... 

teaches us that God is so much greater in character 

and power.  

 Our supreme need is to know God and seek the 

experience of God's presence. The Scriptures exhorts 

believers to hunger and thirst to know God personally, 

love God supremely with all our soul and with 

heartfelt devotion. 

Having a personal relationship with God begins the

 moment we realize our need for God. As we 

wholeheartedly trust God and draw nearer... focusing 

our attention, dependence, affections, and sincerely setting 

our minds and hearts on God we begin to wake up from 

our spiritual death. 

In keeping with Scripture, God is interested in humanity 

and has a purpose that applies to all humanity. God 

desires that we come to know Him intimately... 

surrendering ourselves, obeying what God has 

commanded, fellowshipping with God, and 

communicating with God in total love, gratefulness, 

and transparency. 

As stated in Scripture, God has always desired to be 

close to us and have a personal relationship with us. 

Many people end up frustrated and exhausted from trying 

to please God through work... rather than pursuing an 

honest relationship with God. Our own efforts to earn 

God's acceptance are inadequate.

People can be vain, self-righteous, and some 

may think they have done God a favor by being saved, 

but the truth of the matter is... our being saved or doing 

good works to be seen as saved does not increase 

the power of God. 

One who thinks they hurt God or can diminish God's

 power by blaspheming or rejecting God cannot decrease

 God's power... no... both are wrong.

According to Scripture, 

our relationship with God is based 

on love... not rules and works.

Those who have a personal relationship with God include 

God in their daily lives. They pray to God, read His word, 

and meditate on verses in an effort to get to know Him 

even better.

For those who do not yet know God... God is constantly 

pursuing a relationship with them. For those who desire 

to remain devoted to God and know God more... 

God seeks a deeper personal relationship with them.

Communion with God does not depend on external things 

because it takes place internally in the spiritual part of our 


God wants to show us more of Himself, and God has

revealed Himself in the Scriptures. 

From Genesis 1:1, the superlative nature of God's power 

is evident as God (Elohim) speaks the world into 


Inspired by God Himself, 

the Bible gives us the Master Key to knowing God. 

Scripture speaks of things beyond our seeing. God sees 

not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, 

but God looks on the heart." 1Samuel 16:7 

Scripture speaks of things beyond our hearing. Isaiah 

65:24 reminds us, "Before we call... God will answer." 

Our all-knowing, all-seeing God knows the secrets of the 

heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Things 

beyond our imagining, are all prepared by God.

The Bible is God's revelation of 


The Word of God lived before all 

other creation. 

The Bible is not a mere literary artifact just to be 

considered. It is not just concepts or ideas. It is not for 

display purposes. The Bible is God's Divinely inspired, 

Authoritative Word that is filled with spiritual insight and 

godly wisdom. It is our Manual for life. It helps us to 

know God more deeply and intimately. It is our 

Spiritual Nourishment that is meant to be read, studied, 

and applied

The Bible reveals how powerful and awesome God is. It 

communicates pure truth about God...what God is like, 

what God has done, and what God expects of us, and how 

to have a love relationship with God. None of the contents 

of the Bible have ever been found inaccurate.

There may be concepts we do not understand, but that 

never negates the fact that God’s Word is accurate.

God's Omniscience is not theological or philosophical... it 

is relational and personal. Trusting in God to get us 

through each day and believing that God is our Sustainer... 

is the way to have a relationship with God. Although we 

may not see changes immediately, we will begin to see 

them over time, and all the truths will become clear.

Throughout the Bible, there are people who understood 

things would always work together for the good when 

they trusted God to help them and deliver them from their 


The Bible is the Source Book for everyday living and 

learning. The Scriptures contain words of wisdom to 

guide our thinking, precious promises to encourage our 

hearts, godly instruction on how to live as God desires 

us to live.

God's Word is an inextinguishable lamp to guide 

us along the right path. God's Word is a radiant light that 

banishes the shadows of uncertainty. As we feast on the 

pages of Scripture, God's light of truth, it brightens the 

path we take and warns us of each lurking danger. The 

Scriptures are able to illuminate our next step in this fallen 


If we want to grow Spiritually, God's Word is the Source, 

it speaks life. God's Word is the foundation for defending

 truth. It is not to inflate our egos so that we can look or 

sound super spiritual. The Bible is the nutrition the soul 

needs to be alive and awake. 

