We believe there is no miracle God cannot perform.

We believe there is no eleventh hour rescue

that God cannot accomplish.

We believe without God

man is unfulfilled, has inner turmoil,

voids, and despair that cannot be shaken off.


We believe he is restless with himself,

and has only this world.

We believe that none of us can ever be at peace

without God.

We believe when one's focus

is fixed on the material world...

not only will they become depleted

of their spiritual oxygen,

but they will experience emptiness

and have no real peace.

We believe to realize the Kingdom of God

and to experience real peace

is to draw nearer to God…

keeping our eyes and hearts fixed on

God and God alone.

We believe when our priorities are right...

our lives will be right.

We believe God will guide us

to our highest good.

We believe...

when we seek the Kingdom of God first...

 we are able to focus on and fully experience

 what is truly important in life...

a personal relationship with God.

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