Accept slow growth... 

if it must be slow.

Most things that are great in life are the products 

of slow growth.

The newer, and greater, and higher, 

and nobler the work...

the slower is its growth and the surer is its 

lasting success.

When we wait on God and abide in God’s Divine timing…

our waiting is never in vain. 

Long-suffering is not giving up

 and yielding under pressure, 

but trusting God to turn our difficulties

 into fruitful breakthroughs 

and developmental opportunities. 

Haste can be the death blow

to calmness, dignity and to poise.

 Haste can pay the highest price for everything.

Some have sacrificed time, energy, health, home,

and happiness in their haste to be well known

or to acquire material things. 

In the race for wealth

or the haste to attain some ambition,

 to gratify the dream of life,

some have thrown honor, truth, and genuineness

to the winds.

 "Haste" might properly be placed

on thousands of cemetery headstones.

Most things that are great in life 

are as a result of slow growth; 

the newer, the greater, the higher,

 and nobler the work,

the slower is its growth, 

the more likely is its lasting success.

It has been said:

Mushrooms attain their full power

 in a night;

 Oaks require decades.

Fads are around for a few months;

a philosophy lives

 and impacts generations.

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