Our words can hurt, drilling all kinds of negative energy 

into another's consciousness, whether we intended for 

them to or not.

A man's heart determines his 

speech. A good man's speech 

reveals the rich treasures 

within him. An evil-hearted 

man is filled with venom and 

his speech reveals it.

Matthew 2:34-35

According to Scripture, there is a definite connection 

between the heart and the tongue. The heart isn’t just the 

organ that pumps the life blood of a person. According to 

Scripture, the heart of man is the source of evil thoughts. 

For it is from within, out of a person’s heart, proceeds 

evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, sexual 

immorality, theft, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, 

slander, arrogance, and folly.” 


Mark 7:21

Ungodly sins come from the heart, and then the 

mouth speaks and directs a person into the trouble.

Our words are like seeds we sow, 

and we never know which seeds will 

grow... perhaps they all will. 


there will be a harvest, 

and our harvest will depend on what 

we have sown... good, bad, or 


Some of us are in the habit of using the same 

negative words over and over again out of habit.

The problem is that the more we hear, read, or 

speak a word or phrase, the more power it has 

over us. This is because the brain uses repetition 

to learn, searching for patterns and consistency 

as a way to make sense of the world around us. 

Sowing and reaping is a fundamental principle 

in God’s Kingdom. Reaping and sowing applies 

to everyone.

The quality of our life is the result of the seeds 

we have sown. None of us can escape the 

harvest of our own words!

Research shows that words have emotional, 

physical, and spiritual impact. 

Words are messengers;

they carry defeat, they bring worry, and death... 

or transmit victory, peace, and life for many!

Words are compelling.

Words can build up or destroy.

Words have great impact for good or ill.

People will give account for every careless 

word they speak.

Giving someone a ‘piece of our mind’ 

not only affects the hearer, but it also 

robs the accuser of joy and peace.

Words create impressions, images, and expectations.

Since thoughts determine actions, there is a powerful 

connection between the words we use and the results 

we get.

Words are the most powerful forms of expression.

The tongue is a “small part of the body”, yet it 

“has the power of life and death.” This holds true

 whether we’re speaking of spiritual, physical, 

or emotional “life and death.”

We are more defined by what comes 

out of the mouth... than what goes in it.

A man is not defiled by what enters his mouth, 

but by what comes out of it."

Whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach

 and then out of the body. But the things that come 

out of the mouth comes from the heart, and these 

make a man 'unclean.'

It is what comes out of the mouth

 that can defile us.

The food which is eaten does not affect the mind, and 

therefore cannot pollute it. Whatever enters the mouth 

goes into the stomach to be digested there and then it 

is eliminated. 

The tongue utters only what is 

already in the heart. 

Matthew 12:34

The heart can be a den of evil. It is that which comes out 

of the heart and expresses itself by means of the mouth 

which defiles the man as a moral being.

Matthew 15:18

If the heart is corrupt, 

the whole man 

is corrupt.

Jesus' concern is not only with how we act, but also why 

we act... not only in what we actually do, but also in what 

we desire to do in our heart of hearts.

Words are very powerful instruments.

Some words have power beyond the years, 

beyond whatever changes we might make to 

ourselves and our lives.

Words have a way of penetrating the very 

depths of our being, for good or for evil. 

The simplest little words, which we take for granted, 

have the power to hurt or heal, to inspire or 

discourage, to help or to hinder. 

Our tongues have a lot of power!

A thoughtless word...

can devastate one's life.

Our speech gives us the power to create or destroy.

We speak so eagerly and so easily at times.

Unfortunately, more often than not, those harmful, 

poorly chosen, and thoughtless utterances, are 

often felt in the home environment.

In some homes... obscene language, abusive 

speech, and stinging sarcasms are considered

 the norm. The result... everyone involved is 

emotionally stirred.

If one responds to another with anger... their 

words are usually wrong, abusive, and hurtful. 

We would all be surprised at how many negative 

things we blurt out when we're angry. 

Researchers found that hearing painful words 

can activate areas of our brain that process pain,

 thus making our body feel as if we are in actual 

physical pain.

Words can cause physical changes 

in our body and change the 

Spiritual atmosphere. 

A fool does not think about the hurt his words 

bring,but if she/he had to drink his words... she/he 

would realize how bitter they tasted.

Hostile, uncaring, mean, and destructive venting

 of words and phrases can leave lifelong scars... 

especially when one attempts to demean and 

change one's view of themselves or their 

perceived value to others. 

The deepest scars are

 those we do not see. 

The wound a word opens... 

can fester forever.

When we hurl words at another, we have no idea

 the effect those poorly chosen words can have 

on people. Words can leave scars deeper than any 

physical wound, especially, if they are from 

someone you love or care about. 

A few abusive and hostile words carelessly

 hurled can be hurtful and harmful leading to 

emotional trauma in the other person later 

on in life, especially on the delicate hearts 

of our children. 

Unthoughtful words can become the source 

of many conflicts and the root cause of 

painful and emotional lifelong inner scarring. 

They can penetrate the very depths of our being.  
Injuries can heal, but hurtful words can plant 

seeds in our minds that can drastically change 

not only how we look at ourselves, but 

sometimes, they have the power to create 

lifelong emotional, physical, and spiritual scars.  

Whether words are screamed are clearly articulated...

they can still be very hurtful and harmful, on many 

different levels, sometimes leaving painful 

emotional scars behind.

The Scriptures remind us that all of us will give

 an account for every idle word we speak. 

Jesus Himself said that our words will either 

acquit us, or condemn us.

Matthew 12:36-37

God has given most of us the gift of speech

and the ability to think. This gift has value.

