God's adversary is Satan. He is very real and 

has a truly destructive agenda. He is a 

cruel and deceitful adversary who is destructive, 

malicious, evil, and haughty. He knows how to

 sow discord and strife! He possesses a 

one-of-a-kind ability to sow confusion, chaos, 

and conflict, to name a few.

Satan is not self-existent, sovereign, omnipotent,

 omniscient, or omnipresent. He does, however, 

control the evil world systems.

1John 5:19

Satan was once an angel named Lucifer, but he

 rebelled against God and was expelled from heaven,

 along with other angels who followed him. "I saw

 Satan fall like lightning from heaven," Jesus said

 in Luke 10:18. 

With his false and defamatory allegations against 

God, the devil was able to sway one-third of the 

angels. Angels who had worshiped together were

 now at odds over issues the devil was able to 

drum up in their minds.

Satan and his minions have been on a mission 

to destroy God's greatest creation—humanity—

ever since they were expelled from heaven.

 If the devil can persuade angels, imagine how

 much easier it is for him to deceive people 

who live in a less-than-perfect environment and

 struggle daily with their own flaws and identity!

According to Jesus, Satan comes only to "steal,

 kill, and destroy." He's even dubbed "the accuser."

 Satan is anything but awesome or delightful. He

 causes serious damage to the world.

The enemy (Satan) will craft 

weapons against us, including...

 our own family and friends.


He uses them as ammunition 

in his arsenal.

Satan waits until a person is in pain, distraught,

unsuspecting, or flustered, and then arranges for 

someone to do something that the other person 

does not like or wish to be associated with. 

The devil is notorious for sowing seeds of discord 

into the hearts against people we care about. He 

stirs the pot, blows issues out of proportion, taints 

people's view of the other, then fires his fiery 

darts of rage and frustration straight into the 

emotional state of both!

Infighting, spitefulness, hatred, and division 

quickly follows. Family and/or friends who once 

stood side by side and blessed each other are 

now hostile rivals.

The devil is an authority at dividing, destroying

and distorting relationships. He knows how to

manipulate people into situations where they feel 

wronged, outraged, slighted or hurt, and then he

 coerces them to develop their offense until it 

morphs into strife that divides even the closest

 of family and friends.

Be encouraged if this sounds familiar! The same

 thing happened to Jesus! After three years of 

working with Judas Iscariot, the devil gained 

access to Judas' soul, turning him so bitterly 

against Jesus that he became His betrayer. But 

we must ask, what allowed this duplicity to 

take place within Judas?

The Bible gives us profound insight into how 

the devil gets a foothold in people's minds, in 

John 13:2. Mary brought  anointing oil and 

poured it on Jesus' feet in John 12:3-7. Judas 

saw her act of love as a waste of money and 

complained to Jesus about it. But Jesus told Judas

 to leave Mary alone and allow her to carry on.

 After supper ended, the devil quickly seized 

the opportunity to sow a seed of betrayal into 

Judas’ heart.  

John 13:2

Judas was, supposedly, so offended by Jesus.

 Remember, all the devil needs is a well-timed 

opportunity and a pinhole to slither into hearts 

and emotions, even if only for a brief moment. 

When the devil saw that opportunity, he pounced

 in at lightning speed and penetrated Judas' mind 

and emotions, severing a long-term relationship

 and turning a trusted friend into a betrayer.

Our major battles are spiritual 

in nature, and we need 

Spiritual Armor 

to stay strong in the midst 

of these continual battles.

The reality of spiritual warfare 

is clearly stated in the Scriptures.

In times of trouble, the enemy tries to get into our

 ears and send us disturbing messages. 

He enjoys agitating us, but God says that nothing 

in Satan's arsenal can stand up to us.

There is no hope for Satan, no matter how much

 evil and chaos he creates. We already know the 

outcome of this spiritual war. According to the Bible,

 Satan is destined for hell and wishes to draw people

 as far away from God as possible and have them

 to follow him to hell.

No weapon devised against us 

will be effective.

54:17 Isaiah

Put on all of God's protection to withstand 

the terrible day, and then stand your ground 

after you've done everything you can.

We put on God's complete Armor to fight

Satan's schemes and fight for God's truth.

2 Corinthians 6:10-2

God's kindness will continue even if the 

entire world changes around us. Even if 

everything around us falls apart, God will

 remain. Nothing the adversary can trump up 

will work against us.Whatever the enemy 

tries to throw at us will fail. 

 Jesus doesn't want anyone to end up 

in hell with Satan. Hell is a real place. 

God wants us to experience 

peace and eternal life.

May we continue to... 

cling to the promises of 

God's Word.

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