To seek first the kingdom of God,

 is the most important goal we 

can pursue in life.

God desires that we would

Seek Him First 

above all else.

In God we find purpose,

 meaning, and satisfaction.

We are much more engaged with spiritual

 and eternal matters when we seek the Kingdom

 of God first... rather than earthly goods that 

will fade away in the end.

We must, intentionally, 

make God our top 


if we want to seek life and true personal 

freedom for ourselves.

God created us with a "Spiritual need" 

that goes far beyond material possessions.

Whatever energy we allow to control our 

hearts and minds will influence our decisions 

and shape our lives.

It is critical that we seek God first and foremost 

with all of our hearts. We will never be pleased

 or fulfilled in life unless we experience the joy

 and peace of God and God alone. Although this

 world's transient pleasures can be obtained, only

 God and His eternal love can fill the deep holes

 in the heart and spirit.

According to Scripture, 

God wants to fill our voids.

Psalm 145:16

The need to find significance in life is a 

Spiritual yearning that God created us with.

It is when we connect to the 

Power Source

and live in agreement with God's purpose for 

us, our bodies, souls, and spirits will find 

meaning and fulfillment.

The hunger and thirst for God is at the very

 root of our being.

God is of greater value

 than all the world's riches.

Jesus said to His followers...

"Seek First the Kingdom of God"

in His Sermon on the Mount. 

Matthew 6:33

"The Kingdom of God"

was the primary subject of Jesus'

Sermon on the Mount.

In Jesus' Sermon on the Mount,

Jesus taught some of the most 

profound principles of  living.

One of these was:

"Seek first the kingdom of God 

and His righteousness."

Matthew 6:33 

Jesus taught that our focus should be

 away from this world, its status, and its lying 

allurements... and placed upon the things of 

God’s kingdom.

In essence, Jesus was cautioning us

not to worry about these human concerns

and to instead place our greatest priority on

seeking God’s Kingdom.

When we seek the Kingdom of God first...

we are able to focus on and fully experience 

what is truly important in life...

a personal relationship with God.

Scripture is overflowing with the message of 

seeking God first. There are numerous 

passages that are essentially invitations for us to...

"Pursue the things of God." 

God's Word repeatedly calls us to

 seek God, and seek God's presence... 


To seek God is a gift 

from God.

God has unlimited blessings 

for us to experience as we seek 

Him with our whole heart. 

God promises to add unto us those things

which we were and are pursuing

(as long as they are in His Will). 

To seek God first means...

fixing and focusing our mind's 

attention on God's direction, 

wisdom, and perspective.

To seek God means to 

incline our hearts toward God...

desiring an intimate personal

relationship with God, or 

seeking to develop an intimate

 relationship with God.

To seek God and God's Kingdom 

First is to have a hungering desire

 to bring our hearts into

 subjection to the Will of God 

and live according to God’s design,

not to seek after things.

Seeking God and God's 

Kingdom first


*God has precedence in our lives. 

*We become increasingly absorbed

 with God, prioritizing the things 

of God over the things of this 


To seek God and God's Kingdom

 first is to have a constant nee

for God, to thirst, continuously 

for God, knowing that only God 

can quench our thirst and 

fill the vacuum in our lives.

First place means first place.

It means giving precedence, priority and 

preeminence to seeking the kingdom of God. 

To seek first the Kingdom of God

entails, seeking God's presence, being in God's 

presence, and directing our affections toward God. 

To seek God means to, studiously,

value God so much... that we,

purposefully, seek to know God.

We, purposefully, draw closer to God, we, 

passionately, walk with God,we are growing 

deeper in intimacy with God, and wedeliberately,

 keep God first in all 

of our affairs.

According to James 4:8; 2:23, we fill our Spiritual 

need by drawing close to God, and God will draw 

close to us.

Drawing nearer to God makes all the difference.

The experience is sweet, more intimate and more

satisfying. It causes us to experience the sweetness of 

God's reality in special ways.

We can speak with God and we tend to pour

out our hearts like water before God. As we

draw nearer to God, there is a very special

lightness and joy, unspeakable, in our hearts.

God’s kingdom must be pursued

 every day, and at every instant.

