The Scriptures indicate that Satan was once 

the fairest of God's creatures. Satan was the 

anointed cherub.

Ezekiel 28:14

Satan became puffed up with conceit and

fell through pride.

1Timothy 3:6

How you have fallen from Heaven, O morning star, 

son of the dawn? You have been cast down to the 

earth, you who once laid low the nations!

Isaiah 14:12

Because of his unique ability to sow confusion, 

chaos, and conflicts, Satan was banished from 


Even though Heaven is as flawless as a setting

 can be, the devil was able to influence

 one-third of the angels with his false and 

defamatory allegations against God. Angels 

who had worshiped together were now at odds

 over issues the devil had concocted in their minds.

We know that Satan caused a war in Heaven and 

was thrown down and pulled down a multitude 

of rebellious spirits with him.

Even though Satan was cast out of heaven, 

he still seeks to elevate his throne above God. 

He is an imposter. He tries to copy all that God 

does, hoping to gain the worship of the world

 and encourage opposition to God’s kingdom.

After Satan's fall, he began his horribly long 

and repulsively stubborn warfare against God.

Throughout the Scriptures there is one character

 mentioned who is said to be the enemy of God 

and God's people. He is known as Satan, Lucifer,

 the devil, the adversary, the god of the world.

Jesus recognized that Satan has a kingdom.

His kingdom is this world.

1 John 5:19  

Satan's goal is to cause our downfall by 

unleashing doubt, division, destruction,

 and doom in our lives, to name a few.

Satan is described as an opponent 

and adversary who rebelled 

against God and became the 

catalyst for the fall of 


He is the prince of evil spirits, 

and the father of lies, there is no

 truth in him. 

He is a misleading flatterer, 

thief, tempter, the adversary,

 false accuser, slanderer, and 

master deceiver who works

hard at blinding minds and 

triggering Believers to 

relapse into sin. 

Satan, our greatest foe, is the ruler of the demons. 

They are his agents. They work together 24-7

 and are pros at what they do and never miss 

opportunities to attack. 

He is on a reckless mission

 to destroy God's people and 

the cause of Christ.

He roams the earth seeking

out someone to attack.

Satan and his villainous goons have always 

been cruel and hellish. Today, Satan and the 

demons are as murderous as ever. In fact, 

since being cast out of heaven, their evil 

activity has increased. Reports from al

over the world attest to their atrocities.

Satan’s art of war is to use all 

means necessary to confuse,


suppress, weaken, tear down, 

condemn, accuse, crush our 

spirits, lay heavy burdens and 

strongholds on us, plant seeds

 of negativity, steal our joy, 

destroy our testimony and/or


ministry, kill the consciousness 

of God’s people and eradicate,

dismantle, crush, wreck, shatter,

sabotage, wipe out, and/or ruin 

any evidence that glorifies and 

honors God.

Satan doesn't want to see God's 

people move in power and victory.

Satan's very name means 

“adversary” or

 “one who opposes.”

He is an adversary of God. 

Satan, also known as the devil, 

which means "slanderer"

is God's opponent. 

He is not

God's equal.

He is active, dishonest, and deceptive, 

but he is not Omnipresent, he cannot 

be present everywhere at the same time.

Satan, also known as Lucifer, is not 

imaginary, he is the god of this world. 

He is a tempter, a thief, and an accusing

 evil spirit who is always working in an 

attempt to blind and dumb-down minds

 and take hold over our lives. 

Satan and his minions are lying, evil, 

manipulators who do not want people 

to know or understand the truth. 

They go over and above to wage war and 

lead people into darkness and rebellion 

against God.

Satan opposes God's people coming together 

to move in power, emancipation, and victory.

Satan's goal is to kill, steal, enslave, bind, 

confuse, harden hearts, propagate lies, slander, 

discourage people, and create and instill fear,

 doubt, unbelief, and anxiety. He enjoys 

crazy-making, dividing people, distracting, 

and destroying them.

The greatest mistake we can make about Satan

 is to underestimate his power, duplicity, craftiness,

 underhandedness, and influence. 

Satan's influence has led many innocent 

people astray into darkness, chaos, and 

rebellion against God. They have been lured, 

seduced, brainwashed, converted, and persuaded

 that they are truly free.

