The Scriptures are very clear on the 

existence of spiritual warfare.

Our primary battles are of a spiritual 

nature and we need Spiritual Armor to 

be able to stand firm in the midst of 

these battles.

Jesus meticulously called Satan a 

murderer from the beginning.

Jesus identified Satan as the criminal 

mastermind behind the corrupt world 

we live in. 

He called him “the ruler of this 


John 12:31; 16:11

Satan goes about as a roaring lion to devour 

whom he might,

but the impression that Satan intends to give of himself is 

absolutely dissimilar from who he really is.

Satan is a deceptive liar and murderer. 

He is notorious for twisting, blurring, and manipulating 

people and situations.

He desires to express to the world 

the very opposite traits. That is what liars do.

Satan tries to deceive us. 

He tries to make situations look like the truth,

when in reality they are absolute lies; it is a deception.


Many times the wolf disguised in sheep’s clothing knows 

God’s Word better than we do. 

Satan is notorious for crafting and twisting lies...

 one might even find themselves feeling confused

over what is real truth.

Satan compels or entices his prey to follow him 

whether they realize it or not.

By masking himself, he can tempt and deceive people 

without blame.

Satan tries to leave no trace of his identity,  

and he is still trying to hide and cover up, today.


The thief enters only to steal, kill, and destroy.

Who exactly is Satan?

 He is the one in Scripture who is called the “Evil one.” 

Satan is also called the devil, 

who possesses abhorrent qualities. 

Satan is referred to in Scripture as the accuser, 

the slanderer, the adversary, the enemy,

the father of lies, the murderer, the wicked one,

 and the deceiver who leads humanity astray 

by seducing humanity into the ways of lies and sin.

Satan is also described as a malicious, hostile, 

evil-intentioned, evil-minded, venomous, vindictive,  

accuser and adversary who is opposed to God and man.

Feelings of pride and rivalry toward God

 grew within this spirit creature. 

His desire was for others to worship... him.

The Scriptures describe Satan as one who exists in the 

invisible spirit realm. 

Job 1:6

Scripture tells us about Satan's vicious and ruthless 

qualities as well as his evil actions.

Job 1:13-19; 2:7, 8; 2 Timothy 2:26

Paul says in Ephesians, 

“Our struggle is not against flesh and 

blood, but against the rulers, against 

the powers, against the world forces of 

this darkness, against the spiritual 

forces of wickedness in the heavenly 


We have to put on the full armor of 

Godto stand against the schemes of 

Satan and fight for the truth of God. 

Ephesians 6:10-20

We must Spiritually dress for success 

by putting the Spiritual Armor of God 

on, daily.

When engaged in spiritual warfare 

we must walk, live, and share truth, 

live righteously, proclaim the gospel 

of peace, taking up the shield of faith, 

wearing salvation as a helmet, 

and equipped with God’s Word as our 


For though we live in the world, we 

are not of the world. We do not wage 

war as the world does. We use God's 

mighty weapons, not worldly weapons.

The weapons we fight with are not 

the weapons of the world. 

On the contrary, they have divine 

power to demolish strongholds! 

2 Corinthians 10:4

Spiritual warfare is not about a 

technique to defeat Satan or his

demons, but is all about having a

 heart that walks closely with God. 

When God is first and foremost in our 

lives... Satan lacks power over us...

despite his attempts to weaken our 

efforts to pursue God.

What is the full armor of God?

The armor of God is described in

 Ephesians 6:10-18.

 In this passage we are told that our 

primary battles are of a spiritual

 nature and that we need spiritual 

armor to be able to stand firm in the 

midst of these battles. 

The armor includes the following 


It is important that we do not become

 haughty or arrogant with human pride.

 We are powerless... without God. 

In our own strength and power, we 

have no chance of defeating the 

“spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly

 realms.”  Only the “Full Armor of 

God” will equip us to 

withstand spiritual attacks. 

We can only be strong in God’s power 

and authority; it is God’s Armor that 

protects us.

Let us always remember and never 


Our battle is against spiritual forces of 

evil in the world.

Let us observe how Jesus employed 

the Word of God to counter the devil. 

Let us also find strength in the the 

sufficiency of God.

 Let us depend on a humble and 

personal walk with God to overcome 

challenges, obstacles, and the evil 

one... as opposed to being self-

righteous and externally 

displaying a feast to the ego... 

never good.

The best way to expose Satan and 

his lies... is to know the Truth. When 

we know the truth... we will know

 what is false. 

If we are not relying on God's truth, 

we can easily blunder.

Spiritual warfare is a very real part of 

life, but should not be an opportunity 

for either fear or pride. Instead, the 

reality of Satan and his evil forces 

should cause us to draw nearer my 

God to Thee.

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