No one can pass through life without

 leaving tracks behind.

Will the tracks we leave be helpful to

 those coming after us... in finding their way? 

We believe that unconventional

thinkers may realize unconventional

goals in unconventional ways.

Have you ever thought that God couldn't

 use you because you were too frail, 

inexperienced, or imperfect to accomplish

His plans? If so, it's time to realize that 

God's faithfulness and Jesus' presence in 

our lives, not our own, give us the ability

 to achieve the greatness that He has 

planned for us.

Can we leave the world

 better than we found it...

by leaving God out?

If God is not in the forefront of all of 

our thoughts, work, will, words, and 

doings... nothing will last,

everything will crumble!

When God is left out of our lives...

the more we willingly allow the world’s 

thoughts, will, words, and doings to 

penetrate, pollute, and corrupt

our hearts and minds.

Without God... 

our lives would have no purpose.

Hearts will always remain thirsty,

 unfulfilled, and restless until...

hearts are at rest in God's pure love,

which can and will fill us to 


All that God is and all that God does

is beyond our finite knowledge. 

God has all the answers. 

God is all wise.

God's knowledge is limitless and can

 never be exhausted. 

God is the Solution to any problem

or concern we could ever have.

When God speaks...

it shall be done.

If God is not in the forefront of all of our 

thoughts, work, will, words, and doings...

nothing will last, everything will crumble!

Observe your mind and see what kind of thoughts

 come and go. 

We are shaped by our thoughts; 

We become what we think.

God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. 

Whenever we feel confused, we can be sure 

that God is not part of it.

1 Corinthians 14:33

God is clear in everything He tells us, 

and God will never give us contradicting information.

Confusion is normal for many. This could be one of the 
reasons there is so much unhappiness in the world.
Essentially, one will come to realize... regardless 

of our endeavors...we can do nothing of lasting value...unless God blesses our work.

The evidence is overwhelming and
the solution is clear;

God must be in the forefront 

of all that we think,will, say, 

feel, and do.

Stay alert and awake.

We must be aware and conscious of what 

is happening around us. We cannot allow 

the systems of this world to deceive us, 

control our thoughts, mislead us, or bamboozle

 us into oblivion.

Let us purposely cultivate our hearts and minds. 

Let us practice everything we need to learn and 

become high performance users of our brains.

God knows absolutely everything about us. 
God not only knows what we do, but also 
what we think. This is a sobering thought,
 because it reminds us that we can hide our 
thoughts from others, but we can never hide 
our thoughts from God. God knows our
 thoughts before they reach our imagination. 
To exclude God out of our thoughts,will, 
words, and doings is the greatest
wickedness that can be.
We know from Scripture that when light stands 
in the darkness, light always wins.
Jesus said, 
"I am the Light of the world; 
He who follows Me 
will not walk in the darkness, 
but will have the light of life."
John 8:12
At our lowest points, God is our hope, 
and at our weakest points, 
God is our strength. .
We also know from Joel 2:25 that God can restore
 what is broken and change it into something amazing. 
All we need is faith. 
All that we are is the by-product of what we have 
thought: it is established on our thoughts,
it is made up of our thoughts.

Fun Facts about thinking

The brain is one of the most complex organs. The brain 

can actually store 2.5 billion gigabytes, 

and over 50,000 thoughts per day, according to

Paul Reber, Professor of Psychology at 

Northwestern University.

We are all influenced by thoughts.

Thoughts create 

our perceived 


The mind can elevate or degrade,

depending on what thoughts

 are fed to it. 

We must think about what

 we think about.

"Don't copy the behavior and customs 

of this world, but let God transform you

 into a new person by changing the way 

you think.Then you will learn to know

God's will for you, which is good and 

pleasing and perfect" 

Romans 12:2

When we embrace God's Word, 

and apply God's teaching,

 we definitely change 

the way we think.

We are literally transformed.

According to mental health experts, 

we can do damage to our self-esteem 

when we bash ourselves 

with criticism of our own faults 

and shortcomings.

  The flip side of this is...

when we mentally bash other people, 

even in the privacy of our own mind, 

we are actually hurting ourselves 

physically as well as psychologically.

Our mind operates in the realm of 

two brain hemispheres, the analytical left 

and the creative right.


The left hemisphere is described 

as analytical

because it moves from one point 

to another in a step-by-step manner.

It is most efficient in processing 

verbal information. 

It is detail oriented. 

It forms strategies.

It is practical, and can comprehend. 

The right hemisphere is 

the creative section

where it is big picture oriented 

and imagination rules.

It seeks and constructs patterns.  

It is most efficient at visual 

and spatial processing where language 

plays little or no part in its functioning.


 We should never set limitations 

on the power of thoughts.


 Think About It.

 The thinker knows that today

is where their thoughts have taken them, 

and they are building their future

by the quality of the thoughts they think.

Thoughts create our perceived realities.  

 Think About It. 

Think About It.

We should expand the range of our mental horizons.


Let us cultivate our hearts and minds to fully 

and effectively use the beneficial information, in our 

minds, and practice everything we need to learn 

to form a deeper understanding.


Let us become high performance users of our 

own brains, rather than being mastered by 

another's mind.

As we strive to become more

enlightened beings, we must


seek God first

 and eliminate everything that

tends to make the human mind 

a dependent weakling.

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