The Lotus Flower

is one of the most ancient 

and auspicious symbols of our planet. 

It is the symbol of purity 

of the heart, mind, and body. 

It is a symbol of spiritual attainment.

The lotus flower has the ability 

to beautifully blossom 

and become detached.

The roots of a lotus are in the mud.

The stem of the lotus flower grows up 

through the water, and the fragrant flower, 

which can be described as having a rich, 

warm, and tropical forest smell, 

rises above the surface of the water,

where it can sunbathe in the sunlight.

This gorgeous, blooming flower emerges 

from the dirty, murky, and muddy bottom of a pond,

but still remains untouched and unstained 

by the murky waters surrounding it.

Born into a dark and murky environment...

the lotus flowers pattern of growth symbolizes 

the breakthrough of the soul 

from the primeval chaos of materialism,

through the waters of experience and understanding,

 and into the light of wisdom, creativity, knowledge,

refinement, and edification.

The lotus flower grows from the mud

 and finds its way through purifying waters 

to open up to the light.

The lotus flower is also seen as a metaphor 

for the human who rises from the darkness of the world... 

striving through the difficulties, 

and embracing a more godly way of thinking and living.


the lotus flower symbolizes

the unfolding of our highest passion...

for seeking rebirth and enlightenment...

for the well-being of others.

What makes the lotus

flower so unique?

The lotus flower sheds its seeds 

and blooms... concurrently.

The lotus flower is regarded as 

a symbol of the past, present, and future.

The serene beauty of the lotus flower

 and its ability to blossom in even the murkiest of waters

speaks volumes to their powerful, vital force.

The lotus flower grows in muddy water 

and rises above the surface to bloom.

  Lotuses grow out of the mud 

pure, clean, untouched by the impurity, 

and with remarkable beauty.

Untouched by the impurity,

 the lotus flower symbolizes 

the purity of heart, body, and mind.

The lotus flower represents long life, 

health, honor and good fortune.

According to some...

the lotus flower can be a source of pain relief. 

It was also thought to stimulate circulation.

Some believe that the essence of the fragrant lotus flower 

enhances healing on every level.

Lotus seeds have been found to last for thousands of years,

fully retaining their ability to germinate...

a fitting metaphor for how we often find ourselves

experiencing renewal after enduring

 the worst of situations.

The Blue Lotus

The blue lotus symbolizes that which urges us

 to seek new and edifying experiences.

The blue Lotus flower has been immersed in symbolism

since the time of the Egyptians, where it was used as

a metaphor for re-birth.

 In Eastern traditions,

 the blue lotus represents the victory of the spirit 

over the senses and signifies the wisdom of knowledge.

Lotus blossoms open and close

with each sunrise and sunset.

At night the lotus flower closes

and sinks underwater.

At dawn the lotus flower rises

 and opens again!


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