Our mission is to be a positively good channel for sowing peace, 

unity, growth, and change.

Conflicts can cause anger, hurt, confusion, fear, and damaged relationships.

Conflicts are a natural part of human interaction whether

at the individual or group level.

It is our prayer by communicating, through this website,

we may discover peaceful and unifying themes or vehicles

from which we can improve our environment,

cultivate a peaceful and united culture,

and do our part to help heal the causes of violence,

conflict, and injustice.

Some human minds are tarnished and full of pride,

 divisiveness, hatred, and prejudice.

Most of these societal ills are based on religious and cultural differences.

We believe when one's focus is fixed on the material world...

not only will they become depleted of their spiritual oxygen,

but they will experience emptiness and have no real peace.

In times of conflict... we need to recognize God as God. 

We need God's Wisdom and Peace...

we are powerless and foolish without God.

With God in the forefront of all of our affairs...

we can make right decisions and do things decently and in order.

God's way will always be the best route to take.

Not only in times of conflict, 

but at all times we need to confer with God

for practical guidance and insight

and not allow our natural human emotions

to commission our behavior.

Without God... man is unfulfilled, has inner turmoil, 

voids, and despair that cannot be shaken off. 

He is restless with himself, and has only this world.

We believe that none of us can ever be at peace 

without God's Love and Guidance.
Racism is mainly as a result of fear. 

Most fear what they do not understand. They fear what is strange and foreign.

The prejudice of racism is still with us today and has divided people,

 when in reality, we share more similarities than differences.

 According to DNA results...

 the racial differences which some have held dear, for generations,

are statistically insignificant from a scientific point of view...

when we consider the 3 trillion base pairs of human DNA.

There is no biological basis for racism.

 Biologically there are no human racial categories, 

only variations of one humanity.

Universal Peace and brotherhood of mankind can be realized.

One way to heal what is sick or broken is to get to the Source.

To seek true healing, we must go vertical!

God is able to answer our most profound questions and put us on the right course

 when we, sincerely, seek His perspective and direction 

for handling a resolution process. 

We must get our eyes off another’s sin and turn our focus inward 

with a vertical orientation (Psalm 139:23-24).

In Matthew 7:5, Jesus says, 

“You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and 

then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Different identities should not lead to conflict. 

Superficial physical differences such as: skin color, hair color, hair texture, 

eye color, eye shape, or generalized assumptions about a particular race 

or cultural group may provide physiological differences between people, 

but the Scriptures do not provide any justification... no reason whatsoever, 

for treating people differently simply because of physical differences. 

Personal racial attitudes, discriminations, intolerance 

and a need to feel superior can become locked in one's thought processes.

Studies have shown that persons prone toward prejudice, 

particularly having well established prejudices, often don't realize what it breeds.

The Word of God presents some very clear reasons some cannot lay

 down their agendas or get along well with others who differ from them. 

The enemy is within us!

Conflict is internally motivated before externally manifested.

The enemy within is more dangerous than any other enemy outside.

At the heart of prejudice lies two concepts: 

ignorance and fear.

We must stand solidly upon God’s ways of dealing with conflict.

It is wise to step back from a conflict and ask...

Jesus, what should I do?

May we seek to emulate Jesus.

We often react without thinking. 

Reactions are often based on insecurities and fears,

and those reactions may not be the best course of action.

Acting emotionally instead of rationally is not unusual,

 but can cause unnecessary misery. 

The enemy will use any means available to sabotage our happiness 

and frustrate our lives.

When emotions are high... we should STOP and THINK before we react!

 Doing whatever feels good...

instead of whatever is best for us can be a heavy price to pay.
Let us pray and be mindful of how God would have us respond.

Mindfulness is learning to quiet our minds, to get out of our own way, and

allow, God, our own healthy inner compass, 

to guide us to become more thoughtful, resilient, and empathetic.

Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. 

Angry responses do not honor God. 

We are encouraged to respond slowly to conflict 

rather than acting on impulse, resulting in regret. 

Proverbs 29:11 says, 

“A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man holds it in check.”

If our conflicts are approached in a God-honoring way, 

conflict can bring stimulation, healing, resolution to problems, 

and building of relationships.

Real fellowship is Spiritual!

The physical being is subject to change and separate, 

but in the eternal world of Spirit... separation is not considered...

it is not an option.

There is perfect godliness underlying humanity,

 for all are servants of one God. 

All of creation inhabit our universe under the one canopy of heaven.


We, sincerely, believe God intended for all humanity to co-exist... 

just as all the waves of the sea harmoniously co-exists.

When we put God first...

and do according to God's Word...

we will find the power to act rightly

even when our feelings try to drag us in the wrong direction.

It is only when God's divine guidance and revealed truth are leading the way

that our thoughts, feelings, and actions will reflect the ways of peace

 and the ways of Jesus Christ. 

Let us seek to exemplify Jesus' traits.

All of our lives intersect!

We can unite.

Humanity can have a mutual, peaceful co-existence..

 if based only...

on our mutual love for God.

Humans just need to step aside...

and let God abide.

We believe to realize the Kingdom of God and to experience real peace

is to draw nearer my God to Thee...

keeping our eyes and hearts fixed on God and God alone.