God is the Upholder of all creation. God cannot be 

anything less than Holy, Just, the Greatest, Truth, 

Infinite, Eternal, Love, Beautiful, Supreme 

Creator and Designer of everything there is, 

including time. To blot God out of existence

 and our awareness is to experience an 

impoverished existence. 

Without God a universal collapse would 

occur. We would be destitute for life. Without 

God, nothing would be.

The greatest blessing we can know, the greatest 

riches we can have, is the riches of having an

 intimate relationship with Our Creator.

God loves us and wants us to enjoy His love. The 

greatest fulfillment that anyone can know is to give 

and receive God’s love. We were made by God for that.

A personal relationship with God

is a life-changing experience that 

awakens us to the seriousness of 

living inwardly. 

It is a natural evolutionary process 

which involves shedding the old 

self and experiencing an inner 

rebirth... the unfolding of Light 

and Truth within us. 

God desires all creatures to know

Him on a Spiritually worthwhile   

and eternal level. To be in 

personal communion with 

God is the greatest fulfillment 

and pleasure anyone could know.

To commune with God is a

Spiritual ascension that brings 

our souls to a state of gentle 

smiling. It draws us into a 

dimension of desiring a 

constant communion with 


Many passages and verses in the bible demonstrate 

God's desire for relationship with us. God's Word 

and Prayer are vehicles through which a human 

can communicate with God. The Bible says to 

"pray continually" and "pray without ceasing". 

God, the awesome Creator of

 the entire universe, desires to be

involved with our daily lives so

that we can accomplish all that 

we were put in this world to 


 We willfully choose to surrender all life 

activity to God. In other words.... if we are not

 feeling it in our spirit... we won't do it. Rather 

than having a self-centered perspective in 

life, we intentionally seek God's direction. 

In surrendering our lives to God, God may 

have His way to accomplish His purposes.

 Putting God first and allowing all activity in 

life to flow from the righteous principles that 

God's priorities are the priorities we are 

embracing... makes us feel more grounded

 and secure.

Being God-centered bars us from irrelevances.

When God is first and God is served... we are 

edified and... 

God is glorified.

The longing for God resides within each of our 

hearts. God is the incredible personal journey

 the soul senses and yearns to embark upon! 

There is nothing more beautiful than

 knowing that God is real, and that we

 have the privilege of developing 

intimacy... a personal relationship with

 God... the One Who created the universe 

and knows every intricate detail of our entire


God knows our frame; He is mindful 

that we are but dust. 

Psalm 103:14

Only God can fulfill and 

revive us.

Experiencing, witnessing, and benefitting from 

an intimate, personal relationship with God 

begins the moment we realize our need for God. 

As we personally encounter God's tender,

 personal, and incomprehensible way, as a 

totally loving Father, we come to realize

 voids being filled with all the love we could

 ever need.

God's presence in our lives produces peace, 

purpose and power.

God loves us because it is His character. It is not 

because of duty, but because Love is Who God is 

and what God does.

God doesn’t need our help with our lives. 

God is all powerful and much greater than us.

Are we living a self-directed life 

or a God-directed life?

“All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

We were created to have fellowship with God, but

because of our stubborn self-will, we go our own 

independent way, and fellowship with God is 


God designed us as relational 


More important than any human relationship...

 is our relationship with God. 

Our primary purpose is knowing the only 

True God. This means having an intimate, 

personal relationship with God, not just 

knowing about Him.

Having a relationship with God, or not having a 

relationship with God, clearly says where we will 

spend all of eternity. 

God Draws Us to Himself.

Encountering God’s presence is not simply outward 

expression and/or emotionalism.

God’s presence is everywhere, 

but God’s indwelling presence 

is by invitation only. 

We must ask God to come live inside our hearts and 

minds, but before God will accept our invitation

 we must first, sincerely, turn away from the past, 

repent for our sins (offences), and receive the gift 

of forgiveness.

Acts 2:38. 

When we surrender our lives to God, our Spiritual

understanding awakens and God’s glorious light

beautifully illuminates our hearts and minds. 

A personal relationship with God is life-transforming.

What God does to us, in us, and through us is a destiny 

changing experience.

God's touch will change our lives.

Our primary purpose is to know God and have

 a personal relationship with God. Once we

 understand how much God desires a personal 

relationship with us... we should humbly 

recognize how much we truly need God. 

