One can very easily lose focus on what their priorities in 

life need to be.

Anything we invest an excessive amount of time into can 

 create morally contaminated, risky, detrimental, 

unwholesome, corrupt, debilitating and unsound situations 

in our lives. These things can take God's rightful place in 

our lives.

We do not exalt God to create distance 

between us, but actually to draw us 


In all our is extremely

 imperative for us to seek God with 

all our heart, first. May we highly

exalt God to the highest and most 

rightful place in our lives.


May we strive after, put, and keep 

God, His Kingdom and His 

righteousness in first place. Let us

 make sure that our focus is on God 

and God alone. 

May we prioritize our lives and 

always put God in the forefront

 and center of everything we do!

Enjoying the best life possible is not about our corrupt 

passions regarding what we can get... it is about 

Who directs our life. Whatever force we allow to 

take first place in our hearts and minds will drive our 

decisions and construct our future.

If we decide we want to experience a richer life... we will 

have to make our relationship with God first in our 

lives, then everything else will freely fall into place in 

the right order. Putting God first and foremost creates the 

fulfilling life we hope to enjoy. 

May we make our relationship with 

God... our top priority.

The more we try to make our life better by pursuing 

our own desires, the more our desires will spin out of 

control, creating unhealthy, disheartening decay and 

decline in our lives. But the more devoted we are in 

pursuing a closer relationship with God above all else, the 

better we will be able to differentiate between what’s 

sincerely essential and crucially imperative. Keeping God 

in the forefront of all of our affairs frees us up to reap 

more of the blessings God wants to send us.

God calls us to relish ceaseless consciousness of His 

Supreme Greatness, Beauty, and Worth. May we seek God 

first, last, and moment by moment.

Priorities determine how we use our time and what we 

choose to put in first place.

A priority is a thing that is regarded as more important 

than another. Priority means superiority in rank,

position, or privilege. Whatever has first place in our life

will drive our decisions and shape our future.

Satan does not want us to experience a blessed life. In 

fact, John 10:10 tells us that the devil comes to steal, kill, 

and destroy. He will try to do whatever he can to steer us 

from using our time, treasures, and talents first and 

foremost for God.

The average person spends between fifteen and forty 

hours a week watching worldly... enticing programs that 

are blatantly and subliminally polluting minds and the 

spirit... and leading unsuspecting individuals astray.

Many individuals spend hours on social media, listening 

to radio, and/or reading newspapers and magazines that

 are in no way... edifying.

Toxic programming devices/distractions are competing for 

first place in their lives. Sadly, some have succeeded

in taking first place in their lives.

God’s commandments, 

desires, and love,

should be the center of what we are… 

and desire to be.

All other entities find their position as a result.

Seeking God 

and God's Kingdom first 


God has precedence in our lives... 

no matter what.

To seek God and God's Kingdom first means

to desire more and more of God,

and realizing it is God alone

who can fill the vacuum in our lives.

To seek God means to value God so much...

that we purposefully seek to know God,

 draw closer to God,

walk with God, and keep God first in all of our affairs.

To seek God first is to fix and focus our mind's attention

on God's direction, wisdom, and perspective.

To seek God means to incline our hearts toward God...

desiring an intimate personal relationship with God,

or seeking to develop an intimate relationship with God.

We believe when we seek the Kingdom of God first...

we are able to focus on and fully experience 

what is truly important in life...

a personal relationship with God.

To seek God and God's Kingdom first means not to seek 

after things, but to have a hungering desire to bring our 

hearts into subjection to the Will of God and live 

according to God’s design.

When we pursue God first... the thought of pleasing God 

becomes very important to us. God becomes the center of 

what we are and desire to be. The life that pleases God 

bears wonderful fruit.

The more we seek God, learn about God, understand 

about God, appreciate about God, and walk in God's way 

and will... the richer and fuller our relationship with God 


Indeed... to seek God first... is a wise and righteous thing 

to do.

When we consciously fix our focus on God ...

we become sensitive to God’s still small voice

and can be obedient to the changes

He wants to make in us.

When our focus is solidly fixed on God...

we will not get caught up or overwhelmed by

the circumstances surrounding us.