The Bible imparts truthful answers regarding life 

issues. The Bible is the doorway... the channel. It is filled 

with principles for equipping, restoring, and

 sustaining our lives. These principles were established 

by God Himself. 

It is essential that we spend time in God's Word. God's 

Word teaches us how to relate to God in all 

circumstances. The Bible contains concrete and infallible 

insight into God's Will, guidelines, commandments, 

exhortations, and encouragement for every aspect 

of our lives. It overflows with infinite help and wisdom.

When we read God's Word we know more about 

God's Will for us. 

It is a great privilege and blessing to have the liberty to 

know God personally, apart from our physical senses, and 

communicate with God freely.

God's Word gives us reliable and inerrant, timeless truths

 for effective living, truth, peace, encouragement, 

guidance, conviction, comfort, wisdom, confirmation,

 and a multitude of reasons to be grateful.

In hundreds of passages, the Bible declares or takes the

 position explicitly or implicitly that it is nothing less than

 the very Word of God.

God's Word is unique among all other books because it is 

from... The Author of Truth.

The powerful, timeless, and timely messages in the 

enduring Word of God contains righteous instructions and 

answers that deal with the everyday problems we face. 

Scripture has and will always stand beyond our temporal 


The Bible is relevant for all times. 

It is just as timeless as its Author.

Although the world is constantly changing,

God’s word, the Bible, is still humanity’s essential Guide.

The Bible is filled with words of wisdom for troubled 

times. The Bible never grows old. It has just as much to 

impart to today's generation as it did over 2000 years 

ago. The Bible is overflowing with rich, deep motivational 

passages and inspirational phrases that are beneficial 

to us all.

All people, even professed unbelievers, have an 

inner emptiness that can only be filled by truly knowing 

God. The Bible helps us to know God in a personal way. 

The Bible is filled with edifying, informative, historical 

and geographical details that continue to validate facts in 

the Bible. 

The insights found in God's Word can hold special

 meaning and can be read every day... over and over again, 

for a lifetime! 

The timeless truths in the Bible are unchanging, absolute, 

supreme, authoritative, and infallible. There is no question 

of the Bible's veracity.

Once the Bible has been read... it would be a great 

absurdity to be indifferent to it; for its claims are 

irrefutable and insurmountable.

God, Who is the Source of wisdom... gives wisdom and 

understanding to us as we study the Bible. This is 

something for which we can pray (James 1:5).

God's Word provides guidance, and instruction.

God's Word cleans our hearts and minds.

God's Word supplies insights in our trials.

God's Word is our Source of faith and spiritual strength.

God's Word is our perfect Comforter, 

Blueprint, and Guide.

We are strengthened by God's truth. The Scriptures have... 

and always will provide strength and inspiration to those 

who trusts God's Word. The time tested Words of God's 

Word counsel, comfort and encourage us.

It takes God's truth to keep us headed in the right 


God’s Word, although written thousands of years ago, still 

applies to us today. God's Word contains uplifting truths, 

wisdom, promises, and guidance. It answers the call and 

speaks to the needs of each of us... of every age.

Although the Bible has been faithfully preserved

for many centuries... the truths found in God's Word are 

timeless, relative, and relevant to every generation, 

situation, or circumstance we might face.

The Bible is not merely the product of human ingenuity or 

human opinion. The Bible is... God-breathed. It was 

inspired by God Himself. 

God divinely influenced the human authors of the 

Scriptures in such a way that what they wrote was the 

very Word of God.

The same God whose creative power breathed the "Breath 

of life" into all of creation... is the same God who 

breathed inspiration into the writers of the Bible.

The testimony is not that the writers were inspired, but the 

words are inspired, or God-breathed, including every 

inflection of the Words. 

The Bible is a treasury of insight as to who we are and 

why we are here. The Bible is our Guidebook... a road 

map for our journey of life.

The Bible is the only book in the world that is read by 

scores of people from every corner of the world and 

from almost every age range.

