We reap what we sow...

in every area of life.

~ Cause & Effect ~

All of our actions leads

to some kind of outcome. 


always produce


Whatever we send out 

into the universe, 

it is much like a boomerang,

we will receive it in return.

We influence our own reality.

If we treat people kindly...

we are likely to get 

the same kind of treatment

in return.

Everything we think, say, and do has 

repercussions for ourselves and others.

There is a season for sowing

and a season for reaping.

History and current events are full of examples 

of people who may win a series of battles to get ahead,

 but they lose the war and will eventually have to 

suffer the consequences of their actions.

In other words, 

we are talking about cause and effect.

The law of consequences states that every result or 

outcome (effect) happens for a reason (cause).

Let us not think that we are so deserving and entitled 

that we can get away with bad choices... 

even if it seems like we will never get caught. 

No one... regardless of 

their race, creed, color, class,

 religion, language, age, culture, 

political beliefs, 

educational background, 

or socio-economic differences,

experiences, or realities

can escape the consequences 

of their actions. 

All walks of life will experience

sowing and reaping.

Whatever we sow into the 

lives of others...

be it happiness or misery... 

we will eventually reap. 

Reaping is no respecter of 


Everything we do (actions) 

produces some kind of outcome 

and by carefully weighing 

the possible consequences of our 

actions, words, thoughts, or decisions,

in advance, 

we can be much more successful at 

producing the outcomes we desire.

Negative deeds 

will eventually bring harmful repercussions.

If we sow evil, 

we reap evil.

It comes back to us... 

one way or another.

"As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest,

cold and heat, summer and winter,

day and night will never cease."

Genesis 8:22

Treating others with kindness and respect

can be difficult when we are wronged continually,

but if we give in to our flesh and return evil for evil...

we are sowing seeds of corruption,

and in due season,

we will reap accordingly.

If we have the foresight to consider 

how our words and actions will play out, 

we can make better choices 

that will have a positive influence 

on the quality of our life.

Let us resolve to choose those actions 

that lead to true happiness. 

May we avoid selfish actions

 and choose actions that have 

beneficial consequences... for all.

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