Everywhere we look, people are looking 

for identity and validation. It almost 

prompts us to ponder the straightforward 

soul's searching inquiry, 

"Who am I?" 

One of life's most important realities is 

knowing to Whom we belong. As humans we 

desire to know and understand who we are 

and Whose we are. We desire to be authentic... 

true to who we are. 

Our most basic human needs are to 

belong, feel connected, be accepted, to 

be loved and to trust in the support of

 those we know and love.

The primary, defining, transformative 

belonging of our lives is clearly this: 

we belong to God! God made us to be

 His very own people. God created each 

individual with a certain purpose in mind. 

God has a plan for our lives, and God 

has already ordained each person's 

destiny. May we be ready to follow 

God's plan. 

Nothing is greater than resting in God's 

plan since everything comes from God, 

passes through God, and is directed 

toward God. 

Each and every one of us was formed in the 

womb by God. God also knew us. Because

 of this, Jeremiah 1:5 declares, "I knew you 

before I created you in the womb. I designated 

you as my prophet to the nations before you 

were even born.

This implies that we had an identity before we


were born. God is aware of our identity and 


We begin to understand God and ourselves 

as we develop and evolve. We begin to 

understand that God made us with a 

purpose in mind.

For I know the plans I have for you, 

says the Lord, Jeremiah 29:11. these

 plans for good are meant to offer us a 

future... not calamity. 

God demonstrates to us that we have identities

 in the book of Jeremiah.

Why then do we experience identity crises?

Well, there are numerous possible causes for 

this, including: 

* We have experiences that cause us to doubt 

who we are. Experiences like loss, failure, and 


*Nobody ever teaches us who we are or that 

we are God's property.

*Parents or other caretakers can sometimes 

fail to educate us that God is the Source of our


*We are under social pressure to adjust and


*We see what is "in" and "out," and if we don't 

emulate it, we start to doubt whether we are 

who we ought to be.

All of these arguments are legitimate, but we 

shouldn't let them make us second-guess who

 and Whose we are. 

Insecurities cannot exist if our identity is in 

God! We are magnificently and fearfully made.

There is a lot of freedom and confidence in 

knowing who we are and living up to it.

God embodies the word secure, and God 

doesn't alter. Insecurities cannot exist if our

identity is in God!

We are magnificently and fearfully made.

There is a significant amount of freedom 

from external control or influence and 

confidence in knowing who we are and 

Whose we are. In knowing Whose we are 

we can confidently walk in our identity.

Regardless of social rank, wealth, or

knowledge... God is fully aware of 

everything about us. The Scriptures are 

very clear on this point that everything 

about us is laid bare before God. Never 

have we experienced, contemplated, or 

taken action that God has not fully and

 completely known.

All human beings were given life by


God and are made in God's image 

and likeness. 

Genesis 1:27

God loves us and is under no illusion

about who we are, where we have been, 

what we have done or acquired. God 

does not ignore or change His standards

 for anyone. 

The entirety of the Scriptures conveys 

to the world that we are God's creation

 and that we belong to God.

When faced with difficulties or after a 

prolonged period of drifting away from 

God, we may occasionally doubt our faith 

and dedication to God.

Trust... God will never allow us to feel 

unworthy of His love because He will always

 be able to reach us. Our lives have direction 

and meaning because we are a part of God.

The good news is, no matter 

how badly we are broken, 

God can fix us. 

Our family, culture, traits, triumphs, and 

failures are not random occurrences. We 

have been purposefully created by God, 

and until we comprehendhow He originally 

intended for us to be, we will never be 

wholly fulfilled.

Whether one is a top executive, a scholar, 

an artist, a physician, a mother, a father, a 

pauper, an heir to the throne, or a friend, 

nothing will ever be able to make us 

separate from God and His love, and nothing 

will ever alter the reality that we are God's 

masterpiece. As we attempt to evaluate all 

of our other responsibilities in life, the

context of this fundamental truth must be 

taken into account.

Psalm 100:3 serves as a reminder that

we are God's people. God is God, the 

omnipotent Creator and Redeemer of 

mankind, and God will always be God.

What difference does it make 

that we belong to God?

It can make all the difference! 

God has a definite plan for us in mind 

as His masterpiece. To discover this 

purpose is the first step toward a 

transformed existence. It can provide 

us with profound self-confidence that 

we matter... because we belong to the 

Creator of the universe. 

Our Creator has revealed Himself in both 

science and history. We must recognize 

God for Who He is. God formed us and 

created us as His own people. God made 

everything and God sustains everything. 

This plain truth has the power to change

 our lives, and each of these other tasks 

will be impacted by how we carry out

 our fundamental connection with God... 

as a part of Him.

Our experiences, challenges, and 

upbringing have pulled us toward God 

rather than away from God. Where 

according to our knowledge,

 observations, and experiences as well 

as the Scriptures, the safest place 

for us to be is not distant from God, 

but rather near to God. In God, and in 

God alone, we have a Refuge and a 


According to Psalm 91:1-2, 

"Whoever dwells in the shelter of 

the Most High will rest in the 

shadow of the Almighty.

Even if God never did another good thing in 

our lives, we could spend the rest of our lives... 

glorifying and praising God for what He

 has already done.

We trust God, the Creator of the entire

 universe, with our whole life. We firmly 

believe that even if we lose everything... 

God is all-sufficient.

For in God we live, and move, and 

have our being.

Acts 17:28

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