Some human hearts and minds 

are polluted and full of pride, 

and divisiveness that fosters 

bitterness, prejudice, and hatred.

Sadly, at the dawn of 2018,

some people are still embracing unreasonable, irrational, 

preconceived judgments or convictions rooted in 

suspicion, fear, intolerance, prejudiced hostility, 

animosity, and/or old racial prejudices 

directed against individuals and 

ethnic groups who they deem 

"Less than they are"  

because of the color of their skin or their ethnicity.

"Sowers of Discord" 

sow seeds of bitterness, 

anger, suspicion, and hatred. 

They are driven to act on the vulnerabilities of others. 

They tend to take pleasure in exploiting 

the passions, weaknesses, and emotions of others.

For the most part...

they are driven by their own self-interests 

and inner turmoil.

Such behavior is not from God.

The Scriptures refer to this behavior as

“The works of the flesh.”

Christ calls His followers 

to imitate His example

by living peacefully with others. 

All forms of racism, prejudice, 

and discrimination are an 

affront to the sacrifice

 made by Christ 

on the cross.

If we treat a person with contempt, 

we are mistreating a person created in God’s image;


we are hurting somebody whom God loves 

and for whom Jesus died.

If God is impartial and loves us with impartiality, 

then we need to love others with that same high standard. 

Worldly divisions 

mean nothing to God,

 for God's creation is everywhere,

and God's love extends 

beyond the borders of race, 

creed, or nations. 

It is our Spirit which makes us 

relevant to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Jesus always included people.

He embraced others... 

with a radical disregard for their  

race, tribe, creed, color, class, religion, language,

age, culture, disability, political beliefs,

educational background, or socioeconomic differences,

experiences, or realities. 

The Scriptures affirm 

the fundamental equality of all people 

before God.

God's Word is very clear in telling us that 

no one is insignificant.

Every single person is important, 

vital, and valuable to God.

The time has come for us to come together

and fulfill our role in the body.

Our true individuality is found, discovered, 

and experienced in relationship to the body of Christ.

We are one in Spirit, one in mind, and one in purpose.

Our individuality is a work of grace.

Our physical body is comprised of many parts 

which makes up the whole.

We have the limbs, organs, and various members that, 

when left alone, are useless, but when assembled 

they make up the entire body.

So, too, does the unity of the body of Christ, 

created in Christ.

This body is comprised of all nations, 

all races, all ethnic groups.

The body is a unit 

made up of diverse and equal parts...

each actively supporting 

and strengthening the other.

Members of the Body of Christ possess 

a diversity of gifts suited to particular functions.

Corinthians 12:4-31

“The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts;

and though all its parts are many, they form one body. 

Members of the Body of Christ share a common bond... 

regardless of background, race, or ministry. 

“There should be no division in the body, 

but . . . its parts should have equal concern 

for each other”.

Corinthians 12:25 

There is only one race...

the human race!

From one man 

God made every nation of men,

that they should inhabit 

the whole earth.

God does not show partiality 

or favoritism...

and neither should we!

We are each individual, 

eternal expressions of God.

Our essential nature is divine

and therefore inherently good.

God designed us to be uniquely different, 

and at the same time, 

have some of the same characteristics and traits.

There is no other person who is 

exactly like us! 

We are all originals!

Knowing that we are unique...

 should humble us.

All human beings have the same

physical characteristics.

More importantly,

 all human beings are equally created.

There is one God and Father of all.

God is over all, through all, and in all.

God is Creator of all.

He has authority over all.

He sustains all and is in control of all.

God's presence is everywhere 

and in everyone. 

We are all of one spirit, 

one humanity, one human family...

and a significant member of 

God's amazing Creation.

Our differences should never 

separate us.

We are not different races. 

Rather, we are different ethnicities


of the human race.

May we distinguish, welcome, 

and bless God for creating us to be

 uniquely different.

God's Peace will lead us to

peaceful outcomes.

Let us not become slaves to our emotions.

When individuals, communities, cities, states, and nations

allow their emotions to guide their behavior,

inevitably, they end up not resolving anything.

They only make matters worse.

In times of conflict... 

some may feel anger, fearful, and wronged.

  They may even feel the need to lash out...

defend, attack, and get revenge.

They spend precious life moments

devising human schemes to defeat their opponents.

They are quick to utilize

the ways of the world to garner the "Big win!".

Their natural human emotions often try to direct

the behavior of others.

Peace is learning to let go of our will,

desires, and plans.


Peace is surrendering and yielding ourselves

to You, O Lord,

allowing You to be in control,

for You are our ultimate Peace!

Peace enables us to yield our will over to God.

Peace enables us to be moved from the stronghold 

of fear and trepidations... into a life of harmony.

Isaiah 26:3; II Timothy 1:7 

May love, peace and unity 

become contagious 

and spread like flames.

May it excite, burn, and grow,

so the winds of disagreement 

will not blow it out!

May the entire Universe look to the future

with a vision of good deeds 

 and a peaceful existence. 

We can celebrate our diversity

because our many differences

point to the one thing

we all have in common -


God's love must be our model for life.

Yes, we are all different.

Different customs, different foods,

different mannerisms, different languages,

but not so different that we cannot get along

with one another.


Our prayer is that, 

as individuals, communities, 

cities, states,

as a nation and universe,

we all come to the realization of You

as the Source of our inner 

and outer Peace.

 This wisdom, of You, 

will allow us to address,

resolve, and root out the vast problems

confronting us, each and every day.

We know that in You, O God of all Peace,

there is no barrier or boundary
that Your Love cannot overcome.

You are able to dispel all darkness

and heal all the Spiritual dis-eases

 of humanity.

You are the Giver of all life.

You are everywhere 

and in our every breath.

You are our Creator 

and Controller of all.

You are Sovereign over all,

and no devil in hell 

can block or stop Your plans. 

You are Love, the Source of life,

and You are within each of us, 
every moment.

We know that Peace will be impossible

unless we allow Your Peace to rule in us!

Help us, O God, to realize that

once we make real peace with You...

we will be able to attain and maintain

Peace and unity in the here and now, 

with others.

 File:Rotating earth (large).gif
How many people must Die
before we realize that we need Peace?

3D_peace.gif - (11K)

Humanity must be awakened

with a large dose of God's Peace.

When we realize God's peace... 

there is an absolute, unassailable, well-founded, steadfast,

unwavering, immovable, unswerving, unshakeable

certainty within which takes us through 

any situation we may face.

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