God's presence is all around us, and we don't 

have to go out there, traveling somewhere else 

to find God. We can turn within, since 

God's Spirit resides within those who believe 

in Him, and draw near to God and experience a 

heightening and deepening of God's presence 

in our lives.

We assign our attention 

to what we deeply value.

To seek God and God's Kingdom first means...

not to seek after things, but to have a hungering 

desire to bring our hearts into submission to the 

Will of God and live according to God’s design.

To seek God’s kingdom is to 

submit to God's rule over 

every area of our life. 

God’s kingdom and righteousness

should be our highest goal.

If we prioritize God's business—seeking 

redemption, living in service to Him, and

 sharing the good news of the kingdom with

 others—then God will, as He promised, take 

care of ours.

Many individuals go through life without ever 

thinking about life or what it means to them.

We will never be satisfied or fulfilled in life until 

we experience the joy of God and God alone.

In order for us to gain 

clarity, let us slow down,

step back, and think 

carefully about our 

goals and the decisions


we make.

Who or what dominates

 our thoughts and 


Where do we invest our 

time and money? 

What desires are driving

 our decisions?

Anything into which we give an excessive amount 

of time, energy, attention, or money might usurp 

God's rightful place in our lives. Anything we 

allow to have control over us has the potential to 

become a god to us.

Things move quickly in our fallen, 

ever-changing world, and many feel they

 should be doing more, staying busy, and 

always hurrying. It's easy to become 

overwhelmed by appointments, deadlines, 

distractions, and seemingly insurmountable 

obstacles. Things which should matter the

 most are mismanaged and treated as if 

they matter least. 

Many people are being burned out as a result

 of their refusal to slow down. For some, 

deciding between world issues and setting 

priorities in the proper sequence is challenging.

Distractions make it difficult to connect with 

God. Stillness and spiritual focus might be 

difficult to achieve with so much going on in 

our lives.

For some, deciding between world issues 

and setting priorities in the proper sequence is 


Toxic programming devices and/or other

 sources of distraction are vying for our 

attention. Sad to say, some have been able

to gain first position in many lives.

The average person spends between fifteen 

and forty hours each week viewing worldly... 

seductive shows, with blatant and ofttimes 

subliminal messages, that pollute minds and 

spirits... luring unsuspecting persons astray.

Many people waste hours on social media, 

listening to the radio, reading newspapers

 and periodicals that aren't edifying in any 


Our spiritual life can be hijacked when

 our time is occupied by devices and a 

never-ending list of activities. It's a formula 

for losing our way, which could lead to a cycle 

of pain, leaving us exhausted, stressed, and

time poor.

Distractions are all

around us!

Distractions come in many forms. We should be

 mindful and not allow our busyness or others to 

become of more value or more of a priority than 

our relationship with God. 

Distractions can make it difficult 

to connect with God.

With so much going on in our lives, stillness and 

spiritual focus could become difficult to achieve. 

Many struggle to develop a deep, meaningful

 connection with God in this day of constant 

news, technology, devices, schedules, and activities. 

In the midst of the myriad of things that cloud our

 brains, we can neglect to stay connected to God.

With so many activities, pursuits, demands, 

temptations, and distractions clamoring for our

 attention, affection, and attention, it's easy to lose 

sight of what their priorities in life should be. 

We often battle with distractions and a lack 

of spiritual focus when it comes to listening to 

God. As a result, we can grow estranged from 

God and one another, as well as disillusioned 

with life in general.

Let us identify our 


Identifying our primary distractions is the 

first step in increasing spiritual focus. Take 

some time to think about what hinders us 

from being spiritually focused and having

 a close connection with God.

Enjoying the best life possible is not about 

our corrupt passions or getting more.


The more we strive to improve our lives by 

chasing our own goals, the more those urges 

will spiral out of control, resulting in unhealthy,

disheartening degradation, and downfall.

 Enjoying the best life is determined by...

Who or what we allow to control our lives .

One might find themselves accomplishing 

so much; yet, finding less meaning in their 

pursuits. Some people have attained their 

aspirations of riches, love, and pleasure, yet 

there is still a profound void, a vacuum, and 

an emptiness that no created things can satisfy. 