Pondering the sacred pages of the Scriptures can unlock

 revelations and give us great direction in life. A Scripture

 that we may have read numerous times before can take on

 nuances of meanings that are refreshing and insightful...

 especially when we are faced with a new challenge in life.

The Bible contains everything we need to know about 

God... in order to have a right relationship with God.

The Bible is incredibly important for our growth...

as without it, our feelings, emotions, and imaginations

would dictate what and who we think God is.

God reveals Himself through His Word. God, our Creator 

wants men and women to understand Him as He reveals 

Himself in the Holy Scriptures.

God's Word is God's revelation of Himself, His promises,

 and His Will. God's Word shows us what God is like, how 

He saves us, and how He wants us to live, and why we 

need a Savior. 

God shows His nature and character, His 

love, His justice, forgiveness, truth and faithfulness to us 

as God walks with us through His Word.

Anyone who consistently reads the Bible has, more than 

likely, experienced, while reading, a verse that jumped 

out... and spoke to that need in their life.  

 God’s Spirit is able to move the truths written on the 

pages of Scripture... into our hearts!

Inside the Bible are the solutions and answers to the most 

profound questions and perplexing problems we could 

ever have.

Within the covers of the Bible we discover God's Biblical 

instructions, the Commandments of God for our everyday 

life experiences, God's authoritative guidance concerning 

how we should live and interact with one another, and the 

truth we must know in order to be rightly akin to God.

In God's Word the whole of life is revealed. The Bible 

communicates to mankind what God is like. It is the 

background that supports and testifies to who Jesus is 

and what He did.

The Scriptures help us to know God, spend time with 

God, hear from God, pursue God's work, and God's ways. 

The Scriptures also help us to know ourselves, persevere 

under trial, and trust God when we are tossed by the winds 

of adversity. The Scriptures help us remain steadfast when

we are faced with any of the adversities, difficulties, 

stormy trials and challenges of life. 

As we study the Bible, there is no end to our learning 

about God. The best way to know the Father is to read

 about Him.

We can never over-indulge 

on God's Word. 

The Bible provides compelling, practical current advice. 

The Bible reveals God's standard to... what is right 

behavior and what is wrong behavior.

The Bible contains history, proverbs, songs, allegories, 

prophecy, intriguing narratives about the lives of good and 

bad people, about battles and journeys, and the life of 


The Bible is a living Book. 

It is described in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 as... God-breathed.

The insights found in God's Word can hold special

 meaning and can be read every day... over and over again, 

for a lifetime! 

The Bible is a Living Book with a timeless message.  

The Bible is God's truth to all mankind in every 

generation... for all time.

Jesus professes that the Word of God is more important 

than physical food. He quoted God's Word to refute 

Satan’s temptation. 

One of the Bible’s purposes is to provide us with 

spiritual sustenance. God’s aim in giving His written Word 

to us was not that we would just learn more doctrines... it 

was that our spirit would be fed. 

The Bible teaches us how to improve ourselves. It gives 

us answers to the questions of life, and it gives 

us a sense of who we are and Whose we are. The wisdom 

of the Bible is timeless.

Knowing and feasting on a regular spiritual diet, of God's 

Word, helps us defeat temptation and helps us open our 

hearts to God.

The Scriptures provide the mind, body, and spirit with the 

deepest most fundamental principles and purposes.  

When we read God's Word, meditate on it, study it, 

believe it, apply it, do the Word, discover what God wants 

to teach us, and share God's Word... something very 

beautiful begins to stir in our spirit, our attitude, and our 


The Bible is the Source 

of moral truths. 

God's Word instructs us about all matters that concern life.

Scripture reveals divine commands, standards, and 

principles regarding the way we can live a godly, holy, 

and obedient life.

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should 

go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you." 

Psalm 32:8

God's Word encourages us with its many affirmations of 

God's amazing Love and tender mercies.

The knowledge we gain from God’s Word equips us

and guides us with everything good for doing God's will.

The Bible is pure light. It leads, trains, and teaches us the 

right way. It rebukes us when we are wrong, reveals the 

perfect ideal, and inspires us to do right and stay on 


God's beneficial and authoritative Word equips us so that 

we may live life God's way and be ready to do God's work 

even in the midst of our times of sorrow, pain, struggles, 

and hardship.

