This is what it means to 

endure things in life

 patiently. It is to not grow 

weary. It is to avoid 

getting tired. "And let 

us not grow weary in

 doing good; because if

we do not waver, we 

shall reap in due season."

Galatians 6:9

We get an abundance of God's benefits when

 we patiently endure. We become whole and

 complete, lacking nothing, according to 

James 1:4.

John 11:6-7

As the news reached Jesus, He already

 knew that Lazarus needed to be healed. 

Yet, God was allowing illness for two 

reasons: the advancement and completion 

of the Father's purpose and His glorification, 

as well as the glorifying of Jesus Himself. 

He tells His disciples that the sickness 

would not ultimately result in death.

His friends must have been perplexed by 

His delay in leaving for Bethany, especially

 since He permitted it to result in death. But, 

the concerned sisters were to discover that 

God's delays are not denials. Sometimes

 it takes enduring hardship to develop 

character. (8: Hebrews 5)

Jesus loved Mary and Martha, therefore 

Mary and Martha were confident He would

 arrive. They had to understand that His 

delay was being done out of genuine love, 

not because He was ignoring them. It must 

have been very difficult for Jesus to upset 

Mary and Martha, but He did it to

demonstrate to them—and to us—that, 

despite our desire to support our friends 

and our ability to do so, we must be led

 by the Power of God to put His glory 

and our spiritual well being above our

 own emotions.

Time indicates that God is preparing us

 rather than denying us. God is patiently 

waiting for us to grow so that we don't 

forfeit our blessings.