The prophet Malachi painted a vivid image 

of what transpires when God's people come

 into contact with His transformational 

power by comparing His influence to a 

refiner's fire. 

This verse, along with others, teaches us

 that one of God's functions in our life is 

to purify us, just like a refiner refines 

valuable metals like gold or silver.

A metal, such as gold or silver, is melted down 

in a refiner's fire for the purpose of purifying. 

The dross in the metal rises to the top as it is 

melted down, where it is cleaned from the

 metal before it cools.

God used the prophet Malachi to explain

 how He purifies our hearts by using this

 comparison. God will remove our dross, 

our broken, sinful ways, much like a 

refiner's fire, making us emerge pure 

and righteous in His presence.

Instead of destroying the metal, a refiner's 

fire causes the internal debris to rise to 

the surface so that it may be removed. 

refiner's fire improves and increases 

the value of the metal rather than 

consuming it. 

This analogy clarifies what God's redemptive

 effort could include and achieve in each of us.