God's Word is all-powerful 

and life-transforming!

 God's Word is unchanging, enduring, indestructible, 

full of wisdom, and filled with prophecy. No other book

 on earth has been able to have such an extraordinary 

effect on its readers.

In the midst of hardship and loneliness...

when faced with the perilous and destructive winds of 

adversity... when our faith has been tried by persecution, 

criticism, and scorn... God's Word never fails to provide 

the strength, inspiration, and enlightenment to those who 

trust and stand on the firm foundation of 

God's Mighty and Precious Word.

The truths found in Scripture, when applied, changes the 

way we approach and handle the issues, crisis, struggles, 

and other anxiety producing situations in life.

There may be times when we stumble and lose our 

direction, feel confused, unsure, without purpose, and 

may not have a clue about where we are going.

God has given us His Word as a Guidebook for our 

personal struggles, conduct, and Spiritual growth.

The Bible gives us purpose and direction. It is perfect for 

righteously converting the soul of mankind... 

making wise... the simple.

The Bible is a remarkable compilation of 66 Books 

that contains pure and enlightening truthsWe Must Read 

the Scriptures Carefully. They Contain All of the 

Necessary Operating Instructions and Warnings 

From Our Creator, God.

The scientific and historical accuracy of the Bible is 

important evidence of the Bible’s trustworthiness.

It’s important that we carefully consider this truth and 

not read our own ideas—or misconceptions—into

God's Word.

The Bible has survived 

thousands of years for a 

Divine reason. 


Because the Bible is our

 Universal Manual for life.

God's Word is a Divinely inspired Book for our 

enlightenment. It has a much higher than human


The origin of Scripture is God...

not man.

The Bible was written by a wide diversity of 

authors (as many as 40)... over a period of 

approximately 1,600 years... over 60 generations.

The writers were quite diverse... from many 

different locations. They wrote during war and

 peace.The writers were from three different 

continents, and they wrote in three different 


The writers of the Bible came from all walks of life.

Moses, was a political leader; Joshua, was a military 

leader; David, was a shepherd; Solomon, was a king; 

Amos, was a herdsman and fruit picker; Daniel, was a 

prime minister; Matthew, was a tax collector; Luke, was

 a medical doctor; Paul, was a rabbi; and Peter, was a 

fisherman; just to name a few.

Think about it:

Some were kings, some were peasants, some were 

philosophers, fishermen, physicians, statesmen, scholars, 

poets, and farmers. 

The Bible was written in various environments (the desert, 

prison, royal court, etc.). They lived in a variety of 

cultures, with different experiences and backgrounds.

Despite covering controversial subjects, God's Word 

carries a compelling, harmonious, and infallible message.

The Bible is not just a list of wise sayings. The Bible is the

 most important book in the history of mankind. It is a

unified work and must be carefully read and studied.

Regardless of the diversity, and despite the nature of its 

composition and considering the continuity of its 

teachings... the Bible has no inconsistencies or 


God's Word is observable, testable, and able to withstand 

scrutiny. The Bible is bound together as one distinct and 

unified Book by historical sequence, prophecy, and 


The Bible contains the Divine power of our Creator.

The ever-present assumption of the writers of the Bible is 

that the Bible is God-breathed... it is the Word of God.

  All people, even professed unbelievers, have an 

inner emptiness that can only be filled by truly knowing 

God. The Bible helps us to know God in a personal way. 


The Bible is filled with edifying, informative, 

historical and geographical details that continue to 

validate facts in the Bible. 

The more we read God's Word...the deeper our 

understanding will become, and the more we will grow

 in Spirit and Truth.

Each time the passages, in the Bible, are prayerfully,

 faithfully, and carefully re-read... we are able to

 enter into, listen to, meditate on, and embrace more 

deeply the mystery that these significant messages reveal.

God can speak to our immediate condition

through the Words of Scripture.

God's Word is a Discerner of the thoughts 

and intents of the heart.

When God's Word is alive, and moving in and through us...

it can transform our hearts, our thinking, and our lives.