Only God Himself has the power to fill the 

unfathomable gulf.

While it is critical to keep our objectives in 

mind and work hard to achieve them, we also

need time away to...

"Be Still and know."

"Be still and realize what you're doing."

"Being still" is a simple activity that might help 

to calm the mind. We may hear from God, break 

cycles, tear down and take power over spiritual

 strongholds, reclaim our feeling of agency, and 

obtain better insight to help identify and reveal our 

genuine purpose when our minds are quiet.

Having a deep and personal relationship

with God should be our number one goal in 

life. God should be involved in every facet of 

our lives. Rather than looking to others for 

answers, God is all knowing... 

let us look to God. 

Why be so engaged in the world's mundane 


Why not turn within? 

Within us is a gold mine... an

 abundance of love lies within us.

Our time on earth, if the truth be known, is 

incredibly brief. Every day, our first goal

should be to... pursue God and His Kingdom

with all of our heart and soul.

Time is running out. 

Now is the time to use our sound judgment.

It's pointless to be obsessed with seeking the 

"American Dream" and selfish lifestyles while

 ignoring God and His kingdom.

After God's

justice is

poured out

on the 

universe, the

Kingdom of 

God will be 

the only 

thing left 


If we fail in preparing to meet

 God, though we succeed in

 everything else, our lives will 

still be void.

If we seek to guide our own lives while excluding God... 

the consequence is nothingness.

There are those who are prone 

to seeking everything and everyone

with the exception of God.

Some people seek to fill a hole with no bottom. 

They are be oblivious to the fact that things 

cannot satisfy inner longings. 

They continue to be untruthful to themselves

and are convinced that enough is never enough. 

Some people have restless hearts. They crave 

for whatever their eyes want. They work 

themselves to exhaustion trying to grow richer. 

Some feel the urgent need to fill their lives with: 

*more physical pleasure,

*more recognition,

*more things,

*more visibility,

*more influence,

*attract more people,

*more money

*more experiences, and 

countless enticements; yet, 

nothing ever satisfies them.

They still come up empty. 

They totally ignore their inner black hole... 

their inner voids... 

their inner longings. 

When there is no hunger and thirst for God, 

it is a sure indicator that something has 

gone awry Spiritually.

It is a clear indicator that something has gone 

horribly awry spiritually when there is no desire 

or need for God.

God created us with a "Spiritual need" that 

goes far beyond material possessions. Spiritual 

beings are similar to empty earthen vessels 

that God wishes to fill with Himself. We can 

better express God if God is our sole Content.

We were created to walk and live in a personal

relationship with our Creator, God, to fulfill 

God's purpose. 

Genesis 2:7

There is a spiritual empty place, a yearning, 

a helplessness in the heart of each of us... that 

only God can fill.

To break exhaustive cycles and overcome

the pressures of life, let us, quietly, 

seek God's presence.

Let us direct our minds and hearts toward 

God in all our experiences.

When we pursue God first... the thought of 

pleasing God becomes very important to us. 

God becomes the center 

of what we are and desire to be. 

The more we seek God, learn about God, understand 

God, appreciate God, and walk in God's Way and Will... 

the richer and fuller our relationship with God 


According to Scripture... 

the Kingdom of God is of much greater value... 

 than all the world’s treasures, and those who have it...

 are the wealthiest people on earth!  

To seek God and find God is to

 find what is missing.

God should be at the center of what we are

 and desire to be. All other beings and doings 

will find their position as a result.

King Solomon, had everything that people thought

 should have made him happy. He was one of the 

richest men who ever lived. Solomon is described

 in the Bible as the wisest, richest and most powerful

of men, wrote of his efforts to taste of everything 

life had to offer.

He was king of Israel at a time when they enjoyed 

the greatest prosperity in history. He had the power 

of life and death over his subjects.

God called him the wisest man in all the world.

He asked God for wisdom, and God gave it to him.

His fame was known in all the nations. He wrote many 

proverbs and songs.

Solomon's pursuit of pleasure and amusement 

were tested. He tested the theory many live under

 today; that the meaning of life is found in more 

and varied pleasures, entertainment, and 

excitement. He sampled wisdom, amusement, 

and pleasure of the world. He denied himself... 