When we are intently focused on God...

we will not spend our time worrying

about worldly concerns;

instead, our greatest priority and focal point 

will be on seeking God’s Kingdom,

His Commandments,

His Desires, and His righteousness.

When we are focused on the One Who has control

over everything, 

even in the midst of storms and disappointments,

we will have greater balance,

direction, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, patience,

goodness, love, joy, self-control, and inner peace.

Our lives will change tremendously when we truly put 

God first and set our mind's attention and our heart's 

affection on God and God alone.

Until we discover the joy of God and God alone,

we will never be satisfied or fulfilled in life. 

The Word of God tells us that it is imperative 

that we put our priorities in the proper order,

and then prudently cultivate

each one with diligence and conviction.

According to Scripture... 

the Kingdom of God is of much greater value... 

 than all the world’s treasures, and those who have it...

 are the wealthiest people on earth!  

The Bible repeatedly calls us to seek God . . .

and seek God's presence continually.

"The Kingdom of God"

was the primary subject of Jesus'

Sermon on the Mount.

In Jesus' Sermon on the Mount,

Jesus taught some of the most profound principles 

of  living.

One of these was:

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,

and all these things shall be added to you.

Matthew 6:33

In essence, Jesus was cautioning us

not to worry about these human concerns

and to instead place our greatest priority on

seeking God’s Kingdom.

One of the biggest obstacles to seeking God is pride.

Therefore, humility is essential to seeking God.

The more we humbly and diligently seek God

with all our heart and with all our soul...

the more our desires become God's desires.

Therefore, humility is essential to seeking God.

The more we humbly and diligently seek God

with all our heart and with all our soul...

the more our desires become God's desires.

God desires to be first in our lives.

As God is exalted to the right place in our lives,

a thousand problems are solved all at once.

A.W. Tozer 

God wants us to let Him be God in our lives!

When we seek God first in our daily pursuits,

He promises to add unto us those things

which we were pursuing

(as long as they are in His Will). 

God desires that we would seek Him first above all else.

God's desire is that we worship God and God alone.

God does not want us to place anything before Him.

Jesus taught that our focus should be

 away from this world,

its status, and its lying allurements...

and placed upon the things of God’s kingdom.

When our hearts are aligned with the heart of God,

and our souls sincerely desire to please God,

we will desire to spend time with God

 and walk in His Will.

When our hearts are aligned with the heart of God...

we will want to listen to God

and follow through with obedient behavior.

My eyes are ever on the Lord,

for only He will release my feet from the snare.

Psalm 25:15

Once we understand the Spiritual dangers we face,

on a daily basis,

we will focus more on God and seek God's way,

will, and God's perfect timing.

Our time on earth, if the truth be told, is incredibly brief.

 Every day our first priority should be...

to seek God and God's kingdom

with the greatest earnestness and concern.

In seeking the Kingdom of God first...

we are doing and concerning ourselves more 

with Spiritual and eternal things...

as opposed to worldly things... which, in the end,

will fade away.

We believe in order for us to find life

and real personal freedom for ourselves... 

 we must, intentionally, make God our first priority.

Now is the time to be wise.

It is imperative that we establish godly priorities

and make choices in light of those priorities.


We know that when our godly priorities

are in the right order... 

all other entities find their proper place as a result.

Seeking God is an ongoing process.

As we seek God's direction for our lives...

we can have the certainty necessary

to keep, in perspective,

the wonder-working power of Almighty God

over our lives.

May we keep God first. 

Let us keep the most important 

and beneficial first thing... first.

As we keep God in the forefront...

we will encounter God's divine symphony!

Everything else in our lives will begin to line up 

and work out.

In keeping God first we will have more than enough 

to cover all of our daily needs. 

We will be able to witness the supernatural.

God will direct, provide, protect, calm, help us, 

and keep us from anxiety, as Jesus described 

in Matthew 6:26:

Jesus isn’t saying that it is wrong to work for food, 

shelter and clothing; 

He just wants us to keep our priorities in order. 

He wants our hearts to be set on the Spiritual (eternal)

rather than on the physical (temporary). 

When we put God's kingdom and eternal things first,

God assures us that we will have the other things we need.

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