Recognizing our need is the first key to 

a fruitful relationship with God.

Within each of us is a fountain of good.

God is ever-present and dwells within each of us. 

God makes Himself known to the innermost heart

 of man that longs to know Him. 

We shall find God within ourselves when we 

turn and seek God... 

within ourselves. 

According to Scripture, God is interested in

 humanity and has always desired to be close

 to us and have a personal relationship with us. 

God has the deepest love for us and He only

 wants us to love Him back and keep Him 

saturated throughout our daily lives. 

God desires to have a special, deep, personal,

 and eternal relationship with us and has prepared 

a way to make this relationship realizable for each 

and every one of us.

God is more concerned with right relationships. 

Indeed, since the beginning, it was God's desire 

and intention to establish a deep, personal, 

everlasting, life-changing relationship between 

human beings and Himself. 

Our relationship with God determines where 

we will spend the whole of eternity.

“Heaven and earth will pass away,” 

Jesus said in Matthew 24:35

but God is without beginning of days, or end of 

life, or change of time. God is outside of time.

 God is uncreated and is eternal in His being.

God always existed and always will exist.

Because of this, we should choose to invest 

ourselves in God.

Jesus said, 

"Wherever your treasure is, 

there will your heart be also." 

Matthew 6:21

If we invest ourselves in worldly relationships, 

we will only reap worldly benefits.

God is our "Everlasting Father," our 

eternal God, Whose existence has neither 

a commencement or a period with time.

Pleasing God is not about what we do, 

but about resting in God... embarking 

upon that personal journey our soul senses 

and yearns for. 

Getting closer to God takes an intentional investment

 of quality time with God, talking to God, getting to 

know Who God is, listening to God, getting to know 

what God desires, obeying God, praying to God 

without ceasing, serving and praising God, 

knowing God through His Word, and applying 

that knowledge so that we are better equipped to be 

all that God created us to be.

We are to walk with God in order to point our lives 

in a direction that honors God and gives Him glory.

Recognizing our value as God's creation endowed 

with a God-given purpose, sharing our faith and 

what we have witnessed, loving and wanting God

 more than we love or want anything... these are the 

things, when cultivated, will help us grow spiritually, 

will fill the voids of the longing heart, will help us 

better understand our past, will add true joy to life, 

and inspire us to boldly press on to the future.

God’s love is pure and without a hint of 

malice or deception. God's love is all-powerful. 

God's love is able to endure our nonconformity, 

indignation, and deplorable blunders. God’s 

love seeks us, protects us, restores us and 

saves us.

According to Scripture, God Almighty,

the Ruler of the universe, the Most High 

invites us to know Him. 

The first step to knowing God is to 

recognize that God exists and purposefully

 seek His face, day by day. 

 "And without faith it is impossible to 

please God, because anyone who comes 

to God must believe that He exists and

 that He rewards those who earnestly 

seek Him."

Hebrews 11:6 

The next step is to acknowledge and profess

God's position in relation to everything else. 

We cannot know God when trying to place

 God apace with other gods in our lives. 

There is no other. There is none like God. 

Isaiah 46:9–11; Exodus 20:3 

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the

 truth and the life. No one comes to the 

Father except through Me. If you really 

know Me, you will know My Father

 as well. From now on, you do know

 Him and have seen Him.”

John 14:6

We must choose to love and submit to God as 

Lord over our personal lives, and walk 

faithfully with God.

Genesis 5:24

Our relationship with God is both relatable and 

considerably different than what we encounter 

with humans. God's love for us is better than the 

best this life can ever be! All other relationships

 pale in comparison.

Those of us who have a personal relationship 

with God start our day with God. We spend 

quality time praying, feasting and meditating 

on God's Word, talking with God, sharing our 

concerns, listening to God for guidance and

 direction, asking God to guide and direct our 

thoughts, words and deeds, in our daily lives. 

We talk with God about His Will, our desires, 

our plans, and our undertakings. We ask God 

to be with us in every part of our day, and help 

us to experience His presence, forgiveness, 

grace and mercy. We feast, as often as possible, 

on God's Word.

When I read God's Word, I pray for God to 

speak to my heart, mind, and conscienceAnd 

it comes into being. God speaks through His 

Scriptures and His world. God communicates 

different things at different times. 

