If we try on our own, we fail.

 Our help always comes from God!

I have never seen the righteous forsaken


or their children begging bread.

Psalm 37:25 

The adversary is an antagonist 

who works overtime in an effort 

to keep souls perplexed... 

and in a quandary.

We are able in God only.

If we try on our own, we fail. 

Today I hope you are inspired 

and you feel a spark in your faith. 


An ‘enemy’ can be an adversary, 

an opponent, someone who opposes us, 

hates us or seeks to harm us.

This antagonist loves to see others confused,


fretting because of deep waters, 

at the edge of the cliff,

puzzled, distracted, uncertain, in shambles... 

in a constant state of disorder.

When there is no more help available

 and things are about as bad as they can get...

may we lift our eyes to the Hills 

and remember where our Help comes from.

God provides according to 

each day's need. 

God is of total order and certainty. 

There is nothing God cannot do.

Hold on!


God will come through!

 No matter how upside down life gets,

nothing will blot out the eyes of God 

over His children.

God never sleeps nor slumbers.

 He is watching over us, and He will provide.

In times of trouble...

if our eyes are fixed toward the world,

we will run in a worldly direction seeking help.

Comfort and safety does not come

 through the power of the flesh. 

May we trust and find solace 

in God's Divine Way, Will, and Timing... 

even in the midst of it all.

Our help always comes from God!


 Your unfailing love, O God is as vast as the Heavens;

Your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds.

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