Satan's Job

We have an enemy and he does not want us to

fulfill God’s calling in our lives.

Satan is literally hell-bent on perverting and preventing


God’s plan.

He wants to keep us ignorant

of God's will.

He does everything he can to deter us from hearing

God’s voice and sharing God's Word with others.

 Satan endeavors to scrutinize, tempt, and discourage.

Satan is in the business of tearing people down. 

He is an accuser, and he approaches people 

with no love, but with a tone of condemnation. 

He is constantly planting seeds of negativity. 

His plan is to crush spirits and lay heavy burdens 

and strongholds on his victims.

Satan doesn't want to see God's children

move in power and victory.

He and his troops are out to mislead;

and to persuade the willing soul

to believe in something that is not true.

He hurls all kinds of misleading thoughts

into the mind.

Satan conceals truth and targets the mind.

Satan is the ruler of the demons. They are his agents.

They work together 24-7 and are good at what they do

and never miss opportunities to attack. 

His ultimate aim is to make people ungrateful to God.

Many in our society deny the obvious.

They have strong, confused, and conflicting ideas 

about Satan.

How sad it is that our society

could or would characterize Satan 

as some fictitious person.

Many people don't believe that the devil really exists.

Satan has a field day when people become willfully

ignorant about him.

Satan is described as an opponent, a tempter, an adversary,

a false accuser, a slanderer, a master deceiver. 

He is crafty, subtle, rude, 

controlling, cunning, malicious, and sly. 

He comes in many different disguises 

and only needs a pinhole to penetrate our lives.

We should never underestimate

the influence that Satan and his demons have.

 They are powerful

and have brought many good people down.

Satan loves for people to be blind, distracted,

flattered, and gullible to his deceptions.

He is a cunning, manipulative, and a deceptive liar

who tries to plant ugly lies and seeds of doubt

about the goodness of God.

He tries to silence the voice of God within our hearts.

He loves to get people caught up in his snare

so that his devilish intentions can still be carried out.

Satan is both a lion that devour and a serpent that deceives.

 Satan's mission is to kill, steal, enslave,

bind, confuse, harden hearts, sow lies, slander,

deter, cause fear, doubt, unbelief and worry.

He takes pleasure in dividing, distracting, and destroying.

He uses our circumstances to have us be disobedient

so that he can defeat us.

His job is to weaken,

divert and gain control over our will...

through disobedience.

Satan's job is to blind the minds of unbelievers,

that they might not see the light of God.

Many unsuspecting individuals

are blindsided by Satan's Spiritual attacks.

In order to recognize Satan and his work;

before we can launch

a victorious offensive attack against Satan,

we must know our enemy.

We must know satan's characteristics,

tactics, and strategies

so that we can take our position

of full power and authority over him.

Jesus recognized that Satan has a kingdom.

His kingdom is this world.

1 John 5:19  

Throughout the Scriptures there is one character mentioned

who is said to be the enemy of God and God's people. 

He is known as Satan, Lucifer, the devil, the adversary,

the god of the world.

Satan is a manipulator, a deceiver, 

and a master in sowing discord and hate.

A deceiver is someone who persuades people 

to believe in something that is not true.

When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources.

Satan uses lies and accusations 

as his weapons.

Satan is the author and father of lies.

Another lie Satan attempts to tell his subjects...

God will never save a person like you.

To our youth, Satan plants these thoughts:

It's all right to drink, get drunk and do drugs; just try it...

everyone else is doing it. It won't harm you.

It will help you to make cool friends.

Go ahead and have sex before marriage;

God doesn’t care.

He wants you to have fun.

Lies, deception, divisiveness, and evil doings

are all consistent with Satan's character.

The Scriptures indicate that Satan was once

the fairest of God's creatures.

Satan was the anointed cherub.

Ezekiel 28:14 

He became puffed up with conceit

and fell through pride.

1Timothy 3:6

How you have fallen from Heaven,

O morning star, son of the dawn?

You have been cast down to the earth,

you who once laid low the nations!

Isaiah 14:12

We know that Satan caused a war in Heaven

and was thrown down and pulled down a multitude

of rebellious spirits with him.

He roams the earth seeking out someone to attack.

After Satan's fall, he began his long and stubborn

warfare against God.

 Satan hates God,

and therefore is out to destroy all humanity,

especially God’s children.

Satan seems to go after those who have God's favor.

He attempts to make believers as confused,

fearful and ignorant as possible.

Satan wants to misguide people from God's way.

He entices his subjects to do things

that are contrary to the will of God.

During our anger, Satan tells us,

"Go ahead get revenge."


May we always remember 

and never forget:

All warfare is deception,

and Satan’s art of war is to use all means necessary

to confuse, weaken, and destroy

the consciousness of God’s people.

Today, Satan seems successful, as never before, in raising

up adversaries to persecute and destroy God's people.

 Satan is at the very core of the relentless evil in the world

today. Satan does not personally perform every evil deed,

but he orchestrates them all. 

The Scriptures tell us all we need to know about Satan

and his cunning ways. 

God neither wishes to flatter Satan with too much publicity

nor desires that we become preoccupied with him.

Satan fell because of his insatiable desire for prominence.

He desires the glory which belongs to God and God alone.

 God’s Word supplies all the facts and perspective we need

regarding Satan.

Satan does not have the same qualities as God.

He is a created being; a fallen angel.

Since Satan is a created being, he is not omnipresent.

He cannot be everywhere at the same time. He is finite.

Satan can go back to hell...

where he belongs.

The work of evil is turned into good

by the all knowing wisdom of God.

God is wise and efficient in using resources.

That which the enemy placed before us, for our detriment,

has become a blessing...

fertilizer for our soul.

May we become stronger each time we see through 

the enemy’s deceptions and rise above them all.

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