Our Conscience Knows

God’s existence is conspicuous, both through creation and 

through our conscience... which is that small subtle voice, 

that inborn feeling, that spiritual instinct which clearly and 

quickly differentiates and opposes desires and intentions.

 It is the voice we never regret heeding to. The  Scriptures 

also calls the conscience the heart.

The conscience discerns what is

right and wrong. 

It is much like an automatic 

warning system within us

which is interconnected

to the highest morals we know.

These warning systems continually 

alert us about our choices.

They send us signals of approval 

when the choices we make

 are noble and upright.  

This warning system is also set up

 to send out red alerts... regarding the

ridiculous and heinous choices

 we make.

The conscience is an awareness 

and/or warning system 

that we should conform to.

Something within the heart 

of every person 

approves when we do right and

rebukes when we do wrong, 

and that something is 


Our conscience imparts and enlightens.

It is a silent voice of the soul 

that distinguishes right from wrong.

Our conscience sees.

Our conscience sees our behavior, inner and outer,

from an objective point of view.

Conscience is the process of listening to 

our innermost intuition of rightness...

the voice of truth within us.

Conscience is our inner faculty

driving us to prefer right over wrong.

It drives us to do that which we

recognize to be right and restrains us

from doing that which we recognize

to be wrong.

This moral compass inclines us to view life 

situations in an honest and righteous light,

 thus determining that some actions are

 “right” and some are “wrong.” 

Basically... the conscience monitors our

thoughts, motives, actions, and

general manner of life.

Conscience, if we can accept its promptings, 

will guide us through life.

Living in conscience is like inviting God 

to see everything we do,

inwardly as well as outwardly. 

We cannot escape our conscience.

We can disagree with it, desecrate it, 

even harden it, but we can never extinguish it. 

According to the Scriptures, 

"A good conscience, 

desires to conduct itself honorably

 in all things."

God has placed within each of us

 a conscience...


an inner sense of right and wrong

 to help us live the way we should.

Every person has a conscience,

which is a monitor and counselor,

differentiating between 

right and wrong.

As we cultivate our Spiritual development... 

 this helps in the evolution of our moral conscience.

When our thoughts, feelings, 

or actions become inappropriate,

our conscience sees the truth.

We live in a fallen world

where we have all been infected by wrongdoings,

and one of the results is that our conscience

gets distorted too.

Our conscience can be desensitized if we fail to listen to it,

even to the extent that we become morally blind,

wavering in moral darkness.

When the upright and heinous choices conflict... 

in good conscience...

we must follow the higher priority of

 honoring God, 

by doing what is good and acceptable,

without question or pause.

God as our Creator, has created us as moral beings. 

As such, God has equipped each of us

 with a "built in" moral conscience. 

 Every child of God has a duty, 

a responsibility, to constantly shape, monitor,

and maintain his or her conscience.

 The shaping or forming of our conscience

simply means educating and training it. 

We do this by learning and taking to heart 

the objective moral law, as found in Scripture.

 This shapes, forms, saturates our conscience 

in objective moral truth.

Our "judgment"

must be properly educated in

God's Word, 

then the conscience will

approve what God approves 

and condemn what God condemns.

We should know that 

we are in trouble...

when, knowingly, we do the

wrong thing and it 

no longer bothers us.


The Bible calls this condition...

a seared conscience.

A seared conscience

 is one that is cut off, silenced, 

and is beyond feeling.

If we insist on pushing past the limits


our conscience gives us...

we will lose our ability 

to distinguish between 

right and wrong.

Our conscience can be weakened, dulled, 

and dimmed by the sin that we tolerate in our lives. 

When we sin, refusing to acknowledge it as such, 

it soils or defiles our conscience. 

If we understand what it is and how it functions,

it can change our lives. 

New understanding 

comes from within,

not from without.

 An evil conscience is one that is so defiled,

so corrupt, it turns our values upside down,

confusing and blurring the distinction 

between right and wrong,

moral and immoral.

When tempted to do the wrong thing,

 are we listening to our conscience 

or do we just ignore it and keep going?

Conscience does not cater to

 our egocentric view of the world.

The overbearing voice of our ego 

drowns out the voice of conscience...

leaving our perception of conscience

darkened and uncertain.

Then we begin to question ourselves...

'Is that conscience speaking to me, 

or is it my ego?'

Remorse spurs us to improve,

and not repeat the same mistake.

Remorse opens the door to repairing

or making amends for our wrong acts.

Remorse teaches us how to discriminate 

between the voice of ego

and the voice of conscience. 

Our God-centered, wisdom-based conscience 

can serve as a reliable moral compass

in any situation.

Our conscience is like a window. 

When it is clean... 

more light can enter into 

our hearts and lives.

Our truest guidance in the conduct of our life

comes from our own conscience

and we profit spiritually 

by becoming more able to notice

and act on its promptings.

Conscience is ultimately 

the voice of God within us.

Our conscience is a 

trustworthy compass. 

May we keep filling our souls

 with the Word of God each day,

so that God's Commandments 

are in our hearts and constantly in our


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