He searched in his heart how to gratify his flesh 

with wine, pleasure and folly; he built himself 

beautiful palaces, gardens, orchards, vineyards 

with all kinds of fruit trees in them. 

He made himself water pools. He acquired 

female servants and maidens, and gathered for 

himself silver and gold. He even acquired male 

and female singers, had musical instruments of 

all kinds. He had wives, concubines and harems. 

Solomon tried to give life meaning through the

 satisfaction that comes through being wise, 

amassing great riches, and being accomplished. 

His accomplishments lifted him to great 

prominence. He was a great builder, he 

improved the environment, and had many 

possessions. He became great and excelled 

more than all who came before him. He had 

whatever fame could bring to life. Whatever his

 eyes desired, and every pleasure of his heart... 

he did not keep it from himself.

Solomon was the wisest man of

 all, but made the worst use of his 


When life is not productive, it becomes joyless.

 Solomon was successful in every way the 

world might think a man could be successful. 

He had wealth, wisdom, riches, and honor. 

He was more intelligent than any one on earth. 

He was the best ruler on earth. He did great 

works of construction, unparalleled in history,

 and wrote books. However, at the end of it all... 

he found his life and works to be... total 


As Solomon walked in sin and adultery, 

his wealth was destroyed. Ultimately, God

 uses wealth to lift up some and bring down 

others, all of which is part of His protection 

of His own. Solomon had everything his fame 

and fortune could buy, but his life was robbed 

of true meaning. 

The poorest person is not

 the one without money, but

 the one without God.

Solomon examined his life lived in 

pleasure and concluded: 

“Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” 

It was all vanity; meaningless.

 It was striving after the wind. 

There was no enduring, eternal sense in a life 

lived for worldly pleasure and accomplishments. 

Thus, I surveyed all that my hands had done

 and what I labored to achieve, everything was 

meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing

 was gained under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 2:11

Worldly success didn't 

give Solomon joy.

He finally realized that drawing closer to God, 

worship and service of God and God alone,  

finding true fulfillment in the worship 

and service of God and God alone 

filled the voids in his life.

Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich. Do 

not trust your own cleverness. In the blink of an

 eye wealth disappears, for it will sprout wings

 and fly away like an eagle. 

Proverbs 23:4-5

Unless our lives are useful 

for God, 

we have only labored in vain.

May we keep away from anything

 that might take God's place in our hearts. 

Let us intentionally keep God high and 

lifted up... forever as our top priority 

and our highest aim. 

One of the biggest obstacles to crying out to and 

seeking God is the infection of pride.

Some are notorious for exalting their way of doing 

things above God's ways. They become prideful in 

all of their accomplishments and possessions.

Therefore, humility is essential to seeking God.

The more we humbly and diligently seek God

with all our heart and with all our soul...

the more our desires become God's desires.

Pride’s family of behaviors includes conceit, vanity,

self-importance, self-righteousness, boasting, 

egocentricity, narcissism, pompousness, snobbery, 

self-glory, selfish ambition, arrogance, superiority, 

judgmental, haughty, spiteful, opinionated, and 


These are not from the Father, 

but are from the world. 

Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. 

Instead, fear the LORD and turn away from evil.


Proverbs 3:7

What sorrow for those who are wise in their 

own eyes and think themselves so clever.

Isaiah 5:21

Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or 

conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem 

others better than himself. Let each of you look 

out not only for his own interests, but also for the

 interest of others. 

Philippians 2:3-4

True humility and fear of the LORD lead to riches,

honor, and long life.

Proverbs 22:4

You have been deceived by your own pride.

Obadiah 1:3 

Those who walk in pride, God is able to humble. 

Daniel 4:37

Pride ends in humiliation. 

Proverbs 29:23

Pride goes before destruction. 

Proverbs 16:18

A fool’s proud talk becomes a rod that beats him. 

Proverbs 14:3

Pride leads to conflict. 

Proverbs 13:10

When pride comes, then comes dishonor. 

Proverbs 11:2

For the sins of their mouths, for the words 

of their lips, let them be caught in their pride. 