Scripture transforms our thoughts, feelings, decisions, 

and actions, with the result that our lives are brought 

progressively into greater submission to the Will of God.

How blessed we are when we yield our whole life 

to its influence... so that we might be guided and 

fashioned by God's Word.

When one comprehends and applies Scripture to life...

they are usually a lot wiser, concerning the decisions of 

life, than those who do not know.

The Word of God goes beyond its written message.

God's Word illuminates our minds... 

like rays of light.

Isaiah says, “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but 

the Word of our God stands forever” (40:8).

God's Word stands forever!

We, by the grace of God, have an all 

access pass to God's guidance through 

this amazing treasure we call... 

the Bible.

In our tension-filled world, God's Word eases and 

simplifies the chaos and our pain of present moments and 

the dark days which may be ahead of us. God's Word

 sustains us in our weaker moments. 

When we need a reminder of pure Love...

God's Word gives us a beautiful picture of God's Holiness, 

Majesty, Compassion, His plan for Redemption, and His 

Amazing Love!

When life has us in a tailspin, God's Word reminds us, 

"God is our Refuge and Strength, an ever-present help in 

trouble" (Psalm 46:1). 

When we feel panicked, agitated, alarmed, frightened, 

or nervous... God's Word reminds us, 

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in 

the shadow of the Almighty" (Psalm 91:1).

The truth comprised in the Bible has faultless authority.

There are many verses in the Scriptures whose meaning

we will not exhaust in a lifetime of reflection.

 God’s Word is eternal truth.

God's Word provides... 

everything for life!

When the heart is heavy and ear is deaf... we can read 

God's written Messages and regain our nearness to God.

God is able to reach down and touch 

the point of our greatest need...

with His word! 

No matter who we are or where we are, even during those 

soul searching experiences filled with anguish beyond 

words, we can find, in God's Word, a source of solace and 


 “For everything that was written in the past was written 

to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the 

Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might 

have hope”

(Romans 15:4).

The Bible is one of the most influential

and important Books ever written.

Even a casual reader of the Bible will soon discover he is 

reading a very powerful and unusual Book.

God's Word is a lamp to our feet and a light 

for our path. Psalm 


God's Word contains wisdom, encouragement, 

comfort and inspiration for every imaginable

human issue, difficulty, uncertainty, or blunder 

we could ever encounter in life. God's Word brings 

peace and stability to our spirits. God's Word enlighten 

us...renewing our minds and opening the eyes of our 


Studying God's Divine Message can come across as 

an intimidating endeavor, but James 1:5 tells us to 

"Keep on asking God" for wisdom in understanding

 the Bible. 

Growing by sowing God's Word 

in our lives is actually the most priceless investment 

we can make!

Listening to a sermon once a week is good, but 

one meaa week will make a person grow faint, 

weak and weary. We must allow the Spirit to be 

nourished, daily. 

Let us utilize our own knife and fork and feast 

on God's Word, daily. 

God's Word is our daily bread. 

There are other good books out there, but none like the 

Word of God. The inexhaustible and trustworthy Word of 

Almighty God is in no way an ordinary book.

Our efforts to know who God is and what God is like

lies beyond the capability of mere mortals.

2 Peter 1:21

We live in a time where the whole atmosphere of life

and God's Word are under critical scrutiny.

For a long period in the history of the Bible, common men 

and women were forbidden access to the Scriptures and 

their life-transforming truths.

 There are some experts of religion, 

according to Luke 11:52, who will 

hide the truth from people. They 

will not accept it for themselves and 

will try to prevent others from having 

chance to believe.

Unbelievers love their self-righteousness. Some have 

dangerously tampered with the way God has chosen to 

reveal Himself. Some have rejected God of the Bible... 

even before they begin to consider whether God's Word 

could be true. Some seek to establish their own 

righteousness and their pride is killing them.

When people reject the Bible... Peter says they are 

“Willfully” ignorant (2 Peter 3:5)It is not a matter of 

evidence; they just do not want to be convinced. Those 

who do evil would rather embrace the darkness and not be 

exposed by the light. They detest and will try to suppress 

the truth. God's Word is truth.

People are free to reject God's Word

and do whatever the carnal mind chooses to do. 