Speech is a gift of such amazing value... 

that it should not be used lightly or 

carelesslySomething carelessly expressed 

in the heat of the moment... could wound 

for a lifetime.

Poorly timed, poorly chosen words, and senseless 

chatter can kill enthusiasm, cause deep emotional 

wounds, lower expectations, break one's spirit, 

shatter self-esteem, destroy relationships, waste

our energy, and hold people back.

Slandering, mud-slinging, and negative campaigning

 against a person with the intention of destroying 

public confidence in that person is a very harmful 

and malicious offense that can be difficult to reverse

 or rectify.

Literal assassination of a human life or bloodless 

murder, as it is sometimes called, is practiced 

mainly in order to soil the character of the targeted 

person. The damage can last a lifetime. 

Our words can be a great danger or benefit to others.

Our speech can cause another problems or delight, 

grief or gain. Wise men learn to rule their tongues

and utter words to only help others.

When you end a conversation, 

do others bleed or grow? 

The wrong use of words can:

destroy enthusiasm, impact self-esteem, cause one to 

become wretchedly unhappy or uncomfortable, dejected, 

down-hearted, or heartbroken.

Words can lower expectations, ruin relationships, affect 

one's health, and make one sorrowful and sad.

1Peter 3:9; "Do not repay evil with evil or 

insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil 

with blessing, because to this you were called

 so that you may inherit a blessing."

The way we speak and the things we say have power.

Our words can bring joy or cause misery. 

Proverbs 18:21 puts it this way: 

“The tongue has the power of life and death.”

Our words can either speak life, or speak death

Our tongues can build others up, or they can

 tear others down.

Everything we speak, think and do will attest

 to what the abundance of our heart brings forth.

Ephesians 4:29; "Let no corrupting talk 

come out of your mouths, but only such 

as is good for building up, as fits the occasion,

 that it may give grace to those who hear."

Our words should be carefully chosen.

Words are tremendously powerful! 

They have the power to help, hurt, heal, 

encourage, strengthen, and build up.

How difficult it is to endure... 

when one is crushed by 

cruel words.

We should weigh the impact of 

our words... before we speak.

Let us give great attention to the words we speak,

knowing that they are powerful.

Before we speak we should ask ourselves:

 1.) How will my words (including my tone)

affect the person being spoken to?

2.) Will my words build up or tear down?

3.) How would I feel if I were being spoken to


in the same manner?  

We can frame our world for defeat or change.

If we don’t like the situation we are in, we must 

change what we say and how we say it.  

Speaking to others as we would want to be 

spoken to is a time old theory, that works...

 if applied.

 A wise person thinks before he speaks.

The very first "action" we know God 

performed was to speak. God spoke 

with wisdom, honesty, and authority. 

We find our strength and life in the truth of God's Word.

God's promises encourage us. God's commands empower 

and direct us.

God's Words are perfect, 

powerful, and refreshing 

to the soul. 

Since we, God's creatures, bear God's 

image, according to, Genesis 1:27,

we too, should realize that our words

 have power in them and should not 

be harsh, but uplifting and refreshing 

to the soul.

Let us give great attention to the words we speak, 

knowing that they are powerful.


The very first "Action" we know God performed 

was to speak. Words spoke this universe into existence. 

Words are charged with everlasting power. Words are very 

powerful instruments. Words are the most powerful forms 

of expression. Words can leave wounds that can last a lifetime. 

Words can build or destroy. Words have the power to change circumstances and create futures.

Do you ever think about the words you speak

and the power they carry? 

Do Your Words Help Or Hinder?

Have Your Words Ever Gotten You Into Trouble?

There are some things, no matter how major 

or minor... that should not be said.

Keep in mind...

The non-stop talker uses others 

for attention and approval.

8_insults_stop_talking.gif image by funkbutter

May we always remember and never forget:

According to Luke 6:45,

"The good man brings good things 

out of the good stored up in his heart,

and the evil man brings evil things 

out of the evil stored up in his heart.

"For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks."

Out of the mouth speaks that which fills the heart. 

Whatever is in one's heart... determines what one says. 

Our words come out of our hearts and reflects the real us.


What comes out of the mouth proceeds

 from the heart, and this defiles a person.

Matthew 15:18  

 A wise person thinks before he speaks.

We must be mindful of what we say, 

how we say it, 

and when we say it.

Our words are a reflection of what 

we are, and they tell others what we are. 

May we allow our brains to be fully engaged

 before we speak. 

A wise man's heart guides his mouth,

and his lips promote instruction.

Proverbs 16:23

Do not let any unwholesome talk come 

out of your mouths,

 but only what is helpful for building others up

 according to their needs that it may benefit

 those who listen.

Ephesians 4:29

Kind words are never wasted.

May we always remember and never forget...

A wise man's heart guides his mouth,

and his lips promote instruction.

Proverbs 16:23

The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, 

but the mouths of fools pour out folly. 

 Proverbs 15:2

There is one whose rash words are like sword

 thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

Proverbs 12:18

A soft answer turns away wrath, 

but a harsh word stirs up anger. 

Proverbs 15:1

From a wise mind comes wise speech; 

the words of the wise are persuasive.
Proverbs 16:23

Speak Positive Words, Words that Edify, 

Words that Build Up, Words of Grace: 

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, 

but only such as is good for building up, 

as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those 

who hear.

Ephesians 4:29 

Kind words are never wasted.

May our our words be edifying
and have immortal significance in the lives 
we touch...
and may they project beauty into the lives 
of future generations.





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Wild animals can

be tamed and

trained, but the

tongue can be 

a devilish, 




You can cut a 

person with your 

words, like the 

piercings of a 

sword, or you can 

heal and nurture 

him with kind 

and helpful words.