Psalm 59:12

In his pride the wicked does not seek God

in all his thoughts there is no room for God. 

Psalm 10:4 

I, God, will break your proud spirit. 

Leviticus 26:19

Pride can be replaced with the 

power of humility and grace.

By natural rationalization, humanity can know 

God with certitude, based on the evidence of 

His works. 

The heavens are telling the glory of God.

Psalm 119:1 

God reveals Himself to us through His Word. 

God's Word keeps us, leads us and speaks to us.

God shows Himself to humanity in the evidences

 of His grace and mercy. 

God fully reveals Himself to us in Jesus.

Seeking God is the conscious effort to get through

 the natural means... to God Himself. 

One must, constantly, set their minds toward 

God in all their experiences. 

“But seek first the Kingdom of God 

and His righteousness, and all these things 

will be added to you.”

Matthew 10:38-39

God is described in the Bible as the only God

 and the Creator of all things.

Deuteronomy 6:4

 We worship God because He is 

first and worthy. 

God is above all heavenly rulers, 

power and authority. 

God is the almighty Creator of

 the heavens, the earth, the sun, 

and all living things, and God 

alone... is worthy of the number

 one position in our lives. 

God loves to love us. We were created to know God. 

The more we walk with God and mature in our

relationship with God... the more we will hunger 

and thirst to seek God, delight ourselves in God, 

depend on God, talk with God, listen to God, 

run to God, and worship God and God alone.  

God does not want us to place anything before 

Him, and rightfully so!

God wants us to let Him be God in our lives!

When we seek God first in our daily pursuits,

2 Chronicles 7:14

When we turn back to God...

God will heal and restore. 

If we decide we want to experience a richer life... 

we will have to make our relationship with 


first in our lives. 

When we put God ahead of everyone else

 in our lives, then everything else will freely 

fall into place... or drop out of our lives.

Our lives will change tremendously when we truly put 

God first and set our mind's attention and our heart's 

affection on God and God alone.

Seeking God must always be our first priority.

In seeking God comfort and provision, peace and 

protection, guidance, direction, and wisdom

 will be added. The Bible says as we seek God 

we will not lack any good thing.

We will seek God and find God 

when we seek God with all our heart. 

When we are in right relationship


with God, our souls are satisfied.

When our hearts are aligned with the heart of God,

and our souls sincerely desire to please God,

we will desire to spend time with God

 and walk in His Will.

When our hearts are aligned with the heart of God...

we will want to listen to God

and follow through with obedient behavior.

When we put God first, 

“Casting the whole of our care (all our anxieties,

 all our worries, all our concerns, once and for all)

 on God, for God cares for us affectionately 

and cares about us watchfully.” 

1 Peter 5:7 

Jeremiah 29:13-14 says, 

"You will seek Me and find Me, 

when you seek Me with all 

your heart." 

"I will be found by you," 

declares God."

 God asks us to seek Him. 

The greatest treasure of 

seeking God is the promise that 

we will find God. 

Indeed... to seek God first... is a wise and 

righteous thing to do. The life that pleases God 

bears wonderful fruit.

Seeking God is an ongoing 


Set your minds on things that are above, 

not on things that are on earth. 

Colossians 3:1–2

As we seek God's direction for our lives...

we can have the certainty necessary to keep, 

in perspective, the wonder-working power 

of Almighty God over our lives.

*A priority is a thing that is regarded as more 

important than another. 

*Priority means superiority in rank, position, 

or privilege. 

Whatever has first place in our life will 

drive our decisions and shape our future.

Priorities determine how we use our time 

and what we choose to put in first place.

The key to having God's love, peace and joy

in our lives... is keeping God in His rightful place 

in our priorities. 

Seeking God must always be

 our first priority.

We are to seek the things of God as a priority 

over the things of the world.

It is imperative that we establish godly priorities

and make choices in light of those priorities.

We know that when our godly priorities

are in the right order... all other entities find

 their proper place as a result.

My eyes are ever on the Lord,

for only He will release my feet from the snare.

Psalm 25:15

Once we understand the Spiritual dangers we face,

on a daily basis, we will focus more on God

 and seek God's Way, Will, and God's Perfect Timing.