He is evil and will stop at nothing to gain new

ground so that he can profoundly influence 

the human sphere by leading God's people astray.

Satan conceals truth 

and targets the mind.

Satan and his troops are out to mislead; 

and to persuade the willing soul to believe 

in something that is not true. He hurls all 

kinds of misleading thoughts into the mind.

Satan varies his methods considerably, but

 his goal always remains the same, and that

 is to gain the greatest possible degree of 

control over the mind.

The enemy wants to access our minds

 and hearts and gain a foothold in our 

affairs, and all he needs is a pinhole 

to do so.

He arrives in a variety of disguises and has 

plethora of evil schemes and strategies

 at his disposal.

Satan's aim is to confuse, deceive, and, if 

possible, rule the mind.

 Satan will do whatever in his power to disrupt 

God's plans and attack those who follow God.

We are in an invisible spiritual battle with a cruel enemy 

who is crafty, cunning, rude, controlling, sly, subtle, 

malicious, and dangerous. This is a real enemy who 

prowls around seeking someone to devour. 

1 Peter 5:8 

These battles between the world, the flesh, 

and Satan have eternal ramifications... and 

our souls are on the line.

We all have a race to run and job to do, so let

 us put on our full armor and prepare ourselves.

Satan may come to us in sheep's clothing, but he

 is a ferocious wolf on the inside. He sometimes

 disguises himself as a servant of righteousness, 

twisting and distorting God's Word.

Before we can launch a victorious offensive

 attack against Satan, we must first identify the

 adversary. We must understand Satan's 

characteristics, tactics, and techniques in order 

to assume full power and authority over him.

When we know the real... 

we will know what and who 

is false.

Today, Satan appears to be more successful 

than ever in raising up foes to harass and destroy

 God's people. Satan is at the root of the world's

 unceasing evil today. Satan does not personally 

carry out every evil act, but he orchestrate them all.

We should never underestimate the combined 

forces of Satan and his demons. They are evil, and 

they have driven many good people to their knees.

Many people are caught off guard by Satan's 

spiritual onslaught. Many people in our society

 deny what is obvious. They have intense, 

confused, and contradictory notions about Satan.

It's tragic that some people think of Satan as a 

mythical entity wearing a red outfit and wielding

 a pitchfork. 

Many people do not think that the devil exists, 

and Satan rejoices when people are intentionally

 ignorant about him.

Satan delights in making people blind, distracted,

 deceived, and gullible to his deceptions.

Our minds are extremely important to us since

 they serve as our decision-making mechanism. 

If we lose our minds, we also lose our ability to

 choose among our options.

Satan manipulates the mind in such a way that 

it becomes mentally passive.

In order to bring anguish, vexation, sadness,

 uncertainty, and faithlessness, Satan scrutinizes,

 tears people down, tempts, confuses, and 

discourages Believers.

Satan desires nothing more than to invade 

specific areas of our lives and render us 

ineffective for God's Kingdom. Satan wants 

us to feel unworthy of lifting our hands in 

worship or even lifting up God's Word!

Satan is so envious and cruel that he will go to 

any length to tear us down and rob us of our peace 

in God.

Satan is opposed to us fulfilling 

God's calling in our lives.

He seeks to gain a foothold in order to throw

 us off balance, distract us from our focus, and 

persuade Believers to doubt God and pridefully

 question and distort God's authority, doctrine,

 direction, and love, not for a better understanding 

of God, but to have man so enslaved to sin that 

they cannot reason and understand the Gospel.

Another deception Satan tries to convince his

 followers is that God will never save someone

like you.

Satan uses lies and accusations

 as his weapons.

Lies, deception, division,

 and wicked deeds are all 

characteristics of Satan. 

Satan is the author and 

father of lies.

Satan is a crafty, manipulative, and deceptive liar 

who attempts to sow terrible lies and seeds of

 doubt about the goodness of God.

He tries to silence the voice of God within 

our hearts. Satan does not want us to experience 

a blessed life. 

Satan will go to great lengths to keep us 

from hearing God's voice and sharing 

God's Word with others. His ultimate goal

is to turn people against God.