However, they will be held accountable to God

for the choices they have made.

People who violate the teachings and wisdom

 of God's Word... do so... at their own peril.

Some people have proud hearts and are rebellious

and they do not want to submit to the truth

(Romans 1:18, 1:21–23, 2:14–15).

The Bible has been held sacred by many. In some places, 

the Bible has been condemned, denied, and made illegal 

to own or read. In some places people have been tortured 

to death for trying to access God's Word.

Many have loved and cherished the uncompromising 

truths in the Bible... some have despised it and dismissed 

it as archaic and irrelevant and often insult those who still 

look to the Bible for guidance and instruction.

Some have restricted, prohibited, and debated the Bible.

They don't know the Bible, yet, they still wan to debate 

the Bible. 

Some who hate the Bible have desecrated it, burned it, 

discouraged it, misrepresented it, banned it, and battled 

over it. They would rather replace the truths and 

instructions found in Scripture with loyalty and

submission to the world.

People have sworn on the Bible. Some have cursed the 

Bible. Some have tried to, totally, eradicate God's Word.

God's Word has survived attacks of every kind.

Hundreds of philosophies and scores of religions

 have been invented by men in their efforts to circumvent 

the Word of God. 

Some have given the impression that anyone with a 

minimum amount of intelligence could not possibly 

believe the Bible as an accurate record from God.

In this they fulfill the Scripture,

“For who has known the mind of God?

Or who has become His counselor?”

(Romans 11:34)

“Do not boast and lie against the truth.

This wisdom does not descend from above,

but is earthly, sensual, demonic”

 (James 3:14-15).

"The Lord has made everything for its purpose, even the 

wicked for the day of trouble." 

(Proverbs 16:4)

Powerful men and entire nations have tried to eliminate 

the Bible and destroy it, but they failed because...

May we avoid quarrels and arguments with those who are 

opposed to Scripture and not hold resentment against 

them, but be kind. Through our gentle instruction, may 

God grant them the repentance that leads to the truth. 

One can experience real spiritual change if...

 one can truly listen to God, comprehend,

 leave ego out, exercise patience, and trust Scripture.

God's Word gives us consolation and salvation. God's 

Word embodies all the knowledge we need to solve our 

problems and fill the longing of our soul. God's Word is 

an oasis of truth, direction, sanity, and joy.

Our world is constantly changing, but 

“The Word of God stands forever.” 

Isaiah 40:8

God’s Word cannot be destroyed.

The more God's Word is tried...

the more it shows itself as superior.

If we desire for the Word to “Take root” in our lives

so that we produce a harvest that pleases God

(Matthew 13:23), we must ponder, reflect,

and meditate on what we read

and study in God's Word.

May we establish our roots deep in God's Word as 

we cultivate a continual sweet communion with God.

The Bible is essentially a love letter 

written to us from a loving God who 

created us to know Him intimately. 

What better way to learn about our 

Creator than to immerse ourselves 

in His Word.

As we honor, obey, and apply God's Message to our 

lives... we will grow and change... for the better. 

As we feast on God's Word... it sets the foundation for 

understanding who God is. As we feast on God's Word, 

we come to realize greater self-control... like taming our 

tongues, listening before speaking, and being wiser with 

our actions and speech. 

God's Word imparts wisdom and strength. So, when God's 

Word is in us... we are better equipped to stand firm in our 

faith. We desire to seek truth and justice. We tend to 

naturally exercise better leadership and become more 

spiritually successful. 

In realizing the Pure Love of God... we know how to look 

beyond our circumstances and find peace... which

transcends all understanding. 

As we live out the teachings of the Word of God, in our 

troubled times, we can run and not grow weary. And 

while we may not understand all the twists and turns in 

life... being rooted and grounded in God's Word... 

we can walk and not be faint.

As we stand on a strong understanding of God's Word, 

acting out our faith, our spiritual life will not just survive, 

we will be able to shine in dark places and triumphantly 

press past those dark times... and thrive!

May we earnestly seek God's Word, for it is only 

through God's Word that we can attain true wisdom, 

learn discretion and acquire a prudent and 

disciplined life.

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