Most often God's counsel guides my thoughts


through Scripture or speaks to me through 

others. Many times verse speaks instructions

 or council directly to my heart and need

On numerous occasions, I have gone to the 

Scriptures with questions, i.e., 'What would 

You have me to do, God?' It seemed as if the

 answer was poised to jump from the pages!

God's Word reminds me that His peace, 

presence and protection is with me. God is 

continually revealing new perspectives, insights, 

concepts and convictions that I know I didn’t 

come up with on my own. Many times, 

I just have to look up, smile and give a 

chorus of praise. 

The more we spend time with God, the 

closer we become. The Scriptures are crystal 

clear: we are loved by God and ever in God's

 presence. All our thoughts, feelings, and 

actions are open to God's view.

God, in His lovingkindness, will never leave us 

where He found us. God loves us so much He

 will meet us where we are, but He loves us too 

much to leave us there.

Regardless of where we have been, what we

 have done, how many failures and frustrations

we may be surrounded by... how wealthy, 

influential, fruitless or futile we are or 

have been... no matter how profoundly deep

 the hurts and struggles have been, regardless

 of how astute, shattered, worldly-wise and 

polished, or religious one may be... no matter 

what we have done in the past... God loves us

 and is under no illusion about who we are, 

where we have been, what we have done or


God's love can still save us. 

We can talk with God, 


"There is none righteous, 

no not one" 

Romans 3:10

It doesn't matter how badly we have stumbled, 

faltered, blundered, and mishandled life... 

God's love can still reach, change, and 

save us. 

We are all flawed, frail, and sinful. We all have

 sinned and cannot undo what we have done. We 

have all done, thought, or said unrighteous things, 

which the Bible calls sin. The fallen man is a 

sinner by birth and by choice. 

God knows we are not perfect. 

Some may think their works, perfection and 

performance driven, people pleasing lifestyle 

makes them right with God, but... 

they need to think again. 

We were created in God's image for an intimate

relationship with God. The greatest joy for 

every person, and for every relationship is

knowing that God is within us. 

No matter who we are or what we have gone

 through, despite our corruption,

 God still remains in us. 

Jesus taught that God the Father watches 

over all of His creations... a sparrow

can’t fall to the ground without our 

Father knowing it. 

Matthew 10:29

When it comes to us, “the very hairs of our 

head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, 

ye are of more value than many sparrows”. 

Matthew 10:30,31

It would behoove us not to by-pass the Bible 

thinking that to find a relationship... one needs 

to go out there. 

Yes, the heavens are telling the glory 

of God.

Psalm 19:1

But this is, initially, an inside journey. If we don't 

center on the Bible where God is speaking 

authoritatively and infallibly, then our 

relationship will become distorted by 

error and sin.

Without God's Word our souls become 

malnourished and dies of starvation. 

God's truths, in His Word, should never 

be abstained from. To brush-off or 

disrespect the place of Scripture in our 

lives deprives us of its wisdom. Without 

Scripture, life would become weary and 


God spoke through the prophet Hosea, 

"My people are destroyed for lack of 

knowledge." Whenever God's Word 

is hidden or disregarded, there will be 

certain destruction.

God's Word is our moral Guidance. 

God's Word can bring harmony 

and peace to our sin-sick world. 

Feasting on God's Word, daily, 

is the difference between spiritual

 life and death, faith and fear, 

strength and weakness, 

fulfillment and discontentment.

The Bible has been burned, belittled 

and ignored. It has survived many 

vicious attacks, but it remains 

unchanged and applies explicitly to us 


Despite its many enemies and 

criticisms, the Bible is living, active

 and it guides us through the vital 

issues of life.

The Bible gives illumination, revelation

 and inspiration. 

God's Word is not an elementary collection of 

interesting writings from antiquity, but it is 

God-breathed. In other words, it is the Word of 

God... God’s very own words to us. 

In keeping with Scripture, as we pray to God, 

read and meditate on God's Word, in an effort

 to draw nearer and know God better, we quickly 

come to recognize... our supreme need is to know 

God and seek the experience of God's presence. 

God is near, so God 

can be known. 

God is waiting for us to reach out and establish 

contact with Him.

Jeremiah 24:7 says, “I will give them a heart to

 know that I am the Lord, and they shall be My 

people and I will be their God, for 

they shall return to Me with their whole heart.”