He will do all in his power to keep us from 

glorifying God with our time, treasures, and


He enjoys hardening hearts, taunting,

 scrutinizing, discouraging, and weighing 

us down with fear, anxiety, temptation, 

and confusion. He is known for infiltrating

 our lives invisibly and then causing all sorts

 of relational difficulties, particularly in our 


Satan is a master manipulator, deceiver, and

 sower of dissension and hatred. Satan is on

 a rash mission to corrupt, mislead, and 

undermine our faith in God and genuine

love for Christ.

He is after our families, as well as our 

physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

 He wishes to cloud our perception. He 

does not want us to talk about what is real, 

honest, just, pure, and lovely. 

Satan is hell-bent on destroying 

God's people and the cause of Christ.

He enjoys trapping individuals in his

 web so that his nefarious plans can still 

be carried out. Satan is both a devouring

 lion and a deceiving snake.

Satan is literally hell-bent on perverting 

and obstructing God's plan. He wants to keep 

us conflicted, divided, and ignorant oGod's Will.

Satan's aim is to kill, steal, enslave, bind, confuse,

 harden hearts, sow lies, slander, discourage, 

and instill despair, doubt, unbelief, and anxiety

 in people. He enjoys dividing, distracting, and 


He manipulates our situations to make us 

disobedient so he can defeat us. His job is to 

weaken, divert, seize control of our will, and

 fail to to obey God. Satan's duty is to blind 

unbelievers' minds so that they do not see the 

light of God.

Satan is lethal, malicious, and 

envious of God.

 Satan despises God and hence seeks to kill 

all people, particularly God's children.

Satan appears to target individuals who have

 God's favor. He tries to confuse, intimidate, 

and mislead believers as much as possible.

Satan wishes to lead people away from 

God's path. He persuades his subjects to do

 things that are against God's will. During our

 rage, Satan says to us, "Go ahead, have

 your vigilante justice."

Satan seeks to gain any kind of stronghold

 in order to throw us off balance, distract us

 from our focus, and persuade Believers to doubt

 God and pridefully question and distort God's

 authority, doctrine, direction, and love, not for 

a better understanding of God, but to keep man

 so enslaved in sin that they cannot reason and

 understand the Good news.

May we never forget and always remember:

God is the Author of Peace, 

not Confusion.

All warfare is deception, and Satan's art

 of war is to use all means possible to confuse,

 weaken, and destroy God's people's 


The Scriptures tell us everything we need to know

 about Satan and his crafty schemes. God does not

 want to give Satan too much regard, nor does he

 want us to grow preoccupied with him.

God is completely good and entirely 

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. 

God has total control and dominion over Satan. 

Trust, the devil can only do what God allows. 

The earth is still God's, and 

Satan's options in this world

 are very limited.

According to Romans 11:33, God knows 

everything before it happens, and God's 

timing is impeccable. There is nothing that 

happens in the world that is not under God's 

control, authority, and/or direction. God 

knows no boundaries. God exists before, 

above, and after everything in the past, 

present, and future. 

Although we must be mindful of Satan's 

schemes and techniques of attack... for our 

own welfare, 

we must always remember

 and never forget... 

Whose we are.

The continual involvement of Satan is critical

 to God's goals in developing our character.

Events that happen to us and how we respond

 to them can shape who we are as Believers

 to an astonishing and humbling level.

The Bible is clear: people will be known 

by their fruits. Not because of how much 

money they have. Not by the number of 

followers they have. Not by the number of 

books they have written or the wonderful 

achievements they have accomplished. 

They will be identified by the fruit that 

grows in their lives.

God will sometimes enable us

 to suffer a breakdown in order

 for us to have a breakthrough!

God wants the best for us and understands

 how critical it is for us to be alert. He freely

 provides us with His power and protection so

 that we can face each day with courage, 

compassion, audacity, strength and

 determination. God will never abandon 

us defenseless.

The work of evil is turned into good by the

 all knowing wisdom of God. God is wise and 

efficient in using resources. That which the

 enemy placed before us, for our detriment, has

 become a blessing... fertilizer for our soul.

The all-knowing wisdom of God transforms

 the work of evil into good. God uses resources

 wisely and efficiently. What the enemy put in

 front of us to our disadvantage has become a 

godsend... fertilizer for our spirit.

May we get stronger each time we see through

 the enemy's lies and gracefully... 

rise above them all. 

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