We are more than what 

has happened to us.

We all have external and internal battle scars, and 

although our wounds vary in depth... they’re all 

important. Scars are reminders of going through

 and overcoming tough times. 

Most of us have dealt with outer scars that can

 be physically seen, and some of us know all 

about inner turbulence that has plagued us for

 years and left scars that no one sees.  

Visible or not, the scars are there. Embedded in 

some of our scarring... we will have stories of 

elation, deep hurts, discomfort, agony, despair, 

disappointment, endurance, lessons learned

blessings, and messages that can help us to 

grow in grace and give means to healing


None of the scars on us or in us are in vain. 

The scarring means that the healing process

 is in progress, and those painful wounds are

 turning into scars.

We are healing!!!

Our scars tell our story.

 It is up to us what we allow the scars to stand for.

God has a way of using our first hand experiences

so that onlookers can come to realize the grace of 

God on full display... through us.

There is a bigger picture to consider than our 

momentary discomfort.

“Jesus, the Author and perfecter of our faith, 

Who for the joy set before Him...

endured … ” 

Perhaps this was behind James’ exhortation to 

“Consider it pure joy whenever

you face trials of many kind 

because you know that the 

testing of your faith produces 


Let perseverance finish its work 

so that you may be mature and complete, 

not lacking anything.”

James 1:2-4

If nothing else, our scars have the potential 

of making us wiser and better people.

So, without counting the many trials which are behind 

us, let us embrace our scars and allow God to use them 

in the lives of others.

May we look forward to the beautiful days which lie 

ahead, and count them all joy.

Scars serve as a reminder of the lessons learned 

and a lesson that can be shared. Every scar makes 

us who we are. 

Although we are more than our past, more than 

what we have experienced, gone through, or done… 

every moment has been used to shape us into a

 new creation... they have become a symbol of 

true strength and true faith. 

Our past pain, we once carried was real, and now

 that we have survived and grown beyond the pain…  

our story can be used to comfort and give strength 

to another soul who may be going through what you 

have had firsthand knowledge, observation, and 

experience in. 

By the grace of God, we have been saved and 

made whole… our hands are clean in the eyes of 

He Who sees our scars and our struggles as a 

page in a best-seller He is cheerfully writing.

May we embrace the scars of our setbacks and 

failures… wear them proudly… for they 

represent the lessons, personal strength, and 

equity we have gathered on our journey to 


They are proof positive of our tenacity and

 resolve to faithfully rise and stand tall in the 

face of adversity. They are reminders of when

 life tried to break us, but failed.

May we use our experience to bless those who are

traveling down the same road we once went down. 

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