When we are focused on the One Who has control

over everything, even in the midst of storms and 

disappointments, we will have greater stability,

direction, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, patience,

goodness, love, joy, self-control, and inner peace.

But whatever kind of environment we find

 ourselves in... whether it is unshakeable, fortified, 

solid, immoveable or shakeable, and insecure... 

the Word of God is the same. 

AS God's people, we are to have the Spiritual 

and the eternal... as our primary focus.

Both the Old and New Testaments say it is a 

“Setting of the mind and heart” on God. 

It is the conscious fixing or focusing of our 

mind’s attention and our heart’s affection 

on God.

Now set your mind and heart 

to seek the Lord your God.

1 Chronicles 22:19

When we consciously fix our focus on God ...

we become sensitive to God’s still small voice

and can be obedient to the changes

He wants to make in us.

“Seek Me and live; 

 invest in things that are related to 

the Kingdom of Christ.

The Bible says as we seek the Lord

 we will not lack any good thing. 

It means putting Christ and the things of the 

Spirit first in our lives. 

When our focus is solidly fixed on God...

we will not get caught up or overwhelmed by

the circumstances surrounding us.

When we are intently focused on God...

we will not spend our time worrying

about worldly concerns; instead, our greatest 

priority and focal point will be on seeking 

God’s Kingdom,

God's Commandments,

God's Desires, 

and God's righteousness.

Some people encounter difficulty and forget God.

They fail to remember God. They forget Who God 

really is. 

God is unbeatable, holy, our 

shield, unmatched, and never


God desires that we would 

seek Him first, above all else.

Many tend to run from God instead of running

 to God. Some will run to other people before 

talking to God. Then, when they are not given 

the answers they want to hear and they are 

facing the eleventh hour... God then becomes 

their after-thought... or their last resort. 

If God is not in the 

we don't need to take 

another step.

When God is in the forefront, the problem 

is in the shadow. 

We need to remember that...

 God is... Who He said He is, 

and we are His. 

We need to remember His faithfulness 

throughout all generations.

*May we highly exalt God 

to the highest and most


rightful place in our lives.


*May we strive after, put, and keep 

God, His Kingdom and His


righteousness in first place.


*Let us make sure that our focus

 is on God and God alone. 

*May we prioritize our lives and 

always put God in the forefront 

and center of everything we do!

*May we make our relationship 

with God... our top priority.

God calls us to relish ceaseless consciousness

 of His Supreme Greatness, Beauty, and Worth. 

May we, intentionally, seek God 

first, last, and moment by moment.

To seek God first is to, willfully, fix and focus 

our mind's attention on God's direction, 

wisdom, and perspective.

To seek God means to, voluntarily, incline our 

hearts toward God... hungering for an intimate, 

personal relationship with God; or seeking to 

develop an intimate relationship with God.

We believe when we, righteously, seek the 

Kingdom of God first... we are able to focus 

on and fully experience what is truly 

important in life...

a personal relationship 

with God.

May we, consciously, keep 

God first. 

Let us keep the most important


and beneficial first thing... first.

As we keep God in the forefront... we will 

encounter God's divine symphony! Everything 

else in our lives will begin to line up and work out.

In keeping God first we will have more than 

enough to cover all of our daily needs. 

We will be able to witness the supernatural.

God will direct, provide, protect, calm, help us, 

and keep us from anxiety, as Jesus described in... 

Matthew 6:26:

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or 

reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly 

Father feeds them. 

Are you not much more valuable than they?

Knowing God is a privilege. 

God is the Giver of life.

1 Timothy 6:13; John 10:10

God is the great I AM. 

Exodus 3:14

God calls us to enjoy continual consciousness of 

His personal character, His Supreme Greatness, 

Beauty, and Worth.

May we keep our eyes and hearts fixed on the beauty,

 promises, and love of God. This will awaken us to the 

seriousness of living inwardly... pursuing God's way, 

and allowing God to take His rightful place 

in our hearts and affairs. 

God desires to be first in our lives.

Everything is to be directed to God

and we give God priority over 

everything else.

Putting God first is realizing that 

as we live to please God, we will 

have inner joy... unspeakable joy, 

and our peace will increase.

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