We believe...
We believe there is no miracle
God cannot perform.

We believe there is no eleventh hour rescue
that God cannot accomplish.
We believe when one's focus
is fixed on the material world...
not only will they become depleted
of their spiritual oxygen,
but they will experience emptiness
and have no real peace.
We believe without God
man is unfulfilled, has inner turmoil,
voids, and despair
that cannot be shaken off. 
We believe he is restless with himself,
and has only this world.
We believe that none of us
can ever be at peace without God.
We believe to realize the Kingdom of God
and to experience real peace
is to draw nearer my God to Thee...
keeping our eyes and hearts fixed on
God and God alone.
We believe when our priorities are right...
our lives will be right.
We believe God will guide us
to our highest good...

we believe.
We believe...
when we seek the Kingdom of God first...
 we are able to focus on and fully experience
 what is truly important in life...
a personal relationship with God.

We believe God is life and all creation
is held together by God's power.
We believe our existence depends on God...
whether we acknowledge His existence or not.
We believe even those who reject God
receive their sustenance from God:
(Matthew 5:45).
We believe God is Spirit.
We believe God is the Source and Substance
of all reality, and no part of creation
can escape God's influence or authority.
We believe
We know that God?s provisions 
are more than enough. 
We believe we all are a part of an astronomically
larger self that cannot be imprisoned.

We believe Spirituality extends far beyond barriers
and worldly designations,
i.e., race, tribe, creed, color, gender, language, age, culture,
disability, political beliefs, educational background, or
socioeconomic differences, experiences, or realities.

Spirit makes us relevant to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
We believe...
We believe that...
We are all the work of God's hand.
-- Isaiah 64:8. 

We believe...
We believe troubles of life come and go.
We believe the ebbs and flows of joy and misery
can sometimes come in waves...
and none of us escape them.
We believe...
even for those who have a personal relationship with God...
there is not an exemption for troubles and trials
that we will encounter in our fallen world.
Christ Himself, here on earth,
witnessed, up close and very personally,
troubles and trials.
We believe most of our lives are spent
somewhere between the realities of joy and misery,
and most days we get a little of both,
but thank God,
neither lasts forever.
We believe some of the steps along our journey have...
and will provide us with wonderful mountaintop moments...
and many other steps will take us through
forces that may test our lives.
We believe God speaks to us, humbles, and proves us
in the desert and wilderness.
We believe the ebbs and flows are necessary 
for the refining and completed work of God.

By ?Desert and Wilderness,? we  are referring to
the times of God?s tests and trials in our lives.
The ?Desert and Wilderness? have been long recognized
as places of testing our inner resources.
Our wilderness and barren desert experiences,
we believe,
can last days, weeks, months, or years...
repeating themselves until
we open our eyes to learn the lessons.
We believe through those wilderness
and barren desert experiences...
God is equipping us to help others.

We believe God permits valley, wilderness,

and mountaintop moments to speak through our lives...

and condition our attitudes so that we learn to triumph

in and through each situation

as a testimony which could comfort or inspire others.

We believe that in the quietness of the desert and wilderness...
the deeper things of God
can be sought and discovered.

We believe as we go and grow through

our wilderness and barren desert experiences,

by the grace of God,

we will find our way.

We believe, as children of God,
we should not be dismayed
when faced with the trials and tribulations of life.
We believe, when we realize who we are in God,
we are better equipped to meet
our desert and wilderness experiences
with a humble warrior's Spirit...
and a peaceful heart.
We believe when we come to realize
that we are God's children...
we can press onward and upward knowing that
God will never give us more than we can endure.
We believe faithfully persevering,
and cultivating a joyous attitude,
even in the midst of it all,
is the key to being blessed with eternal reward.
We believe all we have endured...
has not been in vain.
We believe our trials and tribulations
have ushered into our lives...
learning and growing experiences
that no other walk, in life, could have given us. 
It is in the desert and wilderness, we believe,
God pulls off our blinders
and reveals to us who we really are.
We believe as children of God we can faithfully
look beyond the suffering

 to see God?s higher purposes

and the lessons He wants to teach us.

We believe there is eternal benefit in
  living and doing life...
God's Way.
We know that even when we don't understand...
our personal faith and confidence
remains firm and unwavering
in the power of God...
and God alone.
We believe...


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